Which one was better?

And why?

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*crickets chirping*

BvS. Because Batman was fucking awesome. Superman is lame.

Man of Steel. Because Nolan had some say.

>>134054914MoS for me, krypton was the tits

>>134054914>which snydershit was better?both of them go into the trashcan of capeshit


>>134054914MoS is a better movie but BvS had some cool scenes, weak villans tho


>>134055353Why do batfaggots eternally seethed at based Supes? MOS was better, but not because bvs is bad, but because the studio bloated the movie with the justice league tie ins, and Snyder ind of bloated it with the whole dream sequence with batman, and the theatrical cut which cut out pivotal superman scenes is shit compared to the extended edition. Aside from the 'tell that to zod's snapped neck' meme, MOS actually humanized Superman, and the ending was hopeful as hell. I thought we were getting a superman trilogy and I felt like a 12 year olf kid when i left the cinema

>>134054914Man of Steel is an actual movie that you can sit down and consume for about two hours and logically follow the mostly linear plot. Whether you enjoy it or not. Dawn of Justice is a random collection of images and sound vaguely resembling Oscar bait.

>>134054914MoS. It was a complete, focused film.BvS tried to be too clever for its own good, Luthor's actor was awful, and the final battle boring.

>>134057033MoS is a better movie but I respect BvS ambition and I prefer flawed but pure ambition.

>>134054914Really hard question. Both are pure SOUL.

>>134054914I love them both but I prefer BvS. BvS confirmed a lot of the things suggested in MoS's imagery. In fact, I couldn't even fully appreciate MoS until I'd seen it.

>>134054914I can't really separate the 2, they're a complete movie to me, although BvS really needs MoS to feel complete.


im a batfag but after watching the stream with based zack im leaning towards man of steel

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>>134054914>shit or diarrhea Choose.

>>134055353>>134055495>>134056583>>134056601>>134056787>>134056938>>134057033>>134057210>>134057394>>134058062>>134059330>>134059443>>134059486What a bunch of fucking retards, holy shit, kys.

>>134057210MoS had alot of ambition

>>134059486"I just remembered that he isn't actually hurting me"


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>>134059819"I didn't watch the movie"

>>134059827I wish I had a gf like her, she's so cute.

>>134059870couldn't pay me to watch this desu


>>134054914Man of Steel, by a mile. It's biggest problems in my opinion were the bloated fight scenes (especially the world engine tentacle fight) and some tacked-on scenes with the newspaper people near the end. If it had focused more on Superman's early life and him searching for his place in the world, and maybe been a tad more colourful, it would be a near perfect film in my book. I didn't even mind the neck snap, it was the logical conclusion of that fight. It also had some emotional inconsistencies, I remember wondering why I was supposed to care about this one family getting lazered when thousands of people would have perished in that fight.The movie even ended with Superman being the more cheerful character we recognize from the old movies. Then somehow all that was lost for the next movie. That's the worst thing about BvS, the wasted potential.

>>134054914MoS is underrated, I love it. BvS is a boring heap of shit that made me fall asleep. I had never been so disappointed in my life.

>>134060758Also Pa Kent's death was retarded, either he shouldn't have died at all or it should have been a heart attack like in the original, something Superman couldn't prevent.

Man of Steel overall is a better superhero movie.

>>134060758he literally ended the movie with a huge smile, wtf are you talking about

>>134054914both are shit

>>134061195That was exactly what I was talking about. We'd seen the transformation from Superman questioning his purpose to accepting his responsibility. Then in BvS he was back to moping about saving people.

>>134054914>MoSFor me, the biggest issue was the shakecam. I don't know what the fuck Snyder was thinking. "Man of Murder" and "Stop Invincible Son" were only minor annoyances to me.>BvSThe story was a clusterfuck. Making Lex a whiny cunt millennial was a huge mistake. Martha. They fixed a few of the story issues with the DVD/BluRay release but it still had issues. BvS really hurt because the trailers were so good (until the Doomsday reveal).Despite the retarded shake-cam MoS was better than BvS because the story made sense.

>all these MoS chadsthought I was the only one

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The only bad part of MoS was the father dying like a retard but it didn't ruin the movie.

>>134060758That's where the movie filters people.The character development of Clark is expressed through the Daily Planet's staff trying to survive the disaster together.>>134061096Keeping him alive would serve no purpose. him dying from a heart attack has been done, and to showcase something out of Clark's control, is already done in the movie.Example I'm speaking of is him having to kill Zod.Yes he has to kill him, if you can't accept that, then you have no grip on the given stakes or the reality of that world.Zod is not going to follow him out of the city like some gay anime.Zod will notice if Clark is taking him out of any collateral damage zone.There is no sending him into the phantom zone.There is no restraining him, no earth tech could withhold him.Zod was bred not only as a fighter but as a General, so with time, he will end up beating Clark if he is let go or stalls the fight much longer.This is something Clark cannot change Zod's mind about, and has to accept that killing him is the only action he could take.

>>134063884I still don't get what's people's beef with this part. Had Clark outed himself as an alien there, without even fully knowing what he's capable of yet, the whole world and his life would've been fucked.

>>134059819Tell me how I know you haven't watched this masterpiece

>>134054914ITT we're LARPing as if either of these movies had any merit

Which one had the tornado scene? Not that one.

>>134064620Yeah because i am sure that a bunch of farmers trying to save themselves from a tornado make some good witnesses about alien encounters, he literally had to run a little bit faster than a normal human to save his father in what fucking world do you not save him? It didn't stop him from saving the kids in the bus or the people in middle of the ocean form the fires.

>>134064620How the fuck would saving his father from a fucking oncoming tornado make a bunch of farmers think he's an alien?

Man of Steel is actually a decent movie while BvS is trash

Both have their ups and downs.>MoS: Pa died stupidly, shoulda just had him have a heart attack later in the movie, with Clark screaming about he can "save everyone" despite the fact he can't. Had too much product placement, and spent too much time on Krypton.>BvS: Too much exec. meddling caused half the story to be up in the air until the DC was released. Bruce could have used some more backstory to explain just why he is so brutal.

Man of steel >>>>>>>>>>>> superman vs billionaire cringe autist le batman

>>134064620Save your father with your awesome lightning speed and strength from a horrible death first, then worry about what random hillbillies think they saw during a tornado storm

>>134064620The problem with the scene isn't the premise, but that it seems like a situation that Clark could easily have managed without outing himself, running to the car instead of Pa Kent and not getting his foot stuck. Why would Pa Kent even risk his own life, obviously thinking he had a chance to go back, instead of just letting his super strong son go in the first place? Then he wouldn't have to later deny him the opportunity because it would THEN be too obvious.

One thing no one gives Man of Steel credit for is actually portraying super speed and strength correctly vs regular civilians.

>>134065712>Bruce could have used some more backstory to explain just why he is so brutal.NO. Thats your brain on MCU shit. You are not supposed to empathize with him or give him a sob story so you understand that batman is not so bad. Batman is in the wrong. He is a force of nature, in the wrong. And he finally sees the light. Thats it. Plus the movie already says that Robin died and he lived through a lot of betrayals. To extend beyond that is retarded. Would make him less scary, less irrational and much less of a force of nature.

man of steel is the best super hero movie ever made.BVS is great but it doesnt reach the same heights MoS does

>>134054914One is a film for Superman fans and one is a film for Batman fans. I think Man of Steel is a more competently made film than the original cur of BvS, but I dont much care for Superman and BvS had the best on screen Batman as well as great fight scenes so it's the better choice for me personally

>>134061096>something Superman couldn't prevent.we dont know if the tornado wouldnt had killed a younger superman

>>134054914BvS but they are both kino.

>>134059827god i love her so much

Dick Ships.Cock Rockets. Dong Shuttles.

BvS because Man of Steel was boring

>>134063888Based trips and great Zod take. The family only mattered as a way to jolt Superman out of "the city" thinking and into "the people" thinking. As in the thousands dead and millions endangered.

>>134064620Freak things happen all the time. You'd be surprised what people can shrug off when they have no basis of interpretation for what they just saw.All Clark had to go was run faster than a normal human, grab his father, run back. If anyone saw he could justify it as an adrenaline rush.

>>134062767I HATE super hero comics and movies. All of them. Except this one.

why so many people think TDKR batman is the defacto Batman when in reality the bat and supes are usually in some kind of bromance

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>>134054914Man of Steel is infinitely better because while its plot is pretty stupid, at least it isn't convoluted and nonsensical like BvS.Both movies take themselves far too seriously though.


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>>134059486For all that production value, what a boring ass fight. Literally the fight the movie was built around and it was the most boring shit in the movie.

>>134054914Both are shit

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>>134068722>tfw we'll never have best capekino bromance on screenfuck snyder and fuck wb

>>134068903Based retard

>>134062226Fucking WRONG. Marthafags don't understand human nature. Batman could not recognize himself in Superman until he was confounded by Superman's apparent ability to understand what secretly mattered most to Batman himself. The intersubjective equality introduced there dissolves the anger and envy that up to that point were the essence of Batman's psychology and the basis of his whole life. In doing so Superman redeems Batman not by force but by accident, thus demonstrating in a single stroke the fallacy of Batman's entire life. It is Sophoclean pottery that brainlets will never understand.

>>134054914Man of steel by far. BvS wasted so much potential. Doomsday v Superman should be the coolest fight ever but it was fucking lame. They did it better in both animated movie versions.

>>134054914Both of them are fucking bullshit, Man Of Steel atleast is coherent bullshit, but it is still bad.

>>134054914Justice League was better than both

>>134057033>too clever

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>>134054914I unironically think Man of Steel is one of the only truly great and profound superhero movies.

>>134054914BvS UE > MoS > BvS

I like MoS more but BvS is more commendable for what it tried (and failed in some ways) to do.

Stop, my invincible sonyoutube.com/watch?v=Bs39HGOd25c

Man of Steel is the better film. But I love Batman v Superman more for being so fucking ambitious in its storytelling.

>>134071558how would he know clark is invincible?