After Hollywood employs this technology, say goodbye to cameras, actors, stunt doubles, all of it

All productions would literally be Unreal.

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>>133741262It's not even that good.

>>133741262They already do retard

yay! more SOULLESS cgi, just what we needed more of!

>>133741262doesn't look more real than real lifeand when will game developers learn that graphics =/= quality


>>133741262looks like uncharted 2

The terrain, the statues and some bits of her clothing looked great BUT SHE looks straight out of an early 2000's PS2 cinematic

every movie will be alita?

>>133741576Nice try, roastie. If anything she what all women should strive to look like.

C'mon give me some comfy animated 40k movies/games with this tech. Imagine the cost reductions in using the same assets.

>>133741262Fucking triangles . how does it work ???

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>>133742016She wasn't on par with the cgi around her you stupid faggot, I'm sorry that you fell in love with a 9 minute tech demo character but that doesn't mean you should lurk Holla Forums looking to defend her honor, it means you should go outside more often

i cant sniff cgi feet, its not gonna work

>>133741262Oh yes, of course they'll voluntarilly make their trillion dollar industry disappear you fucking retard

>>133741262>implying this won't create a pendullum force to make people start making only 100% real movies as a form of it's own art

>>133741262>completely overhyped techdemonone of this is new. specially not for cutscenes. it's cool that the ps5 will be able to handle some prettier graphics but I doubt we'll see many games who manage to make use of that and offer good gameplay.

Let's say CGI becomes convincing enough for studios to ditch real actors entirely. Who are the biggest winners in this, mocap actors? Animators?

3 0 F P S

imagine tifa boobs with another 30 billion triangles ... what a time to be alive

>>133742291it was a joke poindexter

>>133741262I too have seen Looker, zoomer.

>>133741576Did you play ps2? You are so wrong

>>133741262Looking forward to seeing this implemented in VR

>>133742332>trillionOh you.

>>133742347this would only work of it's cheaper to create a movie in cgi than to pay actors.

>>133741298fuck off. nobody cares about your depression

I used to be extremely excited for VR worlds where you can manipulate whatever you want but recently had the revelation that it's nothing short of satanic.

>>133741298Lmao at this cope


>>133741262This is all bullshit. Imagine how much memory all these unoptimized models take. Nobody will ever be able to run this shit one their gaming PC.

wasn't there something like this 5+ years ago?

Don't post in this thread if you can't name this equation. >>133742344Their GI tech is new, and distance-based decimation was only for offline engines until now. >>133742261Who's the 40k audience?

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>>133741298This. The environmental textures were very good, but this character model looked like ass.

>>133742448For certain films, it already is, but that's not really what I'm asking. Entertain my hypothetical a bit, will ya.

>>133742416I'm not talking about GTA Vice City in-engine cutscenes, I'm talking about the pre rendered stuff some games used in their cinematics

>>133742572The 40k fans and everyone who bought Space Marine.

lol they already have this tech dickheadmandalorian was shot on a 360 screen that they can pick whatever point they want and just film

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>>133742469t. delusional christcuck. Enjoy your shitty, deprived existence

Looks like a ps1 game.

>>133742656Same company, OP's video is the next version of that engine.


>>133741262>videogames are gonna get more realistic

>>133742656Are there any videos of this explaining everything on youtube? I want to see the automatically generated CGI in effect

>>133742469I've had similar thoughts once I realized that many of my burdens stems from gazing into black mirrors.

>>133741262These tech demos are always full of ballcap. Especially UE ones.



human movement still looks completely unnatural

>>133741262I remember this same hype for the last unreal engine and nothing good came out of it. Just incrementally better than the previous gen. Nothing to see here. Belongs on Holla Forums.

>>133741576>>133742592These. What were they thinking? She looks like she's ripped straight from Fortnite

>>133742016You have literal mental illness

>>133741298>.t contrarian

>>133742761Rewatch the ue4 ps4 demo and tell me we don't have game that already look that good. I was surprised by how much its aged.

lol pc fags mad again enjoy your ports that never look or run as good

Not the heckin stunterino's!

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Environment looks really great but the problem with games is that characters look plastic most of the time still.In this video though: is hard to recognize is it real or 3d rendered.

>>133742362Movies are unironically 24fps.

>making serious judgments based on promo footageDie all of you

>>133742977>engine already used in tv show>running real time on ps5 dev unit>they moved light in real time and interactedlmao how much you spend on that 2080ti bruh

>>133742572>dont post in this blah blah>posts 11kb pngLol

>>133742773>>133742764Imagine movies being made using this that allow you to watch them in VR so you can look anywhere while the scene is going on

>>133741262So how many five thousand dollar video cards will be needed to run this shit?

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>>133743001How it's better compared to raytracing?

>>133743001Why cope for corps? You're not getting paid, are you really so dopamine deficient?

>>133743095It's faster (but less accurate)

>>133743095>take 60fps drop>muh ray tracing>look!>*has to scope in on some puddle and sees some shimmering*

>>133743083Only 1 big one that is the size of a room

>>133742347voice actors

>>133741262The Mandalorian used this on gigantic LED screens.

>>133743122>>133743095Ray tracing > UE5 demoThe "lumen" light is a global light that bounces 5 times to light up texture in different shades. It doesn't take into account other objects colors in relation to the world like ray tracing does.Unity literally has this bounce function in light settings. It's not revolutionary at all and at some points confusing when most AAA companies have these functions but can't use them due to performance cost.The demo is prob lagging hard and therefore sampled to 24 fps to not break the illusion.Also I laugh every time they try to claim a feat that they're not using any normalmap for their million triangle model. Meanwhile in CGI...

All the graphics in the world and Im looking forward to just like three games, two of which are indie platformers. Games play like interactive movies and movies look like video games and theres barely anything thats even worth pirating.

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>>133743300Because most of the time is spent making these shitty "cool looking worlds" instead of focusing on gameplay which indie games do.

How much does Epic Games make a year just licensing its Unreal Engine to other devs and even movie and TV studios? They don't even have to make any games. They can just make mad shekels off of everyone else''s games.

>>133742729There's an 8 episode documentary on Disney+. Only the first two are up, and they haven't covered it in detail yet.

they should just dump money on exclusives, new graphics are not that much better than the old one

isn't UE4 super recent already?

>>133743049wouldn't really work since the actors still need to be filmed traditionally. It would work in a fully CG movie though.

>>133741451This.Gameplay wise alsoEveything is an uncharted clone now, except it has no soulThe ones that has soul, don't need state of the art graphics to compensateArt style is also washed out afWe have FF, Avatar and such; lush worlds with amazing shapes and colour palletsNope, fucking caves. And rocks. Rocks and caves.Enjoy your billion triangle rocks you pass by on the greatest adventure of looking for a reason why did you pay 60 dollars for this.

>>133743348>This license is free to use and incurs 5% royalties when you monetize your game or other interactive off-the-shelf product and your lifetime gross revenues from that product exceed $1,000,000 USD.Used to be $3000 or something/quarter lol


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>>133741262What is up with every character these days being a rip-off of rey star wars? Shitty-ass bedsheet outfit that covers everything from her neck to her feet, except for her arms.

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>>133743393They need to start being fucking creative with graphics. They focus too much on realism instead of the abstract. Look up games like Okami which are basically paintings that you play, or games like the Team Ico games which break through realism for an abstract sense of dimension. Realism will only go so far before it becomes mundane.

>>133742386>hurr durr>I only pretended to be retarded

dunno square tried that in 2001. didn't really work out. i don't think their "cgi actor" was in any other movie


>>133743394It's almost 8 years old

>>133741262Oh good, more constricted one path scripted games that look "totally cool and epic brah" with females and PoC main characters. Exactly what i want!

>>133743548>i also refuse to pay for games and don't play online games!>why don't devs cater to meee!

>>133743455who the fuck names their kid "ireland"

>>133743083It’s running on a ps5


>>133743548It's a tech demo retardit's not a real game Is this some sort of downgrade? UE 4 looked better with ray tracing.

>>133743607>everything shiny as fuck

>>133743594But i can already see what kind of games they will make with it. >>133743561Imagine the untapped market of neets and racists by pandering to them then...

>>133743626who cares about your shitty games. this is movie board for fucks sake

>>133743457Yeah the problem is no one knows about okami meaning no one gives money to the devs of this game. Turns out, it's more profitable to make realistic graphics.

>>133742463I care. I care about every user on 4chan who has depression and I pray for them every night before I go to bed. If you think I'm kidding I'm not.

>>133743565Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger, zoomie

>>133741262They have already tried this, made a complete CGI movie with Polar Express. It flopped. The did a remake of Call of the Wild, with everything CGI except the main male character. It flopped.People can tell when they are watching electronic puppets,they're not going to drive to a theater and pay money to see it.

>>133743690I pray for you too user

>>133743623Yes to show of raytracing and reflections.


>>133743690You sound like a decent sort user.

>>133742941What the fuck are you talking about? You can easily tell the storm troopers are fake. They don't look right at all. Look closely at their armor when they move. It looks fake and unnatural as fuck. Looks like a shitty cutscenes from the last game.

>>133742847They probably will put this as a skin in fortnite

>>133741262>>133741298>>133741315>>133741335>>133741383>>133741432>>133741451>>133741576>>133741974>>133742016You can literally see that she's not human. Even her clothes look fake.

>>133744009Don't mass reply bro we can read ur post without it

>>133744009it's not a tech demo for breakthroughs in character design. She could be replaced by a cursor and the video would still serve its purpose, they were just trying to make it a little more interesting for you you faggot ass punk

>>133743651The people responding to me you giant faggot. Now make me.

>>133743300check'dand unironically the most interesting games out there are roguelikes with ascii "graphics"

>>133741262her eyes are the same size of her mouth

>>133743690Thankyou based user.


The lighting engine is fucking incredible. If George had the same technology for the prequels as what was used for The Mandalorian he could have actually achieved the look he was going for.

>>133741298kek, all the shills chimping out at this, also fpbp

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