Here's your SALMA HAYEK costume in the MCU bro

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>>134056045The eternals? More like bignaturals

>>134056045Need more huge milkers imo

>>134056045>ETERNAL MILK

what ps2 game is this

>>134056045really loving the salma hayek bimbo arc

>>134056045They do these with all their actresses. Put unisex heavy leather clothing to mask their forms.


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>>134056045>You wanna have sex with this woman>More like we'll do all we can do revert that>btw I hate the Campbell and the Hero's Journey>I'd rather talk about my vagina and how it instantly makes me equal to men without doing anything

>>134056045Kek, they’ll probably use CGI to shrink he bust, can’t have those jealous troglodyte progressives and tragic excuses for men* going on Twitter complaining about big breasts.

>hire a titcow who's only notable performances is her roles playing titcows>cover her literally all the way up to the neckI'm getting real tired of this shit.

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>>134056045I still see some skin on that costume, better throw a burka on her. Oh, and maybe something around the waist to hide the female form.


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>>134056941wheres the porn of this character, im finna nut.

>>134056045Unfortunately in the MCU they will never appear as they are in comics

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>>134056045She cute

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>>134057545Me on the right

>>134057545based lil nigga

Why would a woman who advertises she wants to be FUCKED at all times even agree to something this restricting

Should have gone with Caroline Vreeland

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MMMMM YES MOMMY THANK YOU FOR THE MILKIES*slurps milk rapidly and doesn't even stop for air*MMM THANK YOU MOMMY I'VE BEEN A GOOD BOY*shit myself and mommy continues to feed me as she changes my diaper*MOMMY MILKIES YUMMY*keeps drinking mommy milk while watching transgender interracial cuck porn and the 2009 PA Championship Tournament on dual Samsung™ monitors running Windows 98 and furiously fingerblasting my asshole while fantasizing about throwing a sackful of puppies into a pit filled with Anne Hathaway's used heroin needles*MOMMMMMMY

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>>134058752why are you pretending there were no women in or behind the scenes of capeshit before now? it's not like most marvel movies give anyone any creative freedom anyway, except for a handful they're all formulaic as fuck, feige has his middle of the road money printing system down to a tee, he's not just going to take his hands off the wheel now for a giggle because women make you cry.

reminds me of black panther

>>134057545This is memable, EZlook at his face haha

>>134059143>long worded rant defending pozzing

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>>134056045They will add a badly lit CGI suit over her body to shrink her tits.

>>134056941Instead of dropping him she should have powerslammed him from 50ft up.

>>134056413it's concept art


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>>134056462So? You have to want to fuck every female character in every film?

>>134059143>why are you pretending there were no women in or behind the scenes of capeshit before now?Why are you pretending there were?


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>>134056045maybe it breaks during battle creatging a boob window

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>>134057545poor kidis probably dehydrated and dying fuxking vapid whore taking pics off him instead of feeding him

>>134059306ok I'm sure you're right, they're going to pander to faggots and they're all going to flop, just like the last ten times you said that was happening.


>complete manface>BUT T-TITS!just admit you're all fags.

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>>134059780>>134059868you know they have porn now, right?

No way.She's latina. Latinas are based. They don't care about muh sexual objectification.

>>134059572of course.

>>134058653now shes free to play power girl in Zack Snyder's Mos 2 :)

>>134056045No tits = no audienceHow much money will they going to lose due to this no tits decision?

>>134056711the marvel movies are all about equality, disney never do something as exploitative as having a topless scene for the male lead in every single movie. they'd never dream of sexualizing a 15 year old peter parker like that, or having comments about captain america's ass in endgame.

>>134059789I would too if my face were next to those melons

>>134059572You are leaving dollars out there uncollected if you cast them any other way.

>>134056045FUCK THE MCU

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>>134059909these fags also drool over whores with flat man asses if their tits are big enough

>>134059572Why would you even watch capeshit otherwise? The "good" acting and "great" writing?

>>134056462to appease unwashed brown and black and yellow menace and keep those sweet petrodollars coming in

>>'re worried about disney's finances? what is your issue exactly?

>>134059572If I'm putting money down, I BETTER BE GETTING A SHOW. Selma understands this but Marvel doesn't.

the way you crave big juicy tits,its the same exact way girls crave big hard cockthink about that

>>134061081so don't see the movie then. what's the problem

>>134056941a fictional character in an unrealistic world can be drawn however the artist wants for whatever reason, it's called "Artistic Licence" The reasons given in this comic are both smokescreens to the true feelings of both sides, and i wish people would just be more honest about why they dont like something.

>>134059572If they expect me to pay for it yes

>>134058752R E N T__F R E EENTFREE

>>134056045Imagine hiring a tittymonster and then covering her upWhat a fucking waste

>>134056045>tfw Mexican but hate this Lebanese midgetShe just doesn't do anything for me. Her "acting" is so bad it feels so unnatural snd forced yet everyone who I talk to loves herI'm from Veracruz too

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casting spiderwoman:


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>>134056941Everybody is this shit comic is ugly

We are only allowed to objectify men in the MCU. Can barely get a good glimpse of Widows ass, but have all the gratuitous gloryshots of cap and thor flexing you want! Can you imagine if the roles were reversed in Infinity War when they found Thor? Imagine Thor groping Gamoras breasts and commenting on how they feel like they're made of bags of sand, the outrage it would cause. But no lol molesting a sleeping man is okay because Thor is omg hawt I'll continue pretending to care about feminism later

She's still fucking hot. Like, she's covered up but it's still showing everything and that's fucking great. Kids need skin to get off, that'll never change.


>>134063274I miss the old MCU when there was both ass and tit shots of Black Widow


>>134063274and that is good

>>134056045>hiding her tits so transexual women wont be offendedwhat a sad state of affairs

>>134057545that lil nigg is literally das it mane lmao


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>>134056941>incel: the comic

>>134056045look at those big bonanzas...

>>134057545that kid has been a big tiddy hunter ever since

>>134058653I have a bunch of her photos...for research

>>134059572That is the point of females, is it not?

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>>134056941>tumblr/reddit tier art>flames redditi am confusion


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>>134056045It has The Shape that almost every MCU character has on their suit



>>134057545Who did it better?

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>>134066258lucky bastard

>>134064831based chad

>>134056045Salma Hayek is probably the hottest milf in Hollywood

>>134056941this comic triggering all the lefties in the thread kek

>>134057273well she looks like a whore

>>134056941Based as fuck

>>134066258You can hear his heart grow bigger.

>>134056941Why did he need help?

>>134056045Looks like any other MCU costume

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>>134064546You have to wonder what tourists think when they see copy pasta's like this.

>>134059494based niglet

>>134067226Extremely funny

>>134067123The only good MCU redesigns were Captain America’s or Iron Man’s

>>134067226that this board is full of autists

>>134067952they’re not wrong, though

>brain dead coomers expecting massive cleavage for every female character in a kids movie

>>134067949And Hawkeye's. The rest range from okay to mediocre.

>>134068230I didn’t really like Hawkeye’s design, but I didn’t think his original design was gonna translate well, either, but yeah most of the other designs suck

>>134061247>i wish people would just be more honestFucking, just this, in general.Everything is all for show these days. More than ever, it's more important for everything to "look good" than to be true.It's all an act, everyone is just a fucking actor for their whole lives, and- shit, I think I just understood what Shakespeare was talking about. Fuck, if he thought it was bad then, he'd have a fucking panic attack to know how people behave in the future.

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>>134056045I really want to sleep with a sexy MILF Latina like her.

>>134057545Lucky nigga

>>134068766give me her onlyfans

>>134056941would be much better if it wasn't digital shit

>>134066912more than just his heart

>>134064732Based City , USA

>>134068111>he fears the human form>he thinks children can't handle nuditySad!

>>134056045That is concept art.