Was it money laundering?

Was it money laundering?

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>>134057469What the fuck is Sir Billi

mostly it was just legacy tarnishing

>>134057469Sean Connery died while making this movie.

>>134057469What's that old saying? "Never attribute to malice what you can attribute to lazy, ineffectual, incompetent, ne'er-do-well Sc*tsmen"


>>134057469My name is William

>>134057592>What the fuck is Sir BilliA cheap and lousy animated film which inexplicably managed to con Sean Connery into doing a voice over and in so doing became his last film credit. I'm not sure if it was a contractual obligation or if he was doing someone a favor.

>>134058670>>134057469a) Sean Connery is terrible at picking rolesb) Its Scotland wank, MADE IN SCOTLAND, and Connery loves that shit, so it probably wasnt hard to get him into it


Reminder Sean Connery lost his virginity at age 14 with a MilfSame with Clint Eastwood

What the fuck was he thinking.

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>>134058802>29>still haven't lost my virginitywtf happened

Sir Sneedi

But this was his last filmm.imdb.com/title/tt2732390/

You’ve got your copy, right bros?

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>>134058832He unironically looks like my granddad did

haha this movie is very silly but not as silly as Sir Billi! haha

>>134059028Is this a prequel or a sequel? At what point did Sean Connery become Sir Billi?

>>134057592something quite silly

>>134058947formerly Sir Chucki

>>134057469>alan CUMMING

>>134057469>use this filename in case I ever post this anywhere else>only use it in Sir Billi threadsoh well

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Has anyone ever actually watched it?

>>134058897for me it never trying in the first place. I work a shitty warehouse job, so why would any female give me the time of day.

>>134060017The whole thing? Doubt it

>>134060048You have a low opinion of yourself and are too sensitive. I managed to have gfs while being a fucking NEET. You guys are just sad sacks of shit who don't know how to talk to women.

>>134059140It's the same movie, they changed the name to Guradian of The Highlands in Burgerland so fat yank parents would buy it thinking it was Guradians of The Galaxy

>>134060172nah you're just a pretty boy

>>134060172I can take rejection. I just feel like the effort is pointless and yes my opinion on my self is low. I only consider myself better than common criminals in the pyramid of life.

>>134057469It's far more sinister. Scottish Nationalism.

>>134057469wtf is this shit

can't sean connery do one last movie before he dies so that can be the last thing he's remembered for and not this/

>>134060539>Scottish Nationalism

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I'm pretty sure he did it for a charity.

>>134060539I thought that was Trainspotting

I wash in the moviesh onesh you know...

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>>134060714Stupid fur

>>134060363I make an effort to look attractive, yeah. Do you not expect women to do this? Why would you expect a girl if you treat yourself poorly? Take showers and dress nicely. There's no excuse to be a slob, it just displays your lack of respect for yourself to everyone.>>134060479Common criminals get laid all the time. And yes you are better than them and better than a NEET. You're a good man who works hard, you should have more confidence and faith in yourself. That's what people want from you anyway. No one wants a sad sack so why act like one? It's bad for you and it's bad for others.

>>134060070>It's on PrimeI think I'll watch it right now...

>>134058832Zardoz was based newfag


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Friends and I once got shitfaced and watched this trashfire. Was hilarious.

>>134061072I take it back! I'm sorry! I love Fur!

Seems like a great movie to use to passive aggressively torture people when everyone in group gets to pick one movie to watch


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>>134062277I wish she were real so I could be her friend


Wasn't this Scotland's first animated film? for whatever reason the animation industry in Scotland is just non-existent IIRC

one more reason scotland isn't a country

Damn, Billi was needlessly aggressive towards that beaver hunting cop.

>>134062447Why don't you find a real gf instead of looking at stupid ass furry pics then you gay retard

>>134060783that photo is already 5 years old...

>>134063931Too old for me

>movie ends with a musical number featuring all the titcowsI don't think I've ever seen a movie progress so strangely...

Wouldn't money laundering want to involve something that may actually be profitable?

>>134065349You tell the government that you put fifty million into the movie and only got one million back. That means you lost 49 million and you don't have to pay any taxes for your loss. But of course you never really put fifty million in, or if you did then 48 million was actually spent on "advertising", which was done by a company that you share in the profits of. That was just the first step of Hollywood accounting. It's the same with how Toys R Us and Sears went "bankrupt". The higher-ups sold off any assets they had worth any value, took out huge loans to "keep the company afloat" from loan companies that they were either owners of or got a paycheck from, with the money being siphoned off. Then once it had noting else to squeeze a dime out of they went crying to the government about being broke, forcing the government to pay off the loans due to bankruptcy laws, ensuring the people got a double payout.

>>134060783Thats nice, dear.

>>134062673Yes and the creators got assravaged that the Scottish board of tourism used Pixar's Brave to promote the country instead of their movie.

Really amazing graphics showing the mad rush to the habour

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>>134060940Report back when you're done.

>>134066031I think they rendered the whole movie without lighting and shadows and that's why it looks so ass.

>>134062277Is there actual porn of this?

>What the fuck was he thinking.

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>>134066088Yeah that's what happens when your graphics engine is Microsoft Paint

>no one posted Le Shiggy Billitelo/tv/ is filled with newfags

>>134066297Why are you asking?

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>>134057469no it was passion

>>134066042See: >>134063320 & >>134065219The whole movie was incredibly bizarre, it starts with narration and after the opening sequence, a character starts speaking directly to the camera. The entire film feels disjointed and scenes are just oddly paced. A few examples are when some characters are caught floating down a river towards a dam (after a bizarre bobsled race and then falling off a cliff) and Billi decides to have a town meeting before going to help... but that's nothing compared to when the goat character saves the beaver, falls into the water (after a cramp from bungee jumping?), is rescued and then for some reason decides to grab a rope dropped by a plane then falls off and dies briefly (he was saved by the liquid that saved a paralyzed rabbit earlier).It's just poorly put together nonsense; like different directors rendered out all the scenes at the same time based on the VO work given to them and then tried to cut a film together with the output, all while never communicating with one another.

>>134065684Thanks for that. I've always been kind of curious how a lot of that works in its various forms, like in Ozark.I grew up in SoCal and there were an inexplicable amount of bridal gown shops within a few mile stretch. I'm talking at least a dozen. All asian owned. It was a common joke that it was money laundering.

>>134067075Or if you are money laundering....You make a shit 5 mill seagal movie. Say in dvd sales it made you 10 million. Take the dirty money of 10 million then pay taxes on it Youve officially made that money off that movie on irs records. Your money is now clean so you can spend it. You didnt make any real money though.

>>134067075There's a Polish shop near where I live that never sells anything and the Poles in there all shut up when a non-Pole enters. I look like a slav so they keep talking but I cant understand them. Pretty sure it's a laundering thing.

>>134067339You know too much...

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>>134067075My town has multiple hair dressers on every street. It's come to the point where I think that if you get your hair cut twice a month you could get away with going once a year to each place, and have plenty of hair salons to spare.

>>134057469>the fucking poster has to list particular movies the actors were involved in>SIR sean connery

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>>134060017Nobody in the history of the earth have or will.

>>134066703is that new?

>>134057469>was about to say no>google budget>15 million GBPOkay yes

>>134068238Relatively. The comic that gets posted is basically the backstory for whatever he wants to draw Fur in.

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>>134068078yeah, it's a British thing to knight people, and thus they can prefix their name with "sir".

not posting the idea it came from

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>>134068405no shit, but you don't need to include that title in the credits.

>>134068519Holy fuck I forgot all about this cartoon

heres a classicyoutube.com/watch?v=hLljd8pfiFg

>>134068737Here's another, the trailer is even worseyoutube.com/watch?v=rVGqkwqAhbQ

>>134068624He probably insists. In upper circles it's considered rude not to use their title. It's like if a waiter at a fancy restaurant used your first or last name without saying Mr. first.

>>134066088Are you sure it wasn’t because the actual renders looked like shitty Dr Suess ripoffs?

>>134068737>>134068792I feel like I've seen the whole movie now, thanks.

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>>134058832>the penis is evil>the penis shoots seeds>the gun is good>the gun shoots death

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>>134068832Hey just a heads up sweaty, technically you need to be 18 years of age or older to use 4channel okay?

>>134067075In my city there are like 80 small Chinese owned shops who sells random shits, from pots, to household items, to pen and notebook, flashbulbs, if you need something, they have it. The word fact is that there are so many of them, sometimes even 3-4 in the same streets, even one next to each other, and they all sell the same exact products, at the same exact prices, and even if they don't look very successful,bmore and more shops like these keeps popping out. Truly a mistery

>>134062673Scotland is so small and Scottish productions don't translate universally as well as English stuff so that's probably why nobody really bothers.

>>134068737> "inspired by the chronicles of Narnia.. >.. the disney musicals.. >.. and the parable of Jesus Christ"

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>>134068737is this the latest 6ix9ine single

>>134068737>>134068792I'm gonna keep an eye on this guy in case he invents the next FNAF