>*saves cinema*

>*saves cinema*

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>>134061641Thank you

>>134061641>"""saves""" cinema>still makes shit movies

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I dont even know who that is

we're sorry we doubted you snyder

>>134061700>>still makes shit moviesname two shit movies from himprotip, you can't

>>134061641To be fair he’s still exclusively making TV movies for streaming.

>>134061865>name two shit movies from himBvS and Sucker Punch.

>>134061865Man of SteelBatman v Superman


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In the stream he double checked General Swanwick's rank, as if he was making sure of continuity. We gettin' manhunter kino boys.

>>134061865BvS, Man of Steel, Sucker Punch

>>134061865Blackedraw - Wanna chill?Blacked - Take me to the bbc

Name one good movie by Snyder



>>134061641>>*saves cinema*ughhhhhhhhhhhh tv cuck streaming services are not cinema

when will the capeshit menace finally die bros

Mouse trannies in suicide watch

>>134062054watchmen, 300, bvs

>>134062367when they stop bait and switching good capeshit with the bad capeshit>Infinity War = Good>Captain Marvel = Shit, but only made money because people were hyped about the Snap.>Endgame = Good, kinda....

>>134062054Blacked- Trying new things

>>134062054>just one? hold on, let me decide first

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>>134062555Trips BTFO the trannies ITT. Notice how they fear mentioning 300 as a bad movie. Like a bullied child who recoils when he sees his first demonstration of testosterone

>>134062496slit your wrists you pathetic manchild

BTW I'm never watching the Watchmen tv show so it doesn't ruin the movie.

>>134061641Absolutely fucking based.

>>134062205>>134062218>>134062485>>134062598300 is a horrendously ugly sound stage digital homo fueled film, like most Snyder flicks are.Spartans weren't waxed oiled up hairless metrosexuals

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>>134061976I love this shit.

>>134062714Post physique

>>134062714only a gay would think about having sex with men.

>>134062659fuck you too mutt... not all capeshit was bad, why you think it's a billion dollar industry?

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>Snyders cut>movie is even worsewow thanks zack

>>134062714300 and dawn of the dead are the only good movies he has made you dummy

>>134062054300 Legend of the GuardiansMan of SteelBvSHonorable mention to Suckerpunch, because I enjoy it and my peepee enjoys it even more.

>>134062792she should have been WW


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>>134062863>implying I wont pirate it

>>134062555Fucking kek.

>>134062828I forgot mant of steel, i liked it a lot, but to forget watchmen is blasphemous.

>>134062828And Dawn of the Dead.

post them

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>>134062863Implying it won't be pirated>jewcostanzabaseball.gif

>>134062792Based Faora. >>134062899>>134062934

>>134062877This, I ain't buying HBO Max.

>>134062828And Watchmen.

>>134062944The man is kino in human form.

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also i don't feel bad about pirating cause I have watched 300(x2), watchmen(x3), bvs (x3) in theater.

>>134063201> parent

>>134062054Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice

>>134062714>muh historical accuracyso you didn't understand the film at all?


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>>134061641So what is actually different between the snyder cut and the release we got. Surely it cant be much better?

>>1340642473 less quips, 5 more bible references and a bluer color grade

>>134064247afaik like 90% of the film plus another 40 mins or so.



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>>134064247It's easier to tell what isn't different

>>134062020The disney bots got their scripting mixed up.You're on 4channel not a discord server.Seriously you guys need to pay a bit more for better scripting.

Just imagine the sheer state of Bob Chipman right now

>>134061641thank you papa!

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>>134062863i think you missed the board pal, the marvel is two stores down

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>>134062020>>134062528Do you think you're funny? Because you're not. You're terribly unfunny

>>134061641I was one of the early snyderfags.So happy to see this thing happening.Fuckin' pumped.Came here just to post this, otherwise I don't browse Holla Forums now. Captchas a shit.

>>134062555unbelievably based

>>134067163just go back to redd*t already

>>134067315Fuck off, Ikve been here longer than you've been using a computer.Fuck off back to plebbit and go watch whatever joints they watch there.We're here for kino.


>>134067315carefulhe's an actual indian

>>134061641we did it senpai, how will marvelets ever recover?

>>134064380>5 more bible referencesbased

>>134067498Jesus fucking christ. Three posts in and someone remembers.It was a fucking VPN, buddy. VPN.

>>134067659Why are you so ashamed of your dirty skin? You don't have to be anymore since most of this board is non-white zoomers these days, rajesh

>>134062054300, watchmen, man of steel, and bvs ultimate edition are all good


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>>134062020Well yeah, the only good blacked vids are the gangbang ones

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Can someone tell me why there's been a massive campaign for years to get a cut from a movie that was universally panned?sorry, don't keep up with this bullshit, just interested now because there's been literally 1 million tweets.

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>>134067806This entire website died back in early 2018 after the old text captcha expired. Have only been here sparingly since.It is also full to the brin with retards, niggers and smallwits. And the flurry of the third world isnkt a fucking plus point.Hiroshima Nagasaki is a fucking fed and doomed us all. Fuck that guy.And I'm not fucking indian.This board is dead now, where are all the sneedposts, baneposts, cinema threads, "THIS SUMMER" threads, fucking sopranos threads, etc ad infinitumItks all just unfunny redditors "discussing" "movies" now. Fuck me, I don't even watch em anymore. They're all pozzed.>>134067829Back to front for decreasing quality>>134067855True. He makes Kinographies.

>>134068044It was forced by WB heads so they could market HBOMAX like thisThis alone has made more buzz for their new service than anything else they've tried in the last 6 months

>>134068044MoS was a masterpiece, and BvS was all everyone hoped for and more. You're a newfag here so I can't explain just how deeply both movies were critiqued here on Holla Forums, but rest assured they turned out to be very well-done pieces of art in almost every domain. So when JL shat the bed with their camp after Snyder's dauhter died, everyone retaliated and wanted the snyder cut. A couple of guys even made their own versions of it. But now it's finally happening, we get to watch his true version of the kinographie.

>>134061641>2021 What the fuck, so i have at the least 8 fucking months of waiting and shitposting? HBOMax is gonna fucking die before that

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Snyder has never made a good movie.

>>134061641>HBO>cinemaSnyder...'chads' truly are retarded huh ?

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>>134068133True. But they have a responsibility to deliver this time, because their entire company is in shambles, and so is DC comics. Prepare for mass boycotts for years if the faggots call a bait and switch. Another dollar increased on the paperback bimonthly 30 page piece of crap comics, and they're done for.

>>134068071Right, but you're still a dirty street shitter lad

>>134068217>blocks your path

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>>134068180I waited two years for BvS. Was worth it.

>>134061865man of steelsuckerpunch

>>134068277you're a retard.

>>134062714It's a movie based on stylized visual novel

>>134068382No, I just know who you are just like how I remember you were claiming your trip leaked and now you claim you were using a vpn:^)

They didn't cut content. No, they remade the movie but mixed in previously developed visual assets.When Whedon came on board, they rewrote the script. They shot a number of new scenes, which make up over 50% of the released film. The other 40%ish percent were scenes that Snyder had shot, but heavily repurposed for Whedon's new script. Basically, Snyder's film became stock footage for Whedon's. The completed Snydercut is a completely different film.

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>>13406424740 more minutes of shit. The original cuts are better just because they're shorter.

am i a faggot for really enjoying his style for big budget movies? he's a shit writer and unfortunately works with mostly shit writers but as far blockbuster visuals go he's pretty high up there for me

>>134068477fuckwtf happened to all the archives anyway?

>>134068569>he's a shit writerSo what didn't you understand?

>>134062714The movie is Narrated by the literal Spartan Propagandist that was sent back because he lost an eye.He was partially sent back to boost moralIt’s not that hard. The movie is the battle through the eyes of Spartan Propaganda, which is why most of the Persians are potrayed as basically demonic and Xerxes is portrayed as a faggot.

>>134068569Snyder isn't a writer.If your cock gets hard, yeah, you're a faggot.

>>134068601Everything should still be there, my indian friendarchive.4plebs.org/plebs/thread/2480/There was an incident last month though so some stuff may have been completely wiped by accident

>>134061641Why are DC movies always plagued with production problems surrounding the director? It’s been this way since Superman II and it’s very frustrating.

>>134068639>hurr durr 2deep4u>>134068665i guess i'm mostly thinking of sucker punch

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>>134068720basedI used to post the transcript of this scene with the pictures almost every day.youtube.com/watch?v=1DyD2jrWjFMfun times.

>>134068569he makes action ballet like Bay. To call their visuals mindless would be to say a ballerina just moves around n stuff

>>134068739DC tends to hire retards

>>134066572Ok this is the classic way to make the Virgin Vs Chad meme, kudos

>>134062714Low aesthetics and low test post.

>>134068772It obviously is too much for you. There are layers after layers to this.>>134068795Bay is a fucking hack. At least Snyder knows when he can't do something and gives responsibility to the people who can.>>134068739Not enough pizza

>>134061641>one movie being re-released means all of cinema is savedExaggerate much?

>>134068795Yeah, but Bay is an actual director that understands whats hes doingSnyder, (Peter) Berg, etc are all no talent hacks aping Baysed

>>134062714>Spartans weren't waxed oiled up hairless metrosexuals

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BvS: Ultimate Edition is most definitely the greatest superhero film ever made. It truly is. The writing is treated with a level of literary intelligence and respect for the viewer never before seen in the cape flick genre. The plot is delivered solely through naturalistic dialogue and visual motifs, instead of the usual clunky narrator-esque exposition employed by the rest of the genre. The visuals themselves are deeply steeped in the language of comics' finest sequential artists. Snyder shows that not only can he fluidly adapt comic paneling into live action, as masterfully shown the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents, but Snyder also shows that he himself understand the language and uses it throughout the film to create a superb comic influenced cinematic visual narrative. I've watched this films more times than I can remember and each viewing only leads to deeper, richer insights which make the film increasingly enjoyable. What a masterpiece.

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>>134068877Bay is really great tho. He is one of the big 4 technicians. The others being Snyder, Cameron and Fincher.The problem with Transformers movies is that the design of the robots is idiotic and in a fast paced action scene you dont know where the robot ends and the building they destroyed starts.But he is a master at camera movement (a lot of those done by himself) and lighting. Really simple scenes like the classic Megan Fox with the car has some of the nicest colors Ive ever seen in a digital movie.

>>134061891Snyder cut is kinoWarehouse scene changed Batman foreverMan of Steel is amazing and is literally the greatest Superman movie ever made

>>134068720DAMN son, just found an old thread I made. Fuck, the feels.archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/79482245/#79482245

>>134061641So pajeets on this board only watch capeshit, right? There are dozens of directors currently working that dwarf this manlet in terms of talent.

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>>134062054Dawn of the Dead300WatchmanMan of Steel

>>134061641we did it bros I never lost faith

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>>134064247No superman cgi faceBlack suit Supermanless quipsoriginal color gradingbetter cinematographymost shots are differentDarkseid

>>134061641>Snyder cut comes out>It's just as shitWhat's your post release damage control plan?

>>134062863very cool time to watch my weekly RLM video

>>134069177I mostly watch films from the silent and golden age era. Your snobbery is completely outclassed by mine. I've seen almost every super hero film out there, stretching back to the 40s Batman serials. Zack Snyder has made four of the best ten comic book movies of all time. Watchmen. 300. Man of Steel. Batman v Superman. He's about to release the fifth.

>>134069177Name a single one working in Hollywood.

>>134068044>universally pannedbecause its a grassroots effort by the fans and not critics and Snyder helped them out with Aquaman and Wonder Woman already


>>134069173Ah, found my quintessential thread. My get.archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/78000000/#78000000

>>134069364>grassrootsLOLDo shills actually believe anyone is falling for this?

>>134061865Dawn of the DeadBvS

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>>134069329>I've seen almost every super hero film out thereThat doesn't make you cultured. That makes you pathetic. >stretching back to the 40s Batman serials.I've seen those too. The ironic thing is that they're more competently made than any of Snyder's Batman shit.What specifically about Snyder's movies do you like if you only watch silent and golden age films? No one can act, there's always disgusting CGI, and somehow the colors in silent era films are more vibrant than Snyder's blue color grading.>>134069335Refn, for one.

>>134069511Whatever happened to these threads?>in concession line for cooler filled with melted butter at cinéma >the guard in the watchtower shines his searchlight on meI feel Holla Forums doesn't have the average IQ to appreciate cinemaposts any longer.Robert was a fucking JOKE at first, now he's the mascot. Fucking idiots.>>134069553It actually is a grassroots thing.

>>134069606>Refnstopped reading there, discarded everything before that.

>>134068297this film was so bad i forget it existed.

>take my seat nice and early>movie starts>attendant approaches me>he wants to clean out the birdcage above me>have to stand up while he cleans it out>guy behind can't see and starts swearing at me>bird gets pissed off and starts screeching and rattling the cage>spills water dish on the woman in front of me>everyone in the cinema has stopped watching the movie and is turning and glaring at me>attendant finally finishes up and lets me sit down again>have a sip of my drink>it's full of bird seed

>>134069679Very cool tripcode, Patel!

>>134069756Um, thanks, i guess. It's about four years old at this point. I'm not as outwardly autistic anymore, only more so inwards.


>>134069566dude im stealing this ty>>134069679same

>>134068044Because the movie was completely hacked apart, reshoot and retooled . Snyder's version won't just be a few extra scenes but almost an entirely different film

>>134069566>metropolis posterI loled

thank you zack, very cool