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>>133741197is that bruce willis at the beginning?

>one engine fails>shut down the working enginei thought it was a meme but it actually happened

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>>133741197>and then i realized... i will probably DIE *loud thud, cut to black, commercial break*

flying is unironically unnatural, we should just stop it

>>133741775so's wearing clothes and cooking your food faggot.

>>133741703you gotta balance it out

>>133741865no it isnt, clothes and fire is well within the boundaries of naturalness in regards to our speciesrocketing thousands of people across the globe every single minute in metal constructs however isnt

>>133741197wtf is this real?

>>133741903Ok, Ted, you ain't gonna fly anymore, not even in the Conair.

>>133741775Flying is significantly safer than driving.

>>133741975Nah. There are many more people in a plane so plane crashes cause more death.

>>133741197>it's dc10 disintegrates in the air episode>it's dc10's engine blows up killing hydraulics episode>it's dc10's landing goes wrong episode>it's dc10's electrical system breaks out ofblue episode>it's dc10's door opens midflight causing explosive decompression episode>it's dc10 disintegrates on the takeoff leaving metal shrapnels on the runway causing another airplane's crash

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>>133742120It is.

>>133742120RETARD RETARD

>>133741197>guy at 0:12>dude on the right at 0:15those 2 dudes look like they are entering the 7th plane of hell

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>>133742749>plane is rapidly plummeting and losing altitude>the onboard computer literally yells "RETARD RETARD" at the pilot repeatedlyDoes insulting the pilot really work? I guess it must or they wouldn't have this feature.. weird though

>>133742833it is a plane

>>133741975depends on who is flying the plane

>>133742933this one is just sad, the groans of fear the pilots make when they realise theyre moments away from death stays with you

>>133742933what flight


>>133742114What the fuck was his problem?

>>133742933why didn't he just brake

>>133741865Wearing clothes and cooking food don't bring millions of rapists and coronavirus spreaders into my town.

>>133742933did they died?

>>133743158I think this is the most retarded post I've seen in a long while.

>>133742114>dc10 keeps crashing>USA let’s them keep flyingDo Americans really

>>133741197>that theory that the explosive decompression was caused by a stewardess being sucked into the hole made by a fuselage panel failing, blocking it

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>>133742933Is there a version of this with audio?

>>133741900>not balancing with rudder deflection and banking towards the working engine

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>>133743238Don't you just die instantly when that happens? Doesn't seem that bad.

>>133742933Why didn't they just steer to the side or something?

>get into my aisle seat >plane takes off >open my bag of coomplementary peanuts >single peanut hits the window>explosive decompression>no survivors DC10 a shit

>>133743318I'm allergic to peanuts so I'd prefer if you don't open them thanks.

>>133743291it doesn't matter it's still a horrific way to die. It's happened to passengers too when shrapnel from an engine failure breaks the windows.

>>133741975If there were as many airliners flying around as there are cars it would be much much more dangerous. Being a private pilot instructor is one of the most dangerous jobs there is per annual deaths.

This thread has convinced me that air travel should be out lawed.

Cast him

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>>133743369wtf there's only been 40 posts, you aint seen shit yet

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>>133743460>Nothing personnel kid

>>133743460Why didn't the other plane wing break off too?

>>133743512it teleported away before that could happen

>>133743512because only the wingtip sliced it, which did break off but wasn't a big deal. the plane landed safely.

>>133743195no it isn't, i think you just made it.

>>133743546How do planes even hit like that? Nigga, there's so much space just move a bit to the side lmao

>>133743372what flight?

>>133741903What about cars? How advanced has something to be, or the underlying science, for it to be unnatural?>>133743158christ-cucks detected

>>133743567There's a 75% chance at any moment that two planes may collide, as there's 4 things they could do when close to one another>They both move inward, causing instant planetary explosion>One moves away but the other moves towards, resulting in tip sliceage>The same as previous but with the other plane>Both planes move away from one another and are fine.Air travel is dangerous

>>133743567like thisen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gol_Transportes_Aéreos_Flight_1907

>>133743636Southwest 1455

>>133743663>instant planetary explosion

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>>133741197>When I said I wanted to be next to a window for the views I didn't mean this, Jeff!


>>133743663>75% chance that at any point 2 planes can collide >there have been 12 in the last 20 years >using an average of 120k flights a day (Actual number likely higher), that equals 876,000,000 flights in 20 yearsAir travel is safer than driving by a country mile

>>133743229We actually grounded them after AA191.The funny part is that wasn't the plane's fault. It was improper maintenance.

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>>133743933Is that supposed to be happening?

>>133743970The fire? Yeah, those old piston engines produce a lot of flame.Gets your dick hard, eh?

>>133743933This looks cool but is it safe

>>133744034Looks wasteful as fuck. I'm surprised it wasn't retired yet on account of the fuel cost.

>>133743813That just tells you how extraordinarily good pilots are. The fact only 12 has crashed is astonishing, and the probability of such an event is around (3/4)^12 * (1/4)^875999988


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>>133744041Safe enough. Flame out is more common than other issues when properly maintained.Skip to 5:37 -- youtu.be/Tod5Dple31g&t=338 (This is a DC-7 but has the same engines.)>>133744070It has been. Connies haven't flown revenue since the '80s.It's a goddamn beautiful plane, though, so a lot of aviation organization try to either keep a handful flying or use them as gate guards.It's dolphin shaped so it's incredibly costly to restore, bulkheads vary in size.Plus the airframes are fucking old, Lufthansa spent a whole bunch of money trying to restore one and then just gave up.

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>>133742114It's a dc10 leaves engine parts on the runway causing the crash of the plane behind it

To continue: >>133744239If any of you guys are interested here's a restoration video youtube.com/watch?v=Je7sTk1oQMs

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>>133743082ya man, for me its the female repeated asking for reassurance and nobody has to the balls to tell her she is going to die...