What are some african kinos

what are some african kinos

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what were they going to do with oil anyway

>>133743493>africa is one country

>>133743493i truly hope all of eruope burns under nigger riots.

>>133743509Fucking this

> implying Africans new there was even oil or rare earth metals under their feetbig jej

>>133743525i hope for a sale on ovens

>>133743509Sniff it

>>133743493Africa isn't really even exploited for oil


>hundreds of years ago you took portions of our vast resource wealth, so therefore we can move in


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>>133743572North Africa and Nigeria have oil but they're paid for it, it appears the cartoonist forgot that part

How come the arabian peninsula doesn't have this problem?

>>133743493Even if some rich cunt made a shitty deal with Africans for oil how am I responsible as a white person for that and why should I then be punished with 3rd world immigration?

Wakanda - black utopia because my super valuable metal natural resourceAfrica - literal tribal villages until stealing the basic groundwork of civilization, founded on a country with fertile soil and plenty of natural resources that didn't get used???

>>133743509africa has shit tons of oil, but actually almost none of it is being produced. because it literally takes more mercenaries than it does oil workers per well. because spear chucking niggers just try to kill motherfuckers, not even trying to steal the oil. if they would only evolve to sand nigger status at least they could blow up pipelines and steal oil. it is actually quite insane that in america it is cheaper to bore a mile into shale, pump it full of horrible chemicals, recuperate at least 99% of those chemicals, and pump out tiny deposits, all while paying idiot rednecks 30 dollars an hour to stand around, than it is to import oil from africa?

>>133743493If they likes whites so badly why'd they kick them out?

>>133743631try to stop us wh*toid

>>133743493>Live in a country that never colonized or exploited Africa>Still get african immigrantsWhat then huh

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>>133743683Same race!

I have some:youtube.com/watch?v=ZfG-5ZhI3wkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzrL5Xw6-sshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=826tpNNrCF0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwON0U70NvYAfrica much like Mexico and Central America is not as poor and under-developed as the globalists would have you believe. It's just that their people shit out so many poverty-babies that their countries find it easier to tell them to fuck off and go be someone else's problem than it is to try and deal with it.

>muh landspoils belong to those who take it

>>133743525>t. mutt

>>133743683shut up white boymr. bergowtiz say they be white wimminz hea

>>133743493>oilI don't recall oil being a major export of africa. The USA is the largest exporter, followed by the middle east.

>>133743661>recuperate at least 99% of those chemicals,user...


>>133743683unless you are swiss, i have bad news. and even then, im pretty sure you cheese fags were part of the prussian empire at one point.

>>133743493>niggers>building boats

>>133743547is it ok to perform vasectomies on incels? Just asking for a friend.

>>133743768it's ok if they're black,but why stop at vasectomies?

>>133743650sure buddy, and if they change their mind glow-niggers just instigate "democracy"

>>133743719It's not the "poverty" that keeps people out of developing countries, it's the lack of safety. Not just that it's violent and you get robbed easily, but the police is corrupt and useless and the hospitals are so-so at best. If you're white you stand out like a sore thumb and get targeted even easier.

>>133743739dude, modern fracking is regulated as fuck. yea sure back in the day they were putting fire plumes in idiots water in pensylvania. but no one is doing that shit anymore. they literally weigh everything coming in and going out. and most of what is going in is literally just liquid sand. fracking is pretty clean in 2020. it just costs a shit ton. because it is so clean. and it takes like 60 redneck idiots per site to make sure it is so clean. and it is still somehow cheaper than stealing oil from niggers.

>resources from the third world>benefits me, enhances my quality of life>people from the third world>rape and kill in the streetsWhere's the contradiction?

>>133743679I actually would if the government didn't threaten me with incarceration and violence.

>>133743843Not under Obama it wasn't. There are parts of Texas that are toxic toilets and will be so for centuries thanks to Obama-era fracking.

>>133743493Are you actually asking for African kinos, or is this just a weak bait thread? I could recommend some kinos if you're actually interested

>>133743493fuck off liberaltard

>>133743902You must be new here. Leave while you can.

>>133743802Africa is known for their stable governments. I apologize

>>133743902go ahead

>>133743885>There are parts of Texas that are toxic toilets and will be so for centuriesYou mean the Mexicans or what?


>>133743885fracking was under the worst restrictions under omambo. they literally couldn't blow off gas without getting super fined. so the panhanle of texas wasn't really touched until those laws abided. and the groundwater laws have been in effect since the 90's you stupid nigger.

>>133743657>wakanda>the only way to develop nigger people is they to having a God's metal to sell to developed countries>Still stuffing huts on skyscrapers tops

>>133743493Why is w***ey so evil?

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>>133743757Well they sure as shit aren't fucking swimming

>>133743964some of the absolute best fracking land is down by the border, but i think what he is talking about is all the shale exploration that took place after 2016, which was in the panhandle. and that was delayed because of emission regulations, because god forbid the stupid ass prarie fans have hotter air. it's not like a bunch of giant fans can alter the weather, but a few gas vents can.

>>133744006why you love c*ck in your m**th and a**hole?

>>133744006>pretending like we stole their resourcesNice lie. They got rich for centuries off of their own resources. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mansa_MusaAlso let's not forget about the Barbary white slave trade.

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>>133744006Lmao completely omits China, wonder why.

>>133743525The Yuros will start the fire themselves to show everyone how not-racist they are.

>>133743843>idiots water>people are idiots because their water is pollutedWhat does the oil company's boot taste like?

>>133743843Those redneck idiots contribute more to society than you ever will faggot

>>133743979There was even an episode of the TV show Moonshiners from during the Obama years where some shiner goes to a site used for generations due to the clean springwater only to find it's contaminated by frackers nearby.


>>133743493Wakanda is rich because magic rock while are isolated and do not trade... It's Almost as if jews are mocking you bros.

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>>133743493i very much enjoyed Louis Theroux's Law and Disorder in Lagos, Nigeria.

>>133744111dude, it has been widely shown that the only idiots who got fucked in pensylvania signed their own leases. the people who did the fracking there did that shit on purpose. they selected farms with thier own water supply so they couldn't claim anything else.if you sign your own drinking water supply away, you are a fucking idiot. im not saying what they did was right. but i am saying that the idiots that signed away their drinking water were idiots.

>>133744006A sad state of affairs. I heard Bill Gates stole Microsoft from someone in Ecuador

>>133744178Jews are whites too, you know?

>>133744137nigger, i used to drive the crude from those sites. i started pumping the sand. i was one of those rednecks.

>>133744178Is this from some real basketball american gathering or something?

>>133743631>hundreds of years ago This is still going on user

>>133744102Because this comic is older than Chinese influence in Africa

>>133744259Chinks are building football stadiums in exchange for all their natural resources. No one cares because there's no white person to scream at

>>133743493I'm pretty sure the people getting oil from abroad are the same people supporting open borders.

>>133743509oil paintings

>>133744319the chinese influence in africa has been going on for at least 15 years. if you ignore the congo situation, which is hard to prove.

>>133744356Yeah, and I'm pretty sure that comic is more than 15 years old

>>133743929I'm actually not. I've been here for almost a decade. I'm just bored with the low-effort racebaiting threads>>133743962Ousmane SembèneYoussef ChahineHaile GerimaDjibril Diop MambétyAbderrahmane SissakoSouleymane CisséGaston KaboréNabwana I.G.G.

>>133743493i thought Beasts of No Nation was really quite good

>>133743493He took the drum, but left the oil standing there. What an idiot.

>>133744259>people voluntarily exchanging goods and services across international orders, including oil, is evil exploitation Should we stop buying things from Africa? What about the other major oil/gas commodity producers like Russia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Saudi Arabia? Are we exploiting them?

>>133744232>Is this from some real basketball american gathering or something?Yup something something newnawubia or something in usa

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>>133743493Retarded, many of Africa's big oil producers are OPEC members meaning they are the ones historically fucking over the rest of the world.

>>133744444Fucking americans.

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>>133744102They got plundered too idiot, ever heard of the opium wars?

>>133744006>Iberian peninsula not implicated at allwhat the fuck lmao

>>133743493Don't really see anything wrong with this. You reap what you sow. You are now paying for the crimes committed by your grandfathers fathers.Watch Hotel Rwanda

>>133744478They got btfo

>>133744486>nothing on the middle east either

>>133744486The Iberians will pay for their collaborations with white supremacy

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>>133743493>buy a pizza>the pizza guy now thinks he can live at your house.>somehow this makes sense in the comic maker's headit wasn't stolen, they paid for it and if nogs wasted the resources and got nowhere with it its not the white man's problem.

>>133743493Shouldn't it say "No immigrants!" ? What does "Not immigrants!" mean?

>>133744478Not a major conflict. The only truly persecuted people in history were whites. I've estimated that people of color killed between 300 and 400 million of them. In exchange whites gave non-whites insulin and antibiotics, doubling most of their lifespans.

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>>133743752You mean the Habsburg empire and neither ever had any colonies

>>133743572There's plenty of oil in Libya, but they're not too fond of niggers.

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>>133744518You consider living with blacks a punishment lol

>>133743661I'm pretty sure shale is unprofitable.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-09/shale-s-new-reality-almost-all-wells-drilled-now-lose-money

>>133744356Did you think political cartoons started with the internet?