But will it be good? DO you even care?

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>>134063737SNEED cut


>>134063737It will be better than JL and that's all I need. I'm pretty confident Zack wouldn't release it if it was an unfinished pile of shit or something.

>>134063737what did he have to do for them to make>ZACK SNYDER'S justice league

>>134064379isnt that what they are doing?

there has never been a good streaming service flick/tv show so probably not

holy shit mods are uselessmake a fucking sticky so these capefags stop spamming

I just want to post in a spam-less board

>>134064294> Zack wouldn't release it if it was an unfinished pile of shit

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>>134065136Where do you think you are?Even at the best of times Holla Forums is nothing but spam and coomer threads.

>>134063737Dude's made average-to-shit movies his entire career. I see no reason why his cut of JL will miraculously turn out better than any of his other films.

>>134065292Literally the Ultimate Blu-ray and most sold

>>134065083not a capefag, but i know most of this board worhsip snyder


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>>134065292Thanks for posting a pic of the best capeshit ever made. I needed my daily reminder

>>134063737is this real bros? please dont play with me

>The Sneeder Cut is actually happening

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>OH my GOD all the superheroes stuffed in a single movie!! Cringe. Just like all the avengers movies.

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>>134063827Release the Chuck Cut

>>134065553isnt the last guy the one who threw a shitfit that parasite won over the joker at the oscars?

>>134066240yeah, and he cried about scorsese shitting on capeshit lmao

>>134063737ZACK SNYDER / Bring DC movies back / Diana, Shazam, and one Harley / This new shit is Marvel and wack!

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We finally get black suit Superman. Holy shit.

>>134066401but when will we get naked superman?!

>>134063737Of course it won't be.Not at all. You'd have to pay me and provide booze for me to drink to watch it.

>>134065839>Superhero movies are cringe>Browsing 4fhan all day and bitching about superhero movies makes you coolYou sound like a loser and should fucking kill yourself


>>134063737>Director makes a movie>Studio replace him and launches reshooted movie>Director comes back and not only finishes his movie but extends itHas any movie ever gone through this situation?

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>>134066535Superheroes movies are for children. Stay mad faggot.

>>134063737Are BvS fanboys really this deluded they think the Snyder cut is magically a better film than the shit they got. It's just a different flavour of bullshit.

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>>134065963In this case it's kind of the opposite if you think about it

>>134066691Nope. No blockbuster at least

The hilarity of the Disney shill damage control is almost better than the announcement.

>>134063737It'll be an improvement and it will at least have good visuals. I also hope it popularizes CavillSupes again enough for him to get his own Superman movie.So yes, even if I don't think the movie will be good, I think there's a lot of merit in releasing it.

>>134066691Superman II Donner Cut is the closest example I can think of.

>Snyder Cut poster>it's devoid of color and lifepoetry

>>134066828>2h movie reshoots by different director>4h movie with cut characters, cut scenes, cut plot pointsYeah, Darkseid fighting Ares and Deathstroke going full "Arkham City" on Arkham Asylum is already much more different then what we got. Plus XL and Zimmer work.

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>>134065553>>134065619>those thumbnailsJesus christ lmao do these people not have a shred of self-awareness?

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>>134066401Apparently black suit wouldnt be in It except in the background as a reference for when the idea was to make superman resuscitate as a bad guy with the black suit, when they scrapped the sequel they just put it like symbolically being another option when clark picks the red and blue for the final battle.


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>>134063737This is for you SnyderBros. You did it.

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i do not care

I just dislike that this essentially validates all the fuckin donuts who spammed “release the Snyder cut” on every unrelated post they could find for the past 2 years.All for a mediocre schlockfest

>reminder test audiences hated Snyder’s original edit which caused for the reshoots

>>134067849>ugh not the toxic fans ugh how dare they give in

>>134067481remind me again why there should be a scene of "Deathstroke going full 'Arkham City' on Arkham Asylum" in the first Justice League movie where the main plot is completely unrelated to any of that

>>134067932Did I say toxic? I implied childish and annoying

Most of the cut scenes will be like the flashdrive scene from BvS. Forced scenes tacked on for "worldbuilding" (sequel easter eggs)

>>134067943Dunno, just know Lex contracted Slade to take him out of there, and Lex still has some weight since he was Batman's source of info about New Gods tech and invasion.The only reason I remember, was to set them for future movies, Deathstroke being the primary since he was supposed to be in a Batman movie in the style of "The Raid" in Arkham, and they were to get out of Arkham after images break lose.

>>134068154BvS didn’t lose its director during production and get finished by the studio. This will be more than that

>>134067926so what you saying is...we are in for a hell of a ride next year when this is released and the flame wars begin again?

>>134065553Fucking basedboys

>>134066401What about a black Superman?

>>134067943Because Luthor had a bigger role in the film and it's Deathstroke that breaks him out of Arkham

>>134063737Oh no Mousebros!!! We got too cocky again!

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>>134068630Chad still has the mantle, niggers out.

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>>134067943Deathstroke actor literally just tweeted about his fight scene.

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>>134067608Pretty sure youtube bootcamps recomend them to use that kind of thumbnails because that's what gets most views.I bet you a lot of these onions boys are just as jaded about capeshit as everyone else but they keep playing the part because that's what brings money.

>>134067408This is a victory for DC fans, a victory for kino fans, a victory for Zack Snyder and a victory for the Right.Only Disney and left wingers are mad at this news, I’m so happy

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>>134068944>"harrassment campaign">Korrasami avatarWell...

>>134063737>Will it be goodNo.>Do you careNah. I pirated Justice League once and that was enough. Don't need to see it again.

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>>134067926Test audiences are plebians who have nothing better to do on a tuesday morning

>>134067926Test audiences are fucking retarded 100% of the time

>>134065292This is a masterpiece what’s your point?

>>134067926Test audiences are retarded.

>>134063737>But will it be good?no>DO you even care?no

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>>134064294I refused to watch the movie despite being a JL fan from childhood because of that hack WhedonNow ourboy Zack will make it possible to watchThanks Zack

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>> 1459735670371.jpg/BASED TRANNY IS BACK!!

>>134069002Based sandchads and chadpreets

>>134068944Why are they calling people toxic? If people want to see a Snyder cut, what's the problem?

>>134063737Absolute chad kino, let's fucking go I'm gonna lift some weights to get ready for this movie.

>>134063737reminder that this has been confirmed to be 4h long


>>134069094They think fans aren’t entitled to a different cut of a movie

>>134066691about 15 years ago they were making a prequel to the exorcist, called Exorcist: The Beginning, written by the co-writer of T2someone at the studio didn’t think the movie as it was would be successful (it was more psychological without much blood) so they fired the director and hired a new guy that reshot most of the movie with a retooled scriptThat version got released and bombed both critically and commerciallyThe studio desperately re-hired the original director to finish his version, now called Dominion, which was released the following spring to better critical response but it still didn’t make moneyFor what it’s worth the original author of The Exorcist hated The Beginning and loved Dominion

>>134069002ty for answering my op user!

>>134068944If BvS was the Donald Trump victory of 2016, ZSJL is the Donald Trump victory of 2020.

>>134065553God I hate reaction videos so fucking much

>>134067608Do people even care about *le nu male onions face* outside of Holla Forums?

>>134068944>defining your masculinity by capeshitYou're a fucking bugman.

>>134069094Literally because Snyder's fans wanted to see him complete his vision and didn't blindly consume the hack job wheedon did

>>134068205I don't think any of that is in this movie

>>134068944>Director's daughter dies, so studios uses opportunity to kick him out>Director's vision is butched and his name still in>"Harassment campaing"Jesus, this faggots, Zack should had at least the right to finish his product. Studios should always be fucked up if they pull off jewish moves like these.

>>134065553Judging by this, even if it's shit majority of these reviewers will pretend it's good.

>>134069154Anytime, bro!

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>>134069282Joe literally said he filmes this scene, he even posted the beggining of it.

>>134069259>>134069300>>134069205Why is DC associated with the right wing by entertainment media? Is it because Marvel actors advocate so much for the democrats?

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>>134063737Superman makes me vomit, Batman and all that. That whole empire...this religion. It is so important that superheroes suffer...I don't give a damn, I shit on the United States

>>134069411because everything needs to be politicized in this retarded period of time

>>134063737No, everything he has ever released is shit.I'll maybe pirate it.

>>134069411Who knows but I also remember an article about Suicide Squad being Donald Trump. I think its not even political at this point. The media clearly favors Marvel, or at least the Marvel mold of movies, and everything it doesnt follow the Marvel movies rules is bad. And Donald Trump is bad so non Marvel movies are literally Donald Trump.

>>134066279he looks like a fish

>>134069354lol that gif


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>>134069411>a movie about a xenophobic man being proven wrong about an illegal immigrant is the Donald Trump of comic book moviesLmao

Thank god, now we can see a dogshit movie the way it was supposed to be seen: just as shitty with a few minor changes that don't even come close to stopping it from being shitty.

>>134063737It won't be good. But hype regardless. Can't be any worse than Whedon's.

It's gonna be good bros, no other film deserved a second chance more than this,.

>>134069485birds of prey was an embarrassing feminist liberal fantasy, so theres no way that was donald trump

>>134067926Test audiences are fucking aids

>yfw ZSJL will have Junkie and Zimmer OSTYou can say whatever you want about Zack's movies, but the soundtrack is marvelous.>

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>>134069686This movie is being made solely for the people who love the dogshit that Snyder puts out.

>>134069686>Minor>3 hours of extra movie

Holla Forums doesn't actually like this movie, it's all memes. Everything's a fucking meme.

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>>134069686>Minor changesIt may as well be completely different film

>>134069485I remember when BvS and Suicide Squad came out there was a theory that critics collectively review-bombed it to harm its box office, thinking that with enough big flops hollywood might stop making capeshit (not unprecedented, reviewers collectively teamed up to no-platform slasher movies in the 80s to get people to stop seeing them)Turns out that the theatrical versions of those movies just genuinely were ass

>>134069686>few minor changes-Darkseid-More of the New Gods-Original invasion with Darkseid leading-Darkseid vs Ares-Original Steppenwolf design-Steppenwolf's original plan with the mother boxes-Steppenwolf's original death-Darkseid coming to Earth-More of Cyborg-Black suit Superman-More of the Knightmare sequence-Deleted scenes redone to be on the movie-Superman vs League and army-Martian Manhunter-Green Lanterns visiting Bruce-Deathstroke going full "Arkham" on Arkham Asylum to rescue Luthor-The original 4 hours cut-Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer

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>>134069762Oh my god, I totally forgot this means we are getting the original OST instead of the atrocious job done by Elfman at the last minute by request of Whedon.FUCKING BASED

>2021snyder will be furiously editing for the next six months trying to make something coherent and not shitty. final cut will be 45 minutes long

>>134069888none of these things matter (if theyre true at all). because theyre mainly setups to sequels that wont get made

>>134069972>sequels that wont get madeYeah, just like the "Snyder cut never ever"

>>134070031And that the sequels are being made

Absolutely based

>>134070031>superman actor left>batman actor left and a new unrelated batman movie already getting made>flash actor is cancelled >the movie was a critical and financial failure its pure delusion to think this will ever get a sequel

>>134063737I knew there was some truth to pic related.

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>>134063737I wonder if this could work in B&W. Not shitposting. Just genuinely curious if it might help hide some of the more questionable visual aspects that are likely still in the original version. Of course I'm also drunk so I might just be talking out of my ass.

>>134069265Pretty much: How dare you be critical of a company?

>>134065553Does this Tyrone dude do anything but watch trailers and make reaction videos? I feel like this dude has it easy. Watch pop culture videos for 10 minutes a day so nerds cream themselves over a black nerd who is fit and good looking. Then he spends the rest of his day working out and crushing puss.

>>134066401Based. all superheroes should be black

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>>134070171Maybe only for the Batman sequences, but for rest of the team colors are important.

>>134070125Just as the zsjl was pure delusion until some hours ago.

>>134070171The movie was played in black and white for executives.

Why can't Superman have a mustache?

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>>134070125>>superman actor leftFalse, Henry still wants to the character, and not only the studios wants to continue going with Superman by dropping Supergirl, but The Rock wants Henry to star in his movie>>batman actor left and a new unrelated batman movie already getting madeEasily retconned, just like Edward Norton>>flash actor is cancelledAlso false, no one event mentioned in fire him(he is a omega jew)>>the movie was a critical and financial failureYet we are getting the original cut. Executives can easily shift plans if the smell potential money.

>>134063737>But will it be good?it's already breddy gud, so yesAlso, posting in a sticky.

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>>134066535Why is it so easy to spot redditors? Fuck off nigger

>>134070335they cant bring ben affleck back. but continue to believe in the impossible because of the shitty justice league movie getting a new version. surely that means anything is possible

>>134070246>directors cut of a movievs>hundreds of millions investment

>>134070426They can bring Ben. He's in if Zack is in.


>>134069821the only reason batman 3 was enjoyable was because of the CIA memes, thats it.

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>Being excited for more Capeshit

Why did Ben leave?I don't get it.

>>134070490/tv/ only likes things the rest of the internet hates

All this seething. Feels good Snyderchads.

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>>134070426Maybe, but I wouldn't be surprised if he came back if the new executives gave a green light to his original script for The Batman.


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>>134070555how/why would that happen? The Batman is already getting made with a different actor right now. you think DC will somehow remake the same movie with ben affleck?

>>134070623Not him but The Batman is a different universe.

>>134070551Literally no one is angry over this.

>>134070623>same movieExcept it wasn't the same movie, plus they learned that they can have more then one incarnation of the same character, and Batman sells. They can literally pump up more then one Batman film and get 800+ from each, without having to waiting the director to make one movie per time.

>>134070673show me where movie studios are making simultaneous franchises with different versions of the same character

>>134070702How do you think this guy's feeling at the moment

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>>134070702what do you think this is? Positivity?

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I never understood why more Zack Snyder is ever thought to be a good thing

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>>134070884Because blue check marks are critical of him so Holla Forums has to DAB ON THE LIBTARDS EPIC STYLE. see >>134069821

>>134067620Snyder said today he had plans for the symbolism the black suit was gonna present in JL. Cavill even mentioned wanting it himself



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>>134070534Because he literally got into BvS to do a darker take on Batman that he could relate to as an actor, also liked the cinematic approach.He didnt want nothing to do with It after they made it a shitty marvel like funny inoquous cartoon, he didnt sign up for that pitch. He tries to be a "serious" artist, and I suppose you cant blame him If he didnt want to do silly capeshit.Just consider how burned he got with the whole rework of JL, that meant his batman film wouldnt have a chance to be his film anymore, the studio wants "fun" and meddle and shit

>>134068882God damn...what the fuck.

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>>134071152kek at Cyborgon aside note, the nigger did a really good job imho, looked like he cared about the character

>>134071152>film gobhey this is the guy dcpajeets were claiming was a white scottish male LOL WTF

>>134071019Very sad.

but the answer we all wanna know is...will snyder be brave enough to put in the flash getting gangbanged by the rest of the JL bros? because i think its very important to the story.

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They said the age of Snyder would never come again

>>134070534Because the entire reason he joined was for a self contained movie arc where he dies he didn't want to be Batman forever and the Wheadoncut of Justice League bombed and his arc was basically not touched at all.

>>1340712941. I can't decide if the femkike is attractive or not.2. Momoa is based af3. I am so fucking happy we will see more scenes with the gods fighting in the past. I heard they will have lines which is sweet.That is all.

>>134067695>literally mfw the Snyder Cut was announced

>>134071397yeah but we need man on man action, i hope snyder will be brave enough to deliver

>>134071249I'd agree with this. I hate to see anyone who seems to care about a role ruined by such hilariously bad effects (and the rest of the shitfest). I'm not going to say it was fantastic acting, but I can see where he seemed to care.

>>134071468Yeah man it shows, you can't fake it. I hated how it turned out as well. He deserves a proper solo film.

Why they hate this dude so much? It's a weird form of intense political hate and i've never seen the dude state anything controversial in media to spurn that.

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>>134071686Zack is a walking pleb filter, and so is his work.

>>134066535Seethe more manchild.

>>134071850300 and watchman were good. nothing else

>>134071686>muuh Persian were portrayed like middle easterners in 300, CANCEL HIM NOW!FUCK NIGGERSFUCK MUSLIMSFUCK JANNIES

>>134063737>ZACK SNYDER'S is the selling point>guy is the worst fucking big money director aliveSheer fucking hubris. Not even James Cameron's Avatar was this much of an ego-project, and Cameron is actually good director.

>>134071686His movies literally don’t push a defined ideology outside of his own ethos. It’s why they aren’t dishonest. This pisses idiot woke reporters.


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