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>>134064094First for River of Fundament leak

Opinions on Albert Serra?

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Harakiri is Uncle Jared's favorite movie

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>>134063541Is Barney actually good or a meme?>>134064174

>>134064239He looks like a fag, and made two films about Fagbinder (PBUH). I haven't seen any of his features, but I'm here to save the day anyway with my wisdom

>>134064351Honestly, both

>>134064432Is it even possible to watch his other film(s)?

I am once again asking you to prove you're not a pleb.letterboxd.com/oscarkit316/list/tspdt-the-1000-greatest-films-2020-edition-1/

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i've never seen a joan of arc film. where do i start

>>134064239Death of Louis XIV and Story of my Death are good.

>>134064494turn on your television

>>134064494Skip Dreyer's theatrical piece of shit. Move to Bresson's sublime masterpiece and then to Rivette's 2 part epic.

>>134064474All the Cremaster films are on public trackers, I'm pretty sure.

>>134064474You don't "watch" his films. He is a fine artist and uses film as a medium to present his art. It's less of a "film" and more of an art piece, so don't go into Cremaster thinking you are going to watch a movie. Think of it as if you are going to a museum to look at a sculpture. And if you think that's a joke and bullshit, well, you do you


>>134064094Never saw the original, but I know this scene was intense in the remake.


>>134064507Birdsong is kino.

>>134064592Watch the original, it blows the remake out of the water

>>134064482My percentage hasn't changed since the last time. Still 470

>>134064351I go back and forth. I will say I think he's dead serious. if you watch his interviews, he is doing art like any other serious artist: exploring what naturally interests him, developing an abstract, conceptual language, and then finding similarly abstract yet appropriate units of visual data within that conceptual language and applying them and sticking by them painstakingly. He is most certainly a visionary. There are some caveats: his films usually don't justify the budgets or art-world resources he has imo. If you're a rich fucker who has continued to be a rich fucker and you're wasting my time with your personal vision, you better do all you can to seize on that and I feel like parts of his work don't (large portions of Cremaster just don't do it for me and, at worst, come off as masturbatory). Moreover, while I like the expansiveness of the concept of sculpture into moving pictures, I dislike the institutional baggage that comes with that, and simultaneously the responsibility of that pool of sources and traditions that sometimes he utterly fails to uphold despite reaping the visual benefits (e.g., the dude literally has the Guggenheim as a backdrop for a portion of Cremaster, yet completely fails to maintain the revolutionary potential of his material [this is more of an art-historical-theoretical point, so if you don't have the background, don't worry, this shit is tenuous and gets iffy real quick]). There are some images from Cremaster that absolutely sustain throughout, and for my money that's all video art should aspire to. So, yeah, I'd say (today) he is good and not just a meme.

>>134064589I will say this has always conflicted me because I will, in all likelihood, never experience barney beyond a computer screen whereas all his works seems like they demand maybe even an IMAX experience to maximize their effects. And i'm sure even if there is a massive retrospective in ten years it'll sellout immediately.

>>134064482You’ve watched 119 of 100011%Ah yes, how could you tell? I am certified chad.

>>134064094why can't i enjoy noiris the movie just bad or was i pleb filtered.I got lost halfway in when they just added so much fucking characters.

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>>134064094Years ago I persuaded my normie friend to watch Harakiri with me thinking he's gonna like it, but he actually found it boring and it made for a cringy and awkward viewing experience. Never again will I try to convert normies

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>>134065079I watched it with my gf and she loved it. It was pretty comfy

>>134065079Noobie mistake.

>>134065066totally normalthey Chandler admitted he didnt care about the plot>The famously unanswered question in The Big Sleep is who killed the chauffeur. When Howard Hawks filmed the novel, his writing team was perplexed by that question, in response to which Chandler replied that he had no idea.[4]

>>134065320*even Chandler

>>134064482Just because you've seen a lot of the typical canon stuff doesn't mean you're not a pleb, especially if that's all you watch>>134065079Hmm, haven't seen it in a while but I remember it being pretty accessible

>>134064538Worth watching?

Just watched my first Cassavetes film. Can't remember the last film i watched that had this much SOUL. What other film of his should i watch next?

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>>134064589Like Andy warhol? I’m sorry to not use to proper lingo, faggot

>>134065593Yes. >>134065537Yes.

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>>134065577killing of a chinese bookie

>>134065577Killing a Chinese Bookie may be my new favorite film.

>>134065627AWOOGA AWOOGA

>>134065577Opening Night

>>134065577Which one did u watvh

134063428If I like his features I'll look into the book, thanks. Should I watch Emperor Tomato Ketchup first, or just go straight into Throw Away Your Books?

>>134065472>Hmm, haven't seen it in a while but I remember it being pretty accessibleYou underestimate how much of a pleb the average person is

>>134065577A woman under the influence

>>134065720Don't watch Books. It's garbage.

what did Godard mean by this?

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>>134065472It's a good indicator of plebness.


>>134065693based retard

>>134065624Cremaster?>>134064613Haven’t seen it yet

>>134065720Save ETK for last, it's not one of his best and is famous generally just because of *that* scene. Farewell to the Ark and Grass Labyrinth are both better than ETK


>>134065776The most profound movie ive ever seen

>>134064749Sounds insufferable. I may or may not pass, but feel obligated to try now. Fuck. What have you seen of his?

>>134065624the fuck is KG? i wanna watch the river of fundament

>And this is how I killed that fucking elephant, Orson, like this!

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>>134064494Throw Away Your Sword, Burn at the Stake (1971)

>The TURIN horse>film is not in italian immersion broken

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>>134065891I unironically had this problem but I decided to cut Tarr some slack for it

>>134065866KG and SC are private torrent trackers. You'll have to wait for someone else to upload it to mega or for it to show up on public trackers.

>>134065799If you're the same user I can't comprehend being this much of a retard at this point. Google for christ's sakes, google.



which one of these is the best?

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>>134065849Cremaster, and I've read through whatever big book that came out when they did a full showing at the Guggenheim. Had some of his early stills and sculptural work in it If you're the kind of fag who things "insufferable" sounds like a smart comment still than, yeah, it probably isn't for you. It is, after all, video art which is a distinct tradition than cinema. >>134065866so, yeah, you are just a retard. nice.

>>134066102Well video art is stupid then, at least I’m willing to make an effort faggot, instead of you who just blindly accepts ‘art’

I enjoy mysticism and the esoteric. Is Jodorowsky right for me?

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Where to start with paintings? How to learn about them?>inb4 look at them

>>134065984I don’t want to when you could explain it to me and I did google.


>>134066178pick a painter that you already like and buy one of those Taschen books with their biography and artwork. Also you could watch Edvard Munch (Watkins) and documentaries on artist.

>>134066151>Well video art is stupid thenBased retard>you who just blindly accepts 'art'Oh, please, let's hear the riches your extensive anti-art theory. Seethe, based retard, seethe!

>>134066160I interpreted the end of The Holy Mountain as completely anti esoteric

>>134066201So, yes, a retard. Get off /film/ and go back to Netflix or /a/.



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>>134066278I don't get how people who come to an arthouse general, let alone an imageboard, can be so ridiculously lazy when it comes to harvesting their own information. Really, blows me away. I assume it's a maturity level thing and you are all just underage.>>134066270Second.

Matthew Barney sounds like a retarded charlatan in interviews.


>>134066310The end breaks the wall, dispelling the myth of cinema itself. There are no symbols or esoteric identifications, but people playing in costumes with cameras on them. "All the world is but a stage" literally, but for the acid generation who was getting too far up their own ass.

>>134066341totally agree

>>134066349Yeah, most contemporary artists do. If that's the filter, then yeah anything post-Warhol probably won't do it for you.

>>134066310He sends the main character to just live his life. And he said something like 'we didn't get enlightenment or immortality but we got something else' (don't remember exactly) basically I take that as him denying both enlightenment and immortality (kind of in a purist taoist way)

>>134066276Get off film because I asked what Matthew Barney film yo watch and then said is cremaster a good starting point... and you snidely sperg ‘go to Netflix go to Netflix, you don’t watch it’s video art.’>>134066235I don’t have an anti-art theory I just don’t know why you’re being such a smug faggot about it. You give some person a little ‘artistic’ superiority and they become a good. I mean he did choose a Norman mailer novel, so how ‘profound’ could it be.... I’ll watch cremaster as an artwork then take it from there sheesh

>>134066392Yes, but it ultimately delivers on the esoteric promise. They did experience satori on the mountain.

>>134066234How to find painters i like, there are so many painters

>Experimental film? Sorry, I prefer something with a plot.

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>>134066301Two things i hate th most. Why are you doing this to me

>>134066512You're being annoying, that's why I'm being smug. And I rightfully assume fags like you have little or no background in the stuff that gives this kind of shit value in the first place, so yeah I have a zero-tolerance policy when a faggot starts talking about art when they can't think their way out of something as basic as institutional theory. Like holy shit I gave you a thorough explanation and you're still asking the title we're referring to.

>>134066584>person with boring outlook posts boring memeFitting

>>134066460The real Holy Mountain was the lessons we learned along the way.

>>134066536check Rembrandt, Vermeer, Bosch, Dali, Munch, Monet or Durero. One will lead you to the other and the other and the other, just like in any art :)


>>134066533That's where I disagree. There's a distinct tonal shift. The jig is up. Maybe we're just having a scope issue here where you value that moment of satori whereas I see it as undermined. I think Jodorowsky would certainly lean toward your interpretation as an acidhead himself.

>>134066584>Books? Sorry, I prefer rallying in the streets.

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>>134066624No you’re just a philistine that clucks and makes nothing worthwhile but thinks because somebody was at the Guggenheim and made a 5 hour film about a Norman mailer book inspired by them having gay sex they must be a genius and celestial. Fuck off pseud, I was curious, I still am, but you disgust me

>>134066178Start with the Dutch.

>>134066160Wojciech Has does those themes so much better and actually has fun with it through parody and satiric strength. Jodorowsky isnt refined its all flatulence

>>134066734Vermeer, Rembrandt, Bosch?

>>134066734Greenaway approves

>>134066651>The real Holy Mountain was the lessons we learned along the way.That's legitimately what the lesson is. The guy is following the fool's journey of the tarot, which ends with the fool gaining an understanding of the world but still returning into it, rather than ascending.

>>134066717You literally don't know what you're talking about, and that's okay. Seethe, based retard, and don't forget to keep googling. Seethe!

I'm just here waiting for a River of Fundament link to show up please stop fighting about art, we're all stupid for being on this website

>>134066792Yeah. I'd say get to a major museum asap though. National Gallery or The Met (maybe kind of hard wth coronachan, of course).

>>134066781What's your favourite of his

>>134066781Jodorowsky is vulgar but entertaining, he has his place. Normies should start with him and then check out Has

>>134066856There are no major museums in my country

>>134066802I’m not seething you are, you got on me for saying ‘watch’ and that it’s not cinema but art, when this is a /film thread not an /art thread what do you expect? I admit I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I was still curious in spite of your explanation and my google results.

>>134066587Throw away your Notes on the Cinematographer, Rehearse in the Theater

>Long day's journey into night>Grizzly man>Black moon>Grapes of wrathwhat to watch

>>134066911sorry user. luckily there are plenty of online resources. unironically, google museums and khan academy.

>>134066856I’m in nyc so that shouldn’t be too hard when things are open. What do you recommend moma?



>>134066911what country?

>>134066980Black Moon

>>134066980Grizzly man

>>134066921>still responding>i'm not seethingI'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, user. Also I definitely wasn't the guy you were replying to first. i never corrected your language because typically I don't care about that shit so long as your ideas are up to par. I was the guy who gave you a paragraph style explanation and you proceeded to ask more questions, to which I responded with "Yes" only to be met with "Cremaster?" as if this wasn't what we had been talking about in the first place after shifting the conversation from RoF to Barney's work in general (the only widely available of which has always been Cremaster).

>>134066982Yes. I hope that will be enough>>134067063Slovakia. There is nothing here

>>134067108Ah okay then sorry, I liked that paragraph and got confused by yous as I’m on my phone. Thanks a lot though.

>>134067027Ironically, no. I intensely disliked new MoMa, aside from the Modernist canonical stuff that they so intensely tried to restrict with their reinstall (literally cried in front of the Derain). The Met really is where it is at as far as canonical education is concerned. If you find yourself stricken with contemporary art, yeah MoMa is obligatory, but I disagree with a lot of their choices. It's like the fulfilment of Baudrillard's "Conspiracy of Art" mixed with all the political signalling you'd suspect.

>>134067240>>134067108What nyc museums would u recommend btw? Guggenheim, moma, the met

>>134067131I may out myself as a pleb here but I'd also recommended reading writers on art if literature is your kind of thing. Karl Ove Knausgaard, in particular, gave me a deeper appreciation of a few old masters.

>>134066980The Grapes of Wrath

>>134067247Damn I just saw all the Warhol and some Godard films at moma so I thought it’d be good. The politics had me weary, fuck that. How’s the Guggenheim?

>>134067247>literally cried in front of the DerainWhy, did they hang it in the bathroom?

>>134067316Haven’t read knasgaard yet, sounds interesting. I’ve been reading Joyce’s Ulysses and just finished journey to the end of the night

>>134067033>dubs>>134067069>>134067076>>134067332>no dubsguess that settles it

>>134067296Personally? I think a day spent at the Met is worth more than doing a whole art tour of NYC altogether. The ones you listed are obligatory (though the Guggenheim isn't too impressive aside from the architecture). I found the national galleries in DC to be more consistent. But as far as NYC goes The Met, the Whitney, The Met Bruer, The Studio in Harlem, The Brooklyn, MoMa, Guggenheim, the Frick, that should be a good start.

>>134066734Any books on the Dutch Masters or on painting in general you would recommend?

>>134066858The Tribulations of Balthazar Kober. When i first watched it i was just kind of bored and not really paying attention. But then the next day a strange sort of events unfolded that reminded me of what i loved most about Mizoguchi, the interactions of one man with a different cast of figures and characters around him trying to subtly and more directly influence his actions according to their motivations. You see this is The Saragossa Manuscript as well. One man, completely ignorant, wandering in confusion, with all these characters trying to unfold a secret plot around him. Usually trying to trick him into marriage and procreating a child. in Balthazar the forces are more unclear but still the same, the forceful drawing between him and Rosa into an inseparable union. When I got to my retail job the next day, this girl I had been working with appeared out of nowhere between the clothes racks, exactly how she would in a Has film and she was lusting after me in the same way. That broke my reality.

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What are some good black /film/s

>>134067316Thanks. Will check those out.

>>134067360Yeah, their film collection is and has always been great. That's where Kubrick got inundated as a kid. The Guggenheim never has a good show when I visit and their on-view stuff always seems limited. >>134067388No lol I honestly have no clue. Something about the color and what I know about Derain mixed with some vivid memories I have from college walking on the quad alone in the fall (I know, typical faggotry type stuff). It was just moving though not for any defendable aesthetic reasons, probably. >>134067411Knausgaard would be up your alley then. Great books btw. Just wait till you get to the hermaphrodite anal fisting scene in the "Circe" section.

>>134067445I’ll just do a day in the met when things open up


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>>134067454Just get something with color plates. Art history textually is kinda dry in my experience.

>>134067561Killer of Sheep

Any movies with a aesthetic like Tokio Drifter?

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>>134067745Really the only answer

>>134067630Whats it like there on the ground right now? I was in Manhattan in February in what now seems like the last week before shit hit the fan. I remember avoiding Chinatown out of mild anxiety.

>>134067616Ah. You seemed to imply that they had moved the Fauves into a broom closet to make room for more bloody tampons stapled to the wall.

>>134064094Where can I watch classic Japanese films for free without torrenting?I want to watch Devil's Gate Island/Island of Hell/Gokumon-to and I can't fucking find it anywhere.

>>134067808branded to kill

>>134067561Killer of SheepHoop DreamsTouki BoukiField NiggasEmitaïSnow on tha BluffFieldwork FootageCoffyWho Killed Captain Alex?

>>134067920No but they did reduce their classic collection a bit, for better and worse. Idk if I just went a particular route through the floors or what but there's definitely an emphasis on contemporary (a lot of fucking photography which is absolutely of no interest to me, for both personal and aesthetic reasons I think you'd agree with re: the tampon comment), and a sort of weird rehistoricization of certain things. Like they just casually compressed all their Picasso's in a claustrophobic way, took down some Matisses; the Derain I'm talking about was literally on the back wall beside a staircase whereas before it probably would've been positioned beside a Braque in the Matisse room. The surrealism stuff got a new swanky room for some reason, even though most of that stuff is visually one-hit-and-done. I don't want to bitch too much because some of it was great, but like it's MoMa, they're fucking loaded, and they have some of the greatest works of all time, they can take it.


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thoughts on the future of movie watching?youtube.com/watch?v=Ya1LycfIj0g


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>>134068218beautiful how soft spoken he is

>>134065776pure audio innovation. King Lear is a masterpiece

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>>134068218I don't speak Canadian and Youtube auto-translate a shit. Someone give me a quick rundown?

>>134067997el cine de japon has direct downloads. Don't know if they have your specific requests.

>>134068269Plebs don't care about on the visual and auditory spectacle of cinema so theatre attendance will continue to dwindle. It won't go extinct as there will always be a demand from a niche movie-goers. More and more movies will be on streaming services.

>>134068218What's happening

>>134068841Do they translate the film titles to French? If so, do they include descriptions?Just so I know what to look up. The film I'm looking for is based off a popular novel series in Japan (actually getting translated and released in English this August), so if the title is in French, I can just look up the name of the author or the main character.

>>134067546Sounds like a highly specific experience for you. Will check them out.

>>134065196lol so did I

>>134068829>>134068909The interviewer asks him about Tarantino who is a big fan of Godard and even named his production company after one of Godards filmsAnd he just calls Tarantino a "faquin" wich means something like boring and stupid character and then calls him a poor boy and says he is not interesed in him

>>134068993it was yeah but i still thought it was important to post for context in how to frame Balthazar Kober because a lot of people including myself might be kind of confused

>>134069040Are there any filmmakers Godard regards post-1970 other than himself?

>>134069040youtube.com/watch?v=AtiHHy20w3UTarantino calls Godard a good director to get into cinema but then you grow out of him, i don't think he is that huge of a fan. Godard is right though.

>>134068730thats 80+ years of smoking filtering out his words


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>>134069229this was him coping after he heard that interview. I mean tarantino referenced Godard a lot in his earlier movies

>>134069229If I had to take a crazy guess, FNW was Tarantino's foray into serious cinema (I imagine he was just a Coppola fanboy prior until he got his hands on Pauline Kael or some other influence). I think the burn is still there. It would be like Joyce calling Beckett a fag (bad comparison but in terms of influence it's there). He ascribes his personal aesthetic to a Godard quote.

>>134069195I will see, the idea of people subtly manipulating you to get something from you isn't that new but i'm interested in how Has deals with it

>>134069321Based Gochad always asking for money

>>134069321based commie asking for money

What does /film/ think about Jörg Buttgereit?

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may the ripping begin

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>>134069321>"The film costs about 20 million and is produced by Anouchka and TVAB films (the company owned by Gorin and me). Could you enter into co-production with us for 10 million? For 5 million? Considering La Nuit americaine, you ought to help me, so that the public dosen’t get the idea we all make films like you. You aren’t a liar, like Pompidou, like me, you speak your own truth. In exchange, if you like, I can sign over my rights to La Chinoise, La Gai Savoir and Masculin-Feminin."From his letter to TruffautAlso who was i the wrong?

>>134068932It would take you ten seconds to go to the website and all your questions. It would take you ten seconds to translate a film title from french to english or japanese. I'm not gonna do this for you.

>>134069705what does this mean

>>134069705So did they get rid of their cycling films and just add their whole library?

>>134069705FUCKKKKKK Straub here I come...


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>>134069837Damn that's pathetic.

>>134069930It's probably temporary because of the corona stuff.

youtu.be/Ty0AEvhKvDY?t=39Not all heroes wear capes, Godard Foreverd BTFO

>>134069425he does it in more of a tradition having to do with literary critique instead of like an allegory of human interaction. The first historical novels were all incredibly encyclopedic and the novel of Saragossa Manuscript is the same but it adds the element of stories being inside other stories that you have to slowly unravel. With Mizoguchi its the same they're not really making allegorical comments on human behavior but its more like a psychological thing having to do with the structure of your own personal mind in a sort of closed circuit. Like a novel being representative of one mans mind, so all these different figures and characters and their plots are different nodes woven over each other in pink fleshy masses. A film just takes it further by having these nodes become 3rd dimensional objects. Now thats not to say its something as simple as everything is just inside his mind so its so deep now or something, but the act of uncovering and creating new associations and connections between these nodes is a unique experience outside of psychology and really has much more to do at that point with historiography, anthropology and biology

100 years later and still the king.Can he ever be topped?

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>>134070467No, pure cinema magic. It can't be recreated.

>>134070010i appreciate his nervousness, his inhuman mannerisms and out-of-earth way of standing. it reminds me of myself

Did anyone finish downloading River of Fundament? Is the quality half decent?

Just watched close up, interesting film but overall very boring.

>>134070793Same exact impression. boring as fuck. The Kiarostami praise must be a critical point.

>>134065849Seen all cremaster and river of fundament parts, also the Bjork movie. Pick a random segment from cremaster and give it a go- if you like it then proceed, if not then you’re going to dislike everything else.

>>134070676>311 minutes>7.89 GB fileWell it won't be great>>134070793>>134070864>boring Non criticism. The film was beautiful

>>134070921Howd you see River of Fundament?

>>134070958Yeah I'm not making a criticism dumbass I'm telling you my opinion. And yeah it was beautiful but I wasn't in the mood for something beautiful when I saw it. I wanted a story and got a boring one.


Close-Up was entertaining and based

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>>134071032>wanted a storyThen why did you pick a Kiarostami film you dumb fuck?

>>134069705holy fuck this is great. how do you rip from mubi i want to save a lot of this stuff some of its not even on rutracker

>>134071123What part did you find entertaining? I find the concept based in a Herozgian way.

>>134070676Only downloaded it to farm ratio. No interest in Barney garbage whatsoever.

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>>134071170All of it

>>134071143Because someone on here recommended it to me asshole. Forgot you faggots digest a lot of shit for the sake of digesting it. >>134071170>Herzogianmy b

>>134070958>The film was beautifulElaborate.Personally, I disagree, Kiarostami's best when he's able to do long takes and film outside. I felt like the cinéma vérité thing he was going for was not very engaging and when it was, the novelty wore off quickly. Also ugly, you can barely make anything when the characters are obscured by huge shadows during the court room scenes. The first half and final sequences where beautiful sure, but then the other 70 minutes of the movie.

>>134071169MUBI is DRM protected and the way to rip is kept very secret.

>>134071193I love that scene.>>134071219I thought the setup was entertaining but by the time we got to the court scene I wanted it to be over.

>>134071193Pleasantly surprised at the quality, thanks

>>134071219>>134071123>Why do you like it?>Because uhhh movie good>Why is it good?>Because uhhh based?Can we nuke /film/?

>>134071275Why wouldn't you just screen record and adjust the quality? It's literally easier.

>>134071293I doubt this is all he has to say, user. We're just getting started here. Don't be a dick untimely, and don't act like you're above conversational flags.

>>134071275you serious?

>>134071293>it was bad because it was boring>it was beautiful but I wasn't in the mood for something beautiful when I saw it>wanted a story and got a boring oneAh yes, much better.

>>134071236>mub i'm a faggot who needs story therefore other people must be faggots tooKys

>>134071399Hey I'm >>134071374 don't start dicking out on me too faggot.

>>134071374I'm not but fucking elaborate beyond "uhhh you're wrong, movie good">>134071399I didn't say any of that, I did expand on why I didn't like it >>134071245

shut up faget

>>134071326Because recording the screen will get you worse quality than grabbed the stream directly.>>134071393Yes.

>>134071403Hey I'm just explaining my bad impression of the film. And don't act like you're so far up your own ass you eschew the primary function of narrative in cinema. Everyone watches for the story, no matter how much that contort that. Some of us just finished undergrad and have the self-respect to admit that rather than swallowing theoretical penis whole.

>>134071236>digest a lot of shit for the sake of digesting itthis is the /film/ forum, we are writing in the sand

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>>134071245I thought the narrative was engaging and you are right about the look, it has very cheap look worn down look but that's what makes the moments of beauty so impactful. The ending is fantastic because of this and so is the beginning with the bottle rolling down the hill. It's engaging as a drama and the thin line between reality and fantasy is shown very well. The film explores these notions of reality and fantasy. Nice music too.


>>134071523Story is not important. The entire alienation trilogy from Antonioni, all those films have basic ass stories but they are great.

Another webmless thread

>>134071637>the act of conveyance itself isn't storyOh, god, you're not Bay shill are you?

>>134071637story =/= plot surely if you're into film enough to have read enough criticism to appreciate Kiarostami surely you know this

>>134070967Museum screening in Houston. Who gives a shit?

>>134071731>Who gives a shitThat's a clever joke, right? Because the movie is about shit. I'm interested in how many people see Barney irl. Don't be so defensive.

>>134071669Well yes i'm. The story is the logline, the basic events in the film.>>134071720Story is plot.


>>134071804Aight dude we disagreed about this before. I went the extra step to read up and understand a bit how you came to your view, and I empathize with you more now. Are you really so disingenuous and close-minded you didn't reevaluate your own opinions on narrative in film? Take your autism meds, mate, or at least admit you have a drastically slanted view on cinema.

>>134071553>it has very cheap look worn down look but that's what makes the moments of beauty so impactful.That's true, the sequence when he meets the director he was impersonating was beautiful, I didn't think the movie was ugly until the court room scene and I wish we would of had less of that. It was interesting exploring the mentality of someone who wants to make art but doesn't have the means/income to do so but it's not a film I'd watch again or own. I guess I'm jaded on the "based on a true story"/whatever trope because I didn't find blurring of narrative and real life to be all that interesting after the original impression.

Have any of you guys made a film/short? is it good? i mean all those hours watching kino have to payoff, right? do you have the balls to share it?

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>>134071523>everyone watches for the storyPlease explain to me everyone who watches Stan Brakhage films and what they’re watching for

>>134071804Also for the record you couldn't talk your way out of a fucking YA novel you so clearly lack the basic understanding of narrative functions. Really blows me away that you enjoy film unless your exclusively a tech guy.

>>134071931>who watches Stan Brakhage films and what they’re watching forIdk who watches Brakhage, but I watch to see what he's doing with the camera, which in itself is a narrative. A highly abstract one, sure, but if you really just think you're watching pictures move in the same sense that Stockhausen generates arbitrary strikes in a song you're retarded. It's all composition.

>>134068034not really>>134067808check out movies by Masahiro Shinoda, like Killers on Parade or Youth in Fury. Not quite as theatrical but it nails the 60's japanese new wave/pop aesthetic

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Now that we're in the topic of films with no real story, favorite non narrative? For me? It's Satyricon

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