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>>134063947check the catalog next time faggot. >>134063866

>>134064038Oh no it's the columbo war all over again


Nice, fucking around just to subvert the threads.

>>134064038that thread is a glorified crew

You know, I thought about making a SPEAK thread, years ago. I was watching Sopranos scenes on youtube, and got to this part. I thought, hey, this would be a great thread, really funny. It's from a show Holla Forums likes, it's to the point,very short, and can really get at the attention of a passersby. But then I thought, wait no, it's fucking stupid. It's just a thread about Johnny Sacs saying SPEAK. That's it. There's no topic, nothing interesting, it's just him saying SPEAK. There's no way something as simplistic as this would be interesting to be worth posting a thread or posting in said thread. But, years later, look at what is acceptable here. The lowest of low brow humor, a character saying SPEAK. Nothing more. A thread was removed for this thread to be posted, data was used to facilitate its existence, power was consumed to make sure the website could handle just that smallest of increase required to make it. But more than this thread being made, there's the 200+ replies made in it, and the acceptance that these threads can be posted, again and again and again. This thread will be made AGAIN, and be replied to over 200 times AGAIN. Time and money and energy and resources and bandwidth will be used to bring into existence a thread about Johnny Sac saying SPEAK, again and again and again. And that speaks a great deal about this place.

>>134064158Walt fucking Whitman ovah here.

ive watched the series 27 times, 6 times frame by frame. I have finally come to the conclusion that Tony was shot by the two niggers looking at the cupcakes

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>>134064158madon T, this prick is still seething!

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>All right, you know why we're here. So if you've got any doubts or reservations, now's the time to say so. No one will think any less of you. Because once you enter these Sopranos threads, there's no getting out. This Family comes before everything else. Everything. Before your fleshlight and your tendies, and your mother and your father. It's a thing of honor. And God forbid, if something happens and you can't post, we'll take care of you, because that's part of it.>If you got a problem, you just gotta let somebody know. This user right here, he's like your shitposting father. It doesn't matter if it's with somebody here or on the outside. You bring it to him, he'll solve it.>You stay within the Family. All right, give me your hand. Okay. That's St. BlackOps2cel, our family saint. Now, as that card burns so may your soul burn in hell if you betray your friends in the Sopranos threads. Now rub your hands together like this and repeat after me: May I burn in hell if I betray my friends. Congratulations.

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Is this one of their best scenes? Tony-Johnny scenes were always kino.youtube.com/watch?v=eOq2s4edTSE

>Historically, Moot always said Holla Forums is nothing more than a glorified subreddit, Plain and simple. We delete and we do business with whatever's left. [to Albie] What?>Nothin'. I agree in spirit but I gotta counsel.>This thing shoulda been done during GOT Season 8.>They got redundant Janitorial staff, bleeds off half the posts. We take 'em out, absorb the whole f***in' thing.>Let me tell ya a couple of three things: Forget "Cast it" forget CIA who goes over to Reddit and never comes back, forget my brother Jazz....>Phil, Phil, that's not what I'm sayin' at all.>Hiro has no respect for this thing. He's never been banned, not really. Here's a guy who stepped over his own imageboard to grab the big seat, his 2chan users.>Please, huh?>I'm embarrassed. I let him come to the hospital last Christmas, and I took his yellow fuckin' hand in friendship.>Philly, ya had a heart attack.>Listen to me. They make anybody and everybody a Mod over there. And the way that they do it, it's all fucked up. Jannies don't get paid. There's no Dragon Dildo and Disc full of Dolphin Porn on the table...>Phil...>No, Alb, either it has meaning or no meaning. And the OP thing, the man harbors a faggot.>It's true.>Five fucking imageboards and we got this other pygmy thing over 4chan There's no scraps in my scrapbook... Make it happen.

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>>134064221at no point did T. relax, fake news!

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>>134064630the opening convo is so fucking funny

>>134063947how's Fudgie Sack doin'

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>The pears, you want the Dole?

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Here's Ralph's actor getting food slammed on him by a waitress.youtu.be/EvpSa-d7gM0

@134065812I'm not even gonna answer this time

>>134065974Joey Pants is more famous than Sopranos

>Where the fuck are the regular posters, on sabbatical?

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I heard Tony is getting a 90 pound gabbagool removed from his stomach

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>"What next Carmine, she get ta fuck her fer a Million!?!?!"

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>>134066296He wants to fuck her?

>>134064630>WHAT IS THIS, THE FUCKING UN NOW?is my favorite one, tony really wanted that roman triumvirate thing to work and he got shut down just like that

>>134063947>Yo, sir.>Police Department.

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>>134064106DOES HE GET TO FUCK HER FOR A MILLION!!!!!??????????????JS had the best ranting outbursts

>>134066351Based.youtube.com/watch?v=lSDN7QVQDck>No-one likes that cunt anyway.Also, Tony credits Angelo with his own triumvirate idea (and may be reason why Angelo was whacked, even though he was pulled into Little Carmine's orbit anyway).

Oh god, he's just like me

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>>134066296>A Don doesn't wear shorts.^Based on IRL advice from mobsters.

>>134064158who the fuck do you think you are, sir walter rayleigh?


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>>134064221He looked at Meadow who just entered the restourant.

>>134066586Fuck him and his high-falootin' bullshit.

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>>134064221I can't believe there are people in these threads that haven't figured that it was Jamal Ginsburg punching his lights out


>>134064038That thread has no respect for this thing. They've never been banned, not really.

>>134066906>Get back in your office, David!

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>>134067021>They way they make threads is all fucked up. The photo is the wrong way up, the text doesn't read left to right.>No, Alb. Either it has meaning or no meaning.

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>>134066267save the text, not a fuckin screenshot ya prick


>>134066604oh marone

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>>134067377Not for nothin', but Richie was doing his best to make amends and fall into line for Tony. T should have handled this situation better.

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>OFFICIAL THREAD SOUNDTRACK: youtube.com/watch?v=HwKrgJ_CG0M

>>134067377Had Tony accepted the jacket, would Richie treat him better?

>>134067505>UP IN DA CLUB>OPEN THE DOORyoutube.com/watch?v=MZqcvginCyE

>>134067512If he busted it out on rare occasions, maybe. But Richie was a needy fuck who expected Tony to wear it daily.

>>134067512Richie was already trying to fall into line. It was seeing that Tony gave away DA JACKEEEET to his Polack maid's husband pretty much destroyed any chance of Tony and Richie ever getting along after that. After this, he started flouting Tony's authority and selling cocaine on the garbage routes against Tony's explicit orders.

>>134067475he spent half the season trying to butter up junior for a hit on him

>>134066604top tier MILF

>>134067691He did, but there was a brief time when he was trying to follow Tony, even if he recognized Junior more as the Boss. For instance when they talked at Tom Sr.'s funeral. It culminates in the jacket incident where Richie is trying to make nice, which backfires badly, plus Richie had Janice putting poison in his ears. Tony should have put da jacket away and forgotten about it. Giving it away immediately wasn't going to look good. Of course Richie would be hurt/disrespected by that. I do think Tony mishandled Richie at a crucial juncture here.

>>134067475>>134067512considering that Richie said that the jacket fit Tony perfectly and that it came off Rocco DiMeo, the cocksucker that had the toughest reputation in Essex County, it was a veiled threatI can take someone this size (Tony)


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>>134067614I would desu

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>every season a new character is introduced out of nowhere to serve as the new villain/foil for TonyWere Chase and the writers completely winging it?

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>>134067923I can see that. I think Richie just meant it as a positive guesture. Tony and Jackie probably did covet it once as kids.Though perhaps this was why Tony was turned off to the jacket, because of this connotation that you mention.

>>134068135>Oh! OH! You look like Robert Evans over here.

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>>134068143Every season was planned from total scratch after a green-light. HBO would always drag their heels on green-lighting a new season, plus there was the pay disputes.

Did that user from one of the old threads like that Cheese Fuck interview I linked?

>>134068143it's a character driven show, chase didn't need or want to weave a sprawling spider web.

>>134067955jesus christ yeah

>>134066522>>134066604>>134067955how did he do it?

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>>134068719Fucking guy never realized how fortunate he was.

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>>134068719Being a law-abiding, non-psychopathic citizen with a funny sense of humor.Also, girls love a man who knows how to cook.

I think my favorite scene is where Carmela goes and sees the jewish shrink and he just completely tears her apart.

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>>134064158You're an embarrassment to yourself, and everyone around you



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>>134068954Dr. Krakower was based.

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>>134068135Oof madone. You fit half of Ginny Sack's ass on those lapels.

>>134069112pamlice should be higher, if he was one of tony's guys people would love him

i hate when i notice advertising worked on me, this time it was not soyoutube.com/watch?v=hCDv1pHWPe0the fucker that compiled this is one of you!

>>134069274If I go into full-blown mania again, I'll try to expand it. Still missing a lot of wiseguys, associates, and tertiary characters with memorable one-liners.

>>134069274>It's RUMAH.

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Speak...hahaha. SPEAK. SPEAAK. Hahaha! That's funny, speak. Ha. Hahaha. Hey. Hey. speak. HAHAHA. Nono, I get it. Ha. Speak. SPEAK. HEhahaha. HA. HA SPEAK. SPEAK.


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Would you?

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how's mob activity in jersey nowadays?

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>>134069783What did he mean by this

>>134069274I couldn't agree more. It was funny seeing him in the first season of House of Cards getting tooled by Frank.

>>134069830Duh! Of course. Ughn!

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>>134069830god tier legs and voice

>>134069839en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeCavalcante_crime_familyThese guys are fucking idiots compared to the Soprano Family.They once did a robbery where they took their masks off and were spotted on the cameras.On another job, they couldn't find the guy they were supposed to whack, so they killed each other.

>>134069842Another seething faggot, typical for Holla Forums.


>>134069839they're a bunch of fuck-upst. new jerseyan

whaddya knowwhaddya say

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>>134064158Charles Schwab over here


>I'm posting in this thread out of respect to my fawthuh.

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>>134069682>Junior, mints.Blatant product placement

>>134070477>I hope they name a successor thread, otherwise we'll have another thread war.

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>>134064158OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. thats the boss yer talkin to!

post favorite goombahtunesyoutube.com/watch?v=7fryGyqTJPU



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>>134070697youtube.com/watch?v=biugRUTkh1clove this scene

>>134070694>Nice pipe-fitter lips. No disrespect.

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>>134070731>You'd take the lips, over the tits?

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i think the irony of tony's racism is a topic that goes underdiscussed

>>134070035those guys were always dumb fucks. didn't they once almost drown in 3 inches of water?


>>134070802>The penguin exhibit.

>>134070694holy shit I want to coom inside melfi

>>134070879I loved those sex dreams. HNNG.

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>>134070603best mixyoutube.com/watch?v=MyjsKQOzKoY

>>134070528That's why I want it to be you Uncle SPEAK

>>134070744how was this show so fucking funny? how are the memes still so good when there hasn't been new content for 13 years?youtube.com/watch?v=r-ECvI5rD40

>>134063947Do americans really answer the phone in such a brusque manner? Disgusting.

>>134070957It wasn't and they aren't, you're just a low IQ sopranosfag


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>>134071016You know it wasn't long ago I remember you used to post in /int/. And as far as I'm concerned YOU SHOULD STILL BE THERE

>>134067505>Not thisyoutube.com/watch?v=SEwcbsTMqZMIts like you dont appreciate a good joke.


>>134071101s6 opening is so surreal. nothing comes close to the music selection on the Sopranos.

>>134071016yes all americans talk like mobsters definitely

Brehs can you recommend a new show for me to watch? I've seen:>Sopranos (easily my favourite)>Breaking Bad>The Wire>True Detective (S1)>Game of ThronesPls recommend something rly gud pls

>>134071373veronica mars

>>134071373Vice Principals

>>134071373Mad Men

>>134071430I've seen mad men, forgot to put it there lmao

>>134063947Was it Kino?

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>>134071373Boardwalk Empire True Detective S2Fargo S1

>>134071492>Fargo S1why only S1? does it go to poopy after that?


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>>134071373House of Cards seasons 1-2

>>134071516Season 2 is very good but you may get dissapointed towards the end. Season 3 goes back to the S1 formula but its overall weaker.

>>134071373Star Trek TNG.

>>134071373did you like Chernobyl? Edge of Darkness BBC 1985

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>>134071373Gen Kill

>>134071590>>134071622i dont want shows that go to shit after one or a few seasons Tbh. if there's no closure it just feels like a bad taste in the mouth... like what happened with Game of Thrones and Westworld (forgot to mention I've seen Westworld S1). I hate that shiet.>>134071648i've never seen it ;_;

>>134071759Fargo seasons are very encapsulated and only have tiny connections to other seasons.


>>134070796>the irony of tony's racismWhat's ironic about it? I'm only on episode 5 of season 3


>>134071851>I'm only on episode 5 of season 3I envy you.