Any interviews where an actor goes full Joker?

Any interviews where an actor goes full Joker?

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>>134061495what's her fucking problem holy shit

The war dogs Jonah hill one

>>134061545her biggest problem is she's not peeing on me

>>134061495I don't get it, the host isn't dead

>>134061495What the

Is she a sociopath?

>>134061771Everyone in jewlywood is a sociopath, user

she genuinely should play female joker in that reboot idea where the woman gets a bunch of plastic surgery and thinks she still looks hot

>>134061495Are those pajamas she's wearing?

>>134061950Good eye user. She just doesn't give a fuck.anymore

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>>134061495Quick rundown? There isn't exactly audio..

>> She's making fun of the host's fake enthusiasm. It's very, very uncalled for and downright evil.

cute cunny in the green and white dress

>>134062678celebrities aren't people

>>134062678pre school bully tier, what a weirdo

>>134061771Worse, she's a woman

i feel like her very awful fashion is a statement like a "fuck you" to everyone


>>134061950>>134062374It's good MORNING America. Even though this shit is often filmed "live" in the afternoons, she was wearing PJ's to be le quirky.

>>134061495That Jordan Peterson interview came pretty close.

>>134062678what a cunt, probably got diddled by her daddy

>>134062678Imagine being married to that.

>>134062678Fucking based Brie dabbing on that old crypto-kike lmao

>>134062678>amber heard likes ayn rand>brie Larsson likes ayn randWhy does libertarianism attract psychos?

>>134062678>downright evilNah Brie's a cunt but hosts/journalists are worse. Very called for.

>>134063135thier wealth and status and hollywood bubble teleported them onto the board game of life in a good spot without having to work their way up. In order to rationalize it, they buy into a bunch of stupid shit rather admit the truth. they got lucky.Sound familiar incels?

>>134063135I find it really hard to believe they have read her books.And if they did, they didnt understand them. Probably just namedropping to look smart.

>>134062686More like 'ugly cute'. Still more attractive than roasties tho.

>>134063324>actors don't need to work their way upEvery actress has sucked over 9000 dicks on her way up

>>134063335Oh sweet summer child

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>>134063355Was it autism?

>>134062678god I hope she and every marvel shill pushing her on this board die horrible painful deaths.

>>134062969how autistic do you have to be to think this way lmao

>>134063411I don't have Instagram so I don't know if this is normal behavior nowadays but that comes across as insanely narcissistic and self-absorbed, to the point of parody

>>134063355Some people just need a good beating

>>134062678N O N E S S E N T I A L P E R S O NE L L

>>134061495>not posting the proper version

>>134061495bros...I think I'm starting to like Brie.

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>>134063411>>134062678>>134063135>likes ayn randAs if we needed more evidence that this chick is a genuine autist. Someone needs to diagnose the poor woman, already.

>>134063887Turn around and run away while you still can


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>>134061495So Brie really is a horrible cunt afterall. I thought those were just memes lol

>So Brie really is a horrible cunt afterall. I thought those were just memes lol

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>>134061495I hate women

>>134061771>>134062952>>134061545Toe fungus spread to her brain.

I hate Trump so God damn much


imagine going on a talkshow where a host twice your age completely mogs you.must be sad being her

>>134063411This doesnt prove shit. I could pull any random quote from a philosophical book. For what reason do thots do this? It comes across as lacking in self awareness.

>>134063335haha, yeah. women are so dumb, right gentlemen?

>>134061495SHE HAS SLITS FOR PUPILS. she notices at 3 seconds and then blinks and her eye color changes

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>>134064636The host looks like she took the call. Are you sure you have had sex, user?

>>134064837of course she had some surgeries.doesn't change the fact she's billion times better looking that the evil person sitting next to her

>>134064797OH HELL NAH

>>134061495That audience looks fake as fuck

>>134062678This is quite hilarious


let the roasties fight

>>134064797>>134062678That is creepy as fuck.

>>134063411Funny that the queen of woke liberal is a fan of Ayn Rand, the rancid jewess

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>>134061495Why is she in her pyjamas, is this how americans dress?

>>134065121You know Brie is a kike too?

>>134065234> europoo mad that Americans can afford pajamas instead of wearing the same clothes everywhere

>>134061495"goes full Joker"Holla Forums really is just leddit.

>>134065257I don't know but she's supposed to be a liberal

>>134061495I wonder if her manager bashed her after that

>>134063647How autistic do you have to be to not?

>>134062678what the fuck?

>>134061495Dios mio

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>>134065484She doesn't have a manager, user. She has an assistant who is basically a (barely) paid slave

>>134062678fuckin based

>>134065614What kind of people attends these stupid shows?

>>134062678What a hateful cunt.

>>134062678is no one going to mention this bitch's eyes at :04

>>134063135A female liking Ayn Rand is one of the biggest red flags you could possibly get, even bigger than tattoos or colored hair. Women are biologically designed to be in favor of collectivized caring (which is contemporary analogous to big government) instead of individualism, and that's deeply built into their unconscious. Women liking Ayn Rand are basically saying that yes, they want big government to decide on the nuances of everyday life, as long as they are free to exercise their individuality without being hindered by morality or values that generally established within a collectivized society (or any society for that matter).They mix the worst aspects of Ayn Rand's utopian ultra-individualism with the worst aspects of the biological imperatives of utopian tyrannical nurturing that exists within all females.Rand herself was the prime example of a woman suffering from this paradox. Unfortunately, instead of curbing it our society has only stimulated this sort of schizophrenic thinking among women. The works of Ayn Rand should be read by men only.

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>>134065705Yeah, maybe before getting a role in scott pilgrim

>>134065962That's an interesting perspective that actually makes sense.The only 2 girls I've ever known who've read Rand were essentially sociopaths.

>>134061495Does she ligetimely have autism, her agent must hate this shit.

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>>134062678bitch needs raped and acid thrown in her face

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>>134063324>thier GENES and RACE and CIVILIZATIONAL bubble teleported them onto the board game of life in a good spot without having to BUILD SOCIETY. In order to rationalize it, they buy into a bunch of stupid BLUEPILLS rather admit the truth. they got TRICKED.>Sound familiar LEFTIES?

>>134065867turbo normies

>>134061545Choose the actor class even though she didn't put any points into charisma

>>134063734That doesn't sound like the Brie Larson I know

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>>134062678That's actually pretty fuckin funny and cool

>>134063335But ayn rand is a woman, and you are saying her books are smart meaning she is smart too?

>>134063734>that comes across as insanely narcissistic and self-absorbed, to the point of parodyYeah, that's instagram for you.

>>134062678You werent kidding, she straight up mocks her lmfao

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Briefags on suicide watch.>>134065669

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>>134067482Brie has TWO threads?!

>>134066423No. Worse.>Raised by an affluent single mother in Hollywood

>>134061495>mfw all the normies talking about shitty marvel movies

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>>134062678Fucking based

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>>134061495>See? I can relate to people and smile>SEE?!She's such a bad actor

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>>134067482Get it straight. Brie has no real supporters.she has...>Troling shitposters>Paid Disney shills who have never seen a Brie Larson film

>>134067964>>Troling shitpostersThis is correct, somewhat.>>Paid Disney shills who have never seen a Brie Larson filmNo, it's just coomers. I've seen most of her flicks. But I don't briepost anymore and I think it got boring.

>>134063324Yes the lack of communism is exactly why you're a loser, not anything else

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>>134062678Its funny that I started to like her significantly more after seeing her do stuff like this, if this was a guy he would instantly get the /our guy/ title. She seems like one of the few chicks who could handle bants and its refreshing. I hope shes a TERF too, it would make my benis breddy hard.

>>134067964I've seen all this. Where is your god now?

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>>134061495What a fake cunt.

>>134068298She's literally mocking fake enthusiasm retard

>>134061495I want to hate fuck her so hard bros

>>134062678I dislike Captain Marvel but Brie was well cast for that nazi bitch of a character. I don't really care about Brie or her stupid opinions so I side with her in taking down GMA scum.

>>134068241Can you maybe move over to /hr/ like I asked you yesterday? Stop waifufagging and do something else

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>>134063734Oh yeah no that's normal.

>>134063734She's a sociopath. She appears narcissistic and aloof but in fact she doesn't give a crap about other people's feelings.

>>134068483Chill, dude. I rarely make Brie threads. Maybe you should get back to that Reddit Discord of yours and swap some more cum tributes with your Reddit buddies.

>>134063092>>134064991>>134065707>>134066947>>134067797>>134068171>0.5 rupees have been added to your disney webstore account, keep up the good work

>>134068754>I rarely make Brie threadsBullshit. There's one every day and people think we're shills.

>>134068241This was supposed to be depressing right?

>>134068864That's the other guy. Anyway, who cares what "people" think?


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>>134068413Exactly. Fake + Fake = Fake you moronic little bitch.

>>134064639>>134063411Its kinda funny since the character in that quote has rape fantasies and then gets raped by Roark. In the most stupid scene in the book, god i hate Rand.

>>134069017pretending to be fake ≠ fakeretard

>>134068799I think disney is shit bro, I just wanna coom in a attractive sociopath


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>>134068677>She appears narcissistic and aloof but in fact she doesn't give a crap about other people's feelings.wouldnt that mean she was in fact narcissistic and aloof

>I think disney is shit bro, I just wanna coom in a attractive sociopath

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>>'s even with the Joker himself

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>>134063135>brie Larsson likes ayn randI hate Brie now

>>134065377>American fashionAbsolutely yikes

>>134061495I mean she is autistic right? As in, for real on the spectrum.

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God, I wish she would make fun of my penis like that.


>>134069398Those pajamas are probably Prada desu

>>134062678the lady is just doing her jobbrie is truly a hateful evil cuntdon cheadle warned us all

>>134069877That woman is literally just there to help Larson promote her retarded film, and Larson decides to be a fucking bitch because of it. What an inspiration to little girls!!!

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>>134069877>>134070006You sound a little upset


>>134066582>>134068115There's nothing inherently wrong with being lucky, so don't get all defensive. At the same time, it's not that hard to see that breaking into the industry (show-biz) requires a healthy amount of luck.IMO you can see it in comedy in particular. Like look how many unfunny hacks get propped up by kids' movies like Holla Forums favourite Paul Blart, or Netflix specials like Amy Schumer. Or actresses who are pretty rough around the edges at the whole acting thing, like Emilia Clarke.

>>134068991>who cares what "people" think?I care because I've been called a shill 60 trillion times by now. Holla Forums doesn't care for Brie, deal with it and go to /hr/ or some other board.The Alita fags got the memo.

Today I learned some woman is a rude but based reptilian libertarian. I dont think I've seen her in anything so I dont see the point in knowing.

>>134062374>Good morning AmericaThat doesn't mean wearing pajamas, Brie.

>>134061495Brie (fungus toes) Larson is an obvious phony. Wonder if she has any real friends (besides users) or a relationship with a boyfriend (or girlfriend) that lasted longer than a week?

host looks like my friend's mom who i lost my virginity to when i was 14


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>>134070506She did have a fiance for awhile but then dumped him around the time Captain Marvel released.

>>134070652...What the fuck?

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>>134064797>>134070652Nah, dude, her pupils are just very contracted

>>134061545shes a stuck up cunt

>>134070652they live

>>134062678/tv/ is full of socially enept autists who don't know what joking around is

>download webm from 4chan with sound>try to upload it on another thread another day>"file too large">"audio streams not allowed"Are you fucking kidding janny? What kind of server is this joint?

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>>134061495Why is she so purdy, brosss

>>134062678>man goes joker mode>BASED!!!>woman goes joker mode>uhh sweety that's meanTiresome.

>>134070872Who are you quoting?

>>134070829These things are above the janny's paygrade, my dude

>>134070829What kind of newfag are you?

>>134062678imagine the simp faggot that shills for this vile twat and spins this cunty behavior as "cool"

>>134070872which nonfictional men going joker mode are you talking about?

>>134070185>>134070185Well, I'm sorry for all the suffering and unfair treatment you have had to endure, user. Hopefully this cute Brie will be compensation enough.

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>>134062678She really is autistic. It's like she's only studied human behavior from a distance and never knows how real humans behave. Everything she does is an act and a bad one.

>>134070962I want my due process.


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>>134062678i'd do the same thing, hate that american behaviour of "hyping up" literally every little thingthese niggers can't even line up three words before exploding in inane buzzwords like "awesome" and "amazing" all the time at my work it's driving me nuts

>>134071154Based Milla. I'd love to see her clock Brie in the face.

>>134062678Damn, Brie Larson? More like Based Larson

>>134070829I'm not going to tell you where you went wrong unless you can prove you can write your own compiler.

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>>134063324so basically your typical leftist that spouts identity politics to distract from the fact that they're from an upper class upbringing

>>134062678Her voice sounds a little different here.

>>134071724She has a beautiful voice

>>134071848>Dua Lipa coverI'll pass.

>>134071848Seriously why doesn't she start making music again? She has literally millions of fans who would listen