The Rise of Skywalker: The JJ Abrams Cut

So, if the Snyder Cut for Justice League is possible, does that mean the JJ Cut for Episode 9 can also happen? If so, it means the Sequel Trilogy can be salvaged and the haters can finally STFU and acknowledge it as being better than the overrated OT. You know it's coming, so get ready.

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>>134062718I can see it now...

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No. Disney isn't as based as WB


>>134062718Honestly I think there's a chance that an improved cut would be released, it wouldn't be new for Star Wars which went through re-releases and special editions.JJ seemed to be very unhappy with how the film turned out considering he outright called people who liked it to be "lacking taste and of worrisome mental state", kek.

Clone wars is hella kewl!

Disney should release the pre-edit OT digitally

>>134062718the only cut to save the sequel trilogy would be cutting episodes 7, 8, and 9

>>134062718There are people out there that believe or act like they believe that JJ is some kind of iconoclast auteur that fought a brave fight for creative freedom against some tyrannical mouse regime and lost.He and Disney, alongside Rian and Kasdan (who honestly doesn't get enough shit for the mess he contributed his fair share to) went hand in hand into pure franchise implosion acting holier-than-thou towards anyone that dared to not love their shitty product unconditionally. They were on the same page since 2012.What in JJ's career gives people the idea that he can deliver a great story, let alone a decent conclusion to one?What we got here is JJ's PR team doing damage control when it finally sinked in that the public opinion isn't gonna sway their way and it's every man for himself. JJ's gotta secure his lucrative WB contract after all so let's build this propaganda that he clashed with a bunch on nobodies that constitute the Story Group. Like they could push around a guy that managed to worm his production company into what is basically a work-for-hire. "A Bad Robot Production" is plastered on the poster, just like for every Mission: Impossible movie since the 3rd one even though he does fuck all on them. He's as shrewd as they come and ROS is his movie the way he wanted it as they can

It can't be salvaged. There were too many mistakes made in episodes 7 and 8 that fucked up and boxed in all what can be done with the script. It was bad. Accept it. It won't ever be like the prequel trilogy where nostalgia-goggles changes people's minds.

>>134063064This is not necessarily true. JJ is probably just better at acting along than Rian.If you investigate the art books it's pretty clear that JJ had much better concepts that were rejected due to budget constraints: >Jakku being a watery swamp>Snoke being female>Starkiller base not existing>Rey turning to the dark>Longer 1st act of TFA to introduce the setting, Poe dies at the end of this act>Luke willing to help but distracted as he turned into a jedi alchemist/historian.I can go on and on.On the other hand, for TLJ what was in the movie was exactly what was concepted. Rian was either magically reading in Kathleen's mind, or he was just super subservient.

>>134063381I've seen the artbooks and most of the time new concepts are shot down by JJ to make them more like McQuarrie

>>134063475That's only about how things look, not about the plot points.

>>134062718>does that mean the JJ Cut for Episode 9 can also happen?Yes, but it won't change the fact that this movie, as well as the entire Disney Trilogy, sucks ass.

>>134063381All that stuff in the art book was before JJ was around, you idiot. >due to budget constraintsNo, it was because JJ believed that what made Star Wars special to people is that it felt real, hence why he kept using shitty lower class UK budget trips as locations. This is why his shit looked like a cheap TV show. Stop talking out of your ass.

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>>134063381Dark Rey was used as a force vision. Or is there another one?

>>134062718Today the Snydercut, tomorrow the world

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>>134063381>>Jakku being a watery swamp>>Snoke being female>>Starkiller base not existing>>Rey turning to the dark>>Longer 1st act of TFA to introduce the setting, Poe dies at the end of this act>>Luke willing to help but distracted as he turned into a jedi alchemist/historian.Some of those concepts were from BEFORE the Disney buyout + Michael Arndt's early treatment for Episode 7. Then, Kathleen and JJ came along and threw all that out, replacing it with their own crap. Thus, the tragedy that is the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy was born.

>not wanting Duel of the Fates instead

>>134063729>This is why his shit looked like a cheap TV show.No, really? A guy who originally started out as a TV show writer/director ALSO applied said television format to a theatrical feature? No shit.

>>134062933[citation needed]

>>134063381>JJ had much better concepts that were rejected due to budget constraints:>Snoke being femaleAh yes, a female Snoke would have doubled the cost of the movie.

>>134063064This. JJ is one of the worst of the group behind this disaster.

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If you think there is a JJ cut, congratulations, because you have fallen for an unsourced LARP from r/saltierthancrait

I want the lucas cut with the secret skywalker (probably Finn)

>>134066060Lucas had nothing to do with any of the movies outside of giving a courtesy phonecall to Rian.the only reason they even invited him to pitch his ideas was cause they were so creatively bankrupt and had no story of their own to tell that they hopes they can get something out of him like crack addicts.

>>134066060Stop falling for clickbait holy shit dude

Need an order of the 4 hour cut of Bladerunner 2049 and the hard R Ayer cut of Suicide Squad.

>trying to outkike DisneyI wish him luck

>>134062718disney would not allow that, and I don't think this movie or jj even have a fanbase


I feel like the only cut truer to JJ's vision would be one that retcons TLJ so it doesn't systematically trash every Mystery Box set up in TFA in the most anticlimactic way possible leaving Rise of Skywalker to desperately try to piece the bits back together.

>>134067438This.Them making an "Extended Cut" would be the studio admitting failure, and Disney NEVER admits when they've fucked up. They're far too egotistical to be humble, unlike WB.

>>134062933>it wouldn't be new for Star Wars which went through re-releases and special editions.back then the movies were sole property of their author, who was an autist. I wouldn't get my hopes up for a megacorp very protective of their ips like disney to walk back on their decisions

>>134062718I can see Disney try to ape this to get more money from Star Wars cuck. That being said, was it even filmed? I dont think it went far beyond the art design and initial script.If anything #RELEASETHELUCASSEQUELS

>>134067496>JJ's """vision"""kekThat would imply there was an overarching plan for this trilogy when, in truth, it never existed. JJ makes mystery boxes because he's too lazy to think up an actual story to begin with, which is why his mysteries never have any satisfying answers to them. He's a con artist who relies heavily on flashy effects, trailer shots, fast-paced sequences, and nothing else.

>>134063016Can we have a movie where han goes into a worn hole where he goes back in time and stops the sequels from happening

>>134067518>Disney NEVER admits when they've fucked up. They're far too egotistical to be humble, unlike WB.No corporate environment would do that. Not even WB. The WB management was all fired. Geoff Johns and Diane Nelson removed. So many other execs. If they were here there would be no ZSJL. Its just how it works.

Did people forget he is the creator of MArey Sue, Finn the negro, Kylo the angsty teen with a limp dick, deadbeat Solo, vanished Luke, old fuck Leia and a rehash of ANH full of retardation?

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>>134067722there isn't even any mystery in disneywars

>>134067562Neither a Lucas or JJ cut exists. There are tons of different cuts but neither of them are the ones constantly being LARPed

>>134067769kylo is literally the only salvageable thing in the entire trilogy

>>134065192maybe she would have had huge bouncy tits

>>134062718how would making it longer make it better?

>>134067769People only liked TFA back in 2015 because:>hype.>marketing.>shills.>normies.>consoomer culture. >Disney.>there hadn't been a new live action Star Wars movie for 10 years at the time. >people were anticipating Episode 8 to answer all of TFA's questions, until TLJ happened.

>>134067858>kylo is literally the only salvageable thing in the entire trilogyBarely. He had potential, but he was ultimately squandered in each movie, always losing to Rey in some way no matter what AND acting like an emo brat going through circular "arcs" each consecutive time. He doesn't even get to finish what Anakin started with killing Sheev, and instead, jobs for Rey to bring her back so he can die.

>>134062933>he outright called people who liked it to be "lacking taste and of worrisome mental state", kek.Didn't he say that about TFA?

>>134063064Did Kasdan really have that big of an influence, though?

>>134067828Of course not. I meant the original Whills sequels as Lucas intended. Remake 789 completely.

>>134067858Kylo is Kojima-tier in his motivations.>i wanna be evil, but feel the lure of light>HELP ME VADER'S HELMET HELP ME>my uncle tried to kill me>BETTER KILL ALL MY SCHOOLMATES AND BURN DOWN THE SCHOOL>this old Swede that knows pertinent info about my uncle's whereabouts is being sassy to me>BETTER CUT HIM DOWN CAUSE I SUCK AT BANTER>a girl you say>BETTER SMASH THIS CONTROL PANELHe's propped up by the virtue of other characters having no character to speak of. Finn just trails Rey like a lost puppy, Rey is just a goody-two-shoes cause what's with all the questions she just is, you pig. Poe is great at flying and terrible at landing a joke. Of course Darth Columbine sticks out.He's so badly thought out that the only way they gave him a redemption arc was him having an imaginary conversation with the father he killed to prove how committed to being evil he is where the figment of his imagination "forgives" him. He's been doing nothing but foaming at the mouth and trying to kill everyone for 2 and a half movies, but his mother dying is enough to forget about all that.

>>134068334He's the one that said the plot needs to move like a sonnuvabitch so you don't think about it much.He was brought in cause JJ under Pegg's influence was convinced that Kasdan is the one that made OT good and the only thing stopping him from fulfilling his vision was mean ol' man Lucas with his "it's for kids" bullshit.

>>134062718Disney would never allow it.

>>134067858He was emsaculated as quick as he was introduced by his creator. He's JJ's self insert, a wanabee Vader just like he's wanabee Spielberg, but he has zero talent and a limp dick, he obeys women and you end up with one of the worst villains ever created, even his look is laughable, he looks like a school shooter.

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>>134062718You already saw it.

>>134062718When it comes to Star Wars, Disney is extremely protective of the productions and behind the scenes. They even got a book that was being made about Disney Wars halter because they didn’t want the secrets coming out (like how Brad Bird was suppose to do TFA).

>>134063381>budget constraints

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>>134069314Yes we will never know the truth unless someone hacks Disney servers. That book had already been written so I guess the pdf is out there as well as George's sequel scripts.

>>134062718Unlikely as they can't pinpoint which set of fans liked TLJ and ROSIt's too split and mixed that they would again alienate a whole group of people and it could be the group that spends the most that they oust.That being said, people will be demanding for either JJ or Rian and with star wars, there is cgi in almost every shot, so a lot of the footage in order to make a new cut will actually have to be shot, unless they have it sitting in a cutting room.Again they don't know which fanbase is the one that will help their future products, while going one way may please a certain fanbase, that base could end up being the ones that like the old stuff, meaning no merchandising for disney.No it's too much of a risk with little pay off, and disney is most definitely not a risk taking company.Star wars has been a commercial flop for disney. Relied too much on boomers' word of mouth to promote this product to kids.Some boomers hated it and told the kids fuck this star wars, here's some real star wars.Kids will still think it's lame and gay, cause its aged and it's just faggy space opera.Hopefully the franchise dies off for a bit.

>>134062718But you already saw the jj cut.

>>134063729This is the worst shot in all of star wars.

>>134069467>275 million to make a piece of shitMoney well spent


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>>134067858This. He's white and a male. Therefore he's based.

>>134062718Nah this will never happen. It's amazing that Star Wars shit the bed even harder than DC since it doesn't have fans dedicated enough to demand this

>>134069467>$275MYeah, because of the fucking reshoots that JJ claimed otherwise. I guarantee the cost was much higher than that thanks to inflated marketing costs and financial bombing in China.


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>>134062718Kill yourself retard

>>134069467>>134070294>>134070711>fly 300 people to Jordan>then shoot against green screen there>muh naturalistic lighting>fucking green screen throws shade at them anyway>they still recreate the speeders they were on in CGI and just paste the actors on them

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>>134062718Nice try, asshole No cut in the world can redeem the shitty desperate fanservice damage control of bringing back Palpatine and ruin the storyline of OT and PT If your answer is that they are just movies and continuity isn't important, it just proves you are a shill

>>134062718Difference is no one gives a fuck about this trash and a JJ cut is going to be shit because it’s still directed by JJ

>>134070831How did two hotties like Leia and Solo produce such a malformed goblin?

>>134062718Even if JJ got to write and direct Episode 8, it would still be crap, since he has always relied on his "mystery boxes" without writing a conclusionWriting a mystery isn't hard, the solution is the hard part, which JJ obviously can't write

>>134062718There's nothing they can release that would change my mind. the Sequel trilogy is boring Empire/Rebels shit and an even worse offense, a shitty remake of the original trilogy.

>>134070219True. Is fucking awful and is immersion breaking. In the last fucking shot of the movie.Jesus Christ.

>>134062748should be in comic sans

My nine year old nephew plays with OT and PT related toys while not remembering any of the ST characters or vehicles

>>134063729It was pathetic in many ways, a lame helicopter shot, there doesn't to have any post production effects to clean up the natural rocks. It doesn't feel like an alien planet, we are grounded on Earth. And it's a fucking Star wars film ending on a cliffhanger!Pic related was also a pretty awful shot

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