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Reminder Snitchbitch starts troll arguments so he can report you.

Give me the cheese /trek/

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Communist propaganda

>>134058000Trips. Checked.

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>>134058015Why don't the ships have seatbelts?They get thrown around all the time so don't say inertial dampeners.

Did Berman really do anything wrong?


>>134058056because of all the SAND which is there. Get it? Because of all the SAND -which- is - there!

>>134057919God I want to fuck Audrey

Where is the based mod who replied to Kellposter? Why can't he save us?

>>134058056they had those little leg things that kirk put over his thighs on the 1701 Refit.

>>134057919The tribbles are not what they seem

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I love Trek, but the economy of the future makes no sense. And that's arguably the most important part to get right, since the economy is how people trade and interact with eachother. The economy is how we work together.Babylon 5 is the superior scifi

>>134057919What would be the best reason the Borg never made any incursions into the Gamma Quadrant?

>>134058192What was Starfleet's tax policy?

>>134057919Plinkett sounds less like Plinkett and more like a really sad Mike in his Picard review.

>>134058211Too busy fighting Species whatever number they were. Also why did the EMH have images of them fucking?

>>134058192t. George R.R. Martin

>>134058056Why do the jail cells have force fields? They require constant energy and with the amount of times there are power outages, it makes zero sense

>>134058192The economy always made sense to me, most material can be replicated except for some more complex. materials which cannot like latinum are traded like we would trade any other scarce resource.

>>134058332This. And they share all resources for the good of the community. It's basically some kind of "commune-ism".

>>134058250That's because it is. He wanted to do it with Rich but Rich backed out so the only way Mike could do a review was to do a Plinkett review but he couldn't be cynical and laugh because Mike was the guy who always had shield and sword drawn to defend Star Trek, watched it all, knew it by heart, was autistic about it. He got crushed. Absolutely destroyed. This is why he ends going 'Watch TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9 and maybe ENT and forget STD and Pukeard exist". he is crushed. The sad thing is? CBS has like 5 new Star Trek projects planned and if they came out, he would watch the,. But I think he's given up expecting good.Also, I'm convinced this was all an elaborate plan by Seth McFarlane. It's diabolical. Stewart rejected the original Picard pitch... but then Seth said 'no, take it, but demand changes to it that make it so bad that CBS loses money and then I can buy the rights for NBC. In exchange we can have fun together at NBC" (since the two are good friends IRL and Seth hates the British).

>>134058382>this low-tier bait.

>>134058268>Also why did the EMH have images of them fucking?There is that episode where Voyager finds a simulation of Starfleet HQ that 8472 was using to plan an invasion. Aside from the nanoprobe warheads, they probably had an exchange of information as well.

>>134058420More like a joke. I assumed after the trainwreck that was the previous thread everybody would show restraint and avoid chimping out. Not everything is a calculated attack, my schizoid friend.

In DS9, why would it take 70 years to get to the Delta quadrant, but it doesn't take a year to get to Earth?

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>>134058472Why did they copy Boothby?

>>134058472Yeah... seems like a weird thing>Hello Species 8472, we would like to trade information>Okay humans, what would you like>Oh technology, culture.... mating rituals....>Okay... wait, what? Why?>Oh, you know... for knowledge... haha.... biology or something haha.

>>134058529Who is Flaxia and how are they so badass they can exist right next door to the Romulan Empire?

>>134058573>Why did they copy Boothby?iirc they were trying to get an exact copy of HQ, down to the last detail though they had some exemptions.Realistically? To give the Janeway and Chakotay characters some sort of nostalgia for home far away

>>134058651One Flaxian appeared in an episode of DS9 and that's it.

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>>134058529in DS9 they go to the gamma quadrant, the delta is from VOY. I think it's a month travel form bajor to earth on standard starfleet cruising speeds.

>>134047656>and wait a few years

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>>134058382yea? What asshole washed dishes here if everything was free and life was about self actualization

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>>134059183Presumably they just put dirty dishes into reverse replicators and replicate new ones

>>134059183>>>/ck/14104208wrong again user.

>>134059183>not having replicator/sonic shower based dish washer technology in the 24th centuryI'm sure they were all about non-replicated food, but there's literally no reason to have a guy washing dishes by hand in a sink full of water.

>>134058763But why didn’t the Romulans genocide them?

What did they mean by this?

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>>134047725How true that is.

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>>134059520>what a tranny sees before they finally cut it off

>>134048980>>134049337You Just Know.

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> we never got true mommy Janeway

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>>134059855Why yes, I do know that everything is meaningless now

>>134059855It's not fair.

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Hey ensign, how's your sister doing? Make sure she remembers to come by my quarters at 2100 tonight.

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>>134059996>dat nihttime hairThe love of my life!

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Why didn't ST Picard mention Geordi at least once?

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>>134060189No virgins allowed.

>>134060189Because they didn't watch star trek

>>134058393Mike just needs to realize the true hero of the show was gentle femdom sister-gf. And I do mean "gentle", the abrasive personality she puts on is just for the grunts I know it.

>>134060189The sheer fucking hubris

>>134060276Wrong webm

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>>134060189Because he's black.

>>134060189He got metoo'd for making holodeck copies of women and the sexually assaulting them. Picard cancelled him.

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It's almost impossible to find anyone selling a decent replica of those metal Klingon bloodwine cups.

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>>134061336>bloodwineWouldn't a "wine" made of blood be technically mead?

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>>134061440shut up

>>134058974he's confusing the delta and gamma quadrants (whole quarters of the galaxy) with the delta and gamma sectors on this map

>>134061907oh that makes sense.>>134058529pic related.

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what is the deal with this guy? why does he work so hard to defend ST Picard?youtube.com/watch?v=yLnMQvKkFPk

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>>134062848hey look its onions boy numero uno steve shives

>>134057919why is Q arguably the best enemy?

Is Star Trek for kids or adults? All of the actors are old and the story is boring, but there are tons of toys. I don't get it?

Is Picard an old irrelevant white male that needs to sit down and be humble?

>>134063014Teens are the target audience, 12-25 is my guess for when people get into star trek.

>>134061122sounds pretty racist, considering barclay got away with doing the same thing.

>>134059687Reminder that Based Mayweather boned a beautiful white futa.>>134060189>Why didn't ST Picard mention Geordi at least once?He was mentioned in dialogue.

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>>134063014Star Trek used to be for everyone. It was one of those shows the whole family coild watch and enjoy together.

what am I in for?

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Well, /trek/? Is it true you're scared of posts about communism?

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I've been here for about two years now and I've realized that I'm the best poster.>Thank you for Your ServiceYou're welcome, ma'am.

>>134063751something spooky

>>134063796Actually I'm the cutest and best poster in /trek/.

>>134063071Yes, but he also needs to still be the savior who realizes his place very passively.

>>134063751not a very good episode, but some good chessecake shots of crusher.


>>134063756Are you talking with a real life person about /trek/?

>>134062086Why didn't Voyager just head to the other end of the Bajoran wormhole and cut 30 years off their journey?

>>134063751Ghost Sex

>>134064025Janeway hadn't had her coffee when they already started heading the other way.

>>134063756Why would someone want to ruin a thread?

>>134062901why is he so fucking smug?

>>134064025Dominion would have roflstomped them. Speaking of i feel it was a missed opportunity that Voyager never crossed paths with one of the hundred changelings.

>>134064197probably because the autistic retard replies to himself most of the time especially when he shills his shitty youtube channel


I just found out season 1 of VOY only has 15 episodes, what a relief.

why does /trek/ have such shit taste in youtube friend simulators? you fags seriously watch manchildren review tv shows?

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>>134064957What do you watch?

>>134063751Crusher feet

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>>134063756Whats the plan? to join every new thread that gets made and ruin it so that the 15ish people who were talking about trek argue about shit instead?

>>134063751An episode that makes the clip show at the end of S2 look halfway decent.

>>134065063Marina had some big, stronk legs.

>>134065012a lot of true crime docs and podcasts like sword and scale but lately i've been watching a lot of stuff about cannibalism

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>>134063751after watching this episode i started nut shelling episodes >sub rosathe one where crusher fucks a ghost >qpidrobin hood n shit >shadows of p'jemfucking pink skin episode

stop eating people

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>>134065915I can't promise anything.

>>134060189Why didn't ST Picard feature any aliens besides "Romulans"

>>134060189>the ending where data is about to get fucked >doesn't even ask how his best friend is doing nu trek was a mistake

>>134066405Not true I saw 2 Andorians walk past the camera in one episode.

>>134066842Actually the Borg cube was full of workers from different alien species ... which, considering it was supposed to be somewhat of a secret project, of course made absolutely no sense.

>>134058250I feel bad for Mike, he is a 45 year old man who still yearns for his childhood when he wasn't a complete failure.

>>134063751One of the best episodes of its season and also one of the most unique TNG episodes. Have an open mind and just let it happen.

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>>134066405There was the generic mafia enforcer lizard man who could smell lies in that one episode.

>>134063756>act like a retard>get called a retard>ZOMG GUYS IM SUCH AN EPIC TROLL LELELELEL

>>134057919>Electriiiiiiicity, the final frontier...

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>>134058192the post-scarcity economy makes more sense than FTL


>>134065676>listening to podcasts>acting like you're superior to people who watch the video form of friend simulatorsBased cognitive dissonance poster

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>>134058192>I love Trek, but the economy of the future makes no sense what's wrong with do work get rewarded do less work get less rewarded


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>>134065915I just saw that episode today.An underrated horror plot based on the idea that everything is in your head."I'm coming, where are you" was fucking dumb though.

>>134068377>I just saw that episode how fucking new are you?

>>134068377It's not underrated at all. In fact it's rated exactly as it should be. Fucking garbage.

>>134068415Not new at all.A broadcast channel is broadcasting an episode of TNG every weekday, and it's been a few years since I've seen some of these episodes, and when you're used to streaming sites, you often skip a lot of episodes, so it's just been a long time since I last saw Night Terrors.It should be getting to Reunification soon-ish, and I'm looking forward to that, since I haven't seen that episode in full in a good few years.I've been wanting to rewatch DS9 lately and I've recently completed a Voyager rewatch after a few months of catching episodes on a broadcast channel.

>>134068021I'm not saying podcasts are superior, but of all the things to spend time watching why would anyone choose star trek reviews by a group of slovenly mutants from the midwestrlm is okay, they actually put effort into their content, they usually have some pretty accurate insights, and they're self aware enough that they know what brings people back aren't the actual reviews but the comfortable presentation and feeling of just sitting with the boys talking about moviesmy bitch is mostly with the retards with the wallpaper made out of action figures in their original packaging, with clickbait video titles like 'kurtzman officially fired from star trek'twitter has the reputation as the most obnoxious place on the internet but someone can type a tweet in like two or three minutes and hit post. producing an entire twenty minute video about why std pisses you off and the cbs conspiracies in play against not just you as a fan, but as a person, is not only obscenely bizarre but borders on psychotic so the idea of then watching those videos and discussing the lunatic's rants therein is just physically repulsive to methey're all insane, stop encouraging them

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>>134068788>all that textSorry your channel never got more than 50 subscribers

>>134060189Because Patrick Stewart and Levar Burton hate each other

>>134069248>because Patrick Stewart is an egotistic fuck ftfy

The Dubsminion has endured for 2,000 /trek/ threads and will continue to endure long after /trek/ finds harmony again.

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>>134069885Based Dubsminion poster




Do I go from tng to the picard movies or do I need to watch other series first? Pls help

>>134069885Harmony? Like calling posters fags and telling them to kys??


>There are four shiftsCoincidence?

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>>134070333After TNG you have to watch DS9. TNG movies are optional.

>Chocolate Sundae

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>>134070538>Computer start the program 2 girls one cup

>>134070378and two genders

>>134070699sooooooo if i cum on the holodeck is it converted into energy after?

>>134070779Nope, the space janitor has to clean after. But All the holocum from the holodeck strippers disappears.

>>134070779Human waste has to be composted as per the bacteria rights legislation of 2341.

>>134063949Imagine discussing /trek/ with someone you actually know in real life.

>>134070779All holodeck waste is fed into a tube that runs through Lt. Barclay's quarters and then to the recycling plant.

>>134071023no /trek/ gf

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>>134071023this imagine the cringe

>>134071023I talk to a couple of my friends about /trek/. They think it's a roleplaying site.

can somebody post that "inspiration for the ferengi" image


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>>134071329no, it's a scan of an article that talks about gordon gekko and lawyers


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Did he get so smart he stopped watching holo-porn?

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>>134063756I actually really like talking about Marxism.

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>>134071877ya but you actually believe in that stuff

>>134059855>>134059996I want her to fart in my mouth

>>134071877Describe the defining traits of communism in one or two sentences.

>>134063756communism is bad though

>>134072015gross. Janeway is pure