What was the point of this character?

What was the point of this character?

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>>134063917Literally too beautiful.

>>134063917To record a literal 10/10 in her prime for posterity

>>134063917>What was the point of this character?To make my peepee feel funny, so I keep watchin g show!

Effy Stonem ruined a whole generation of women

>>134064514>implying a character from 12 years ago has influence on zoomers

>>134064514No dude that was tinder

>>134063917to make my peepee very very hard

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>>134063917to get dicks hard

>>134064561>>134064603I'm talking about millennials newfags.

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can you guys start posting all the webms of her again? those threads were lit

>>134063917anyone remember when she squirted water up her bum? That was hot.

>>134065068>pierced nipples>foot tattoointo the trash

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>>134065155think you are confusing cause and effect sweetie

>>134063917>That episode where the lad tried to make Tony fuck EffyGot me well 'ard

>>134065232Cause and effect are irrelevant. As long as there’s correlation it’s a useful heuristic.

>>134065155God, I hate women with tattoos and/or piercings. The ABSOLUTE WORST one is when they pierce their septum. Ring through the nose, like a fucking pig!!? Why would anyone want to make themselves look like a pig??

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You now remember Freddie getting his head smashed in by that random psychopath out of fucking nowhere. Also 'AHM COOK'

>>134065262>he didn'tGAY. No wonder went after maxxie that one time

>>134065354That's the ugliest one imo too. I always thought of it as more of a bull/cow ring.

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>watching anything after the first generation, especially after hearing the terrible intro song for the third serieswhy do you guys do this

>>134063917me getting a boner

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>>134065355It's cause they wanted to repeat the twist from gen1. Happened in generation 3 as well even in a more retarded way

>>134065598Watched second generation but didn't see third.Watched the special episodes they made years later though

>>134063917power fantasy for women

>>134065414>when the bull pierces his dickhead and gets ED

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>>134065598I don't even know what series this is from thanks to useless nigger OP. Still popped a boner tho!

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>>134065068post her asshole

>>134065738Skins, user

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>>134065773is that dude in the middle the same dude that played Robert's bastard in GoT?

Cook best boi.

>>134065964Yeah. He was great in Skins since had more material to work with. Based Chris.

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>>134065964Yes, there's a guy from Avatar and Slumdog Millionaire on the right. Dude on the left had some career too. Chick second from the left was the chubby mambo from GoT too.

>>134065964Yeah. Chick on the far left also played the "wife" of samwell tarley.

>>134065354I could almost understand tattoos and piercings, but I draw the line at septum piercings. It makes any nose considerably uglier and it always looks like a booger.

>>134065964Yeah. A fair few have gone on to do well.Dev Patel, Nicholas Hoult and Daniel Kaluuya from the first generationSecond gen it's only really Jack O'ConnellFar left on pic related

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>>134063917Remember those girls at school who tried to be Effy?Yeah, plenty of them are institutionalised or are in abusive relationships now lol

gen 3 was best gen, gen 2 sucked dick so boring, TFW no grace gf

>>134066173The one's who were pathetically trying to be Cook were the worst.

>>134066180I was too old for Gen 3 After you leave sixth form and realise that it's actually nowhere near as exciting in real life gets a bit shit

>>134066173you mean boring bitches who thought they where mysterious but the only mystry was who they where going to get there std from next? EFFY was fucking boring and not even that hot, tony girl freind from the first season was way hotter

>>134066241In fairness, Cook was a pretty archetypal "Lad". The amount of girls who watched skins and just smashed drugs and slept with anyone and everyone because they thought Effy was a cool character was nuts.

>>134066255well i watched it after i was 'of age' and found gen 3 to just be more fun and enjoyable and the characters actaully seemed like a group of friends once the characters got developed

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>>134066180Gen 3 was good-awful, hated every single character in it. The whole thing with Skins is that these kids mostly had pretty shitty lives at home, so partying and drugs were an escape. In gen 3 they're FINE, but they still party and create problems for themselves because they're fucking shitheads and i'm supposed to like these character lmao.>>134066110>>134065773A few of them were in The Fades later, mix of people from Gen 1 and 2 plus some famous people like Natalie Dormer. It was a great little show, probably the closest we get to modern Buffy

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>>134065107I second this>>134065437>roastie with tattoos spotted

>>134066474its the same in all seasons bro, they are all fine and then create problems for themselfs, each season is the same, gen three is better at it and dosnt make it drag, the only shit thing about gen three was how we are supposed to believe everyone loves that dyke bitch other than that its way better

>>134066447>>134066503>>134066560>>134066609God's work, keep em coming

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Effy is the most beautiful one for sure, but personality-wise, my pick for a waifu is that loopy anorexic chick from the first seasons who's always really sweet and says "oh wow" a lot

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>it's an effy gets groomed by a 50 member paki gang episode

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>>134063917She was better when she was a side character in Series 1 and 2

>>134066641Outside of gay kid and Tony like 80% of kids in Skins had shit lives, Cassie had hippie weirdo parents that ignored her, Sid only had a dad who fucking died, Chris had plenty of issues with his mom, Michelle had a whore of a mom that put boyfriends ahead of her, etc. Characters in gen 3 were all complete cunts and addicts, there was nothing likable about them

>>134066705shes the worst character mate

>>134066399>In fairness, Cook was a pretty archetypal "Lad".True but there were several boys in my school that were consciously trying to ape him in style and attitude. One of them put a photo on Facebook of him and this girl who he was obsessed with, at a party, with the caption "wow Cook and Effy lol," which earned him months of terroring (mostly by the girl and her friends).

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>>134065119She was on one of those Japanese toilets


>>134066705Cassie was a number one Skins waifu, nobody's even close. Shame that the actress is fat as fuck now

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>>134066823there was nothing likable about the first gen only likable character was chris, sid was a loser, he did have a mom but she leaves the dad, but nothing bad about his life unless his dad dies and by then its pretty much done, michelle was fine, her mom was just trying to find love which is why she was so attached to tony yeh we get it but thats not that shit, there is no excuse for effay since she was alredy a druggy cunt before all the shit that happend to her

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>>134066110anyone got any webms of those twins? pretty sure they got undressed once or twice

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>remember watching Cassie's first episode with all the "EAT" messages and thinking it's a mystery who was behind all of them, thought it's gonna be like a end of season reveal>mfw i talk to a friend about it like a year later and realize i'm a fucking idiot and it was all in her head

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>>134066913Grace is 100x better mate cassie is utter shit, it would of been ok if they made her recover towards the end or stop being an annoying cunt but no, they kept her as a slut with an eating disorder 'wow , cool'

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>>134067195to be fair it's pretty lame the writers can't bring the point across without relying on schizo hallucinations


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>>134066015I will now watch your show. Saw him on Merlin the other day, great actor.

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>>134067393i dont get it, shes not even that attractive, and her character is unlikable, i wish i could see it

>>134066110me uncomfortable in the middle

>>134067206Oh yes the one dimensional "look at me I'm grace, I'm so nice">>134066782How the fuck do you even get done for insider trading In the UK, do we even have stock exchanges or trading standards comisson. I'm probably (read most definitely) retarded

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>>134067425Just watch the first two seasons though. The others are crap.You can tell by how this video gets progressively worse: youtube.com/watch?v=oQiVFBy9Oz0

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>>134065773every series of that show is so fucking gay goddamn

>watching a show about sexually active teensIs this a thread for normie tourists? Why would an incel who missed out on teenage romance subject themselves to that torture?

>>134067491>oh no i dont eat, wow, cool, did i mention i dont eat, im also a slut and i dont eat, im hungry and hmmm i dont eatwow cassie is so deep

>>134067646>Is this a thread for normie tourists? Why would an incel who missed out on teenage romance subject themselves to that torture?thats the reason why an incel would watch it, so they can live out that expierence what else are films/tv for

>>134067568Holy shit that gen 1 into brought me back, haven't seen it in like a decade.

>>134067646I haven't watched it since i was seventeen over a decade ago for that very reason. I hate faith back then, now it hits too hard

>>134067646I masturbate to the hot teens

>>134067734I can only imagine experiencing shame and regret.

>>134067803its more, being social and having a good time with friends and missing out of teen love.

>>134067646Most of the people here probably watched it a decade ago when they were teens themselves. I was obsessed with it when i was a teen and still remember majority of it, but never had a desire to re-watch cause i'm 100% sure as an adult it'll age like shit. It's definetly not an "adult" show, it's targeted at like 16-year olds.

>>134067836the show is a good enough cope i suppose

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>>134067660She and Jal were the two non-slut females iirc

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>>134067935>16-17 yr old qt can blow a smoke ring>tfw can't blow one after ten years of smoking

>>134067892jal was a good character, she wasnt a slut no, cassie was 100% slut though

I wish I knew some girlsa girl

>>134067890i wish it was

>>134067646its moneky see monkey do the jws wanted that show made so they teens watching imitate the shows behaviours

>>134068002I wish I knew some that had the same interests as me and were physically fit.

Here's a weird opinion - Skins US wasn't that bad. It was a terrible remake, but it weirdly was a solid companion piece. All the popular characters from UK show like Cassie, Tony and Chris sucked ass, but i actually really liked US version of characters that were forgotten by UK version, like Jal and whoever Dev Patel played.

>>134068002Your mom doesn't count

>>134068055i guess i mean it doesent reeally matter in the long run but still its kinda weird because the show was so degenerate but im a loser and was when i was younger so what do i know

>>134068157wait what? so the US just make a remake of the first Gen? did they not make ther own story?

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>>134065068those are some asymmetric eyes desu

>>134068324yikes those bong genes gross

>>134068079this. I know loads of fat, boring girls who would love me to take them down the aisle. are all women fat these days?

>>134068157>>134068229Euphoria is the only acceptable version of AmeriSkins. The MTV version literally does not exist and if you search for it, I'll report you to the FBI

>>134068229It's actually mostly not a remake. For example the gay kid from UK version is a girl now and there's weird triangle between her being gay and her being in love with Tony(i actually liked that part). Cassie and Sid don't get together at all and don't even seem to like that much, that was fucking awful, their version of Cassie was just embarassing, she's a negro too. And Jal gets together with their version of Dev Patel, i actually thought that part was really cute and easily the best of the whole show.

>>134068423The ones that aren't fat around here are typically super normie, and if not they already have a bf since they're rare and indemand.

>>134068521That was US version of Cassie btw, fucking MTV man

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>>134068229they did do an ameircan version but the most modern thing to skins is that show called euphoria

inbetweeners > skins

>>134063917This phenotype is everything. I'd let the entire world burn for a union with such perfection.

geez the effy plot was lame>i love freddy>actually i love cook>no wait freddy>oh wait im geting crazy for some reason>freddy is making me go crazy because of love?make your mind up darling, what a waste of time her story was, freddy was a waste of time too, one minute they are all loved up then literally the next scene they have broken up only for three scenes later they declare how much they mean to each other....please just stop wasting my time

>>134068668i did mean to check that out, didnt it get canceled after the first or second season though,

>>134068597yikes, glad i didnt see that

>>134068822im not sure if it got canceled i thought they were gonna make a season 2 maybe not?

>>134068774And then she somehow went on to get perfect exam scores and get into Oxford or whatever despite all the time she missed being high, spunkdrunk, or institutionalized. Was she a genius or just a mary sue?

>>134068702Completely different shows, Inbetweeners is obviously a more realistic one to actual teen life, even thought it's a silly comedy. The third companion to the whole "teen UK show" to me is Fresh Meat. A lot of people dismissed it cause it starts slow and all the characters are pretty rough, cause they're unlikable not in a typical sitcomy way, but in a way your annoying classmate are(it's written by Peep Show guys an it shows). But once you get to know them it actually becomes fucking great and manages to be both hilarious and hit dramatic notes at the same time. Great female characters too, Oregon and Jossie are such twats, but so fucking funny.

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>>134068936thats my problem with Gen 2 the plot/characters just arnt fleshed out, jj, cook, freddy in the first 5 mins are established as being best mates the three musketeers, then only an episode later freddy dosnt want to be freinds with jj or cook any more, its just shit, i mean i think that black guy 'tom' is the best character from gen 2 hes the only genuinely reasonble character everyone else just seems to have schozoid bipolar disorder or somthing

>>134069108Black dude was the only likable person iirc, too bad they had him get cucked by his weirdo gf with the chad Cook

>>134067892Cassie was known as a massive slut that would fuck anyone. That's why they set her up with Sid.

>>134069238he got cucked, but then he cucks her with some prime black Qween

>>134069286not suprised

>>134067473I'll help you see it, you are a faggot.


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>>134070026>>134069659nah shes nothing special

>>134070061>nipple piercingdisgusting


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>>134070115you dont even know how gay u r lol


>>134070194lol is she the only girl you've ever seen? shes fucking boring just like you

>>134070061I finished my first viewing of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales upon the 1080p torrent release and when the credits began, I also set about my ritual of incognito-tab searching the unknown female actress from the film and finding this image whilst the newest rendition of Hans Zimmer's title theme crescendos in my 600 ohm headphones, was cathartic to say the least.

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>>134067533she's a billion times hotter than emma watson cuz she actually has a banging body

>>134063917How is her nose so kino?

>>134070403damn what a dirty little slut, her hole is all blown out

>>134070403>>134070489has it had bbc in it

>>134064476Wasn’t she 18? That’s far too young to be in her prime

>>134068936Retard. Professor Blood gave her fake scores so that him and the school would look good

>>134070630have you seen her now? shes only 28 but looks like shes 40

>>134070489Imagine fisting Effy

>>134070638I would think the A-levels were administered by an independent agency like the College Board does SATS in America.

>>134070677bong genes m8

>>134066447This makes me happy.

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>>13407067728-35 is a women's prime. Their bodies are fully developed adult bodies and they have maturity

>>134070061How have I not seen this before?!BasedHave milkers in return

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>>134063917I've seen her asshole.

>>134065155I'm already a hikikomori neet. I don't know about mental health since I suspect I have autism or bp or something but I asure as fuck am not healthy. Should I gat some ink and at least gt laid

>>134071145is this real? the fuck is she doing? do women do this? does she have a babby or summat?


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>>134071369why did she have to take a picture of that while someone is doing her hair with a dumb facial expression? what is this clown world shit nigga

this chick is SO much my type that it physically hurts to look at pics/webms of her with the pain of knowing that i'll never hold her

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>>134071256>>134071431Have you seriously never heard of breast pumps before?Lots of Women are super casual About using them and will have no problems being milked with other women around She’s sitting around doing nothing so might as well. Lucky for us!She posted that on her IG herself lmao

>>134071431You seem really mad about a woman feeding her child man

>>134071145If Kaya was my mum I would wait till I was old enough to watch Skins and then seduce her by telling her how great she played the part of Effy

>>134067393I just want to be loved, lads

>>134065354You sound rather intimidated user.

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>>134071614i dont know many women who take a picture while getting their breasts pumped lol. who the fuck does that? ew

>>134068983i fucking loved this show. the last season was a bit ropey but i give it all a rewatch every now and then

>>134071569I know user, I know.

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>>134071145mhmm titty farming