What is lightning made out of?

What is lightning made out of?

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blue whales

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Everyone knows lightning is made out of electricity. OH DON'T GIVE ME THAT LOOK

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>>133724383Is it a dolphin in a bathtub?


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>>133724600Sugma balls

>it's a Jo Brand episode

>>133724600ooohhhh noooo he said it

why is she so insufferable

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>it's a Bill Bailey episode

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>>133725023Because she doesn't understand the premise for the show

>>133725023She's actually not as bad of a host as I had anticipated, but to be honest my expectations were so low that a steaming pile of shit probably could have exceeded them. She's still a man hating cunt though.


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>>133724383Jesus cum

>>133724383was it dolphin in a bathtub?


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>>133725779but you were very close, you know. The thing is nothing is actually -made- of plasma since plasma is state of matter, not the name for any type of matter itself. And similarly electricity is not a substance either as it is a type of force created by differences in electrical charges.Lightning is made out of whatever it is actually made out of which happens to be in a plasma state, and in the case of our atmosphere the answer would simply be the atmosphere itself, or in other words: air.

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>>133724383same stuff as fire

>>133724383Lightning isn't an object, it's not made out of anything.It's a phenomenal discharge of electricity.

But it's electricity, everyone knows that.

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I heard on here this guy's a pedo, anyone want to elaborate on this

>>133726132Your mom discharged on my cock last night fag

>>133726157He's gay and is fucking some twink 30 years younger than him

>>133726132electricity has a weight. it's literally fucking electrons with mass.

>>133726091I don't think you know how the ionosphere works.


>>133726241I don't think you know how the show works. The whole idea is to be semantically pedantic.

>>133726091So then in Avatar: The Last Airbender why is lightning a firebender technique instead of an airbender technique Checkmate science bitch

How many planets are in the solar system?

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>>133726341Anywhere between five and one hundred thousand

>>133726341It HAS to be 9, surely there's no planets hidden form out view. And I AM counting Pluto, thank you very much.

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>>133726461Based Mitchell


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>>1337263411 the u.s. of a.

>>133726517Venus, Mercury, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus! That's 8!

>>133726461You would have been correct if we were living in 1801!

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>>133726550>Venus before MercuryAWOOOGA AWOOOOGA

This thread is eerily accurate.

>>133726341Nobody knows.

>>133726597the order wasn't part of the question, jsut the number! that's 8!

>>133725026>its a perfect line up episode

>>133726212The electrons are the medium, lighting is the process.


>>133726157wow, based.


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>>133726341Depends on how many moons there are

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You were all far, far, far undershooting the mar k, I'm afraid.The correct answer is "at least 100".Well all know the standard arrangement of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. And we all know the little toss-up about demoting Pluto to "dwarf planet" status rather than "planet" status. But a dwarf planet is still a planet, is it not? It's right there in the name. Dwarf. Planet. With that being said scientists currently recognize -five- dwarf planets in our solar system: Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake and ErisHowever, many more objects are under serious consideration to be classified as dwarf planets in the near future such as Sedna and Quaoar, small worlds far beyond Pluto's orbit, and 2012 VP113, an object that is thought to have one of the most distant orbits found beyond the known edge of our solar system. The object DeeDee could also be a dwarf planet, according to observations made in 2017.However, even beyond these scientists estimate at least 100 dwarf planets could be discovered in our solar system using advancements in planet-finding technology.

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>>133727183Is my husband going to be counted as one?

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>>133727183>at least 100So what you're saying is that nobody knows. Gotcha.

>>133724383How many times has he been blatantly wrong about things on this show?

>>133726341Actually, what you mean is how many known natural satellites that orbit Sol, that inhabit abreast in a system, oft referred to as the solar system, have the classification of planet?

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>>133727183So the correct answer is actually "its unknown"

>>1337263419 because the people who actually named them planets named 9 of them. If you want to retroactively change that shit by putting new criteria on it then give it a different name, but there are 9 planets you fucking pedo.


What is the fastest animal?

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>>133725362Is she?

>>133727622Descending peregrine falcon

>>133727123That question was bullshit. Cruithne isn't a moon even by semantics. Hell, they had to asspull the most dumb rational to justify it. Rich Hall was right to flip out on that question.

>>133727622My husband when I want to have sex

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>>133726322That just makes avatar look shitter than it already is.

>>133727622American at a seafood buffet.

>>133727622not you, that's for sure

>>133727724>>133727755great guesses but sorry those are incorrect

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>>133727622Peregrine Falcon


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>>133727389Oh belt up Russell, nobody is impressed except 14 year old girlsFuck off, and take Eddie Izzard with you


>>133727622An electron


>>133726322Because Firebending already involves the manipulation of air, how else do you think combustion works?

>>133727622Blue whale

>>133726804uh, yeah

I'll give you a hint:It starts with an F

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>>133728737Fat American at a seafood buffet.

This thread makes me gleeful

>>133728737Fry chasing a 20 year old twink

>>133728875>>133728989*deep sigh*Sorry, no.The correct answer is the Free-Tailed Bat. The Brazilian Free Tailed Bat to be precise. While Pregrine falcons hit higher speeds when traveling downward vertically — given an accelerating boost from gravity — but their ability to fly in a straight line under their own power comes out to a mere 60 mph. However, according to new research led by ecologists at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Brazilian Free-Tailed bats were documented flapping, level to the ground, at a whopping 100 mph via a tiny radio transmitter attached to their backs.

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>>133728737Is it not a falcon just lol

>>133729348This shit is so gay lol


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>>133729348scientists are so stupid they put a radio on a bat and think the bat is going as fast as radiowaves

What is the biggest thing in the world?

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>>133730211the equator?

>>133730211Blue Whale

>>133730211road system

I just want to say this thread has been the only good thing on /teeveevee/ I have seen in months. Based OP, based Jo'shusbandposter, based Alanposter.

>>133730211The soil and earth beneath us?

>>133730211Fatter American at a seafood buffet!

>>133730211The world itselfOr alternatively, your mother

>>133730211You can't just say "thing", "thing" has no definition, you might as well say "oh what's the time on Mars?" The question makes no sense. It's the mantle isn't it? The fucking mantle, or is it "thing" from Addams family because that's his name? Very smart Steven, bravo, what a fantastic question. This is a farce.

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>>133730211great wall of china

>>133730211the ocean?


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>>133730637It couldn't be the mantle could it? Because it has to be "in" the world and the mantle is the world itself

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>>133730637Nailed that Mitchellian rant.

>>133730211my penis

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>>133730637Yep, this is going into my mitchellian rants supercut.

We need a neuralfag who would tts these posts

>>133730890No bill. I know you think you're being clever but the mantle is *literally defined as the part of the earth below the crust, you smug bird watching bastard. So as much as I appreciate your condescension, and your attempt at trying to out-pedant me, No the mantle is not the world.

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>>133727639show tits

>>133730211Ahz i' a fool breukfahst a' hungry horse a' too peeahm? Stehvehn?

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>>133730211Your ego.


OP here the last question was not posed by me so I am now playing the game like anyone else.



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>>133730211It's got tuh be me mum no?Don't luke at meh loike I'm an eejit

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>>133731250No, come back based opie

>>133731250No, come back op, your questions were the best.

>>133731250He sucks. He probably just posted a random question without prepping an answer thinking that was how the thread works. You come back.

Now onto a more important question. How many people did Hitler kill during WW2?

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>>133731612Accurate>I was doing a shoot for the sun, it made me feel really upper class

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>>133731563I think it's 2, Jo. Him and Eva Braun. Not defending the guy or anything.Just saying. 2. So maybe hold your judgement?Oh. I get boos? We're discussing HITLER.

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>>133731563Ever notice how it's always a man who kills so many people during a war, you'd never see a woman do it. It always seems to be a boy thing...

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>>133730211Congrats on being a tard and fucking up an actually good thread.

>panel showsyoutube.com/watch?v=-2z-AdzgKjY

>>133731563>>133731789He was responsible for the killing of many boys with guns, on both sides of the war to be fair, and also himself which is a result in anyone's books I think.Why are boys so obsessed with weapons?

>>133731833I was looking for that one

>>133731533>>133731445>>133731475if this had been my question I would have had the Great Pacific Garbage Patch as the answer for maximum smugness

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david mitchell reminds me of sean carrolli want him to berate me on why the copenhagen intepretation is stupid


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>>133731326Go away, Jimmy Carr, stop bullying him!>>133730211JIMMY CARR'S FOREHEAD

>>133726804Go google mass of electron and see what happens, I'll wait.

>>133731789*high-fives the woman sitting in the assigned seat to her left*

when did they feed the sneed??

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>>133732171Not having a go but, fuck off m8. Go shit up a cape thread or something.

>>133732171Sneedposter ruining threads like always

>>133732171My Harvey is always going around saying that

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>>1337306379/10 wish it was longer

>>133725023Because she gets angry at the male panelists for making jokes


>bit is clearly scripted but it's hilarious so i don't care

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but srsly what show is this

>>1337326938 out of 10 cats

>>133732703Mock the week

>>133732741The Bubble

What is the perfect line up? Stephen Fry as MC is obvious, Alan is a givenCarr, Bailey and Mitchell?

>>133732851Sean Lock

>>133732325who's harvey?

>>133727183you forgot my two balls

>>133732851Sean Lock, Bill Bailey and David MitchellI find Carr to be a bit too predictable eventually

Is this show worth watching?

>>133733140it's pure mindless entertainment

>>133732896>>133733082Sean Lock is absolutely required for the perfect line up

>>133732851David Mitchell Aisling BeaPhil Jupitus (Sara Pascoe if >we need two women)

>>133732851Carr is too formulaic. Come to think of it, so is Lee Mack.

Found around 200 episodes of this. Which one should I check out?

>>133733140Yes, as long as it's Fry hosting

>>133733255>Phil JupitusAtrocious taste

>>133733255The only woman who would even qualify for the perfect lineup is Jo Brand.

>>133733262Lee Mack works better on 10 cats.

>>133732851jezzadavid mitchell or bill baileysean lock

>>133733255>There are people out there who consider Aisling Bea to be the female Jimmy Carr

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>>133733291>muh husband tell me you're joking >>133733288>implying "madeira pince-nez" wasn't a classic joke

>>133727622A nigger on a motorcycle

I'm out out for the night so if you want another question someone else will have to take over

>>133725026>Because when you get them started, they never shut up.

>>133733483The line so based that Sandi will never let Jack come back on the show

>>133733621It's the greatest delivery on the show though. Even Stephen, the most left wing leaning man alive, burst out in tears. The fact that other people do the buldup for him to deliver the punchline only adds to it.

>>133733367Aisling Bea is just another part of the safe, bloodless, nothing comedy of the UKAnother face on the panel show circuit, because they're all part of the same agencies, and those agencies make the shows to display their roster of dickless arseholesThe comedy scene in Britain makes me fucking sick.

>>133724528le Pederast face

>>133733372Phil could be occasionally very funny, but on average he drags his jokes out and often interjects on better jokes, much like Lee Mack, but Lee is sharper.


>>133734889He is so fucking loud, and he's loud for too longYes we get it Phill, you're friends with Sandi Toksvig, but please shut the fuck up

>>133732963That’s what his dad says too


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>>133731712*walks out*

>>133735701Oh no, we can't lose PRESTON...

>>133724600Is lightning not electricity?8/10 if troll.Static builds up in clouds and discharges as electric current.Am I not correct?

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>>133730211they actually had this questionyoutu.be/bY_7TFiZ8Sk

>>133730637I read that in his voice, good job

>>133724528Always when I see that fat funbny pedo, I think about that pic.

I watched every episode of this show before the Toksvig started hosting, along with the lying show. Man I miss that era of British panel show comedians. Mitchell is GOAT.

>>133737765You'll probably like The Unbelievable Truth on BBC Radio 4Mitchell hosts, they're half an hour each, and it's been around for ages now so there's tons to listen to. It's good stuff

>>133724383light duh

>>1337263419 don't @me faggots

>>133737765I'm sad that The Bubble only ran for 1 season.

>>133727622A human pilot flying the fastest jet

>>133727622An Elephant dropped from a plane

>>133731926>>133731960They need to get this shit OUT of the ocean asap

Was it a bat in a wet market?

based threadI'm reading every post in Allan's voice, and the name "Allan" in Frey's voice


Jezza is actually pretty solid in this show, especially if he's appearing with Bill Bailey

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>>133727247Top kek. Spot on user

>bunch of comedians act smart after reading 2 pages of notes before the show about the shows topicsyikes can these dipshits go on only connect or jeopardy or something so we can see their true intellect

>>133726343MY RUBBER NEN

Post your QIfu. For me? It's Holly Walsh, somehow.

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Panel shows are a complete waste of time.


>>133732171uhh based

Really wanted to like this show but it's pretty bad. The premises are usually BS but, more importantly, there's too much fucking talking. Every second somebody is desperately filling quiet air with unfunny quips-- and the audience just laughs and laughs. It's very un-British, and it's fucking unwatchable.

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>>133739915I jut watched some. It could be alright but holy shit if they had a bad guest they can just suck all the fun out of the room. One I saw had some woman who I think was Fry's ex-wife or something or acted like it and she just sucked all the humor away hogging so much time talking about things that weren't in the slightest funny like not even telling jokes just talking and talking about banal shit.

>>133731326i could eat my supper off those magnificent molars

>>133734584How is fucking hot 18 year old twinks pedophilia

>>133725026>It's a Bill Bailey, Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell episode

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>>133730637couldn't help but read it in his voice, very nice

>>133739915>the entire point of panel shows is comedians talking and making jokes>”there’s too much talking”

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>>133739915how low is your iq that you were filtered by fucking british panel shows lmao

Caught an episode with an America, John Hodgeman, who managed to do well with the Brits. Have any other Americans gone on and been good?

>>133740430That dude with the black hair, rich something, rich hall, he's okay usually

>>133739915It's gotten worse since then sadly enough

>>133729724Radiowaves travel at lightspeed

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>>133739915I enjoyed it when I was a 15 year old atheist, I'd sit and watch it on youtube all day while playing Minecraft.

>uhhh im such a lad!!!!>heres some british places!>heres some british words!!!>heres some non sequitors and smart words elusively employed out of context so that they could link ingeniously to all manner of things!>ruh ruh ruh i love football!>gash!!! i'm a lad!>cookd & bombd ftw!!

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>>133740624>his smile and optimism, gone

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>>133733980I prefer it to the "everyone gets a talkshow to jerk off hollywood" in the US.

>>133740624>Nish Kumar

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>>133740400No shit, he did a show on what happened to his Austrian family during the war.Fucking brainlet.

>>133740784Don't bother replying to him. It's one of those MUH JEEEWWWS retards.

>>133727622You fatbastard chasing underage boys

>>133740705>if only you knew how bad things really are


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>>133726157He's no more a pedo than all those middle aged straight guys who fuck 20 year oldsNothing wrong with fucking someone younger than you, even if you're a faggot


>>133729428The premise of the show is that the answer is always some convoluted bullshit rather than the commonly accepted answer. What he says is true on a technicality and there are always a bunch of caveats that come with the answer. It's fun trying to figure out what the fuck the real answer might be.


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>>133727247Based. Anons in this thread clearly grew up watching QI.

>>133727622There isn't one were all travelling at the same speedFuck you Fry

>>133724528>>133737592Dudes in his 30s.

>>133731789I don't mind the condescending 'boys' talk from SandiShe's less annoying that young feminists.

>>133731960>>133731926If it’s so big why aren’t there photos of it?

>>133726322In avatar fire bending was basically "energybending" and they just used that concept for them being able to use electricity. Airbending was more "spiritbending" and being able to manipulate the atmosphere

>>133740400D R O P P E DROPPED

>>133741506It's not a solid landmass m8.

>>133741176The episode of 10 cats with Victoria on David's team was a god damn masterpiece.

>>133740400Damn I wish I could unwatch all the episodes with him

>>133739408I'm a Cariad man myself.

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>>133724528>>133734584>>133738772That "kid" is in his 30s you fucking retards

>>133741556Isn't it pretty disingenous to compare it to a solid landmass then?

>>133733342based beyond comprehension

>>133740358Nigga I used to watch PMQT (and liked it) and had no idea what they were talking about. HIGNFY was usually pretty good, too.

>>133741686fuck this feminist man hatting airheaded cunt

>>133741686She makes my heart melt

>>133741815Yeah but she's cute

>>133741686She ruined Qi for me. Her Idiocy makes me too angry

>>133741815Who cares

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>>133741917Ruined all of it? She's only been on 19 episodes, and a good chunk of those were post-Fry which aren't really worth watching either way.There's far worse guests imo, even if she is pretty retarded.

Qi used to be a boys club show with a lot of less then subtle gay jokes. Now its feminist power hour with the occasional powerful poc through history segment in between the man hating.

>>133739408It's gotta be

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>>133742003There was a string of new episodes a few years back were she was in every single week and i just gave up.

>>133737920everything drops at the same speed, bro

>>133739408>youtube.com/watch?v=jrOqsIMc2pADid anyone one elses dick turn to diamonds when she talked about blow drying her sons balls?


>>133724530based enfieldposter

>>133742133I found it strangely erotic, even though incest is degenerate trash.

>>133725023Stopped watching the BBC years before this happened. What's she like?

>>133733667>Even Stephen, the most left wing leaning man alive, burst out in tearsI've been watching a lot of old episodes lately and he doesn't seem that up tight. They used to do a good amount about gays, trannys, foreigners and he would laugh along.

>>133726091>And similarly electricity is not a substance either as it is a type of force created by differences in electrical charges.Fucking cunt, ELECTRO MAGNETISM is a force, ELECTRICITY is a flow of electrons, which are PHYSICAL MATTER

>>133742223Nowhere near as good as Fry, but I wouldn't say she's exactly horrible. The problem is the guests are trash now, if you had good guests like Sean Lock, David Mitchell or Bill Bailey on it would still be pretty good regardless of Toksvig.But, the hosts and the guests are worse so there's no real point in watching.

>>133739408She was cute but now her and Sarah Pascoe look like vegan skellies.

>>133742314Time makes fools of us all, I choose to remember her as she was.

>>133742341They can travel back in time to when they looked cute, and healthy, by eating a burger. Sounds fucking great.

>>133726157A crusty old pederast, perhaps. It's more of a cultural than sexual thing

>>133727622Usain Bolt

>>133742305Sadly that's the case for 8 out of 10 cats too. On the bright side, Would I like to You remain top tier since they still kept to the same trio.

>>133740752I can't believe they last him take over the news quiz from miles jupp on radio 4. Unfunny cunt

>>133740624is the fucking cbbc presenter in the wheelchair?

>>133741686In one episode she revealed she's quite a brapper. I'm now a fan.Having said that Aisling Bea seems like she'd be up for some right kinky shit

>>133740752>manages to get in 3 brexit references in the first 5 minutes of QI Does he have no self awareness? He wasn't bad on Taskmaster playing the fool.

>>133741454>>133741759Yeah, so was Stephen Fry when he was born. By the way, he's also older than that kid's fucking mother and father, you sick fucks: independent.co.uk/news/people/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-future-mr-stephen-fry-elliott-spencer-marriage-9963355.html

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>>133740705All people eventually stop doing panel shows, I mean even Holly Willoughby just retired from Celebrity Juice. But fuckwit Alan just stands there like a moron doing absolutely nothing. I get is easy money but come on man, have some dignity.

>>133742711Is Jonathon Creek still a thing?

>>133742683Why are you crying about a 30 year old and his parents? Maybe he is exploiting the old guy for cash?

>>133742711i saw him a couple of years ago, very down to earth and extremely funny. obviously just cashing out at QI

>>133742683>But its fine when Dicaprio pumps and dumps 21 year olds whores

>>133733483>that Seethe when Alan steals her punchlineyoutube.com/watch?v=-I3qREbKqLw


>>133729348>bats flap via tiny radio transmittersNature is incredible.

>>133742852I dont think so.>>133742878Its so depressing though. Although I like some panels shows they need to end at some time, especially when even regular guests decide to stop showing up. Seeing the sidekick still there after the original host is long gone is kind weird. Phil in nmtb in contrast, due to show's format, had to do something (not necessarily funny most of the times) not like Alan just standing there and saying as few lines as possible.

>>133743201anything on mainline TV is complete junk. its either super pozzed BBC, and by that i dont even really mean its a diversity quota but totally milquetoast and safe. nmtb for example had mark lamarr trashing guests constantly up to and including physically attacking them. even that queer simon amstell wasnt afraid of being controversial

>>133741776How else would you compare the size of something when it's the size of a landmass?Why are midwits still allowed to post?