Who is the best Disney Princess?

Who is the best Disney Princess?

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>>133739975I bet Kate's pussy is tight as fuck.

>>133740004Kate is the little girl right? It most likely is very tight

look at the top of his head

>>133739975Oh no no no no...

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Imagine being royalty. You can literally go bald and not give even enough of a flying fuck to even shave it. That's bigger than a baller or a chad move. Only Royalty can get away with this. I wish I had blue blood.

>>133740122Rapunzel and Belle look like they're on meth.

>>133740148His little brother was chad as fuck killing sand niggers from an apache and shit, and now hes married to a nigger. It isnt all fun and games.

Imagine relying on physicality past your 30's. there's a reason men lose their hair before their 40's. You should be more to a woman than fucking hair of all things

>>133740103>>133740117WTF HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHY


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>>133740148More like he's not allowed to be full bald because bongs have some weird hang up about shaving your head (they think it means you're a violent criminal).

>>133740079DELET THIS!

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>>133740390george is already getting bonged.

>>133740458I'd love to see skinhead Prince William, I reckon he could pull it off quite well.

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>>133739975Does Meg count?

>>133740122unfff that 3d pocahontas

>>133740390damn William is /fa/ as fuck

>>133740586He's relentlessly handsome

>>133740122erm where's alice, she's more of a princess than some of those slags.

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>>133740527Why is Aston Villa the designated 'club that toffs pretend to support to blend in with the proles'? David Cameron pretended to like them too.

>>133740539No chance, no way.


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>>133740779because he never forgot his roots as a soot-faced chimney sweep, user

>>133740200so does that make you a fluffer?

>>133740839You just KNOW.

>>133740200>and now hes married to a Queen>It isnt all fun and games.Wut?

Imagine having to take order from someone like this back in the old days lmao

>>133740947Imagine not following this lad, cant wait to see him in the Zulu remake

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>>133741013I remember TYT absolutely losing it over this.

>>133741013>>133741109>BOW YA SHITS!!,


>>133741132Don't know why, it was the islanders idea to honour their guests.

>>133739975>Bogdanoff I've come to bargain!

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>>133740122Beady anglo eyes suited Brave more

>>133741354It's TYT dude. They don't need a reason to be outraged. Whitey bad. End of.

>>133740779Too far up their own arses to give City their fake support, I'd imagine.

>>133741450based user spotted the overflowing virtue trough and said "me too!"


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It's Charlotte. Look at that look of steely determination. 5 years old and already sick of her commoner lifestyle. She's going to wipe the floor with Granny's reign when she gets the throne.

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>>133741602Oh great the Charlotte nonce is here

>>133740527What's Nosferatu doing there?

>>133740117>part of the only royal family that's still counts somewhat>personal wealth is probably in the tens of millions>doesn't get a hair transplantWhy?


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>>133742107because he has no reason to



>>133742107It's more pathetic than just accepting it

>>133742107>>personal wealth is probably in the tens of millionswatch this start of this guy ritchie film and they explain was royals aren't "rich".

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>>133742107He has a beautiful wife and children, life on easy mode. Why bother getting surgery to get more hair?

>>133742328So that people on an anonymous image board stop mocking him


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>>133742107>Prince William getting a hair transplantImagine how that would look/ come across. Think about it.

>>133740390I don't get why people want to abolish these people. The Cambridges are some of the few public figures in this country who actually set a good example for young people. People should aspire to be like them, rather than the people parroted in the media as setting good examples like Stomzy etc.

>>133740517what doth it mean to be bonged

>>133740779Young professionals in London who are now interested in football since reddit no longer calls it 'sportsball' are all West Ham fans

>>133742292Thanks Aristocrats ya dump yank. The Royal Family are still loaded. The Queen has a personal fortune of 530 million.

>>133742107Cause he's too far gone and his hair is too fair. If he was only receding and thinning at the front then he could probably pull it off, but it ain't going to happen now. He should just shave it off and get jacked, statham style. He's got the face and frame to pull it off.

>>133740390Windsors should have never ditched the beards Just look at Edward the Absolute Unit here

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>>133742713Just radiates chad energy

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>>133740779Who was the dude who did all the rugby shit? He seemed ok.

>>133742750WW1 could not have happened in his lifetime.He kept the children from squabbling.Also fucked French whores so hard they had to design him a special whore fucking chair

>>133742750Willy seethed about him all his life

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>>133739975They grow up so fast.


>>133740122i want to coom on all of them

>>133742026>going to be

>he wouldn't die to defend this

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>>133742926>Billy you play nice with cousin Nicky

>>133740079Kate is the mom. Charlotte is the kid.

>>133741013>>133741109en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Philip_MovementPhilip is OG

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>>133742452I know. Is being ruled by middle class lawyers with no loyalty to the nation whatsoever awesome or something.

Best princess

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>>133740390WTFThose look like off the rack shoes!

>>133743994Because its the uniform you dipstick


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>>133740517How dare you speak in such manner of the future king George VII. who will abolish the corrupt parliament and restore the Empire to its former glory

Princess Gabriella will become the next Grace Kelly and brutally mog everyone.

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>tfw the rightful Italian princess is a complete instathot

>>133742926To be fair all Queen Victoria's kids gave him massive issues. He had a full blown Oedipus complex going with his mother>In one letter, Wilhelm writes: “I have been dreaming about your dear soft, warm hands, I am awaiting with impatience the time when I can sit near you and kiss them but pray keep your promise you gave me always to give me alone the soft inside of your hand to kiss, but of course you keep this as a secret for yourself.”>In another letter, he tells her: “I have again dreamt about you, this time I was alone with you in your library when you stretched forth your arms and pulled me down. Then you took off your gloves and laid your hand gently on my lips for me to kiss it...I wish you would do the same when I am in Berlin alone with you in the evening.”>independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/kaiser-wilhelm-ii-s-unnatural-love-for-his-mother-led-to-a-hatred-of-britain-8943556.html

>>133744054>Because its the uniform you dipstickHigh end private schools usually specify the “style” of shoe if required for a uniform, not the fucking brand or maker. And while bespoke shoemakers usually use leather for shoe soles, adding rubber soles can be done by any quality shoemaker. John Lobb Ltd in London produces some military boot patterns, and used to produce others for their clients.

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>>133740390They gonna send him off to Australia, lil fucker already looks like he wrestles crocs in a swamp.

>>133744339They sent Harry off to Australia and now look at the state of his life.

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>>133744378>couldn't handle the banter>came back to england, married a divorcee amerimutt and made an ameribomination with herWoah, so this is the power of the Land Down Under?