What is the moral of this story?

What is the moral of this story?

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date used up roastie single mothers and raise other mens children

>>133739727HAHA oh WOW imagine being 40 and a VIRGIN LOL!!!how unrealistic haha

Bullying incels is the only reason to come to 4chan

>>133739727Have sex

>tfw 30>smoked too much weed in young years>complete failure >tfw now psychological problems>still living with my parents>never had sex or a gfWhy bros?

>>133739762>date used up roastieDo you unironically being adult male virgin, the bottom trash on social ladder, is in any way preferable? Don't commit if you don't want to but for christ's sake get laid you loser.

>>133739831because you smoked too much weed

>>133739831>smoked too much weed in young yearsThis is not the problem, you've always had underlying mental illness. Weed only triggered it earlier most likely. Have you tried therapy?And even if you're complete schizo it's easy af to fuck some ugly chick. It will give you huge boost to confidence, trust me.

I am 26 years old and I never even kissed a girl

>>133739727>tfw me in 16 more years Honestly I could care less about losing it

>>133739893>Have you tried therapy?nope>>133739861yea I know fuck weed I start smoking with like 14 and it fuck me up stopped now but I guess my brain is complete fucked right now.

>>133739833uh oh roastie getting toastie!correction: single mothers are the bottom trash

>>133739831Did you follow your dreams or something?

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>>133739926Yesterday you were 23. this smells like bullshit.

>>133739960never had any goals in life

>Women are sluttier than ever and no longer give a shit about getting married and just want a quick fuck no matter the race and you are still a virgin...Be honest user, what's your excuse?

>>133739934How long have you been sober? If you've been stoned for a decade it half it will take a long time for you brain to go back to normal, at least a year if not a couple. Anyway you should focus on self improvement, lifting weights and reading books is the cheapest advice but works the best. And lose that fucking virginity, it's dragging you down mentally. Don't be an incel it's pathetic af.

>>133739949You're right to be upset and defensive, user.

>>133739934Sucks man. Had a bud at college who fell into same trap - wound up in psychiatric hospital.

>>133739833Seething roastoid lol

>>133739998>no u

>>133739983like 5-7 years but my brain is still fried I do weight lifting had to stop because my psyche got worse.

>>133739976Maybe someone else posted, but that must be a single post only. Check the archive if you want.

>>133739727Sex isn't as important as finding someone you connect with, the rest will happen naturally

>>133739949A fucking incel doesn't decide anything, you're undesirable and socially rejected garbage. Genetic dead end, waste of existence. Single mother can easily find some provider to get back on track, you're nothing.Stop making excuses on this fucking imageboard and get laid, man.

>>133739727daily taboo sex thread, yikes

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>>133740041>dude you're undesirable socially rejected genetic waste of existence garbage>also stop making excuses and get laid lmaobased braindead normalfag

>>133740041roastie so mad she gives me a double replywow!no, i will not look after little jamarquashawn, goodbye!

>>133740041>this maximum level of seething good lord lmao

>>133739727>Give up almost all your hobbies and interests so you can have chance with a 40 year old used up roastie with a kid

>>133740090>>133740093>>133740098Get fit, dress well, don't stutter or shake. Make sure your breath doesn't smell. It's THAT simple.The problem is that you vastly exaggerate your attractiveness. Protip: You're incel for a reason, women decide your value, it's not your own opinion. You'll have to drop your false standards, and drop them low.

>>133740193Dude, you're posting on 4chan... Get over yourself.

>>133740193thanks for the tips, ill be sure to use them if i ever wanna date some used up beef flaps with a child hanging off them!

>>133740193I am /fit/ for 7 years now, lift and eat better than anyone around me, don't dress like a manchild, no shaking or bad breath. I probably take care of my hygiene probably even too regularly.>You'll have to drop your false standards, and drop them low.Would rather die a kissless virgin

>>133739762I am dating a mother of 3 childrenI'm divorced but now happier than ever

>>133740239>>133740248It's just the basics, you'd already know all of it if you ever had a proper male social circle around you. I believe in you, incels.

that you and your discord should be rangebanned by now

sex doesn't matter for a man at that age especially if he's american (circumcised)you're too old and can't feel shit anyway

>>133740193>roastie continues to seetheno man with dignity is going to take care of your half-breed monstrosity. Go drink your wine peasant

>>133740278It's your choice, maybe you were just unlucky so far. Maybe you should come to terms that 8/10s aren't your level.

>>133740299nothing hotter than taking care of tyron's kids for him.

>>133740329Ah yes, my discord of people who like to discuss the meaning of films.

>>133739974based tribe.

>>133740374Meh he's divorce and probably has children so it's perfectly reasonable if a single mom and dad hook up

>>133740355I'm a sexually active man trying to help you out, why are you lashing out like a histrionic woman? Your father already should have taught you all of it, or your male friends at least. You're making excuses for your adult virginity online, have a little self-awareness you total failure. Medieval society would have driven you out of the village and let wild animals tear you to shreds.

>>133740434no one's making excuses. in fact most people here are probably extremely self aware of why they are the way they arewe're just laughing at roasties with kids thinking they deserve any kind of standards

>>133740434>Medieval society would have driven you out of the village and let wild animals tear you to shredsIncels BTFO

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>>133740428na he doesnt have kids he would have specified it.


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>>133739727It's subtle and jew apatow did it on accident but>if you're 40 and a virgin it is much easier/nicer to just learn to live with itOtherwise even in a literal movie you gave to deal with tons of potentially injurious bullshit just to marry a loose gathering of wrinkles that have been stretched out to resemble a woman

>>133739727That the high fantasy genre can be funny too.

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>lost virginity at 17>had sex with 4 prostitutes between 18-19>had a FWB at 20>live together with my gf having sex twice a dayI honestly can't live without sex. Every life decision I make is in regard to the availability of sex. I'm a complete coomer and I have no ambitions beyond getting the highest quality cooms on a regular basis. There's this virgin girl that's into me but I don't think I'll go for her because I'm getting such a steady supply of good cooms from my current gf.

>>133740434na hed become a priest dumbass.

>>133740434>Getting so worked up that it's writing in paragraphs Come look at this faggot lmao

>>133739833Dying a 90 year old virgin is way more dignified than raising an old hags kids.


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>>133740031No, I think it was you.

>>133740656Think whatever you want. 100% it's not the same phrasing.

>>133740555Shouldn't you be working on becoming an adult man instead of seething like a little effeminate pushover?>>133740576Yeah I agree that raising another man's kids isn't the optimal scenario. Why are you pretending that it's the only option for incels though? Become the best possible version of yourself and fuck women suitable for your level (so, not very attractive, sorry). I can't even imagine living with the shame and inadequacy of being an adult virgin, how do you not just kill yourself?

>>133740696I will never kill myself.


>>133739833>>133740041>>133740193you're right user but please stop, we don't want to face the truth here too. let us escape

>>133740696>raising another man's kids isn't the optimal scenariooptimal scenario? try worst possible scenario that doesn't involve becoming a tranny and lopping your dick offfemale hands typed this post

>>133739833>Do you unironically being adult male virginYes. Used up goods belong in the trash lol

>>133740756damn you're right.. i have seen the error of my ways.. how do i find a single mother in my area ASAP?

>>133740737Pity. Improve the quality of your shitposting, at least.

i unironically wish i had never lost my virginity and got involved with womenit's not worth the pain, the pain never stops

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>>133740756Well... okay. I'm just doing this because tough love helped me to get over my own teenage incel faggotry.

>>133739831evidently drugs give you bliss that sex never can. I've seen friends drop already secured with a kid good pussy just to be a junkie

>>133739727every single goddam daybless you anons


>>133740774>>133740777See, this is exactly the complete lack of self-awareness I mentioned. Incel, the fucking cockroach of dating scene, the rotten egg in the fridge of society, thinks he has the right to judge anyone, or have any sort of standards. No one tells you you HAVE to marry a single mother, but god damn dating one would certainly be a step in the right direction for worthless manchildren such as yourselves.

>>133739727If you’re social inept and above 30, the best you’ll ever get is a used up roastie with kids.

>>133740822You're not helping anyone on here nor will you ever you fucking retard your 9bcession with fucking is disgusting and cringy same with every fag that spams "" """""incel""""""""


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>>133740868What sort weakling would think this is adequate response to someone calling out your virginity?Grow a pair of balls you incel.

if you are not Chad its over for you

>>133740919not even a virgin, I'm just saying it's preferable to stay one than raising another man's children - which is a little worse than "not an optimal scenario" LMAO

>>133740961Big mad

>>133740939And I was lying too, I wasn't at any point an incel faggot either. Normal men don't need "tough love" because they have healthy testosterone levels and male social circle around them to develop the correct behaviour. You obviously have none of that, and when someone more successful gives you advice, you're whining and screeching instead. For people like you it's probably for the best if they remain incel, don't bother women with your mental weakness.

>>133741050sounds like you're only trying to convince yourself user

>>133739831>almost 30>persistent skin problems for life>never tried cause whats the pointnever had a chance. i dont even fucking care at this point i gave up at around 15 or 16. just fall through the cracks and die alone bro its ez.

>>133741018I'd agree generally but looking at the deranged and undesirable collective of incels here, not so sure honestly. For you or me, or men who can do better, it's the worst case scenario. For a socially retarded incel, it's either that or dying without fullfilling the only objective purpose of existence. A life worth nothing in the end.

>>133739778It's absurdist humor, it's supposed to be unrealistic

>>133741089Sounds like you've been exposed and come up with snarky little passive-aggressive replies like the little weak bitch you are.

Just like go to hooker.Now I don't even want to have sex anymore because turns out it isn't that great.

>>133741175only thing you're exposing is your own insecuritiesfact: we are all anonymous. you dont know anything about anyone you're talking to. you are literally creating an 'incel' boogeyman in your head to argue against just because some people dont wanna date single moms. it's hilarious and sad, and nobody is buying your tough guy/high horse act, because at the end of the day you're still wasting your life here on this website just like the supposed lowly losers that you're trying to belittle. get some self awareness

>>133741251You can't kiss a hooker though

have sex already, incels

>>133741265You simply don't understand your position, do you? You have no right to judge me, single mothers, not even homeless drug addicts. Incel is the bottom of the barrel, the society around you decided that you're worthless and should be avoided. So miss me with your laughable attempts at psychoanalysis, because you're the one in desperate need of it. Incel is nothing.

>>133741413Are you aware that incel is short for "involuntary celibate" Thats a whole different implication from just being apathetic

>>133740434>writes bibles, draws shitposts into said bibles and drinks beer all day

>>133741413>You have no right to judge me, single mothers, not even homeless drug addicts.make me stop judging you

>>133741341Incel redpill:50% are just pretending to be incel for (You)s25% are gay in denial25% simply aren't trying hard enough

>>133741413I mean if having sex is so simple and we haven't had it and were objectively better off than single mothers, homeless people, and drug addicts then I would imagine those people are even lesser than usBy your logic... They HAVE had sex... So what is wrong with then to fall so low?

>>133739926Try being 28.

>>133741446I can't imagine what sort of monster would have to be to qualify as true incel. 5 feet tall, crooked teeth, dirty clothes and autism? Because anyone better than that can just fuck a fatty. The losers here are just delusional ("I deserve better") and/or too weak to do anything about it.

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>>133741413you clearly didnt take in any of my postenjoy fighting those boogeymen in your head

>>133740589I teared a bit

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>>133741557>Because anyone better than that can just fuck a fattyBut why would I ever want to do that? I'd rather stay a virgin if that is the only option

>>133741503>were objectively better off than single mothers, homeless people, and drug addictsAbsolutely not. Single mothers aren't anywhere near the the level of incels, in vast majority of cases they're accepted by society and get a partner later. Homeless drug addicts are comparable, but often it's just unfortunate circumstances that got them there. Incels are trash, physically and mentally inferior to normal society. Because even an ugly person can get laid, but typical incel is also socially retarded on top of his ugliness.

>>133739727Dont be.ugly

>>133741557>Just fuck the hambeastWhat exactly do i get out of unpleasant sex with a sweaty rancid mass?Why would I do that?

>>133739727Conformity = happiness. Saddest part of that movie was when they packed up his collection to sell online. The perfect representation of her not loving him for who he really is. I bet that bitch put her grandma's sentimental plates and silverware on those shelves instead, as if that's any better. He failed the bitch test, so now everytime he tries to set up a man cave she will turn it into some useless room, like a dining room that only gets used on holidays, a study with too many books arranged by size and one shitty chair that you can't sit in for more than 30 minutes without your ass hurting, or a guest bedroom that no one uses because friends stopped coming around years ago when they saw how milquetoast marriage made them.

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>>133740589>the woman from Ghost very good-looking. I used to find that gal that played the bionic woman cute, too. Were they?

Is this the /sadcunt/ general of the hour?

>>133741682keep going. a few more seething paragraphs and you might just convince yourself for the day

>>133739727Bide your time with the neighbor girl across the street when you were 10 and research what you're supposed to do when you have sex so you can spend your first 2 digit year plowing prime 9 year old cunny instead of rushing it and pressing each others private parts together behind her parents shed and talking about how confused you both are until her older sister catches you guys naked and you have to lie at the big meeting your parents organized until she cracks under the pressure and cries her eyes out and confesses to the lie that you made up involving her being mad at you about a truth or dare game so it's "not your fault" even though your dad kind of knew what was happening and then a couple days later her mom forces her to go bring your family a watermelon as an apology gift

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>>133741676>I'd rather stay a virginThat's not normal, that's a sign of significant mental defect. Losing your virginity has culturally and historically always been the rite of passage to enter adulthood for men, but you choose to remain a child.

>>133741773it's actually pretty normal to not want to fuck a hambeast. i didn't know fat single mothers browsed Holla Forums, this thread has been a real eye opener

>>133741719Shit. Failed that at birth. Better luck next life

>>133741773What about Monks?Monks usually went intothe monastry as kids

>>133741773Losing your virginity to a woman that you love in marriage and having children is the right thing to do, not fucking some whore just to lose your V card.

>>133741820Well are you a monk? Because Holla Forums incels LARPing as Christians thinking it makes their virginity virtous certainly weren't taken to monastries as kids. They just failed to become men in normal surroundings.

its right there on the cover, don't be a 40 year old virgin, which is a contemptible and mockable state

>>133741767based insane poster

>>133741820Yeah, and they still hit eachother in the balls and think they can control elements n' shit

>>133741816It's normal for normal men. That's not what you are, you're a fucking incel.

>>133741773>Losing your virginity has culturally and historically always been the rite of passage to enter adulthood for men, but you choose to remain a child.i'm about to graduate college, they aren't gonna ask me if i'm a virgin on a job interview, r-right?

>>133741935nope, sorry, not normal to want to fuck your morbidly obese ass. lose weight

This is what women think about youyoutube.com/watch?v=jJvDMKsy8D8

>>133739831I have chronic depression and smoke weed every single day, multiple times per day, just to cope with the feeling of living in my own skin.I’m also 30. Have a stable career, obscene work ethic, a graduate degree in my field, and I’m currently in law school part time at night. I’m engaged to a beautiful, kind, intelligent and successful woman - our relationship is rock solid and we’re obsessed with each other.Being depressed fucking sucks bro - I feel you there. And escapism (via weed) isn’t likely the best solution. But it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be a loser. The feelings were trying to escape from won’t just disappear - that’s why you have to keep your mind occupied. Intense work and study, I’ve found, are great distractions. Then one day you look up from your book and it’s like “holy shit, I’m actually a pretty accomplished person. I have done things about which I should feel proud.” Then little by little, your self image improves. And guess what? Those feelings begin to dissipate as you finally start to see yourself as a decent person.I guess what I’m trying to say is essentially “fake it till you make it.” Do your best impression of a non-depressed person, and you might find that it’s a set-fulfilling prophecy. I’m being frank when I say this: there is literally no other alternative. If you don’t take the above prescribed advice, nothing will change.Best of luck to you, brother.

>>133741773Was Nikola Tesla a child?

>>133741965>he doesn't knowAnon...

>>133741993ohh my god, my self esteem just got destroyed by this wonderful Goddess. I shouls just become a paypig and start my new life.


>>133741749Yeah the collection part was the worst, as ypu say she didnt love him, she just loved having someone dependant that she could form however she pleases

seething hole ITT

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I haven't had sex in eight years. It's not the penultimate, but I can honestly say the lack of sex has been detrimental to my health and general wellbeing. I need some intimacy again.>Just go to a prozzy mate and get it over with lmaoFuck off.

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>>133742152This 100%. 10 years of celibacy after failed long-term relationship. I don't even miss sex at all (porn addiction lel) but the lack of intimacy has turned me nearly dead inside. I'd much rather cuddle and watch kino with some 6/10 than fuck the hottest Insta whore.

Incels getting some brutal roasting in this thread but hopefully no one kills themselves. Remember>everything posted here is work of fiction

>>133742320you arent roasting anyone, roastie

>>133741993She's hot af though, I'd love to have her be condescending and humiliate me IRL

itt: people who don't know the diffrence between a a Virgin, an Incel, and a Volcel.

>>133741993>and then one day, for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power.

>>133740823>just to be a junkieIt's a good life if you can secure a steady supply.

>>133739982Not looking for a quick nut, looking for a wife. One lasts a lifetime, the other lasts a night.

>>133742531Why do you expect your wife to just accept your total lack of sex experience and skill?

>>133742576>Why do you expect your wife to just accept your total lack of sex experience and skill?because a normal, healthy relationship should be based on more than sex, but i guess that's a bigoted and outdated view on relationships.

>>133742728Sex in its essence is a physical activity comparable to sports. It takes physique, skill and experience to do properly. Now I'm not saying that your wife will be a pro tennis player, but lets say she's had a few lessons with pros. They all did. Meanwhile you'll be holding the fucking racket for the first time in your life, and expect commitment to such embarrassment. You do NOT want to be in that situation, bro. Or force anyone else into it.

>>133742841fucking isn't that hard you dumb virgin.

>>133740589This is gonna be literally me.

>>133742841if she really loved you she'd be willing to put up with you inexperience and teach you.

>>133743050I just pray to god ill have the courage to kill myself

>>133742841She wouldnt care...If you satisfy her in other areas she knows ull simply get better after a few times...its really not a big deal.Remember this is a person who likes you and wants to be with you...

>>133741018you are the definiton of an incel

>>133739893>And even if you're complete schizo it's easy af to fuck some ugly chick. It will give you huge boost to confidence, trust me.I had sex and all it did was make me want a girlfriend.

>>133742971If that's what you choose to believe, alright. Every normal man gets experienced enough in advance to satisfy his wife but if you aren't afraid to expose yourself as laughable incel on your wedding night, ok. It's...brave, in a way.

>>133742841People have first time sex without the other knowing about it...You just put penis in vagina and pump. even a simple man on woman position can be great so whats there to know.

>>133743075>>133743107Sweet incel ignorance.

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>>133741993This is what women think about you

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>>133743160this. my first didn't know and I nutted so quick, covered it up by saying I haven't had enough sleep. still makes me laugh.

>>133743179so basically you're saying that women are incapable of unconditional love?

>>133739982Im not perticularly attractive i dont have job porspects or a good education and i live with my mother.I tried studying in uni for about 10 years and failed.I think about death almost every day.I really cant get it together and i probably have some sort of internet or gaming addiction since thats what i do.Simple stuff like buying clothing is a challenge to me.Im down to my last pair of jeans and it ripped in the crotch and i cant get myself to go and buy some pants..The few experiences i have with women have all been disasterous.I got no friends and im an embarrassment to my family.

>>133743251now you're getting it

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>>133743160>People have first time sex without the other knowing about itIf you're both virgins, obviously.If she's a virgin and you're not, sometimes you can't tell because hymen can get torn during other activities and woman doesn't really do much during sex anyway.If she's had sex and you're incel, she'll 100% know. That's why you lose it and get skilled with girls you don't care about long-term, not your fucking wife.

>>133743251But why would you force her into this awkward situation? Why do you need to present yourself as inadequate incel creep? Just get good enough at sex before you except commitment from aynone, it's just common decency.

>>133743125ok step-"dad" lol

this thread is fuelled by this one roastie coping and seethingno honey, your value hasnt gone up because you are a fat whore, now calm down

>>133741820Monks choose to give up a normal life and sex. It’s actively a sacrifice. Incels can’t get sex anyway, so they sacrifice nothing.

>>133743478Can I at least larp as a monk while being incellibate?

>>13373983127 here and this hits to close to home

>>133743520Sure. Go MGTOW and convince yourself you’re above roasties and sex.

I just watch that scene from Whatever where they're in the club.I mean let's be realistic. Even if somehow I managed to get into a relationship with someone else I'd fuck it up in 5 minutes.

>>133739831>blame the weedweak weak weak weak lmao

>>133743272The fact that you're self-aware already gives you much better chance than some of the delusional incels ITT have. You know exactly which areas of your life demand improvement (most of them honestly) and that's the first step in achieving anything. It's all up to you.>exercise>books>getting a job or going back to uni>forcing yourself into social situationsThat's a good starting point

>>133740589I can imagine ending up like this just lol

>>133740823This, drugs are a way more potent experience than sex

>>133740041Except an incel could probably get a phd, if given the chance

I love it when incels try to LARP as life coaches on 4chan

>>133740589>tfw 35 yr old virginI don't even care. Who cares.Oh well.

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>>133743693Do you plan to lose it? How did you end up this way?

>>133743693Did you leave the humanity behind?

>>133743251No one is capable of unconditional love seeing as it doesn't really exist, but men are closer to it than women are.

>>133743732>Do you plan to lose itNo.>HowIt just never happened for me like it did for all my peers. Stopped caring in my early 20's and made peace with the fact that I'd likely die alone of old age or by my own hand.>>133743745Yeah, I just come back to re-up now and then.

>>133743804Are you too unattractive, or what mate? Usually its either too unattractive or aren't really seeking it.

>>133740193I do all of that and I'm still an incel, I think the more rational conclusion is that dating apps have enabled women to have astronomically high standards and get away with it.

>>133743693That sucks man. You missed sharing your sexual prime with someone. I wish I could share some words of comfort but I'm kinda stuck in the same boat myself. What can you say? Keep your chin up buddy!

>>133741413>"society" has decided you're worthless and should be avoided>Why aren't you fucking women?Hmmm

>>133743855Doesn't matter, I don't care anymore. At this point it's just better and easier to only care about myself, and even then I still really don't care about myself.I just go through the motions of life; being an essential wagemonkey and acting halfway normal around family.

>>133743894I mean is that really true? It seems more like you're protecting yourself emotionally as opposed to that actually being a statement accurate to reality.

>>133743606Who is delusional? People are being completely honest. Youre the one sperging because people have preferences (dont wanna raise someone elses kid)

>>133742841This post gave me a panic attack

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>>133743927>>133743927I think I'm ugly and I'm not interested at this point.The end.

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>>133739982If you aren't attractive enough its going to be really hard for you.Do we really have to have this conversation again?The data is in that over 1/4 of under 30 adult men are virgins today and that women only respond to the top 15% of men on dating apps.Draw your own conclusion, try not to pull a leg doing the mental gymnastics you need to execute to avoid Occam's Razor.

>>133743986He's an idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about. Relax.

>>133744067I don't mean emotionally protecting yourself from the conclusion that you're ugly but rather from the lengths you would need to take to rectify the situation. It feels like too Heruclean a task so it seems easier just to hide behind the veil of not caring.

>>133744136she shes been triggered since the first post

>>133739727We're all going to make it

>>133739831How? I was quite degenerate when i was younger and had my dick at least sucked quite few times by broke junkie sluts.

>>133739831Its not weed. I met this 24 yo weed addict. Only smokes weed. No education. No job. No life. Just weed. And he had a different girl every week. If you think you are a loser it's not because you didn't achieve anything. It's because you simply where born this way.

Men are only good for fucking, in the eyes of women. If you don't fuck you don't have any value to them. Simple as.

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>>133744162gracias medico

>>133744219Citation needed*

>>133740041hoes mad lmao

>>133739727i hate life i wish i was dead

>>133744258De nada amigo. Buena suerte.

>>133741557Most incels are some variety of volcel technically I suppose

>>133741413>You have no right to judge meyou've watched too many telenovelas, friendo

>>133742009according to normalfags yeah

>>133742841>Sex in its essence is a physical activity comparable to sports. It takes physique, skill and experience to do properly.its just pp in vagoo, you retard

>>133744172kek. I followed the papertrail and sure enough.

life is long and repetitive and one thing ive learned is that a lot of the bad feelings and experiences i have are shared by a lot of normal, well adjusted people - they just never talk about it. one thing id like to know if its a shared experience by most men- other than the most bubbly personalities, women of all ages seem creeped out by me. i smile and say hello to a coworker who ive never had any bad or weird interaction with, she mumbles a hey without looking at me.

>>133744468This is gonna make me sound like a girl or a total faggot but whatever. First times when you do missionary is pretty hard on your arms. You don't notice it during, but afterwards you notice you've used muscles you otherwise don't use. Fucking is a pretty good workout.