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The only good Belter is a dead Belter am I right gentlemen?

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>>133735695Steven Strait is relentlessly handsome.


The only good scenes in S4 were ones with Murtry, Ashford and DrummerOnes dead and ones going to jail who the fuck is going to carry S5?

>>133735695Belters fight for freedom. Belters fight for that which is right. Belters fight for the inextinguishable spirit of humanity, while Inners fight for money, power and political office. Any man with some spine stands with the Beltalowda.

>>133736975Belters are neo-kangz, even the soulless Martians have more integrity than them.

>>133736795the effects tram hopefully, i wanna see epic shit


>winks in your path>heh nothing personnel kid

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why are robots weaker than mutt women in the expanse cinematic universe?

>>133736795I think you misspelled Amos

>>133735695>s1 space bullshit crazy new bioweapon mystery>s2 crazy new bioweapon is literally magic>s3 worrrrmholes >s4 uh some fag shot a few belters then we hid in a cave with poisonous slugswho the fuck wrote this stupid shit

>>133737671>s3 we stargate now*fixed

>>133735695Inner scum

>>133737671>roughly follows the books>wtf is this shit >doesn’t follow the books>wtf is this shit Holla Forums in a nutshell

>>133736795i really liked the scene where amos murdered his gf

>>133735695he did NOTHING WRONG.

>>133737800I dont care about the books desu, I only watch mutts in space because theres nothing better>>133737754I was going for john crichton

>>133735695I so badly want Murtry to survive Amos but its not looking good for our boy

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>>133736975>Any man with some spine *spine snaps in the gravity of a real planet* stands *legs give out in the oppressive 1g* with the Beltalowda.

>>133737915Cap wants him to stand trial so Amos is just going to continuously injure him and then heal him in the sick bay for the entire ride back to sol system

>>133737938>>Any man with some spine *spine snaps in the gravity of a real planet* stands *legs give out in the oppressive 1g* with the Beltalowda.

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belters cant even speak english lmao

>the bad guy name's Adolphus As expected from the critically acclaimed author Abraham.Seriously though, reading the books right now. The show is much better.

>>133737754That's why S3 was so good tbqhS1 > S3 > S2 > S4

>>133738163>the "bad" guy Adolphus literally did nothing wrongtrue kino desu

>>133737938Being born in space is not a sin. It's what a man does with what he's been given that determines how tall he stands. The Belters have nothing to be ashamed of, other than the actual terrorists, but the same can't be said about the Earthers we see on the show. Aside from that one woman who writes speeches.

>>133737671>>s3 worrrrmholesMost of season 3 was about saving a little girl though.

>>133737938>>Any man with some spine *spine snaps in the gravity of a real planet* stands *legs give out in the oppressive 1g* with the Beltalowda.HAHAHAHAHAthisthis is why I still come herethank you bro

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>>133735695How badly did Indian space Trump get btfoed in this scene?

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>>133738123Setóp bush to, sabakawala! Du ferí da Belte! Xalte ere gova da Cant! To na kang setóp da mesach! Detim imim finyish du wa ting, im ye fo sémpere. Desh tim detim mang im mowsh leva sif xox. Inyalowda na kang leta owkwa Beltalowda! Milowda gonya leva xox! Inyalowda pensa beltalowda towchu imalowda. ówala. Pashang fong nakangepensa. Xiya na pelésh to, paxoníseki.

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are the books worth reading?

>>133735695why can't belters learn fucking english?

>>133738969>2020>reading books

>>133739037Xiya na pelésh to, paxoníseki

>>133739062consume media

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>>133739062>current year>not consuming all information in the form of tweetsyikes! this ain't it chief

>>133738969I've read the first three and currnetly reading the fourth (which is season 4 of the show). The first book is pretty good, then it goes downhill, but still fun and the third book is very boring then picks up near the end. The show took some liberty with the characters and I liked that. Ashford is a complete 180 from his book counterpart for example. And the show is more action-y.


>>133739230Na gif fo mi na kaka, paxoníseki.

oh hoh hey, hey there hoss!

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I legit cheered when he punched amos and amos gave him that fucking crazy look

>>133739844*sigh* based

>>133735695Fuck you inyalowda

>>133740125Kowlting gut, kopeng. Pashang tumang! Pashang pomang! Pashang inyalowda! Pashang welwala! Mi du ámolof beltalowda!

>>133740877>he come at me with his foreign gibberish

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Tell me about the books, are they good now? I think I dropped off after the 4th or 5th one.


>>133735695>yelling and edgy shit that has nothing to do with the title's description: the show

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Next season belter's gonna drop a meteor on Earth and all the inners' gonna use it to justify a genocide. Conflict between Nagata and everyone else ensues because muh son and muh melodrama. Drummer gonna get her rip & tear on for Ashford and fuck shit up. All the food belt shit on Jupiter's moons gonna go bye bye and force humanity into the rings to prevent the deaths of billions by starvation.Please let this happen


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>>133741483I would agree, but I can't fight against mommy drummer

>>133742834don't have to

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>>133743578>DAY OF DA ROCKwhy is this so funny

>>133742004You're pretty much on the money also a rogue martian admiral's gonna take a bunch of loyalists through one of the gates and form a new state with himself as a god-emperor enhanced through protomeme tech

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>>133743578>>133743743>Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Anderson Dawes called it "The Belter's Burden". Myself, I just call it like I see it; the responsibility of the master to discipline the servant.>Inaros looks directly at the camera>The Earthers, the Martians, the Hybrids... it's our responsibility to civilize them. And if we can't? Then they shall dangle out in space. The day of the rock is coming, Ashford. We'll have every Inner in the system dead or in chains in the next 10 years, and may God have this ship ambushed by the UN Navy and destroyed this very night if I'm wrong. God bless the Free Navy.

>>133735695should i watch this if i enjoy scifi? how woke is it? i can handle mild amounts

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>>133744164there is no woke in this, people who see woke everywhere should just isolate themselves even more than they already do.

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>>133744164It's probably the best scifi to air on tv since BSG. It has a diverse cast but the way it's handled usually makes sense within the world for the most part so it never really comes off as being woke for woke points. The sorta premise is that by that time the humans don't really do racism or whatever anymore, but it's replaced with space-ism because belters are the scum of the universe.

>>133744164Surprisingly enough the show has less mutts than the books.

>>133744180defensive reply while claiming no wokeness, doubt>>133744284thanks, just don't want it to be full of obnoxious moments like Discovery

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>>133744349>just don't want it to be full of obnoxious moments like Discoveryoh fuck no, there's none of that shit

>>133736795Fuck, Ashford was the best character since Tom Jane. They got nobody to carry the show now.

>>133744164There is one annoying nigger queen, but she can be largely ignored