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>>133738034Dude its just a movie.

>>133738034Based Elijah

>>133738034I love how they seem oblivious to the fact that this means the Resistance committed literal genocide at the end of The Rise of Skywalker.

nobody cares about fag wars retard

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>>133738087>commies ruin another thing>deflect


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>>133738157What communist values were in them?

>>133738145>b-but they've been indoctrinated by evil sith magic so it's f-fine.

Elijah Wood is based

Hard to believe grown people came up with this shit. People who are supposed writers

>>133738157Star Wars was always commie shit. Lucas based the rebels on viet cong


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>>133738165Looks like Lennie James who plays Morgan off the walking dead.

>>133738034>let's keep writing a movie two months after it came out

>>133738034Holy based Frodo and to think it used to be a nerd debate about whether Star Shit was better than LotR, how are you liking you pedophile Luke now star cucks???

>>133738416It's profitable for video games. Toys and physical merchandise are probably not the future of making money for movies, and I wouldn't be surprised if the "movie experience" starts to extend more into regularly updated internet-based content to keep the cash rolling in.

How could hobbits know what potatoes are?

>>133738487Hamill's still based

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>>133738630potato trees grow in the shire, retard

>>133738888Checked. /tg/ blasted.

>>133738846Santo basado!


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But do they know which way is up?

>>133738145That ending is already completely illogical.>slices three Knights of Ren in half in a rage>"No, Sheev, I will not strike you down because killing people is bad! I guess morally I have no choice but to stand here while you kill thousands of people right in front of me."

>>133738846hamill is cringe. Failed actor #45314 crying about Trump on Twitter. Pathetic

>>133738087Yeah, a steaming pile of shit of a movie.....faggot.

>>133738148Based Suigintou user

>>133738260Fucking retard he based on the French resistance

>>133738034Space Janissaries

>>133738034Does MaRey Sue legitimately destroy all these Star Destroyers on her own?

>>133739517>failedCall him a commie all you want but failed?

does JJ sleep well at night knowing he ruined star trek AND star wars? thats quite a resume.

>>133740502At least his shit Star Trek didn't actually ruin the continuity and legacy of what came before it. Star Wars has legitimately been broken beyond repair.

>>133740526This. He was smart enough to split his awful movies into a separate timeline so they can be disregarded by fans.

>>133740526it did ruin star trek because thats what "trek" is now. look at fucking Picard. though i guess the tng movies really started that trend.


>>133738034>Consume other piece of media to understand movieAbsolute state of shit wars.

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>>1337380346 months since the movie release and they are STILL writing the movie script.AHAHAHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAAAHAHAHHH.

>>133740767I know this is crazy talk but imagine if they had just done this for a 3 film story arc BEFORE actually starting film?

>>133738260Based VC dabbing on amerishits yet again

>>133738487Was there actually a debate? Or was that just Kevin Smith being autistic? Makes more sense to pit Harry Potter and LOTR against each other. Obviously LOTR wins against all.

>>133739467How do you guys not get that this is propaganda and psyopsThey're getting as many people as they can on board with this shit because if you absorb the themes they're purporting you are way easier to control>values these movies teach kids>don't hurt or punisher those responsible (rose possibly last movie I didn't see it)>you should blindly trust authority (holdo)>when people don't want to help you or do what you want it makes you a bad person and you should be attackedAlso small scale I always loved>haha ew luke drinks milk haha everybody farms and agriculture are stupid haha grubhubseamless

>>133738034Frodo is based. Theres something about his response herr just cracks me up.

>>133740610DS9 started that trend in reality

>>133738034kek based Elijah

Were they even called the Sith Eternal Fleet in the movie? Were those words actually said?

>>133738034>How could we have known."Forgive me, sir, but these allies on Exegol, they sound like a cult. Conjurers and soothsayers.""They've conjured legions of Star Destroyers. The Sith fleet will increase our resources ten thousand fold."―Domaric Quinn and Enric Pryde discuss the Sith fleetFucking faggot. The info was in The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary book. At least check the wiki like the guy who wrote the original tweet fag!


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>>133740799It still boggles y mind the spet billions on bying the most popular by that time franchise in the world and just let it roll like that.This is some McDonald's stuff crew level of management.

>>133738846To be fair, it kinda felt that he was baited by Rian. What else could he have said?

>>133741368>This is some McDonald's stuff crew level of management.Not even, McDonald's is famously rigid with adherence to standard practices.Starting a film trilogy of this magnitude without a proper arc planned out is just hubris. They patently thought they could just shit out anything and the Star Wars logo would do the work.Pathetic. They couldn't have employed a more destructive production team had they intentionally installed one with the motive of destroying the franchise.

>>133741380Rian didn't @ him. He wasn't forced to reply or baited. Rian just completely lacks self awareness. Look at his third week release tweet. He just got called out by someone that rightfully hates him.

>>133738193Degeneration and willing desctruction of the canonical western values passing of as artistic "deconstruction".

>>133738087This is the official stancecbr.com/star-wars-story-head-tells-fans-canon-all-fake/

>>133738260Wrong tranny retard. Empire was based on communist totalitarian regimes because deleted scenes from New Hope mention the Empire violently nationalizing property across the galaxy.

>>133740129>French resistance>most famous diversions include printing some mean posters and taking down a lamp post or twoNobody in their right mind would base their heroic monomyth on something as flacid as WWII French "resistance".

>>133741438It's JJ's fault because he likes open-ended narratives where the particulars are figured out at a later point.Just look at how ep7 was handled>von Sydow wasted on a puzzling bit character which even in the side materials amounted to nothing>Kylo's turn happened "earlier" and never fully elaborated upon>Snoke's role in Kylo's turn later downplayed and demoted to some comic book>heavy emphasis placed on Rey being abandoned only to be resolved in a stupid Palpatine twist>Luke's failure and the razing of the academy never fully explored>Luke's saber randomly found, who cares>Poe shows up, then disappears then shows up>First Order randomly has a planet-sized Death Star that can shoot over the entire span of the galaxy, who cares how or why>Phasma to be elaborated upon later, who caresetc..Literally nothing of substance happened. Everything was left for "later" and then handled poorly or not at all.

>>133741438>They patently thought they could just shit out anything and the Star Wars logo would do the workbut that's literally what happened? didn't they make millions off of mouthbreathing manbaby shit wars fans combined with disney loving fuckwits anyway?

>>133741639>they spent billions to make millionsSo Disney execs are posters from /biz/

>>133741589He's no doubt at fault to some degree but the question is a) who allowed him to do this?b) why was there no co-ordination between him and the person who would pick up this pieces?c) why did the person who did pick up the pieces do nothing creative or satisfying with the threads that had been laid?Force Awakens was an unimaginative rip off of Star Wars that just left pieces for the next guy to continue to the story. If they never had any intention of continuing that story why tell it in the first place?

>>133741639With each subsequent installment plummeting in box office returns from the previous and their Solo spin off becoming one of the biggest box office flops of all time. That's basically the most they'll ever make and it's all downhill now. They killed the golden goose rather than make money off golden eggs for years to come.

>>133738888Potatoes grow on vines you absolute fucking cretin

>>133741639Surely they've made a profit by now between some of the movies and shows?

>>133741639>manbabythere's that wordinvalidates anything else that gets saidmight as well try to win over liberals while dropping "nigger" into all of your sentences

>>133738145Admiral Holdo killed billions of people, most of whom were brainwashed slaves like Finn.

>>133738109He voiced a First Order TIE pilot in a cartoon, and didn't even know.

>>133740816Makes more sense to compare Harry Potter and Star Wars at this point and I got to say Harry Potter is way more consistent. I'd go with HP at this point

>>133738034ah, they were "indoctrinated" with "values" by "cultists"

>>133741748You get them from bushes, dumbass

>>133741782Finn doesn't act like a brainwashed slave or even a military man.Biggest waste in the Nu Trilogy making an ex- Stormtrooper the most generic male deuteragonist in history.The 80s GI Joe handled the concept better.

>>133738145Nuh, it's fine because they were bad. All of them were bad, even little kids.

>>133741639By the profits they’ve listed, they haven’t overcome the 4 billion + inflation yet, and that’s not even getting into the opportunity cost.We don’t know the merchandise because they don’t publish numbers, apart from the fact everything not baby Yeed is cratering.And also they wasted 2 billion + inflation on parts of parks that nobody goes to.

>>133741872>not only men, but women and children tooSee, sequels can rhyme too!

>>133741243Same thing happened to Halo as soon as it was handed over to a cunt. Who the FUCK is Didact?

>>133741206>>133741243Thanks for this post. Drunpftards don't read so they don't get the nuances in the film. I haven't seen Rise of the Skywalker because I am making sure I read all the Disney EU first.

>>133741243>a SPACE bow!>a SPACE scythe!>a HELMET - now in diffferent color!Jesus Christ someone is getting paid to come up with this high concept stuff.

>>133738034So apparently a SINGLE fucking planet could produce enough men, material and industry to build the largest fleet the galaxy has ever since

>>133742248but they have cloning, dark science, secrets only sith know

>>133739517>muh trumpgrow up loser haha


>>133742248in 20 years


>>133742400>nothing has to make sense or be coherent in a narrative sense because [magic] existsThe retard's favourite argument

>>133739517>FailedDude is one of the most talented voice actors working today, he's the voice of the Joker, what the fuck are you going on about?

>>133739517>FailedName a more kino revenge act>hamill gets famous playing star wars>hates disney wars as much as any star wars fan in the world>he also voices the joker>helps make the joker a cultural icon>the last joker movie made more money than the last star wars movie, both 2019 movies


>>133738148This desu

>there are people ITT who decided to watch the latest Disney Star Wars movieWhy? The first one was just a bad version of ANH and the second one made me wish I lived in America and some incel would start a shooting. Why would people subject want to watch the third film? Were they all on drugs or recovering from a very bad head injury that makes thinking hard?

>>133738034So the rebels killed a bunch of indoctrinated kids?


>>133742882>Why?Morbid curiosity.

>>133742905They killed EVIL kids, that's important.

>>133742672>>helps make the joker a cultural icondo millenials actually believe this?

>>133742248>the largest fleet the galaxy has ever seen>gets completely destroyed in a single battlemovies need to stop setting up video game villains and having them get BTFO at the first encounter. The only thing that makes vidya villains work is that you play cat and mouse with them for 30 hours.

>>133738145It's okay because they were all white. Just like in real life.

>>133738148Based. Grow up you manchildren retards

>>133741243>put a blaster barrel on a bow>whole fucking bow, string and limbs serve only as a trigger mechanism

>>133741694a) Jewsb) Jewsc) Incompetence >If they never had any intention of continuing that story why tell it in the first place?Because braindead retards like 90% of this thread payed money to watch it.

I always wanted to ask. Who was Ren?

>>133742031>I am making sure I read all the Disney EU firstYes, consume

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>>133743471>Because braindead retards like 90% of this thread payed money to watch it.I paid to watch the first two. In fact, I paid twice for the first film. I saw a midnight screening and then when everyone was praising it I went to see it a second time with friends, who came out and said they thought it was good. I didn't understand it.I was still positive for Last Jedi. I came out of Last Jedi knowing definitively that Star Wars was dead.

>>133743866Same. Except I only saw TFA once, as a rental.I wish I'd seen the signs. I wish I'd bothered actually looking up reviews critical of it. Then I'd been spared from spending my time and money into seeing TLJ in the theater.

>>133743866>who came out and said they thought it was good.To be fair, I did the same thing because my friend was a massive star wars fan and I didn't want to be the dickhead who told him his favorite franchise is dead, and shit all over him after he bought my ticket + popcorn.But I didn't pay to watch the second one. Still haven't watched that one and the newest one.

>>133738157>C-commies!Go die in a ditch you absolute fucking brainlet

>>133738034Why do 99% of celebrity twitters seem like they're run by fucking robots?

>>133738157>the neoliberal capitalist shitshow that is Disney is somehow communistOK buddy

>>133738034Did you know Palpatine fucked over his best chance at taking over the galaxy by announcing his return before being ready to set his plans in motion? He had the best set up for a surprise attack on everyone had he kept his mouth shut. All those planet destroying ships could have been launched to every strategic world without anyone being prepared for them. He could have quickly held the whole galaxy hostage until he was put back into power, but instead thought that announcing his return would make everyone too scared to do anything which is retarded.