What was this scene trying to convey ????

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>>133738951The importance of personal hygiene.

I dry shave all the time AMA

you need to shave for gas masks

he had a hunch that the predator can sense facial hair

A Gillette would've never broken? Why don't you buy more Gillette goyim. This is how jews operate you know, that's how they get you. These little subtle messages that don't register but determine the way you act (consume).

>>133738951He was trying to reinforce his face skin by damaging it and letting it heal. By doing this he insured himself from getting dangerous facial wounds later while hiking through the jungle.

i didn’t understand this scene either. although he is the most based of all the characters.

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>>133738951He's so hot in the jungle that he can shave with no cream.

>>133739085He's challenging the predator to fight man-to-man, with no artifice like the laser gun or invisibility. He loses.

>Still no true sequelsame thing goes to Conan the barbarian

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>>133739050the real redpill

>>133739085I like to think predator gave him a fair shot.

>>133739085He was scared and instead of running away he decided to face his fears.

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>>133738951Black men can't shave.

>>133738951In earlier scenes:>Dry shave to portray man's lack of fearIn the last scene:>Cutting yourself with dry shaving to portray arrogance leading to man's demise

>>133739397From the very beginning he knew they were doomed. Being an expert tracker he knew they were completely outclassed, yet at the end he chose to face the monster and give his friends the extra few moments they needed to escape.

It was a gay reference. It implied that he took pride in being clean shaven, all over. Also it was firmly established that he a Jesse were gay lovers. Predator is one of the most homosexual experiences you can have.

>>133739085It's a Cherokee dog soldier thing, you wouldn't understand white boy.

>>133739317it’s for the best

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>>133738997post a pic of your lower face

this movie had such based imagery. truly one of the greatest action movies.

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>>133739584No I wouldn't understand savage behaviour and being genocided lmao


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>>133738997dont you get dry skin ?

>>133739050ok schizo

>>133738951"Jesse Ventura was delighted to find out from the wardrobe department that his arms were one inch bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger's. He suggested to Schwarzenegger that they measure arms, with the winner getting a bottle of champagne. Ventura lost, because Schwarzenegger had told the wardrobe department to tell Ventura that his arms were bigger."why was he so based

>>133739050yes it's called product placement and it's been like that for roughly 150 yearsim not sure why everything has to do with the jews

>>133740996Classic arnorld

>>133739373Have to rewatch Predator, but im quite sure that right after Billy death, there was a scene with predator holding his skull in rather respectable manner. Like a best trophy from the hunt so far.So im pretty sure he went mano e mano against him.

>>133738951i think your are the woman

>>133738997Are you Edward James Olmos?

>>133741113t. jew

>>133741912He's the only skull he takes time to remove whole and polish. Predator definitely thought higher of Billy.

>>133740996It was a different time

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>>133739317Predator 2 is actually pretty good

>>133738997don't you see the sweat on that guy? with that jungle sweat he sure ain't need no shaving cream

>>133738951mac wants to look his best for his lover blaine

>>133742118>Intentionally aim for your head>No trophyWhat did the Predator mean by this ?

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>>133739397Muh phallic metaphor.

>>133742410pffftnothin' personnel, kid

>>133739979Could you imagine being that useful?

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>>133742125Wheres all his ammo? Wheres his water, his radio, his first aid kit. Fucking pleb.

>>133739979Imagine the amount of soap Arnold went through after this scene.

>>133742025t. goalmover

>>133739085he knew he was gonna die, so he went out fightan. See: The Grey

>>133738951hes fucking spooked


>>133741113>150 years>1870>the year Lenin was bornCoincidence?

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>>133742528Poncho carry it for him.

>>133739317Not everything needs a sequel, faggot. Plus, Predator 2 and Predators are both good films.

>>133742156I didn’t believe that, but when I gave it a chance it wasn’t bad.

>>133742410He only needs Mac's asshole to pleasure himself.

shaving is for losers

Also the year the Franco-Prussian war began. Germany was united to one country after winning that war.

shaving is gay

>>133739584You are an overweight white male

>>133744329>shaving is gay

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