The internet has allowed a class of entertainer to thrive as parasites of the popularity of the actual film and...

the internet has allowed a class of entertainer to thrive as parasites of the popularity of the actual film and television makers work. how will they live now that there won't be any movies?

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Rise of Skywalker broke her.

>>133738764Serves her right, fucking rat-faced bitch

>>133738764Is she implying that people stopped making fanfictions? She can literally just take selfies or some shit wtf

>>133738799lmao seething redditer

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Onlyfans arc incoming.

>>133738764Jesus she looks fucking grotesque there.

>>133738764Jenny can always live with me.

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Good, I'm glad patreon is shutting down her covid-ridden ass. Now I admit, I used to be in lovee with her but she's old news now. Holla Forums has moved on to far fresher roses. for example: megan and Amazzonkane

>>133738764When are they going to lock RLMs patreon for the same thing?

>>133738764Maybe she should stop hanging around fags and trannies, the diseased whore.

>>133738764She could probably live a couple of years on selling all her Porg gear.

>>133738764They can do this? Then why does Anzujaamu still have a patreon?

>>133738764>wahhhhhh i have to put some effort into my griftingWorlds smallest violin for this one

>>133738950>incominglol he doesn't knowstill, so far she has no fucking idea what she's doing. she doesn't even use her good camera

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>>133738971This. If Jenny ever runs out of patreon money she can live with me and we will tour real themeparks all year, not just disney. I have a hook up in 6 flags corporate, and i have a busch gardens lifetime pass.

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>>133739032>>133739009>>133738978>>133738954>>133738905Do people really have this little compassion. You know that feeling kindness makes you feel good right?

Is she the new Spoony, ahaha

What a dumb cunt.

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>>133739096Is kindness gonna suck my dick?


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>>133739076reminder she hates wikifeet

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All she has to do is go one level more meta and make videos about videos about pop culture. Give us an hour long response video to an RLM or something.

>>133738764>THERE IS NO CONTENT for me to consumemaybe this bitch should watch something other than Star Wars.

>>133738764>>133738971>>133739058>>133739076>>133739131i want to protect that smile bros ;_;

>>133738764she got what she fucking deserves


>>133739244nothing mediocre about that body

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>>133739058I only know her from here. It's a perfect time for waifu anons to use this to their advantage.

>>133739418it's just a wig she doesn't have that fuckin white hair


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>>133738954she always looks grotesque, I wish the handful of faggots who won't stop spamming her here would fucking drop dead

>>133738764>i cant make "content" if i cant consoom content

Retarded as Grace Randolph is, she still posts like 3 or 4 videos and a daily livestream. This cunt is just lazy.

>>133738764do people really think other people will take their feelings seriously when they pose for pictures during their 'emotions'?

>Spoony has posted zero Patreon content in years>still up

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>>133739466but she's a girl and she's CRYING, won't someone please help her, maybe with a cash donation?

>>133739418her bf is contrapoints tranny.

>>133739155lol she has no idea what she's talking about

>>133739465Grace sees it as a business. Because she actually was sort of successful before. And also she lives in a 4k a month manhattan apartment. Jenny lives in a shitty little apartment in the valley, she has rich as fuck califonia rancher parents, and the most successful she has been before this was helping fat fucking tourists at disneyland.

>>133738799Thank you for your service, paypig.

why is this bitch e-famous again? Did we do that or was she already somewhat well known before the shills started forcing these bullshit threads on here?

>>133739155Pretty based

>>133739611>why is this bitch e-famous again?simps and cucks. reminder she dates a 7'1 tranny. jennys cunt is destroyed by contrapoints 9 inch cock

>>133739567>>>Holla Forums

>>133739585>Jenny lives in a shitty little apartment in the valleyPretty sure she lives in a rather large house in a gated community now.

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>>133739498My uncle works for Patreon and apparently every time they send him a message saying he's going to be shut down, Spoony phones them up to pleas. He says shit like he has a heart condition and will die if they cut off his Patreon, then he offers to suck their dicks. Eventually it all gets so pathetic they just let him keep it.

>>133738764>no content to CONSOOM>just 120 years of filmIs she retarded?

>>133738799I hope she sees this bro

>>133739110Those were all casual-tier questions, too. They made it easy on her and she still lost.

>>133739155>more about voyeurism than finding feet attractive Who the fucking fuck goes looking up wikifeet articles without having a bizarre fetish for feet? This is the dumbest shit I ever heard. >about controlWhy do women always go for the “it’s abuuuusive” thing to the point it’s just a fucking meme. Shut the fuck up you dumb whore.

Why doesnt she just read more fan fiction that's some of her best stuff

God I wish I was a rich cute white girl. Literally life on tutorial mode

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It's okay. OF is already getting normalized.Literally every other girl out there is showing herself off for a token fee.Imagine what the world will be like in 5-10 years. There's no stopping it.


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>>133740046Why didn't she invest the money she made being a whore so she could live comfortably?

>>133738764Wait, does Patreon actually do this? There are a bunch of famous creators who will go months between releasing anything, and Patreon doesn't seem to give any fucks. Hell, it seems antithetical to their business model - why should Patreon care if people continue to throw money at a creator during a slow period, given that they still get to scrape a share off the top? If people are unhappy with a creator's output, the criticism should go to the creator, not to Patreon itself.Also, even with coronavirus I thought Jenny had continued to upload a few Patreon-only videos? I think she said it knocked her out for the better part of a week, but otherwise she was streaming and seemingly watching the Land Before Time movies for her next video, etc, while still recovering from the tail end of the virus.

>>133740046man if you think that's bad watch this sperg goin off

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>>133740169>seemingly watching the Land Before Time movies for her next videoWhen will this nostalgia review shit end. Jesus fucking christ.

>>133740187Is this real?

>>133740187Would pay good money to watch a video of Jenny trying to be sexy.

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>>133738764For those curious: this isn't real. She was suffering from it through mid-March, and it looks like she still posted videos at the start of both April and May, which looks to be her normal schedule.>>133739611I believe she blew up because reddit kept posting every one of her Star Wars videos.>>133738950>>133739988She got upset at a guy in her chat saying it'd be weird for her to get an onlyfans. If her viewer base started drying up, she'd definitely consider turning there.>>133740226No.

>>133738950Honestly I don't buy the whole "Jenny is a secret slut" thing, and I don't think she's some pure waifu either. She's probably just autistic and hates sex and half heartedly masturbates without cumming like twice every two months desu.

She could make some good money selling her body

>>133740287Im not a cuck so i dont have patreon shit. She definitely hasnt posted to youtube in almost 3 months.

>>133739155Based, fuck footfags.

>>133738930Does she unironically have this?

>>133740297oh well haven't you just got me all figured out, smart boy

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>>133740398Open up any picture of her in this thread and compare. She obviously has a philantrum. this meme was started by salty trannies.

>>133740441but whats the deal with this

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>>133740328So? The implication in the OP is that she hadn't posted to patreon at all, which was why it would be locked. Even if you're not paying her, you can still go and see she's been posting vids there that only patrons can watch (which tends to either be as hidden youtube videos or embed-locked vimeo videos).>>133740398Her mom and sister both look the same. Either the whole family has a drinking problem or they just all look weird.

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>>133739940Don't worry bro. A lot of these rich girls are going to have a rude awakening in a few months when a global depression happens along with global mass starvation. She lives in California which is going to get turned into fucking Africa soon, like most libcucks she'll be woefully unprepared./

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>>133740297Go watch some of her sister's Twitch streams, including the one Jenny was on recently. Her sister is openly horny on main, and I'm talking "the weirder parts of deviantart" horny. Even when Jenny was on they were both watching findom videos, and laughing along about stepping on people and having the feet kissed. She also showed Jenny a video where she was talking to some Christian fundamentalist dude about how much she wanted to fuck a minotaur.She's probably not anywhere near on her sister's level, but like you say she's not some pure waifu. She's probably much more aware of weirder side of the net than the average normie, and it seems like her and her sister are both pretty free and unphased by a lot of this stuff.

>>133740297She's famous and friends with the famous tranny Contrapoints. She probably has orgies with all of the ugly woke youtubers like hbomberguy

>>133739076>>133739392>>133740421This is how Jenny rewards her biggest donators so get donating!

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>>133740297The quirky pretend autistic girls are always really slutty

>>133740519why not post the unedited

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>>133740441It's literally not clearly visible anywhere cause she turns the contrast so high to hide her ugly.

>>133740559>Jenny was on they were both watching findom videos, and laughing along about stepping on people and having the feet kissed.That's pretty hot. Give me a link!

>>133740559jenny is a fanfic reader and a young teen in an adult body. you can see that this stuff is all not real to her. she doesn't think to be prudish about stuff like furries because she doesn't visualise what it would actually be like in real life

>>133740725Its not the contrast, its actually the lighting. And yes, super white skin is more attractive you fucking nigger. But if you look closely it is there.

>>133740738>her sisteryou're in for a rude surprise lol

>>133740519Imagine paying for this content lmao

>>133740754furries fucking i mean

>>133740046>Patrolled by InstagramKEK

>>133740441>philantrumNo such word, retard. The word your waterhead was fumbling for was "philtrum".

>>133740785I just want to hear Jenny laugh about stepping on people and having them worship her feet!Only thing that would make it better is her joking about swallowing people

>>133738764Jenny had corona? That's awful! It sounds like she's recovered now though. That's good!

>>133740167Does she really strike you as the type who would make sensible financial investments?

>>133740519>sisterYeah, that's her brother.

>>133740772Even white people try to get tanned, super pale skin is gross for 99% of people because it shows blemishes and shit easily

>>133739855Triggered footfagShit tier fetish

>>133738799Wow bro, you're a true ally. I'm glad there are still people like you on this site left, too many of you's get bullied of it. Keep spending that dollar so this ugly whore can keep churning out irrelevant "content" because in your masturbation fantasies she is ugly enough for you to think you have a chance. Which you don't, because even ugly stupid whores like this won't even bother with you. Now fucking kill yourself you loser.

>>133738764Fuck her.

>>133739772Can confirm, I'm his uncle Spoony gives pretty good head

>>133740187BITCH YOU LYIN'

>>133738764>no contentDidn't she review silly shit like fanfiction and crappy books outside of typical nerd movie stuff? I didn't know they closed the internet. You're fucking sitting at home all day and people are paying for your videos, maybe do something instead of complaining like a twat

>>133739585>rich as fuck califonia rancher parentsLOL, no. I know someone who went to high school with her, and her father's house is in the town I lived in, in high school. Well off, mebbe. Rich as fuck, nah.

>>133738764Why do people keep giving these people money? They don't contribute anything new to discussion, they just spout their opinion that any retard on here does for free.

>>133739096I feel more bullying people on the internet. It's my main way to feel emotions in my boring life.

>>133740930To be fair, she had corona, which is a respiratory infection, and she probably couldn't breathe well and was coughing too much for a while. But incels gonna incel. The hatred for her here is hilarious.

>>133740896Hello commieSorry but adults are allowed to willingly make transactions, this isn't the USSR

>>133740850Financial planners exist for a reason. Other porn stars make use of them, or simps willing to do it for free.

>>133740738Jenny didn't have all that much to say about the findom stuff other than the women they were watching weren't cruel enough to really "dominate" their men. She was more focused on playing AC (which wasn't shown on stream).

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Someone post her sister

>>133739110Seriously. She couldn't even get the nu-wars questions right

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>>133740648wtf? is this real?

>>133740671That is true, i once asked a girl like that out on a date and she was basically begging me to fuck her.

>>133740979>blacke drawwhos blacke?

>>133741019her sister looks like a damn ape.they've either got shit genetics or fetal alcohol syndrome

>>133740972Yes that is true, and it's my right to mock your pathetic simping ass. Why haven't you killed yourself yet you fucking loser?

>>133740287lol simp

>>133739498What are you talking about, he's done plenty of livestreams.

>Base your income around being your own boss>Surprised when you have no income when the boss is sickuhhhhhhhhhhhh

>>133739058My webcam cost me $6 from China and it's still better than that

>>133741056Cool story, bro. Her boobs were like bags of sand, right?

>>133741019>Jenny didn't have all that much to say about the findom stuff i haven't watched a lot of them but this seems to be the dynamic. the sister going out of their way to be inappropriate and jenny just pretending it wasn't saidthere's a weird effect where they speak in turn but to the chat i guess and seemingly ignoring each other like they're on two different phone calls

>>133740648Based size user. Post the ones where she's punshing tiny Rey and Kylo Ren for the train wreck that was Rise of Skywalker.

>>133741064>sisterNot very observant, are ya?

>>133741064I'm pretty sure her sister has a penis

>>133741037they probably asked Boy questions if they asked about what Leia was thinking at this or that time about her options with han vs luke etc, a girl would be right more often

>>133741140she is still shy about her body and doesn't want frickin HD with every detail popping

>>133740738This was clipped with too much filler at the start, but you get the >>133741019 said, Jenny didn't engage with it to the same degree as her sister, but she was still laughing along, making comments/critiques at various parts of the videos, etc.

>>133741218>>133741220other people were mentioning a sister and i saw boobs so I assumed that was the aforementioned woman.

Don't people pay willingly for this? What's the problem? It's only a side effect for other rots in our society, don't blame the patreon cunts

>>133738799>contentIs there a more degenerate term in English language? You're creating nothing faggot, you're talking innane bullshit over other people's work.

>>133740187This would be funny if it was a guy doing it ironically because of all the memes of girls starting Onlyfans because of the Covid shit

>>133739392Have you seen a female person in your life?

>>133738920One of her best videos was about a bad reality TV shoe that had one season ten years ago. 'there is no content for me to consume' is a weak cop out. Especially after she did that lazy 'Sherman's March' rip off a while ago, having an (obviously scripted) existential crisis half way through a video. She uploads one video a month. That's it. She should've had some sort of contingency plan. Ian from Forgotten Weapons uploads six videos a week. And despite the China Virus, still has enough of a backlog to keep going uninterrupted.

jenny may be just a content creator to you (or, formerly was) but to me she is a contentment creator

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>>133739110BASED Jeremy dabbing on the casuals

Just to think that she almost certainly has never watched any of the greatest works in history of cinema from filmmakers like Renoir, Lubitsch, Angelopoulos, Tarkovsky, Fellini, Resnais, Marker, Akerman, Tarr, Jodorowsky, Ophuls, Kieslowski, Powell & Pressburger, von Sternberg, Visconti, Bertolucci, Ford, Tourneur, Vidor, Roeg, Ozu, Rohmer, Mizoguchi, Naruse, Cassavetes, Truffaut, Godard, Welles, Murnau, Rivette, Minnelli, Fuller, Ray, Bresson etc. BUT INSTEAD OF WATCHING ANY OF THOSE SHE CRIES WHEN DISNEY HASN'T RELEASED NEW CAPESHIT IN COUPLE OF MONTHS

>>133741427>'Sherman's March' rip off a while ago, having an (obviously scripted) existential crisis half way through a videolink?



>>133741347It's exploiting the mentally ill and lonely

>>133740494It's called the epicanthic fold and can be a sign of FAS or Being A Finn Syndrome

>>133739155She shouldn't even be on there on account of not being a fucking celebrity.

>>133740169I don't know, but maybe it's like you can't promise and then not deliver. Like, if you say 'at least one video' a month. You need to do that. But if you just say 'support me while I create music' or whatever, then that's OK.

>>133741427I don't think the comment is serious, user, given that (as you said) a good fraction of her content - including the video she's working on right now - are based on non-current content.

>>133738764i hate how interacting is just "content" doesnt feel organic like its all business which i guess it is

>>133741392From now on, it shall be known as contentertainment.


>>133741629she's having a breakdown

>>133740559>she was talking to some Christian fundamentalist dude about how much she wanted to fuck a minotaurBasedt. /tg/

>>133741392>people talking is now degenerateStop being an elitist faggot, content doesn't have to meet your random standards

>>133740287Jesus fucking christ simp get some help and get a grip

>>133739058>>133739428>>133741273so where did that webm come from then

>>133740287>She got upset at a guy in her chat saying it'd be weird for her to get an onlyfans.rink?

>>133741852her low res cam

>>133739058I quite like Jenny but she's honestly so bad at making videos.She was completely overexposed in her most recent one, she looks like she has an alien glow. Also I quite like that she takes her time talking around topics and going into detail, but this video really didn't need to be two hours long. There was so much shit she could have condensed or cut out

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>>133741582I get that, but1) She apparently has still been uploading Patreon videos. Her main YouTube channel has missed a month (which happens from time to time already), but she also started doing some Twitch streams over the same period, so while it isn't the same content, it's not like she isn't doing anything.2) Why would Patreon even care? If the audience isn't happy with what they're getting, they can just retract their funding. It doesn't make sense for Patreon to be trying to police output from content producers given how non-uniform everything is - for many creators it's not even defined what the content frequency is. I can't even imagine there would be any grounds for fraud or contract breach, Patreon must be smarter than that with regards to how they define their service/product. At the end of the day, if people are willing to keep throwing money at a creator - and if Patreon is still able to skim a percentage off that money - why should they care?

The best thing Jenny ever did for this board was her utter rebuke of The Joker. Which was panned so hard here that the 9 hour rebuttal EFAP video was shilled constantly for 3 months. 6 month later and no one says Jenny was right, but everyone repeats her arguments.

>>133739611She got famous around rogue one and last Jedi because she made videos trashing them

>>133738764sonswa hijack

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>>133741212Yeah, I don't think she would want to talk about stuff like that if her sister wasn't there.I see posts here saying Jenny is secretly slutty, but no, she is most definitely not. I had more than a few ramble topics turned down because she thought they were inappropriate. She's hypersensitive to things that might show her in a sexual light. Even in that stream with her sister she made her turn the camera off because her butt might peek into frame when she was opening the window.

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>>133741930i don't think you understand. there's not some benefit in the video being shorter

>>133741960Can't even tell if these people are transitioning or not.

>>133741956damn, what an unfortunate face

>>133741692I can't find this post on her Twitter feed, so it's either a fake, or she took it down because it wasn't true. Won't stop the incels from sniveling about her.

>>133741969I don't necessarily want it to be shorter, I want it to be edited better. Like I said I don't mind her taking her time, but she just didn't have two hours worth of content in that video.

i get the appeal. this scurvy bonebag looks gettable. her sister aka "steph king" also has that "retard next door i can dupe into a blowie for a pokeman card" energy

>>133741969>there's not some benefit in the video being shorterEditing is just as important as creating, user.

>>133741960>I had more than a few ramble topics turned down because she thought they were inappropriate.Like what?

>>133741960lol her smarmy coy facemy silly wife

>>133738764Is that a tranny or an American?

>>133741812Weird fuck, raise your standards or end life as a mediocrity. Stop consuming

>>133738764>hardworking people are out of work due to the quarantine and are being ruined financially>some neet cries that she can't panhandle on the internet because she stopped making youtube videoslmao get fucked

>>133742079>tranny or an American?Isn't that just the same?

>>133742044>>133742060You can get more ads on longer videos.

>>133742060>>133742044no you still misunderstand. it's not a 'content' video. it's a mood video


>>133739155Wouldn't footfags want the opposite of control?

>it's a 'Holla Forums defends reaction channels just for the sake of arguing with strangers on the internet' episodeGrating and uncouth

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>>133738764Is this a fake tweet?

>>133741960what the fuck is that thing on the left?

>>133741812>people talking about nothing isn't retarded>being elitist and having standards is badHoly shit end yourself you fucking evolutionary dead end.

>>133742169one of the top FYAD posters

>>133738764God I hate this attention craving womanchild and all her simps who shill her on here.

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>>133742172Yes being an up your own ass elitist snob is a bad thingHave you ever spoken with someone outside of 4chan?

>>133742127Wikifeet is libertarian as fuck. No one has ever forced Jenny to take a picture of her delicious legs or feet. If she wants control over any picture on their all she has to do is get the person that took it (almost always herself or a friend) to register it as a copyright. I love Jenny but I love capitalism and the free market and very stable and unobscure rules to the free market even better.

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>>133742203This.Bitch is nothing special, the only thing she has going for her is that she's a woman.If she was a dude she'd have like 200 subscribers.I hate simps so fucking much.

>>133742225Yes, I teach at an uni and I would rather shoot myself than teach my students that having standards and conforming to non-individual consoomers such as yourself is a bad thing. People bashing elitism are mongoloid Dunning Kruegers who want high concept justification for being retarded and infantile.

Whoville lookin ass bitch

>>133740046>shitted puke whore has her life ruinedAnd all is right in the world.

>>133742282>I teach at an uniYou're creating nothing faggot, you're talking innane bullshit over other people's work.

>>133742250>If she wants control over any picture on their all she has to do is get the person that took it (almost always herself or a friend) to register it as a copyright.this seems COMPLETELY reasonable

nice simp thread you got here boys

>>133742282Being an elitist and having standards are different things you sperg, what kind of low tier uni do you teach at? Elitism is the ultimate conformity, you just pick your ideal model and demand everything be that way. It's the ultimate OCD appeasing position possible, devoid of any actual attempt at thought. True Dunning Kruegers love elitism because they can just parrot the same arguments for the same over analyzed shit day after day, which is probably what you do and what you expect your students to do.

>>133742282>I teach at an unirip that school

>>133742331>stream of consciousness babble over a new creative industry product is the same as teaching students about specific sets of skills and mindsets needed to master a certain fieldAs I said, typical Dunning Krueger. Keep watching capeshit.

>>133742381>Elitism is the ultimate conformity you just pick your ideal model and demand everything be that wayStop getting your education from online dictionaries and reddit subs.

>>133742005Jenny is the one with the svelte, female body.>>133742066I can't say because Jenny doesn't forget and I like anonymity.

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>>133742342It literally is. It is how digital media has been treated for 30 yesrs now, and harkens back to physical media. If you gave a polaroid away in 1975, it was free use. If you developed film and registered it you could sell it. Well now if you post a selfie on instagram it is essentialy free use, binding to their picture size and linking requirements. But if she posted it to it would be hers.

>>133742427>>133742395>>133742381>>133742331>>133742282this fucking convo

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>>133739155Purge the footfags. They are one of the most annoying fetishes on the internet.

>>133740167The majority of women use their money to buy the most expensive items they can.That is why they are marketed towards so heavily, because they are stupid with money.

>>133742427>The only way you're allowed to learn is by having ME teach you!No thanks

>>133740167Her coke investments didnt work out.Also the problem with women is that they are born with something valuable without any chance to get enough experience first. Essentially youth is squandered on the young.

>>133738764She could watch old movies and review them. I had never thought of them as parasites but it makes sense

>>133739096She took a selfie, the two "good" ones out of probably dozens trying to capture that "i want to look really sad but still kind of cute teehee", to make people feel bad for her because she isnt able to leech AS MUCH money off of incels and simps. And of you didnt feel bad enough, there isnt any new material to CONSOOOMOh no!!!! Oh someone please help her!

>>133741930Apparently overexposing is done on purpose to hide skin imperfections

>>133742563you don't get a million views on a video about a movie that isn't showing


>>133742154more like reddit simps defending an egirl

>>133742607she had to become a camgirl to pay for upkeep on her horse when she previously was a pampered princess visiting disney and you gonna mocking her

>>133739110>couldn't answer basic ass star wars questionsYes I pretend to like star wars now give me your money

>>133742563>She could watch old movies and review themshes a disneyshill she hates old non disney movies

>>133741187She was really flat actually and i didn't do it. I'm like 30 and she was 21, but very young and autistic. She wasn't that attractive, i was just lonely that one time and broke things off quickly because she was annoying.

>>133742676Got any more completely true stories to share?

>>133738764>noooo i had the flu i could not strip for incels >join my onlyfags bt the way

>>133741960look at her teetering in case she breaks at her tiny waist. look at her pink legs and cosy feet.I'm headed to the gym bruhs

>>133738764it wasn't "the internet", it was you mentally ill, desperate incels

>>133742740don't forget your squat plug bro

>>133738764Lol what a disgusting narcissist. Imagine how little self awareness it takes to be able to take two selfies of yourself crying. Right after your patreon gets locked. Get a real fucking job that's stable. Study a major in college, take up a trade, look into running a business. Something lmao.

>>133742659Sell the fucking horse and keep your dignity then Jenny


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>>133739683>>133740634>>133739502What the fuck

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>>133742864dad fuck off here

>>133739096I hate that bitch

>>133742975she is kyuut

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>>133742945>ywn watch a threesome of lindsey, jenny and contrapoints while jerking off in a cornerfml

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>>133738764I was actually wondering about why she hasn't done a video since january and wondering how her patrons feel about it.She probably got reported by a few disgruntled simps and patreon decided to act on it.Surely if her patreon is locked, she can simply make some content to get it unlocked.

>>133742975I don't know how anyone could hate some so adorable.

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Why do people pay patreons? It's literally like paying a salary to someone who doesn't even know you, just for posting silly shit on the internet.

>>133738905Dangerously based

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>>133743139zoomers are very stupid, and apparently have credit cards.

>>133743109woman looks like an ape, how can you find that attractive?

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>>133743164does this look like a rat to you

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>>133743139To support them so they'll (hopefully) produce more content?

>>133743210wait fuck

>>133743210Looks even worse

How sad.

>>133742706Sure. Today i was shitposting on 4chan and decided to post a true story but some faggot loser who will never get a woman to touch him decided to attack me personally because in his mind he can't understand women wanting sex, especially if he is in the picture. And thus i clarified my story but he kept attacking my story because literally no one ever has had sex. Well, in his opinion then.

>>133743230Content they could produce for free. And if they are open to donations at all it means they aren't producing content for the love of it, they do it as a job. But it's content that doesn't have the quality it should have for something they get paid for.

>>133743230seems like you would just squeeze them

>>133743202We're apes, user...

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>>133738764I Have No Content and I Must Consoom


>Youtubers, Twitch, Onlyfans, Instagram, Patreon, etc. are considered legitimate jobs by post-millenials

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>>133743399millennials also consider it a real job


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>>133738905more like egg faced

>>133743530The internet has become a really disgusting place in these last few years and it doesn't help that if you actually go out and interact with people in real life, you will run into many people that are part of that braindead culture that consumes this crap.I don't see it getting better. Entertainment quality will drop. Shock value will rise.

>>133743638>shock valueWe're past that with around 20 years of explicit gore vids on the internet. Every kid sees porn as soon as he's old enough to know how to use a search engine. THIS mediocrity is what we're settling in

I am honestly shocked and disappointed that so many people here know enough about a streamer to talk about her. I thought only teenagers watched that crap.


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>>133743847literal reddit coomers

>>133743847This. Fuck all your dumb e-celeb bullshit.

>>133739155Why do people assume what something is about? No dude, they just like feet. It's like people who say rape is about power. THEY JUST WANTED SEX!

>>133741427>one video a monthWhat the fuck. How can you be so lazy that you only make one video a month, and even then don't have a spare video or two backlogged just in case you somehow can't make your quota of ONE a month.How much was she making?

>>133741091>>133741825>Guys it's fake>LOL SIMP GTFOI hate this place.


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>>133744207Get help

>>133744264t. simp that pays patreon to e-whores

>>133739096to the people that deserve it yesfaggots like you dont though

>>133739096Compassion for what? She should get a real job.

>>133740046>I don't even participate in porn films anymoreAh man really what was the point in getting ass and titty enlargement surgery then?