How badly is Netflix going to this up? It's going to be impossible to get right...

How badly is Netflix going to this up? It's going to be impossible to get right. Toph is un-cast-able because no child actor will be able to pull off her attitude without coming off as nothing but a brat. The fights, animals, and spirits are going to become way watered down because it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars per season to get the effects right. And how are they even going to have the fights choreographed when it's a bunch of child actors? And how are they going to film it quick enough to hide the aging of the actors? Why are they even remaking the show in the first place? This is going to be a fucking disaster.

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Yeah well you know, holding off making my opinion until some footage is released

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>>134061867You're drastically over estimating how much is going to be adapted.They're probably only going to adapt his awakening, hitting up the Air temple, maybe Kiyoshi, Roku's temple, Water Kingdom/Moon shit.Which means outside Appa probably no animals and other than Roku's dragon no spirits. Plus they could pretty easily write out the dragon portion.Every other N series can churn a season every year/year.5. Realistically, the it'll be better if the kids do age up and they can just remove the time limit of Sozen's comet from end of summer to however many years.

>>134062051Based naive poster

My question is, what's the point? Fans of the series are perfectly happy with it, so why try to remake it in a format that will almost certainly be worse? Do they really expect to make money off of this?

>>134062165You make a good point about extending the time to Sozins comet, but other than that I really don't have hope for this. Netflix has proven time and time again to be shit at adaptations, and since TLA is my favorite show ever I see no way they can improve on it. No animals except for Appa would suck, and only adapting a third of the series would suck.


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>>134062472They will inevitably change stuff, of course, and implement WOKE stuff.Just remember it can't possibly be as bad as the movie.

>>134061867As good as ATLA is, it really doesn't need a live-action version, and we all saw what happened the last time someone tried to do it. In the end, I just hope it's not absolutely terrible.

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>people shitpost that characters will be gay/trans/black who were not previously >try to believe they are full of shit>slowly starting to expect it too

I can't even begin to imagine Azula without Grey DeLisle voicing her. There's no way a young actress will be able to produce anything anywhere near as menacing/confident.Same goes for most of the cast. Avatar needs to be an animation so it can have adults voicing the kids correctly

Attached: grey.jpg (1280x720, 97.08K)

>>134062454I think ATLA's become one of those properties that everybody hears is good, but people don't have the patience to actually analyze why it has this reputation. People keep trying to recapture the lightning in a bottle. I just wonder what the Hell a Netflix series is going to bring to the table that a Nickelodeon kid's show couldn't. Incest?

Attached: 1500563136872.jpg (955x1000, 226.88K)

>>134062165While I don't support a live action show I think Avatar would have drastically benefited from season 3 being two seasons. The season is overwhelmingly cramped and none of the actual plots have room to breathe.

>>134062896Azula is a hard one to get right in general. IMO she needs to be quite beautiful as well and have a very cold look to her face. I have no faith in their ability to cast her.

>>13406186710 years ago...>"How DARE you whitewash the characters! They're supposed to be ASIAN! That's RACIST!"Now...>"How DARE you make the characters ETHNICALLY Asian! They're just FICTIONAL CHARACTERS! That's WOKE!"You know it's going to happen.

Attached: zed399.png (250x250, 77.21K)

>>134062859so what if there is? not like it hurts you in any way

>>134063128I think you're putting too much faith in Netflix if you think they'll ALL be ethnically Asian. That'd be too easy.

>>134061867>How badly is Netflix going to this up?Very much considering they're still remaking it regardless of them paradoxically acknowledging that it didn't need to be remade.

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>>134063261>"Aang's story had been told"....then why the fuck are they doing a remake?

>>134063087She's undeniably seductive too. You can't really have a live action teenage actress do that without coming off as creepy

>>134063087She's hard to adapt because she is actually like 13 but behaves like an adult woman.

>>134061867I think instead of kids, they should cast adults as toph, zuko, etc.

>>134063329Pretty sure the account is not officially affiliated with Netflix?

>>134063386My headcanon is that she's 9 months younger than zuko because that just makes more sense

>>134063352This is true. I think Azula was partly created to appeal to the blossoming boys that were just entering puberty; but I'd say it's almost undeniable that a modern recreation of ATLA will be watched by adults that grew up with the show as much as it will be by actual kids, if not moreso (by the final books most of Korra's demographic was adults). Although I suppose if an old fan gets re-titlated by Azula 15 years later, can we really call that guy a pervert? Or is he just a lifelong fan? Like me.

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>>134061867which characters they will niggerify I wonder

>>134063469It is but it's their smug ""geek culture"" Twitter where some intern emulates what Twitter wants to ear for marketing. Like the Wendy's or Sonic twitters.

>>134063408or at least age them up a bit. Make Aang and Toph 16, Katara 17, Sokka 18, Zuko 19. The natural exaggerated style of the cartoon allows for easier suspension of disbelief, so a bunch of kids being able to topple an empire doesn't seem impossible, but in live action i expect it'll be much harder to believe if they're actually 12-15

It'd be pretty cool if they got Jason Isaacs to reprise Zhao live-action. Might as well, that guy says yes to anything.

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>>134063128I feel bad for the kid that played Aang because he's not actually white and Shamalamalan's vision of whitey in the arctic, mixed race for the Air nation, Indian for the Fire Nation, and Korean for the Earth Kingdom wasn't actually that bad of a vision but it got lost in the controversy. It created distinct instant visual differences between the 4 nations and he was right when he said you can't just not realistically make a movie without white actors. It was the least of the movies problems.

>>134063128>thinks Netflix won't make Aang black and Zuko the mulatto guy from the WitcherI can't wait for them to do this and show their hand that 'diversity' just means more niggers in everything. Plus we'll finally have an argument that Hollywood is colorwashing more than just whypipo.

>liveaction adaptation of an animated serieshas there ever been one that wasnt complete trash

>>134061867They'll extend the time limit on Sozin's Comet, which will also allow them to explore new conflicts and mature the romantic elements. I hope Suki and Toph being love interests for Sokka is done better in the live action adaptation.

>>134063789Hey, oh whoa. Zooko, you deLINGqwent. Leave the AWV-ator to me.

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>>134063703>but in live action i expect it'll be much harder to believe if they're actually 12-15If stuff like The Goonies, Harry Potter, and Peter Pan can show children beating adult antagonists, I don't see why a live-action Avatar can't. It just depends on the quality of the writing, not what what demographic it's targeted towards.

>>134063587On the plus side, if they by some miracle get it right, we might get a whole new influx of r34

it will be an awful and soulless cash grab obviously

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>>134064176Suki is perfect.

>>134063915Not to be THAT GUY but I think it's incredibly disgusting that a series with clearly Japanese-coded characters like Ninja Turtles was completely fucking blackwashed in its latest reboot instead of just leaning more into the Japanese mythology and cultural aspects to freshen it up and no one seems to actually have a problem with it. Diversity shouldn't just mean black, but it really does.

>>134063261Why do they still dress and wear their hair like when they were kids? Such a retarded picture

>>134064160Those are smaller, more personal conflicts though. This is a conflict on an international scale. Not to mention it'll be easier to believe Zuko being able to change things as firelord if he's actually old enough to rule independently

>>134064404Not saying it was unbelievable as a cartoon. It was completely believable because it was a cartoon

>>134064311>Not to be THAT GUY but I think it's incredibly disgusting that a series with clearly Japanese-coded characters like Ninja Turtles was completely fucking blackwashed in its latest rebootThe original Ninja Turtles comic initially had April O'Neil as black. Not saying the current incarnation wasn't done for political brownie points or anything.

>>134064363>Why do they still dress and wear their hair like when they were kids?Because Memberberries.

>>134061867The timeline needs to be lengthened and the heroes need to be aged up a little bit. If everyone is aged up by 1 or 2 years and each season takes 1 year to complete then I think it could be much easier to film. It'd look like this:Book 1: Zuko, Sokka and Jet are 18Suki is 17 Katara and Yue are 16Aang is 14Book 2:Zuko, Sokka, Jet and Mai are 19Suki is 18 Katara, Azula and Ty Lee are 17Toph is 16 (she needs to be aged up more so her romance with Sokka isn't weird)Aang is 15Book 3:Zuko, Sokka, and Mai are 20Suki is 19 Katara, Azula and Ty Lee are 18Toph is 17Aang is 16Don't think I missed any important child characters after that.

>>134064529Crazy how they went from black to BLACKED

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>>134061867>NetflixWho will they make a lesbian this time?

>>134064703Toph, 100%

>>134063789He doesn't get enough love. His motivations made less sense the further on in book 1 but he was a generally good entry-level villain.

>>134064703Suki & Azula, probably Toph too

>>134064529No she wasn't she was black in a guest issue that was done later, and I wasn't talking about April. The turtles in the new cartoon personality-wise are straight out of Black Twitter right down right down to Mikey screaming "SLAAAAAAAAAAAY" at one point. It's really obnoxious.

>>134064671>The timeline needs to be lengthenedDefinitely this.The entire original series takes place in a mere 9 months, which is unbelievably compact considering the chain of events that occur. It's worse than the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy (1 year and a few days) despite having better writing.

>>134064160Harry Potter is the most comparable of the ones you mentioned and by the time the series ends every main student is 17 or older, and they only start consistently beating the adults when they turn 16. If Harry was following the same timeline as Aang you'd have Chamber of Secrets Harry beating Voldemort in a duel. That just would've been way too weird in live action for the kind of story that was being told.

>>134064671suki is like 20 in the show i think

>>134064703Ty Lee is already a lesbian.

>>134061867We will see Black northern tribe Man. marrying white female southern tribe.Its Netflix they have to

>>134064980It's only believable because the characters can be written as way mroe competent than they should be at their age. I have 0 faith they could get 2 twelve year old child actors to acurately portray Toph and Aang. They need to be older.

>>134064840Within the context of the first book, he was a perfect embodiment of the more ferocious, hateful and seemingly all-powerful imperialism of the Fire Nation. Amassing a gigantic fleet to literally kill the moon. He was also a decent foil for Zuko. If he had been followed up by a weaker villain or a villain that was just him but slightly different, that probably would've discredited both of them; thankfully they were intelligent enough to make Azula's actions much more small-scale and personal. Almost like an anti-Zuko.

>>134065004There aren't many sources on it now that I'm looking it up. Some think she's supposed to be 15, some think older. Reardless, she needs to be within an acceptable range to have a romance with Sokka. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if she becomes a more common member of the main cast. Would certainly make the love triangle more interesting. >>134065059If I had to guess, Toph will be black.

>>134064980>he entire original series takes place in a mere 9 months, which is unbelievably compact considering the chain of events that occur.They didn't really have much of a choice, but they could get away with it due to the strength of the characters carrying the series + cartoon logic. There's also the fact that Roku's the one who gave Aang the time limit of when Sozin's Comet would arrive, stating he needed to learn the other 3 elements before Summer. One can safely assume that Book 1 would take place in Late Fall - Early Winter, with Book 2 being Late-Winter - Early Spring, and Book 3 set mostly throughout the Summer considering the time skip with Aang awakening from his coma and the comet's eventual arrival by the end.

I've read the first season scripts and it's not too bad. They really want to do a Game of Thrones type thing with it in tone though, which really clashes with the obviously fantastical story. A lot of what would be considered filler or unimportant episodes are given a shocking amount of attention and are treated very seriously. You can tell they are stretching it really thin too. The Great Divide lasts 2 40 minute episodes, and serves as the end of the first season

>>134065400>The Great Divide lasts 2 40 minute episodes, and serves as the end of the first seasonBait

>>134061867Age the characters up so that they're in the mid to late teens and cast young looking adult actors for their roles. Simple.

>>134065352Calling it now it Toph will be Erica from Stranger Things, she already plays a really sassy kid so it would make sense for them.

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>>134065463Don't get me wrong, it's not the whole focus of those episodes, but that one episode does take place over the entire length.

>>134065482Make the timeline for the comet longer so you don't have to worry about the characters aging, and there's more weight given to training with the different elements.

>>134065021she was clearly wet for Sokka's cock

>>134065559>black>handicapped>main character>"main" love interest for the first non-Aang male character to appear on screenIf Toph isn't black, Suki will be.

>>134065579She's only human, who wasn't?

>>134065559oh god I hate it already

>>134065559>>134065352They already said they are casting as racially accurate as possible. Toph will be Korean or whatever

>>134065934Eh, they'll still try to hit as many demographics as possible. This is a live adaptation of what was once considered a tentpole franchise for Nick, producers will want to hit all the demographics to try and maximize income.

>>134062651Why do people act like the original Avatar wasn’t “woke shit?”The first Book is filled with Kitara showing up Sokka and her complaining about boys, then there’s the episode where female warriors make Sokka a clown

>>134066028Because it came out at a time when those were story telling tropes and not pushing an agenda

>>134066028It's not "woke shit" if the back story makes sense. In the beginning, Sokka is a cocky retard and overtly sexist, but he evolves without totally cucking himself either. Suki ends up falling in love with him too

>>134066106>It came out before my bandwagon existedYeah I figured

>>134066028Sokka is actually shown to be pretty competent throughout book 1, he's just a goofy character that learns a lesson several times. Katara is just such a strong personality that she overshadows him too. If you rewatch season 1 you'll notice that Sokka does a LOT for the group. His accomplishments are downplayed and his silly, butt-of-the-joke nature is overplayed, but he still gets shit done. Hell, there's a whole episode about how he has the best intuition of the whole group that paints Katara and Aang in a pretty bad light.

>>134066018>maximize income.So cast what looks good? Or are you saying they would get cutbacks for adding blacks etc

>>134063128Except there is absolutely zero chance that they'll cast everyone as asians. And you know damn well they'll insert niggers somewhere, probably into the water tribes or the earth kingdom.

>>134066328Make them the swamp benders and then it will be fine.

>>134066434Swamp benders only appear twice throughout the whole show. I doubt they'll be satisfied with that.

>>134061867I feel the same with every planned live action anime adaptation. I don't know how they can even pretend they can do a lot of this shit without a near-infinite budget.

Who even wants this? Who would actually put money into this? Did they not hear about what happened the last time they tried this?


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>>134066328As a compromise, perhaps a Omashu could have a mostly black population? It crops up a couple of times throughout the story, so there's a decent amount of screen time, some named characters, etc. Then just have a couple of Omashuan people present in other areas of the Earth kingdom. It's the only way I can imagine that Netflix will meet it's quotas without completely breaking the worldbuilding

>>134061867How do you know they're going to this up? I hate when companies this up. This up.


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>>134061867I'm guessing:>Suki will have a larger role, otherwise there is only 1 female main character till Book 2 which is clearly unacceptable >Netflix surely has enough sense to realise one of the big reasons the movie failed was because it deviated too much from the source material so will spend a lot of time on the "filler episodes" to focus on character development>There will be a bigger focus on the lore and the past Avatars will appear more often>I think they will try and make the fight scenes look as cool as possible, because the bending looked so lame in the move, but that will also mean they will be few and far between because the CG will be too expensive

>>134066946I would like nothing more than for this to be great, but it's just so easy to fuck it up in so many ways.Honestly, I think they would have way more luck doing a live action remake on the Legend of Korra, it seems like that would adapt to live action WAY easier

>>134066946>Suki will have a larger role, otherwise there is only 1 female main character till Book 2 which is clearly unacceptableI don't get this though, because women love A:TLA as-is already, but I still feel like you're right and Netflix is gonna jam it up with PC shit

>>134065482>Age the characters up so that they're in the mid to late teensWhy? Korra had characters in their late teens and they all sucked fucking balls.12 year Aang is fine. Sokka Katara Zuko going from 14 - 16 was fine too. There's no need to fuck with the program.

>>134066998>Honestly, I think they would have way more luck doing a live action remake on the Legend of Korra, it seems like that would adapt to live action WAY easierConsidering how badly written all of Korra was & Netflix's penchant for ultra wokeness, they'd definitely go hand in hand.

>>134066946Suki being a main character instead if a side character is practically guaranteed. The 2 love triangles, Aang-Zuko-Katara and Sokka-Suki-Toph, are going to get a lot more attention than they did in the original. Also, Team Avatar will probably feel more balanced with every element represented, 2 non-bending fighters (one that will cater towards stealth), and equal gender representation. Suki being a main character could actually be pretty cool.

>>134061867>Toph is un-cast-able because no child actor will be able to pull off her attitude without coming off as nothing but a brat.what do you mean?

>Aapa episode>Hmm lets see what he was up to all this time Aang and the gang have been chilling in the city>20 minutes of pure hellWhat the fuck man I was only 11 watching that horror show

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>>134067061Gonna be hard to acurately adapt the action and romantic subplots when the actors are so young. Aging the characters up make it easier IMO.

>>134063640My money are on The Boulder.

>>134067222The show was pretty heavy for 8 year old me, but I think that's part of why it had such a big impact on me

>>134061867Wasn't Toph basically a brat anyway?

>>134061867toph WAS a fucking brat

>>134067061As stated earlier in the thread, the ages of the characters work in the cartoon because it's a cartoon. It being a cartoon make it a lot easier to believe what we're seeing the main cast do. It's gonna be way harder to believe real 12-15 year old kids fighting adults and winning. I'm not saying the cartoon is bad because the main cast are kids btw, I love the original

>>134061867More annoyingly, the original show isn't even that old. It came out when I was a kid, and still looks pretty good

>>134067433>>134067452Yes but she was a likeable brat

>>134067455>>134067415I suppose you guys are right, but I see a lot might be lost especially if Aang and Toph are aged up.

>>134065934>racially accurate as aang will be white? so katara and sokka will be 3/4 white and 1/4 native american? so toph will be half white half asian and blind? so the villains will be nips? i doubt this highly.

>>134067387Based on one so not that wild of a guess

>>134061867>going to become way watered down because it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars per season to get the effects right.I even remember Shalama complaining that the effects were ridiculously hard to work out especially fire.


>>134065482>>134067061>>134067335I think it would be better for them to be a little older in general, the romantic plots aside, (I still think Aang and Katara's kiss at the end was a little weird) when people see a show were all the main characters are children, the normally assume that it is a show FOR children, so they wont watch it and Netflix isn't wasting their money on a massive show that deters new adult fans.Stranger Things breaks this rule a little bit, but they did have a lot of adult and older teen characters too.

>>134067580Air Nomads are clearly Tibetans and not white,

>>134064363>Why are they still wearing clothing commonly worn in their cultureAlso everyone's hair is different except Toph's

>>134063155It hurts the story because they never belonged to the story. They'll cut and change shit up, and it'll always be worse than the original product. Adding out of place coloreds makes it even worse since all the tribes are more or less their own single race.

>>134064176why do earth girls keep trying to steal zuzu?

>>134065934I guarantee you they won't because good fucking luck finding 20 or so eskimos that look half as pretty as the ugliest water tribe woman.

>>134067866aang is fucking white. he looks white. he sounds white. show me a picture of aang next to a tibetan to convince me otherwise or fuck off.

>>134067580Do you have brain damage?

>>134067854Yeah Stranger Things has 3 older teens and 2 adults to help back up the kids. Avatar is almost entirely kids with 1 major supporting adult (Iroh) and a few adult villains/supporting characters. ST also had really great casting, I just don't think Avatar can be as successful if they don't age up the characters a little bit considering the action scenes.

>>134067387>The Boulder played by The Rock.

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>>134065934You mean Chinese.

>>134068067aang literally looks like the little bald asian kids you see in national geographic and shit

>>134064703Azula makes her female servants eat her out, so probably her.

>>134068287>the brocon with severe daddy issues>lesbo

>>134068067>aang is fucking white.56% maybe>he looks white. 56% maybe>he sounds white.56% definitely, but then so does everybody except Iroh pretty much

Attached: 1560744203559.jpg (753x384, 75.69K)

>>134068067>aang is fucking white. he looks white. he sounds white.Most anime in general has Asian characters with very white looking features. No shit, sherlock. It's nothing new.inb4 "AvAtAr NoT aNiMe REEEEEEEE!!!!"

>>134068439Most of the air nomads look asianAang doesntWhy is there such a clear distinction if they are both asian

>>134068272>aang literally looks like the little bald asian kids you see in national geographic and shitYes, because all Tibetans have European eyes.

>>134068481>why does a main character look somewhat uniqueGee willikers Batman, that sure is a tough one.

>>134068481Look at the corner of his eye. It's a semblance of an epicanthal fold. You see this feature in anime as well. That proves he's Asian.

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>Ty Lee has identity issue because all of her siblings were made to dress and sound and act alike>fixed by joining a tribe of warriors where everyone is made to dress and sound and act alikeI never got that but Ty Lee was pure sex

Attached: 1585527612892.jpg (1016x787, 62.08K)

>>134068067Never have I looked at Aang and thought "yeah he's white". Probably because I actually know what a white person looks like.

>>134068481Aang doesnt have tibetan eyes. And if he does why dont other air nomads. Its almost as if its stupid to say they because they are culturally x they are also racially x>>134068494The other nomads look unique as well

>>134068481his expressions get exaggerated

>>134068611>I never got that but Ty Lee was pure sex....she's 14, you perv.

>>134068751And, as per usual, the age old question:...and?

>>134063049Swearing, drinking, drugs and sex scenes.

>>134068751All the more reason to age the characters up.

>>134068439>most anime have asian characters with white features. then how the fuck are they asian?

>>134068793Actually killing people. Real deaths would do it.

>>134068831Look up the term Mukokuseki.

>>134068880People died in ATLA.

>>134068831>then how the fuck are they asian?It's just a fucking art style, dipshit. Get over it.

Age up everyone to at least 18

>>134068997>Zuko: "Did Jet just die?"

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>>134069129So we cant say what race they are>But they have asian cultureNot an argument

>>134062454Because some people still think live acting is a superior medium.I'm perfectly fine with Avatar being a cartoon. But I am not a normie.

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>>134061867It think it could work. Even after the movie I can still be cautiously optimistic about this. I just hope they can get Filoni to write some episodes.

>>134064311Yeah well it still has to be American. That's just how Hollywood works.

>>134063128The fucking original was whitewashed as shit, just like all of anime and its derivatives. They use mildly distinguishing ethnic features and then anglicize the fuck out of them. This is fucking everywhere in anime, which ATLA would basically be from all the inspiration it draws, had it been produced in Japan. I've seen totally white kids that look more Asian than Aang. Same with Katara and Sokka. Toph might as well be white. I've seen 50% ethnic Japanese people that look substantially less white than Zuko. Iroh is literally an old white guy. Ozai literally just has slanted eyes, and is otherwise white. This isn't unusual. Takumi is white as fuck, as are most of his friends. I can't think of a single Asian looking character from the first few seasons of Pokemon. That's what's so fucking infuriating. It has never mattered to anybody with a functioning brain. No one gives a fuck, it's a fucking cartoon. Draw, or cast, someone that looks good for the part. The problem is that finding a passable child actor is already nearly impossible, and then retarded faggots want to add the constraint that they're from country X, and they better look like it, too. It's fucking stupid. Just find people that can act, and then narrow it down.

>>134062454They really should have just made a live action show about a different Avatar in the line. Give themselves the freedom to write any story they want in the Avatar universe.

>>134061867>NetflixLemme guess, that creature is trans?

>>134069938But that leads into the more important point. Live action remakes are fucking retarded, and remaking ATLA in live action is especially dubious. First of all, there's the whole child actor problem. Finding one child actor is hard enough. Finding a whole cast of them, that can interact with each other well, as well as one-time and recurring extras (Tsuki, Haru, etc.)? That is literally fucking impossible. For that reason alone anyone with two functioning neurons to rub together can tell that this is going to be dogshit. But there are other problems. Generally, execs, and plebs, continue to forget that animation is a genuine artform, and not just a cost cutting technique. You can't just take a photo of a landscape and say it's the same (or better) as an impressionist painting of the scene. In the same way, remaking what amounts to untold thousands of artistically inspired drawings into photographs completely loses all of the original artistic merit. That doesn't mean you can never take a property from animation to live action, or vice versa, it just means to do so you have to completely reimagine it, as the only things you can actually translate are broad ideas.

>>134069938>I can't think of a single Asian looking character from the first few seasons of Pokemon......Takeshi?

>>134070362But even then, ATLA in particular is a poor choice for a live action adaptation, because of the focus on martial arts. No, not just bending. Obviously, bending specifically creates the gargantuan elephant in the room; how is Netflix (or anyone) going to remotely justify the costs of the visual effects needed to get remotely close to the quality of the animation? But the problem is much deeper and far greater. Even if you found a solution, that's only a small part of the problem of why Avatar won't translate well to live action. The martial arts sequences are literally impossible. Not the bending effects; but the actual movements the characters, not just benders, make. Avatar is basically martial arts fantasy. It's not a realistic portrayal of martial arts, although it is derived from reality, it's a portrayal of what we like to think about martial arts. In the show, the force multiplication of martial arts, meaning how much they empower the user over an untrained opponent, is so absurdly grand that you could never possibly recreate it in live action with any semblance of realism. How are you going to depict skilled, non-bending warriors, like Tsuki, taking relatively skilled benders? In the original, the animator can do whatever they need to, and the aesthetic makes it easier to suspend disbelief. No such advantages will be had when the producers try to convince us with some untrained 15 year old girl and a grown man. But there's the bigger problem that the choreography itself will be impossible. Again, animators can draw whatever they want, in whatever timing. Meanwhile in reality, the best martial artists in the world don't look as fantastical as any of the skilled characters in ATLA, because the animators can get input from skilled martial artists, and then exaggerate the features they need to to produce an artistically stunning result.

>>134070393That's fair, although he's still westernized as fuck. I've never thought of him as looking particularly Asian, and more to my point, as a child there's absolutely nothing about the dubbed version that indicates it's anything but an American cartoon.

>>134070393or, you know, brock

>>134068949look if youre born with a penis, youre a man no matter what you identify as. if youre drawn to lookwhite and you have a voice that sounds white.... guess what? youre white no matter what you identify as

they're gonna fuck up my boy iroh

>>134070773Finally, remaking what was already made in this case is just idiotic, when the first attempt was done so well, so recently, and with nothing new to add, especially when there's plenty of other places to go with it. Why not make something new following a different avatar? Or pick up where ATLA ended and explore some of the huge questions left by that? How does Zuko balance being a strong leader for his nation with making peace with the world? How does he handle the withdrawal of Fire Nation armies? How does Aang handle mediating between Zuko, his friend, and the Earth Kingdom, who hate Zuko? How does Aang handle the genocide of his people, now that the war's over and the reality sets in, a reality he has to raise his children in? How does the world, which has a vibrant spirituality that connects them to superhuman abilities, handle industrialization now that the Fire Nation is peaceful, a conflict we still grapple with in the real world? There's plenty of room for them to do an original (animated) series, basically exploring a lot of the subject matter Korra looked at, but with a chance to do it over and not be total retards about it, while following the original characters.

>>134070362>>134070773>>134071272Perfectly put

>>134068751What if you liked her when you were 14 yourself? It's not like I can purge those old, positive thoughts I had about her from my brain.