How can the same person who directed The Hangover also be the same person who directed Joker?

How can the same person who directed The Hangover also be the same person who directed Joker?

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the studio sets the standards and defines the limitations

>one guy directs two ok moviesWhat's so strange about it?

>>133739301But theyre two different movies with completely different tones

>>133739319>Joker>OKI would habe accepted that comment about The Hangover, but Joker?

So? What's your point?

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>>133739321so are Barry Lyndon and Dr. Strangelove, what point are you trying to make?

>>133739243I like how buttdevastated this made Jay

>>133739350It's one of the most overrated ok movies of the decade.

>>133739359No. Kubrick always had a theme with his films. You can always tell a Kubrick film by looking at it. If you showed me Joker then followed it up with The Hangover, there would be nothing that tells me it's the same director. Same with War Dogs and so on.


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>>133739455Still a fantastic actor, Holla Forumstard. Sorry non-jews cant act besides Driver. What do you want me to tell you?

>>133739243>hangover director makes the best movie of 2019>hangover writer makes the best show of 2019What the fuck bros

>>133739591>Being 39 means making a good vegas comedy.>Being 49 means making a good movke abojt society rejecting the outcast and the repercussions that come with it.Id say he's probably our next big director.

>Following a similar career move as fellow frat pack comedy wiz Adam McKay, who reinvented himself as a false serious-Academy-auteur but real DNC propaganda charlatan for the post-Obama era, Joker sees Hangover 2 director Todd Philips tackling the current political zeitgeist, the rise of the incel alt-right angst that led to Trump seizing power, by shamelessly ripping off the already overrated Scorsese/Schrader nihilist formula. In a lazy meta cameo, Robert De Niro (visibly bored, a far cry from his recent renaissance in the underrated Dirty Grandpa, a career-defining role) plays the talk show host who receives the jilted comedian on live TV; whereas in the King of Comedy, the roles were reversed, with Jerry Lewis playing the host. Jerry Lewis who of course starred in the comedy classic The Nutty Professor which was successfully remade (and enhanced) by Eddie Murphy in 1996. But whereas Murphy perfectly understood the themes of the original and audiences sincerely loved its ingenious fart jokes, here Philips panders to millennial cynicism and caricatures its political message, manufactured for the morally bankrupt Hillary-loving Twitter outrage generation. True connoisseurs of the frat pack comedy oeuvre will remember Old School as Philips' masterpiece, wherein Will Ferrell's alter-ego successfully captured the spirit of the lonely and horny incel without fraudulent agenda pushing and pseud arthouse gimmickry. Meanwhile DC enthusiasts will quickly forget this distasteful (and dishonest) portrayal of the prince of clowns, and regretfully mourn the shining Christ-inspired brilliance of the Snyder canon opus.

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>>133739494Borimir! Give the ring to frodo..

>>133739713If this isnt quoted from an article already, please user. Please persue a career in movie criticism.

>>133739785Okay, and Elijah Wood. Point is, focusing on race in Hollywood is retarded. Anyone can lie in an interview.

>>133739243yeah i was also surprised that he could make a shit incel movie like the joker when hangover was actually good

>>133739877golden lion

>>133739243Is it just me... or is it getting more kino out there?


I no joke thought the photos at the end of The Hangover was fucking genius material. It was a huge pay off after watching the mystery of the movie finally unfold. That and it showed titties. I like titties.

>>133739877Eggy got to him and blackpilled him. His ultimate revenge.

>>133739799Hello newfag.People are complex, a filmmaker should be able to do comedy and drama.


>>133739455why are there so many successful college dropouts? how do they do it?


Am I the only one who liked the secind movie just as much as the first?

>>133739243Hangover was awesome


>>133740432That Danzig song playing over foreboding shots of Bangkok was an absolutely incredible opening.


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>>133739441>If you showed me Joker then followed it up with The Hangover, there would be nothing that tells me it's the same directoThe Rock & Roll scene from Joker is taken straight out of the Hangover

>> based opening for a comedy

>>133740360They get successful during their education so they drop out. Has nothing to do with quitting school.

>>133739243That Joker film is Joker only in name. Even after all the PR and publicity it got, it's still an alright film, nothing more. Not a film about the DC character though.

>>133741670>alright>not DCYeah it's a buttpained marvelcuckold alright


>>133741715The movie can very well be named Carnival, the city it takes place in can be any east coast shithole from the 70's, the rich family can be named anything other than Wayne and the film still works, nothing has changed. DC's joker is somewhat of a criminal mastermind, mental issues, but not the type of Joaquin's character. It's so far even from imagination to see the Arthur fleck guy organize and scheme and control complicated plans and operations. The script is good, the idea is, as well, but I'll bet a kidney the guy wrote it as a Standalone film, someone read it and thought they can slap a Joker name on it, which will skyrocket the sales.

>>133741867Except it paints a city in which a demented clown can be hailed as a saviour, by the end of Joker you could perfectly see a vigilante showing up in Gotham trying to fix shit up. It's a DC movie in that it sets not only the Joker but Batman too as characters that are consistent with the environment showed in the movie. Cope all you want marvelcuckold, disney will never come close to this or TDK, they don't have the artistic integrity nor the available talent to make a movie like this. Fuck that bald cuckold Feige was basically begging on his knees for JP to be Doctor Strange he told him to go fuck himself with his oscarlet garbage

>>133739243One is a retarded comedy starring a retarded bearded guy (but still funny), the other is Taxi Driver for incels. Seeing as their both practically worthless in the eyes of true cinema, i'd say it's very doable.

>>133739243because the auteur theory cant be applied to everyone willy nilly u fucking ignorant twat. especially hollywood hacks

>>133742083Taxi Driver is for incels


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>>133742083>true cinema>gets pleb filtered by a blockbuster movieOof!

>>133739350You're either zoomer or a pajeet. Joker was OK at best

>>133742139imagine being on this site for so long you convince yourself of this shit. Time to go.


>>133739359>so are Barry Lyndon and Dr. Strangelove>Two different tones of moviesTheyre both shit just like everything JEWbrick did.

>>133742165thats actually a a great way to describe it

>it's just ok>it's taxi driver for incelsFucking mouse shills they are a broken record without arguments I swear to god

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>>133742219kek pajeet from my work who went to see Joker 4 times. Subhumans worship dark capeshit for some

>>133742247What pushes Travis over the edge is being rejected for being such a creepy freak that doesn't understand women, much less people and takes her to a porno theater, sounds like an incel to me. I wonder if you comprehend what you even watch because Joker has nothing that is incel like

>>133739243they're both mediocre comedies. what's the issue?

>>133742677What? Did you even watch the movie? What pushes Travis over the edge is seeing an underage girl being taken advantage of by predators.

>>133742677Don't waste your breath, they know Joker and Taxi Driver are nothing alike besides New York in the 70s and a few visual homages. They'll deflect to King of Comedy hoping you haven't seen that one and if you have they'll just close the tab and make another threads. Disneyshills are like that, they are board culture at this point.

>>133742771Just like Joker huh?

>>133739414>>133742219You wouldn't get it.

>>133742771He only because interested in rescuing her after a failed assassination attempt. He didn’t know what he wanted to fight for.

>>133739591>hangover writerWhat show? No shows from 2019 are on the imdb for either writer.

>>133742948I think he's talking about Chernobyl having the same producer

>>133742948Chernobyl but I'm reading he's the writer of one of the hangover sequels. Point obviously stands

>>133739319>hangover>okpleb filtered

>>133743150LOL so you were wrong about the writer and wrong about the best show of 2019. Chernobyl? LOLOLOL radioactive fanfic LOLOLOL

>>133743193>he doesn't like ChernobylHow much of a pleb can you be?

>>133739455>>133739494This is just a lazy false flag samefag

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>>133739243how can the same person who directed jack (1996) be the same person who directed apocalypse now?

>>133743193Damn sorry about your pleb condition friend, must be rough

>>133739494there are thousands of fantastic actors running around, alas, the chosen people hire only chosen people

>>133739441Galifianakis is literally the joker

>>133743193>LOLOLOLI've never seen someone seething this hard in years

>>133739243Some directors have range, like actors.

>>133743484So when you watch a comedy special, you just imagine the audience seething after every joke? Your delusions are neato!

>>133743765>Your delusions are neato!Holy shit he keeps going at it, are you crying dude?

>>133743765>So when you watch a comedy special, you just imagine the audience seething after every joke? Your delusions are neato!

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>>133743829>>133743868S E E T H I N GO B S E S S E D

>>133743899Geez calm down man you're embarrassing yourself

>>133740432I think the second one was slightly better than the first one.