Community thread, wine aunt annie edition

Community thread, wine aunt annie edition

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N-no wine aunt Annie, you're drunk! D-don't touch me ther-- Aaaagh~

>>134060291God I want to taste her shit juice

Remember that episode where she knocked out the security guard with chloroform? God I wish that was me...


>>134060291>wine auntshe's married. She can't be a wine aunt

>>134060291Henlo who is this??

What happened to her face? It used to look soft and cute.

>>134060727She's now in the "can suck the foreskin back out of a circumcised cock" stage of her life.

>>134060650That's where you're wrong kiddo

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>is that as big as it gets, user?

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>>134060943I want her to touch me in my bathing suit area

>>134060727She’s also a cunt irl, while Britta is the nice one

>>134060727adrenochrome shortage

>>134060291Best girl

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>>134060650She's 37 and has no children

cute lil khazar



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>>134061590Jew's law

>>134060291is that foid that farted infront of her brother and then gave birth to a niglet


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Holy fuck this normie shit is being shilled hard.

made for circumsized israeli cock

>>134061623Is that real? Don't mock me.

>>134061966just google her leaks, bud

>>134061505imagine being a hollywood mother

>>134061267>bestTill you see her vagina.

>>134061966>Is that realGood news user

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>>134062283You know a black cock has been in between those milkers

Jewish girls are for _____

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>>134062440marrying and raising children togetherraising them as christians obviously

>>134062140w-what does that mean

>>134062440physical removal

>>134062440>>134062500With a black man. She’s going to have half black kids.

>>134062500the jewish faith is passed down maternally, user

>>134062440The ovens

>>134062571obviouslybut you still raise them as good christians

>>134061966>>134061966I mock thee


>>134061340me on the right

>>134062668imagine the smell

>>134062283I never knew she had milk bottles. Boobies are so deceptive

>>134060291>>134060901>>134061340>>134061623>>134062440Yeah i'm convinced that she just needs to gain some weight back and she would be as hot as she was back in her community days.

>>134060291K H A Z A RHAZAR

Chink/kike blacked spammer goin hard today

>>134062668Where exactly is he putting his face? Oh yeah, I see now...


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>>134060650no kids

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Where's that interview with her where she talks about how she is addicted to sex?

>>134063001what's going on here exactly?

>>134062501Apparently she had that surgery where they fix the vagina to look younger, but it just came out looking horrible. (in leaked pics or something)

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>>134060962Yes I'm still a growing boy auntie

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>>134061505Looks breddy gud for 37

>>134062140Just googled itJesus Christ that's horrifying

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>>134063107I have no ideahere's another classic

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>>134063111Its called Vaginal Rejuvenation

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>>134060291>Choose your fighter

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>>134063039What am I rolling here for exactly?

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>>134063195grossit looks like a scab

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>>134063280nose jobs were a mistake

>tfw me so christmas

>>134062500>Dubsia. On a Wednesday night, how'd he swing that?Based conversoposting

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>>134060291What do her feet look like?

>>134063363did joel mchale bang allison brie and/or everyone on the show? seems like they always had chemistry.

>>134063522I don't know, ask them.

>>134063280Definitely Dern. Her hands are sexy.

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Please God no one post it

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>>134063558did you bang everyone on the show joel?

>>134062140>>134062501>>134062140>>134063111>>134063230>>134063315Lol did she get dirt on it or something? Or cut it shaving?

>>134063522That's why they were paired together so often and the whole jeff/ britta thing got completely dropped by season 2, they work great together.I wonder if the story about Joel wearing a cup during that scene just in case, to not make the whole thing awkward is true.

>>134063649You're an idiot.

>dat necks

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>>134063522According to leaked emails Joel was more of a Britta fapper.

>>134063698so is that a yes or

Gilly > Brie

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>>134063832Agreed. It's not even close, and Brie is cute as fuck.

>>134060979Watching the Q&A after the table reading of the pierce's funeral episode I kinda noticed that Gillian Jacobs might be slightly autistic>rocks back and forth when talking>talks loud when no one is>does that thing that kids do when they accentuate the end of sentences

>>134063649I did

>>134063723Thats not it and it doesn't hurt as bad

>>134063832One on my face one on my dick

>>134063905Even __chang__?

>>134060291She is too skinny now, she was cutter when she had a little more meat and admitedly at least 50% of Annie´s cutness and charm come from her innocent schoolgirl act and that sound she makes when she takes offense, which is to say, half the hotness is from Annie not Brie and Annie... Annie doesn´t exist.

>>134063723Why does my dick get so hard for crazy?

>>134063832During the show, at least the first season, britta was the "hot" one and Annie the "cute" one, and now Brie is the hot one while Gillian is the cute one.

>>134063992He was the first one, I gobbled his micropeen til it was bone dryThe best one wasSubway, I ate him fresh

>>134060291why is Community suddenly being viral marketed here in the last month or so

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>>134060291unironically looks like a street hooker. seriously could she look trampier than that?

>>134064086Was put on netflix recentlyCommunity and Arrested Development are my favorite series so I'm not mad

Tig 'Ol Bitties

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stop posting the wrong Brie

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>>134062668i dont think i've ever re-clicked to close a picture so fast

>>134064107Where do you live that street hookers look like that? I'd love to visit.

>>134064255LA baby


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>>134061590Do you really have to shill your cuck fetish everywhere you go?

>>134064214Came to say this exact thing.

>>134062365Mutt's law

>>134064015She dropped the cute innocent schoolgirl act by the last two seasons, her character was suppossed to be 25 at that point anyways, and she was still beautiful.I agree on the weight part, her puffy cheeks were my favorite part, she could gain 10 pounds and be perfectly fine.I mean look at that face.

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>>134064086>Good show>Big fanbase>Gets put on netflix>zoomers use netflix cuz too dumb to torrent>they watch good show>someone says "hey this is good show">boomers here say "I KNOW RIGHT?!!">Talks ensueIts not rocket science user.

>>134061590Chang's LogSomeone post the image with the blacked raw lighting, but she's has a vag buldge and posing for a fleshlight.

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>>134063107Guy looks like he is in underwear, so possibly getting a stiffy, based on her body language at least, or at least it's saying she ain't interested or impressed.

>>134064712Based cat lady.

>>134061267>poop eyesewww

>>134061267she honestly had a weirdly shaped face

>>134063383>Gilly in that skin tight body suithummina hummina hummina AWOOGA

>>134065009Good point.

>>134064859Cat ladies are shit

>>134064856Looks like he's telling her how much he used to masturbate to her in Community, and she's trying to be all polite and be like "yeah well, it was a role and I'm really not like that and" and he's like "NO SERIOUSLY SO MANY FAPS!" and she just rolls her eyes because she doesnt know what to say and she's happy her nude pictures have never been hacked because this guy would have a field day with them.

>>134064856Yeah she looks pissed and uncomfortable, but I just wanted to know why that post was a reply to the original post I made.

>>134065062I thought >>134062283 was her.

>>134065182It is


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Can we talk about Community now? What's your favorite paintball episode?

>>134065216>ywn teasingly ask her if you can stroke her pussy

>>134065182>I thought >>134062283 was her.The joke is that at the time of the video her pics had not leaked yet.or do you think every vid posted here was made yesterday?

>>134065252Western one is the best

>>134065216Always wondered if she wore a merkel in that schizo movie or if she just grew one out.

>>134065288How am I supposed to know when the video was made?

>>134064214Okay i genuinely don't understand the love for this actor. She just seems so... bland? Like the most normal girl ever.>you will never make retarded skits with brie in between takes

>>134065623attainability is precisely the quality that makes her attractive to desperate nerds

>>134065623> She just seems so... bland? Like the most normal girl ever.She's batshit crazy

>>134065342The joke seems clear to me>"glad my nudes havent been stolen">we all know they were>that's the joke

>>134065623Yeah she's bland as fuck, and whenever I see her I just instantly think "hey wasnt that the actress who was sooooo vocal and proud of being a supporter of whatever rights are popular right now?"She's the kinda woman who at a party will proudly say that she has BLACK FRIENDS!

>>134062283Best tits in hollywood!! FACT!!!!!

>>134066016She worked out hard for GLOW and then they deflated, its quite sad.

>>134066068don't be a dweeb, they're still incredible

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>>134065269Real honest advice: There is nobody alive who thinks this is funny, you will turn off whatever woman you say this to and you will lose your chance to do it. Thankfully, it's you so you're not going to have the chance.

>>134066137I agree but they're a 9/10 at best and they used to be the GOAT.

>>134066137I often suspect that most of the Community cast is actually active here.

>>134063039>No monicaAbsolute trash list

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>>134066321with the virus and everything I imagine some famous actors might have found their way here out of boredom, but probably didn't stay longthere was one thread recently where someone was responding to comments about Greta Gerwig in first person and then acted indignant about the comments about how hot she is and abandoned the thread which was really weird and specific if it was a larp

>>134066425I just got this weird feeling that I once pissed off Maisie Williams here.

Joel McHale posts in pics you werent supposed to share threads


>>134066673>implying joel mchale is a newfag

>>134066425>>134066578If I were an actual hollywood star, i would either never respond as myself, or do the complete opposite thing and come out clean with timestamp pics and and everything, and then just shitpost all day.

>>134063001I never noticed what a kissable neck she has.

>>134062845I'll put some weight on her if you know what I mean

who would you cast in the 2020 class of Community?

>>134066961That's nice user but we need like 10 pounds and i doubt your micropenis could ever do the trick.

>>134066137Damn they really do look different. Not terrible. But different.

>>134061590>>134062365>>134062543Give it a rest, this is getting pathetic

>>134063039lol ok

>the semester is cancelled because of a pan-deanmic

3 seasons of kino 3 seasons of shite

>>134067263I'm surprised they never did any jokes with Ala-dean

>>1340673015 and 6 were OK to meh, 4 was weird, but yeah 1 2 and 3 were amazing

>>134067378Chang taking over the school with an army of teens was the point were they took the ridiculousness a bit too far for me. I liked that season 4 was more grounded, but it wasn’t ever able to capture the magic of the first 2 and a half seasons again even though seasons 4, 5 and 6 were still decent watches.

>>134067567First couple of S1 episodes are kinda hard to re-watch tho

>>134067624It took a few episodes to find its feet with all of the characters and I don’t enjoy the pilot that much, but episode 3 with the accounting class is the point the show gets really good.

>>134067378The later part of Season 3 became super weird, and as much as I hate Season 4 its obvious that the new writers just looked at the second half of season 3 and said "okay so this is community? we can do that."and they did.


The moment they started focusing on the Dean's weekly gay outfit is when the show died.

>>134062283Jesus Christ dude I don't even give a shit about community but now I'm obsessed with this woman from viewing one picture, tell me there is a video

>>134068046Yeah, it should have been a side gag at best.

>>134068074no videos, unfortunately. Nothing even all that exciting, just seems to be a well adjusted long-distance relationship between two happy people.


>>134063723I am starting to realize that most actors aren't acting at all.

>>134068074Doubt it but theres a lot of pictures.Also watch the show, she's the hottest thing i've ever seen in there.

>>134066185>implyingYou forgot the first rule, faggot.

>>134060291Shiny titty makeup is a trend I'm thankful for

>>134068261The internet makes you stupid?

>>134062440>>134062500I'm getting my goy ass married to an ethnic jew in 2 months, wish me luck. FYI, Jewish women crave and drool over uncircumcised white cock

>>134068359>ethnic jewShe’s atheist ?How did you meet?

>>134062845It doesn't work that way, she had youthful full cheeks, and they're drooping now. Thta doesn't just change with gaining some weight.



>>134063886Shall I send her the diagnosis, doc?

>>134063832>not even marriedAlison wins again

>>134069050You want her to be married? God, these memes get stupider every week.


>>134066673I don't believe you and require evidence.

>>134069096we monogamist virgins seeking marriage and kids now

>>134068265That's a thing?I thought it was just sweat

>>134069156>monogamist virginsZerogamist?

>>134063039Gib milky

>>134068213Guess I should. Anywhere I can see all the pics?

>>134068479You're on now you hecking degenerate

>>134069096I want her to be happy and not be a cat lady

>>134068074based coomer

>>134063832uglyi found waldo btw


>>134069242just google Alison brie leaks and serve yourself

ok, coomer threads are faster, but can't stay on topic

>>134069271But she's happily married

>>134066425like you would "out of boredom" find a way into mecca of alt-right nazi mosque shooters. come on.

>>134069500Alison is, Gillian isn't

>>134060291what are the point of these coomer threads? cant you just download the pictures and jerk off to them without having to talk to people about it? I trully dont get it

>>134069601It's supposedly a Community thread but nobody can stay on topic for more than two replies until it devolves into Alison brie general.

>>134069601Coomers don't do things like "save files" or "find things to jerk off to." They sit around waiting, or often begging, until someone gives them what they want. Like baby birds.

>>134069601I don't go looking for pics so I wouldn't see them otherwise. Just browsing some tits while doing other things. Not jerking it to pics like it's the 90s.

>>134069666OK SatanPick an episode and let's talk about it

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>>134063229Man this takes me back. I used to annihilate my meat to her when I was younger and community was on. That and the clip of her making out with that chick from that awful movie she was in. I forget what it was called.

>>134068074If you became obsessed with her after that pic, watching the show is going to blow your fucking mind

>>134069546I imagine most people these days find their way here from green text posts on twitter or somethingit's not like Holla Forums is the frontpage of 4chan anymore

>>134069917I've been in here for over 10 years and even back then Holla Forums was shit

>>134069547Gilly is happy shitposting here about why Britta was always the better choice.And then Alison leaked her old nude pics on purpose.

>>134069917the personal internet circle for any relevant celeb ends at twitter and instagram

>>134066137Compare that to these.Its not even close.

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>>134070017Did you just see him say "Holla Forums" and feel like you needed to repost this?


Janny is biased against GillianThe only nude that got deleted was hers and all the Brie tit pics are still up

>>134069546but doesn't hollywood search through the web and go through all the sites that are like moviepoopshoot(dot)com

>>134070262At least most of the fully nude pics of Brie are spoiler tagged

>>13407026295% of all Holla Forums alison brie threads i've been active in end up being deleted by a janny.I suspect one of them is madly in love with brie and will not tolerate any badmouthing.

I'm on Season 6. I didn't think anyone else had ever seen Lawnmower Man. I'm the only person I know who owns it and the sequel.

>>134065216how do I destroy the wall?it must pay


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>>134070428You can't even use the shift key, mother fucker, what are you going to do against telomeres? Nothing.


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>>134060291>227 posts>111 postersHoly shit

>>134065216I miss my cats bros. Why does everything have to die

dan harmon is based as fuck

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>>134069825Has she been in at least one good movie? She's been in several good shows but not even a decent movie that i can't think of.

>>134063039>No Salma HayekPerfect to be a Spanish teacher


>>134062283>>134066137>>134068479>>134070068>these are still upHow?

>>134071191Janny hates Gilly, and I can't blame him. after the amazing Brie leaks she did NOTHING to top it.

>>134063832Yes. I'd marry her.

>>134063039Im in

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>>134060403NOOO! Pleaseeee! I-I'm a virgin!

>>134070940I don't think so.

>>134071191good genetics


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