How long would they last in Nam?

How long would they last in Nam?

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A long time as they will eat anything and do anything to survive.

Fuck that little faggot scrappy.

>>134061668Why the fuck did America travel half way around the World to slaughter innocent civilians because they had different politcal ideologies?

the united states won the vietnam war

>>134061849Yeah we should have been killing commies at home then we wouldn't be in this mess.


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>>134061722Fuck YOU

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>>134061853That's an interesting what if story for a movie>What if United States won the Vietnam war

>>134061668>scooby and shaggy captured by VC>they beat up shaggy>TALK FILTHY AMERICAN!>Like.. I don't know maaaaaaan>*VC chef gets big pot and starts chopping onions>Like.. at least we're here for dinner eh scoob>Ruhuh!>Like.. VC chef, what's like on the menu?>DERICIOUS DOG>ruhhoh..

>>134062072lol, good stuff user.

>>134061849Because fighting wars abroad means that people at home are safe. That's always been the secret to our success.

>zoinks Scoob... we gotta go into this spoooky tunnel

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>>134061849its fun. same reason why we killed nazis

Didn't Shaggy escape boot camp?

>Lets see who's really the Ghost of the Tonkin Incident>Jinkies! It's Old Man McNamara!

>>134061668Is this the prequel to Army Dog?

>>134061849Assmad tankie detected

>ARE YOU A MAGGOT?>Like.. no man, I'm just Shaggy!>YOU WILL ADRESS ME AS SIR, 20 PUSHUPS!>WTF, ARE YOU A DOG?>Ruhoh? hehehehehehe>WHO ALLOWED THIS DOG INTO MY GLORIOUS ARMY?>Like.. his uncle is the dog of Linden Johnson man>WHATS WITH THIS ASCOT? ARE YOU A FAGGOT?>Hey.. this ascot is fashionable..>Like.. in the fifties Fred!>Hihihihihi>ENOUGH, EVERYBODY DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 40

>>134061668>president nixon asks me to intervene in vietnam, something that his predecessors would not ask>a week later, the conflict ends>some of the vietcong forces want to surrender to me personally

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>>134061722>Frag that little faggot scrappy.Fixed

>>134061668>Scoob and Shaggy go into the Rat Tunnels and find the Gook kitchen>Shaggy makes a big sandwich out of Rice and maggots

>>134062728There is literally nothing wrong with communism, retard>but muh USSR>but muh MaoThose examples weren't real communism

>>134061668>Haha zoinks this Ho chi Min guy isn't even alive man! It was the US MIC the whole time!

>>134062271oh yeah i rembember when vietnam and hius allies started to threaten half of the world. Fucking muricans i swear

>>134062188>Because fighting wars abroad means that people at home are safeThe commies won in Vietnam, so under your definition what terrible things happened to the people at home?

>>134062072>VC chef gets big pot and starts chopping onionsfucking kek

never have an episode when shaggy has nam flashbacks and starts hunting down everyone

>>134063665You are thinking small user, the Vietnam war was one of the proxy conflicts between the US and the Soviet Union. Sure we pulled out of Vietnam and the commies took over, but that was a loss on one front. The trouble would be if we had losses on every front or if we decided not to intervene at all. If everywhere outside of North America fell to Communism then you can bet it would start to affect people in CONUS.

>>134061906>Raggy, ruts a ripperhead? are they spooky?

>>134061668I think they would fit right in. A Vietnam feature should happen without DOD permission, making them a generic army if necessary or even another country like France. Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy are the lackadaisical boat crew, Fred is the CIA spook and Daphne/Velma are obliging girls they meet along the way. Upriver they see maddening sights and encounter increasingly deranged soldiers and locals. Fred completes his mission -- but was it worth it? the gang barely escape the suffocating jungle miasma as everything goes fucking insane. it ends with a sense of freedom and relief that it's over, characters embrace and jump for joy at getting back to the beach and back on ship.

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>>134064399>Daphne/Velma>not playboy bunnies doing an USO showYou had only ONE job, user...

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>>134061668Shaggy was already in Nam. Why do you think he’s so easily frightened and tense at signs of trouble and runs away?The guy has PTSD from the things he’s seen and done there.

>>134064547I didn't say where they meet the obliging girls. Daphne comes from the USO show and Velma from her colonial plantation.

>>134061849It is cataegorically impossible for a communist to be an "innocent civilian"

>>134063536it's a by-honest-to-god meme post boys. just textbook

>>134064753>what are unarmed women and children?

>>134061849Government got involved because they assumed that North Vietnam was a Chink puppet state, by the time they realised their mistake they couldnt extricate themselves without loosing a lot of prestige and face. Like a bad poker player, the government doubled down on South Vietnam every time they had a setback rather than admit they fucked up.On top of that, Vietnam was a great way to keep funneling money into military tech, training NCOs and Officers in counter-insurgency, and testing US equipment and vehicles against commie equipment and vehicles, so Congress and their lobbyist leash holders were okay with it.The real tragedy with Vietnam is that all the young Men who served there should have been at home fighting the communists and neo-liberal corporatists at home instead of chasing ghosts in some forgotten jungle shithole. Even as an anti-Communist I have infinitely more respect for Ho Chi Minh than a complete Jewish tool like LBJ.

>>134064399>Fred is the spook send in to terminate "the man">Boat crew consisting of Shaggy the captain>Scooby Doo the chef (he only hands out scooby snacks)>Scooby Dum the dog so dumb he's got one foot in the grave>A long the way they meet two stranded playboy bunnies, Velma and Daphne>Eventually the crew reaches "The Man's" compound.>It's _____Scrappy Doo____>He's clearly gone insane>They all decide to just sail into cambodia and get some more scooby snacks instead.

>>134063578Communism was threatening the entire world you over-grown child.>>134064858Still not innocent or civilians if they are communists. Into the napalm vat with them.

>>134064858Just don't lead them as much!

>>134064858Soft targets

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>>134064753You’ve been radicalized friend. To the point of relishing violence against your fellow man. There is a path to redemption, but it is much longer than the course of destruction you are on. Like water we follow the flow of least resistance, have you put any thought into where you will spill out?

>>134064928>>134064950>>134064979death to America

>>134065036You can try. We always win.

>>134061722Scrappy was a crazy evil mofo in the live action movie

>>134065036Brown hands typed this.

>>134065007>You’ve been radicalizedThis, coming from a fucking communist?

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>>134063348Would you mind returning to reddit, or at least not posting as long as you stay here?

>>134065146>We always win.What's the last war you guys actually won?

>>134065672When was the last time America had more casualties than their enemy? If you want death to America you'll never get it.


Am I glad they're trapped in there and that we're out here and that they're the sheriff and that we're trapped out here and that we're in there... I just remembered, we're out here but I wanna know is where's the Vietcong?


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>>134063536Give me one example of REAL communism that has been self-sustaining and flourished.

It would just be one long chase scene with some song about falling in love with an ostrich or whatever

>>134066093North Korea

>>134061853Vietnam was a battle in World War III that the US lost. The US ultimately won World War III when the USSR collapsed.

>>134066249by that logic WWIV began when Vladimir Putin first opposed us, and the US has been on the defensive for the past decade, so that victory in WWIII actually solved little.


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>>134066568Do you expect them to give different answers to the same question?

I think its funny that larpers hate and shit on America more than actual Vietnamese veterans do, in fact many say they have no hard feelings

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>>134061983>well detailed tank that was actually used in Vietnam>generic non descript riflewhy

>>134065148I completely forgot he was the evil guy

>>134061849to make money smoothbrain

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>>134067035My guess is a tank autist worked on the tank and they generally didnt seem to give a shit about guns in that show. Still the best after the original though

>>134066158I think North Korea sucks

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>>134066824That seems to be the general attitude desu. Hal Moore and the 1/7 got a pretty good reception in Vietnam after the war.

>>134065672The Islamic Invasion of Europe.

>>134065235I’m not a communist. I think the same thing about my communist friend that wants to kill “fascists” that he himself is too closeminded to realize he could only ever propagate fascism.

>>134066824Ok but what did he say about the war?

>>134068865>has communist friend>"I’m not a communist"Nobody who's not a commie would ever befriend a commie.

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>>134066158>North Korea>one of the biggest receivers of international aid>self sufficient

>>134063665The main reason vietnam was lost was because communist sympathizers in the senate and house refused to send military aid to the south vietnamese. Compare the death tolls.

>>134061710They would goof off and stack their rations into a giant sandwich in the first few minutes of being deployed.

>>134069876>Like we need food Scoob!>Ruhuh!>You check that abondoned hut there and I'll check these rice paddies>Rice Raddies?

>>134062271You killed Nips, dummy.

>>134061668>Like zoinks Scoob, you can't rape that woman, this village is unarmed>Rieutenant said it was rokay, Raggy


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>>134067035The tank's a 3D model, dummy.

>>134069342If that's the case, why were the actions of Senator McCarthy necessary when it would be much simpler to Refresh The Tree Of Liberty With The Blood Of Patriots And Tyrants?