What do you eat while watching links, anons?

What do you eat while watching links, anons?

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Depends>KinoSpicy fried chicken >Shit popcorn flickSome pringles

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ur mom ass

>>133735703Kino: wasabi popcornFlicks: Nachos

>>133735703That's a fairly small amount of McDonalds for an average-sized person, I'd say? The main reason fast-food cooks so fast and "lasts" so short is that there isn't much density to it. I wouldn't WANT to eat a double helping of nuggets in that timeframe, but I could easily.

spicy ramen with flavored seltzers. i love adding canned meat to make them more filling

Daily dose of this terrible thread

>>133735818>That's a fairly small amount of McDonalds for an average-sized personNot really, pic related is.

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>>133735703Movie: PopcornMotion Picture: ChipsFlick: NachosFilm: NothingKino: Wendys

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>>133735703>watching linksWhat in the heckity heck is that?

There's enough calories there sustain me for a fortnight. What in the fuck is wrong with Americans?

>>133736501The human stomach can stretch quite a bit.

>>133736180can i suck ur dick for a hamburger?

>>133735818>amerilards in charge of eating healthy servings

>>133738535It's from a meme but yeah

>>133735786What makes vodka so appealing?t beer drinker

>>133738591nothing but mixing potential

>>133738562>Americans in charge of reading comprehension I wasn't talking about the meme I was talking about user calling that a>small amount >for the average-sized person

>>133738535Stfu faggot I could eat you for breakfast

>>133738639it's copy pasta you mong

I made Kenny's signature red wine and molasses ribs the other week from the "Who Is A Better Chef" episode of KvS. They were absolute kino.

>>133738639You're retarded. The entire thing is pasta you dip. Now watch as you continue to double down.

>>133735703i can finish all of that if i'm really hungry except the soda

>>133738607>Not drinking it rawWhat's wrong with you?

It kinda bugs me that there's one single cheeseburger. Why not another double?

>>133738639everybody laugh at the retard


I watched Capone last night and had a vegan burger and sweet potato fries

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>>133735703Have at it Bobby-boy!


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>>133735818Get the fuck outta here, Movieblob

>>133735703Almost any grown man would be able to finish all that food in under 90 mins, however that amount of soda with that much food is borderline competitive eater tier, average human stomach doesn’t have enough capacity to hold all this carbonated shit.

>>133735703i think i could eat the food but the drinks would seriously fuck me up

>>133736136What the fuck. In normal countries one pack of average fries, one burger and a 0.5 cola is considered a medium meal. Add another burger and you're overeating. What the fuck us wrong with americans.

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i never eat when watching a good movie. i eat all my food while watching youtube though.

>>133735818>and "lasts" so shortI know movieblob is a full on retard but that's the stupidest thing in the sentence. Fast food takes months to spoil because it's loaded with preservatives.

>>133740440by "lasts" he means he gets hungry again immediately after, like the memes about chinese food, he sincerely believes he could shrug that off and still need a late night snack to tide him over until the morning

2bh i had a big mac a few months ago because i hadn't had mcdonalds since i was a kid, and got a weird craving. the fucking thing was tiny, like a little mini burger. i think i could comfortably eat that whole tray except all the fizzy pop, because i can barely drink a whole can of that stuff without feeling bloated.

>>133740414When was the last time you ate without having any media playing?

>>133740551today at work. i meant when im alone. can't remember the last time that was without media though.

>>133738591Nothing. Seeing as the one appealing quality of good vodka is it tasting as little as possible. Shnaps and whiskey is superior is every way and mixing out liquor is gay af

>>133738752why would you drink vodka straight? there's no flavor to appreciate

>>133740730I hadn't done that either for a long time, but decided last week not to watch/listen/read anything while eating a meal and it's surprising how much greater it is.Recommend it.

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>>133740382>burger = main substance (steak, fish, etc)>nuggets = secondary substance (potatoes, rice, spaghetti)>fries = tertiary substance (vegetable, sallad, etc)Looking at it like this makes it a pretty normal meal

>>133741361the fries are the carb you fucking retard

>Doordash fast food over during kino>tell them to leave it outside my front door>none of them can read english so I always find bags of food outside my glass backdoor

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>>133741404Sure, they have carbs but they are also a vegetable

>>133741679Potatos have protein so eating a large fry will build muscles.

Fuck corona i cant eat burgers aaaaaarrrrrgggghh

>>133742112make burgers at home

>>133735703why does this image cause Holla Forums to shit the bed every day

>>133742447we're stuck in a loop, just play the game


>>133739122maybe that one guy wanted only a single. isn't this food for four people?

>>133740209heartly kek


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>>133742112wait can't you just order them?

>>133736273He corrected himself immediately.

>>133742447what are we supposed to talk about? television and film?

fuck I haven't had a soda in like six months but I'm hungover this morning and the experience of a mcdonalds coke sounds heavenly right now fuck you op

>>133736273sent ;)

>>133738591No hangover