Am I autistic or is he smiling?

Am I autistic or is he smiling?

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>>134056830He was smiling prior to seeing Lt.Probably someone said something funny. His expression changes in a second when he realizes it's US soldier about to kill him. Or that's how his memory of the kid was that came to haunt him.

>>134056830He gets to finally not be a tranny

Why did Winter feel bad? Germans aren't human

honestly the paperwork and hauling prisoners is tiresome

>>134056991Most SS-members weren't even g*rm

>>134056991subhuman cope

he was incredulous at seeing a lone US soldier

>>134056991The uniform disappeared in his mind. Soldiers often relate their kills to people back home. This is before US military figured out how to train their soldiers to dehumanize their targets.

>>134056923>>134057785This. It would have been easier if the enemies weren’t white. If they were black or chinese it would be easy to pull the trigger. But with fellow whites it is hard to make that decision

>>134057785>muh on killingYou know the research behind that book was flawed? US troops had no moral problems dropping Fritzes in WW2

>>134057862Good point


>>134056991because he knew hitler was doing nothing wrong

>>134057862There were many reports of American soldiers in the Pacific hesitating to fire on the Japanese. It's not a race thing

If Hitler did nothing wrong, then shooting himself wasn't wrong either.

Was it really such a slaughter as depicted in the show?

>muh Nazis are just like us What a cringeworthy scene

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>>134056991>Why did Winter feel bad?Because it was cold, frost bite is awful and can happen easily.

>>134061035it was a mark of respect from one military officer to another retard

>>134056830This scene made me realize the war could've ended peacefully if all the pretty little German twinks just submitted their butts and mouths to the handsome Allied bvlls.

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>>134056991What shithole are you from?

>>134061035*sniff*... Those brave, noble supremacists that blindly followed orders and invaded everything... *sniff*

>>134061290mutts law



>>134061381Yeah , a shithole alright

>>134061035Woah I know Roger dressed in blackface in that one episode but dressing up as a Nazi officer?? That might be too far

>>134061372I think you're more obsessed with niggers than I am if you believe a good ol' fashioned gay white orgy has anything to do with them.

>>134061998Roger is a jawlet compared to that Nazi

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>>134056991I guarantee more than half these responses aren't even from Germans. What is it with Holla Forums and cucking for people that aren't their own nationality? It comes across as so obsessive and self-loathing.

>the average Prussian before they got btfo from the face of the Earth

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>>134056991The only non human is you together with the kikes

>>134056830You're autistic.

>>134061290absolutely based

nooooo you cant just kill the little boy

>>134056991true>muh superhuman aryans

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>>134056830Based Winters killing the invader of my country. Alle duiters zijn homo

>>134062904the face of the elite SS

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>>134056830It's a nervous blocked smile from shock knowing something bad is going to happen next as you try to brace for it.

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this culture is forever lost from Europe. Everything is cucked now

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>>134056991Current germans aren't, past ones were. Dilate.

>>134060330It definitely helps. Blacks see whites as a major other, its why they are able to murder them so easily at a rate 50 to 1. Meanwhile weak minded empathetic whites have too much trouble. The white race is too empathetic which is why it needs to go bye bye in the new harsh corporate ran world. The white would rebel against what is coming. Their countries are universally tamed now though and plenty of imports into their territory to keep their pathetic asses down if they get uppity.

>>134063046The only thing you need to know about "the elite of the german nation" aka the SS is look upon its leader.

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>>134063127>IT'S ALL LOSTwe literally have that shit every year in Germany, to this date.

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>>134061347WW2 was due to WW1. The Grand Marshall predicted its date and how it would be fought. But sure, make believe you have a grasp of world events on the level of the Grand Marshall, dumb ass.

>>134063148the guy who made this added my Mannerheim bit but didn't spell "Dalai Lama" correctly. It bothers my autism and I'm calling HQ about it.

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>>134063148honestly, göring doesn't sound very bad here kinda chill fat drug addict guy

>>134056830He starts to smile because he doesn't recognize that Winters is an American G.I. at first. Their helmets at first glance look similar, and their uniforms, at first glance, weren't wildly different from German paratroopers.The Americans have achieved complete surprise and it hasn't entered into this young soldier's mind that they could even be attacked during this lull.It's not like an ambush on patrol where'd they be a mix of tense and bored, they are resting and relaxed when Winters crests the hill.

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>>134056991Brown hands typed this.

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>>134064829This is a quality post, but people will still claim that the German kid was autistic. Autism is the answer to everything we don’t understand, that and Jewish trickery.

>>134056991he was probably no older than 17 and its the last time winters fires his weapon. So he ends his direct combat career killing a kid by surprise

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Why did they cram in the moral fag shit?

>>134056830It's initially a smile but then he recognizes Winters is American.

>>134061347>invaded land that was taken from them and wanted it back Nothing wrong with trying.

>>134064895Yes, Im sure it has nothing to do with the fact the nazis conquered half of europe. Nope, nothing at all.

>>134061035>They are now, because they are uswhat a based era of unravelling to be in

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>>134065346And why did they do that user? >inb4 some propaganda taught to you by some kike author

>>134062644It's funny cause that's what "Germans" look like now

>>134061035>We are the heroes and they are the villains!You are a child.

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>>134064829Sounds about right. Anyone research that SS unit? Maybe they were pretty green. Definitely not the Wehrmacht.

>>134062482probably regular human empathy that is common in most people

>>134065434Cause they were dumb butthurt retards with a superiority complex.t. dutch

>>134065346You mean tried to get back what was rightfully theirs, you warmongering oppressor.

>>134056991t. Slavoid

>>134065596You're just saying that because they cucked the absolute shit out of you.

>>134065851Yeah no shit a large fascist state hellbent on domination with a modern military and easy access to our lands defeats us easily. What other brilliant insights do you have?

>>134056991Because in the end he realizedhe killed a disarmed german kid.

>>134062904Ben Shapiro second from the right bottom row KEK

>>134062904jeremy renner top left

>>134061035i hate this clean wehrmacht stuff tbqh>i killed young children, gypsies, jews dirty slavs and other subhumans, executing soviet comissars were part of my orders but i was also a honorable general officer that just defended his homelandwhy cant they be honest about it?just be a man and say wat your intentions were, and if you dont want to die in 1945 just surrender to the americans

>>134066027how gay you are dutch faggot lmao try getting those cocks out of your ass

>>134064895Unironically they would love the

>>134056991b-based desu

>>134056830No, it's a perplexed look.

>>134061347Thank god "Great" Britain declared war on Germany for trying to reclaim Danzig, a city which was 90% ethnically German and had been part of their nation before the Treaty of Versailles ripped it away just for the fun of it. Fortunately in the end after sacrificing their entire empire the British had saved Poland. Oh wait, no, they let it be occupied by the Soviet Union and turned into a communist satellite state. Well at least they had their empire. Oh wait no as I already mentioned, it fell apart. Well thank god they were able to make the planet safe for the jews and carve out Israel for them, and then import third worlders to the extent that their capital city today isn't even a majority Anglo anymore and the most popular baby name on their island is Mohammed!Wouldn't have wanted those evil Germans to have a city that was theirs.

Based Winters what a Trigger Puller.He saw that dyke and was like yeah, whomever controls that controls this field.

Can someone explain winters plan here to me? Why does he run solo just to give away the element if surprise and then his boys run up and start firing? Surely even taking 5 or 6 they could have easily got to the same position as winters without alerting the rest of the Germans but Winters solo runs up there and gives the element of suprisw away to klart one German soldier?

>>134061347reddit is that way

>>134056991>all these butthurt muttoid replies

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>>134067276the smoke just fired later than he meant to.

>>134068164Oh so the idea was chuck the smoke and when it pops everyone runs?Seems unnecessary, also I know it’s just for style purposes but why would a huge giant red cloud of smoke be ideal right before a surprise attack Also why didn’t winters just wait for his men who were at most 15 seconds behind him?

>>134068121goering was genuinely based

>>134068333because he wanted to be on the lead and didn't look back to see what's going on

>>134068432Alright fair enough, I think from the entire show that was the only thing that ever bugged me, I could never work out if it was just the directors wanting more style shots or if that actually happened that way

>>134056830The only thing good to come out of this show was the one the Jew from Friends getting to act in a non cuck role for once.

Great show, but can't sympathise with "guilt" over killing nazi. They killed millions of innocent people, including children and old ones just because they were tricked by bunch of uneducated retards. I mean, how the fuck did people believed in race theory while their leaders looked like rat goblins?

>>134056991Kike detected

>>134069924Try looking at history that isn't written by jews.You could say this exact same thing about a lot of nations especially Murrica.

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>>134070084Well, it's not about jews. It's about millions of innocent soveit people who were murdered in the most horrid way possible just because nazis were retards who thought they're better than anyone else and when got btfod hard by these "sumhuman slavs". Also nazis are responsible for migrations crysis in Europe.

>>134070303Yeah I never understood why they killed those soviet villages. I get killing jew's outside Germany because they weren't Germans but man some of those Nazi officers were too high on their own farts. History is chock full of a small number of egotistical jackasses ruining things for the rest of us. That's where the hatred of jews came from after all.>fucking banking cabal!>KILL EVERYTHING

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>>134069924>They killed millions of innocent people, including children and old ones just because they were tricked by bunch of uneducated retardsHilarious how you got tricked by a bunch of uneducated retards into believing this.

>>134070303>innocent soveit peopl

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>>134056830Amber Heard?

>>134065596Lol ok swamp Jew

>>134056991most Americans were of German descent

>>134071112Well, I got facts. What do you got aside meme answers and being wehraboo?>>134071173I think there were no need in killiing civilians but well, g*rmans were easily brainwashed that killing women and children is okay. I guess euopeans are not much better than niggers after all.

>>134061035killing commies is honorable

>>134071457you are easily brainwashed

>>134065099I wish George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld would be tried at the Hague and hanged for war crimes