>Erin Kellyman ("Solo: A Star Wars Story") has joined the cast of Disney+'s THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER in an undisclosed role. Sources say she might be playing one of the Grapplers, a group of female mercenaries said to be appearing in the series.>Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan star as Sam Wilson and James "Bucky" Barnes, alongside Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter, Daniel Bruhl as Helmut Zemo and William Hurt as Secretary Thaddeus Ross. The cast also includes Wyatt Russell ("Overlord") as John Walker / U.S. Agent, the new government-sponsored supersoldier; Clé Bennett ("Heroes Reborn") as Lemar Hoskins / Battlestar, Walker's partner; Adepero Oduye ("Pariah") as Sarah Wilson, Sam's estranged sister; and Carl Lumbly ("Alias") as Isaiah Bradley, a secret subject of the Supersoldier Program. Desmond Chiam ("The Shannara Chronicles"), Miki Ishikawa ("The Terror"), Noah Mills ("The Enemy Within") and WWE star Becky Lynch round up the cast in undisclosed

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>>134061465I can't tell if she's attractive or not, she's confusing my eyeballs.

>>134061465How this bitch look black and redhead at the same time

she shouldve played the little mermaid couldve pleased both parties

>>134061630She's American

>>134061549Probably why you’d pass her up for a woman who IS attractive and doesn’t confuse you. Which is also why her at phenotype is going extinct.

>>134061630>howHave sex and find out

>>134061465The Jews playing 4D chess when they realize they can combine the blacks and the gingers... LITERALLY this time.

>>134061549If you cant tell then she isnt

>>134061465she looks like the machine that they usually use to replace gingers with niggers broke half way so we have a ginger nigger now

>>134061630Should we call them "blackheads?"I can't wait to laugh hard when all of these forced-diversity terrible, ugly actors and actresses star in shit that bombs and inevitably blame the fake "racist" system they've been brainwashed to believe in. Shit is absolutely hilarious.

>>134061549Even though she's kinda weird looking, I get the impression she'd be really appreciative of a guy that found her attractive and would probably cook and clean a lot.

>>134061465Dios mio...

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what race is that?

>>134061465This is how all woman will look like in Western countries in 2050 and it's beautiful.

>>134061698Calm down incel

>>134061721100% American

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>>134061721the next one

>>134061693a gingger if you will


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>>134061630its called...being human.

>>134061630Who the fuck even knows at this point

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>>134061465LOL, what if she's playing the red skull's daughter Sin?

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>>134061819In my personal experience every person obsessed with "Germanics" normally looks like some variation of this.

Attached: 100 percent Hagen genetics.jpg (640x360, 28.65K)

>>134061465>female mercenaries How will they make them a match for a super soldier with a robotic arm and a guy who can fly and shoot missiles?

>>134061721built for big gray cock

>>134061980Dios mio...Espiritu del Señor. Espiritu de Dios, Padre, Hijo y Espiritu Santo, Santisima Trinidad, Virgen Inmaculada, Angeles, arcangeles y santos del paraiso, descended sobre mi.Fundeme, Señor, llename de ti. Expulsa de mi todas las fuerzas del mal, aniquilas, destruyelas. Expulsa de mi los maleficos, la magia negra, el ogro de las tinieblas, el luz extinguido, la estafa...Por favor, destruye la infestacion diabolica; todo lo que es mal, pecado, envidia, celos y perfidia; la enfermedad fisica, psiquica, moral, espiritual y diabolica... destruye al monstruo, a la creatura...Quema a este mal en el infierno, para que nunca mas me toquen a mi ni a ningun ser.Ordeno y mando con la fuerza de Dios omnipotente, en nombre de Jesucristo Salvador, por intermedio de la Virgen Inmaculada, a todos los esporitus inmundos, a inmediatamente, que me abandonen definitivamente y que se vayan al infierno eterno. El chupa-chupacabras no puede triunfar, el monstruo, el abominacion... debe morir... Encadenado por San Miguel arcangel, por San Gabriel, por San Rafael, aplastado bajo el talon de la Virgen Santisima Inmaculada, aleja el aberracion geneteca...El ogro de las Americas...Amen.

>>134061673>shes not attractiveokay homo

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>>134062104>>134061465In a better world, she'd look like this.

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>AmericanShe’s from England, though? Maybe a black man fucked a white redhead and she was the offspring.

>>134061994She isn't.If she really is one of the Grapplers, she'll probably be Songbird.

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>>134061465Look who's writing and directing this show

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>>134061994>>134061465okay i just read the OP post she is ABSOLUTELY going to be redskull's daughter Sin, but may not be a villain.

>>134061630Mutt power

>>134062104she looks like that webm that gets posted here sometimes that I'm still not sure if it's cp or not

>>134062264Sin is not even in the show, bro.

>>134062169>>134062104>betterthey're both hot.

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based obsessed eurocucks

>>134062281??? the one about the teen girl that feels out of place because she mixed race? the one 4chan incels interpret in a racist way instead of a teen age girl with angst? How is that CP?

I'll be damned, I knew that ginger and nigger is the same word with the same letters and now we also have biological proof.

>>134061659Nice try, but she's british


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>>134062234>LokiMight do well>What if...Guaranteed flop, they'll sweep it under the rug so it's forgotten a week after it comes out>ThorWill probably do well>HawkeyeFlop>The Falcon and The Winter SoldierNot sure, it'll either do OK or flop>Wanda VisionFlop>Ms. MarvelI can see it being an unexpected hit like GotG if it's handled well, but it probably won't be>Doctor StrangeHit>Black WidowProbably going to do OK>EternalsSame as Ms. Marvel>She HulkFlop like everything else that's Hulk related.These are just my predictions anyway, if they market them well enough more of them might be hits, but I just don't really see anyone giving a shit.

>>134062696lol, imagine making a movie in the year of our lord 2018 and doing a "BuT tHe SeCrEt Is ThE mAn Is AcTuAlLy A GiRl!!!" Reveal.

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>>134062942Not only that but she's supposed to be the leader of a gang of space pirates.

>>134062696if someone just shot her then it would've actually been a kino scene

>>134061698>Should we call them "blackheads?"kek

I bet she's one of those mutts that claims to be a colored for jobs and asspats on social media, but really acts as white as possible.

>>134062910If Ms Marvel kept the spirit of her comic, it would be great. However the writer's Twitter indicates she's the sort of crazy left wing racist that would write opinion pieces in The Guardian. Expect every white guy to be a racist idiot and for her struggles of being a Muslim in America to be the core theme of the show.

>>134061698They don't care if it flops. They're not answerable to anyone for money spent or lost, and as long as the company turns an overall profit, shareholders and board members aren't gonna say shit. This is what happens when people are just not responsible for their own actions at the corporate level.

some redhead slut fell for the BBC meme

>>134061465>Erin Kellyman

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>>134064328she looks 45

>>134064328She's white isn't she? I just can't tell any more.

>>134061465LOL why does everything have to suck?

>>134061465>Grapplers, a group of female mercenaries said to be appearing in the series.

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>>134064566a ginger negro, wtf

>>134062234well marvel needed to end sooner or later....

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>>134064680>our future

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>>134064386Haha 45 strokes of my hefty shaft, amirite?But seriously, I'm a straight guy, engaged to a woman and planning on having a kid next year. But about four years ago my curiosity got the best of me, and I fucked two gay guys. One I met on CL, the other on /soc/. Basically just posted pics of my ass begging to be topped, then met up at their places and let them have their way with me.It was incredible. Both used me like a fuckdoll; I got bent over, fucked prone, fucked in my back with my ankles on their shoulders. Closest I ever came to a prostate orgasm, too. Both guys had really thick cocks, bigger than mine. When I was on my back in particular, I was getting slammed so hard that I was making little yelp noises and curling my toes. We used condoms, but I wished at the time I could just have them take them off and finish in my ass.As great as getting fucked was, the mental feeling of subservience as I was sucking cock was incredible. With both guys I eagerly fell to my knees to take their manhood in my mouth. Sucking cock is really on another level, I was playing with their asses (although both were "total tops"), playing with and licking their nuts, and going crazy on their shafts and heads. Both busted inside my mouth, and both times I swallowed.My only regret is not hooking up with the second guy again. He and his boyfriend were going to double team me, but I pussied out. I'm posting this from work, and I'm starting to leak precum thinking about bending myself over a bed, having one guy grab my hips and start pumping my ass while I suck the other guy off. Even fucking better if they held my hands down or something, or if one of them fucked my face. But unfortunately I can't do stuff like that anymore.


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>>134061673>The mutt phenotype is going extinctI wish

I hope every future MCU movie is a giant flop. Disney having to borrow cash recently from loan sharks because their broke brings me joy.

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>>134064769So every girl becomes a negro, just with different colored skin?


>>134063124yeah i guess she like gretta thunburg or Joan of Ark

>>134061465>one of the Grapplers, a group of female mercenaries said to be appearing in the series.Is this the MCU equivalent of the Sand Snakes?

>>134064524>>134066294They're literally female wrestlers turned villains-for-hire in the comics, which I guess explains why Becky Lynch is part of the cast. She's probably Titania and OP's pic is Screaming Mimi/Songbird.

Attached: Grapplers.jpg (640x487, 316.42K)

>>13406442995% White

>>134062208Okay first? I will you fuck you in the large ass. You got a hefty ass, bitch? I will fuck it. Two? Your mouth is mine now I will fuck it. Open the mouth and prepare to receive my cock upon the mandibles. I fuck your mouth hard and cum at full force. You are a nigger and will take my load!

>>134066108Should we tell him guys?

>>134062104>>134061465>we need prime maya rudolph>say no mo

>>134061549I would.

>>134061819She's British as fuck.

>>134062208There's a pic that got posted in the Enfys Nest threads of her as a toddler with her coal-black poppa. She captioned it, "lol, I look adopted".

>>134064680Malcolm X was also a ginger.


>>134061465If she breeds with a white person, their offspring will look almost completely white, although the child may have an affinity for watermelon.

>>134062696The first time I watched this scene I legitimately thought she was an alien for 5 seconds.Had to look real hard to realize it was just an unfortunate mutt.

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>>134061465>a group of female mercenariesKek.

>>134061465wtf is that think supposed to be?>

I feel like this show will have lots of meme potential

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>>134064386I'm 45 and I would bang her. Twice if I liked it.

>>134064826Don't post this pasta ever again.

>>134061673The octaroon redhead phenotype is going extinct?


>>134061465Nice Press release, MousefagNOW FUCK OFF

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>>134061676women who makes the babies sweetie

>>134062104Very weak jew chinEye too far apartBrillo hair20 years from now she will be horrifying

>>134061994What worries me most is that Kevin Feige never seeks actresses with the right body of work

>>134062169... Name?

>>134062220Long before this casting a pink haired woman was already seen on set.Sin may make sense. The mix race thing could be there to fuck with the Skull's legacy more, which could be funny.