Who is funding this Holla Forums? There is absolutely no way people find her funny

Who is funding this Holla Forums? There is absolutely no way people find her funny.

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Who is that guy?

Literally every modern 'comedian' has (((connections))) or is hand groomed to be a puppet.

>>133673534if you look at your own image you will see that it was netflix


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>>133673534fucking sweet! may 26 is my birthday!

>>133673534in awe at the size of this lad

>>133673641what a shocker.

>>133673534Jahans looks so different without the beard.

>>133673534Um sweetie she has a 100% positive at rotten tomatoes. You're the only delusional loser who hates her. She's the funniest person of our generation.

>>133673534Is this that awful host on the british baking show

looking forward to some non-comedy

>>133673534is she wearing a fat suit? i honestly can't tell

Look at the size of that cunt

>>133673534As of March 2020, Netflix is $14.17 B in debt. They have said they plan to raise another $1 B of debt.It's just a bunch of jews, joggers, trannies and sjws robbing the company. Eventually the company will stop being able to raise money, it's stock will plummet, and it'll be sold off pennies on the dollar to Comcast or Disney.

>>133673836no thank you

>>133673534>Dad's gynae history


Anyone watch the stream of the cops that got flattened by a semi driven by a pajeet while they were pulling some guy over? The mad lad in the pulled over car livestreamed the run over pigs dying in the road and laughing about it, it was hilarious

>undersized blazer with retro jordanswhat do you call this look?

>>133673842trump, or someone in the dept of finance, the sec or whatever americans have could simply stroke their pen and decide that having the rights to show films online doesn't count as an asset and netflixs assets go to zero and their balance sheet is destroyed, the stock goes to zero before lunch.

>>133673534>"Muh fat vagina stories"Wine aunts, fat roasties, trannys and dykes

>>133673996>>133673842Neither of you understand how companies work

>>133673842brainlet here, how does a company rack up debt year after year yet stay afloat?

Netflix do stand-up because it's cheap, even if you have to pay the audience to show up to these slogs


>>133673534Why does hannah gadsby look like a relatively thin person wearing a fat suit.

>>133673534netflix is state funded propaganda.

>>133673996They could, but unlikely to happen. IP is one of America's strongest areas of laws. MPAA and Disney (among others) would have their paid off congress people drafting and voting on laws before lunch if that were to happen.

>>133673534She even tossed a "y'all" in there. Do Tasmanians use this word regularly?

>>133674061because there is way more money coming in.

>>133674061As long as you cover the debt cost, you can do it for a lonnnnnnng time


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>>133674061You'd have to ask >>133674046 since apparently they know how to run a business

>>133674046thecollegeinvestor.com/8552/netflix-absurdly-valued-company-history/read about netflix and how they accounting. this was the first result, explains fairly simply how they fudge things.

>>133673534Thought it was gonna be David Byrne in his big suit from the thumbnail.

>>133674183>>133674191in the article I read it said that Netflix pays millions in interest but hasn't put even a small debt in the actual loan, if they're making tons of money why don't they just pay it off right away?

>>133674175We don't, but I'm pretty sure she left Tasmania decades ago because our state full of hippies and greenies wasn't liberal enough for her.

>>133674243small dent*

>>133673842>>133674214.>>133673996based capitalism making you commies seethe, back to venezuela with you.

>>133674214That article is amateur crap, was written in 2013, stock nearly doubled now. Stop following these

>>133674243Simply put, if you can make 10% return and the debt cost is 5% you would be wise to borrow to spend rather than use cash to pay off and fund it.

>>133673842debt increases valuation you dont understand this because your stupid

Nobody's watching it to actually laugh. It's a social ritual for rich elite liberal urbanites to feel good and moral about themselves. This kind of "comedy that is about social messages and virtue signalling" started with unfunny faggots like George Carlin and Bill Hicks.

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>>133674061I can walk you through the concept fairly simplySay you have $100 in expenses and $90 in revenue. You're a bit in the hole. It's okay, you're a new business.But your business grows, so the next year you have $1000 in expenses and $900 in revenue. You can easily pay back the money you owed last year. You can't pay back the money you owe now, but it doesn't matter because:The next year you have $10,000 in expenses and $9,000 in revenue, your old $900 debt is chump change. And that $9,000 will be nothing to worry about once you're pulling in 90 grand! Of course then you'll owe 100 grand, but...Basically, the Amazon model (of which Netflix is a variation) is perfectly sustainable as long as you can keep finding new revenue streams until all visible matter in the universe is converted into subscribers. As long as you never have a down year and the market keeps expanding, you'll be fine.Every national debt also works basically the same way, we're all fucked

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>>133673685He’s a big guy

>>133673534People that you disagree with

>>133674533National debt is different since netflix cant print currency

>>133673591Is that how you cope with failure?>life is all fixed by the Jews!


>>133673996It's amazing how much conservatives actually hate the free market they pretend to praise. Hypocritical sociopaths losers


>>133674660"Communists" sucking the dick of every billionaire in Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood have spoiled the concept. Fuck the free market, fuck the rich, fuck niggers, fuck jews and fuck you.

>>133674061By making small monthly payments and proving profitability to keep the credit lines open

>>133674533>Basically, the Amazon model (of which Netflix is a variation) is perfectly sustainable as long as you can keep finding new revenue streams until all visible matter in the universe is converted into subscribers.this was the WeWork model too.

>>133673534anybody who supports this hack of a comedian should be intellectually shamed

>>133674660i thought i was a commie for posting that? now i am a conservative?


>>133673534nteflix promotes propaganda. Propaganda is needed. They fill a role, doesnt matter how much money they "lose". Media has turned people into vegan hipsters and motherfuckers who sport beards. Propaganda has a proven track record

>>133673685Absolute unit

>>133674691Bernie 2020

>>133674621Netflix doesn't need shitposting, it is the true real embodiment of every conspiracy theory anyone has ever had. For fuck's sake, the uncles of Netflix's founder were Sigmund Freud and Edward Bernays, the literal Jewish forefathers of modern mind control and propaganda.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Randolph

>>133674500maybe if you actually have something of value. where does a library of gadsby's stand ups lie on the value continuity?

>>133674756Oh you're a right wing nutcase for sure, you're just willing to pick and choose the parts of your ideology to support when its convenient just like you do with your religion. Right now the identity politics angle is more prudent than the economy because that's what incels care about, especially during this shitshow admin. Youre a disingenuous shill. And stupid. Probably fat

>>133673534Almost nobody I know irl has even heard of her Netflix special. Of the extreme few who have (literally 3 people) two of them grimaced at the mention her name, and the highest praise the third had for her was "It was different, but not really comedy"

>>133674909>incels shill stupid fatlmfao "you mad" gets thrown around too much but this guy is actually furious at his keyboard right now

>>133674533finance idiot here, i appreciate you putting it simply for my dumbass i was curious as well, here's a (you)

>>133674691kek if you actually believed this shit you'd be supporting the politicians who actually cared about those issues, but you dont. The realization for conservatives that all the class, corruption and economic issues they care about are only addressed by progressive dems must be a confusing wakeup call. Why is it that the only politicians who share your interests are in the party you've been trained to hate instinctively?

>>133675029You can keep telling me that importing unlimited numbers of illiterate brown people is in my best economic interest until the sun explodes it still don't make it true.

>>133674660It's amazing how much liberals actually love giant corporations they pretend to hate. Hypocritical sociopaths losers

>>133673875I just saw it

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>>133675029No dem has ever made a single claim in favor of my socio-economic group you dumb shill

>>133674909Now THIS is projection.

>>133675029Nigger, economically corrupt versus economically illiterate (and also corrupt) is a choice I reject. What I want is this shithole country to totally collapse into starvation and bloodshed, followed by whatever white people survive carving a new beginning out of some corner of the carcass.

>>133674909man what a weird world you must live in. i posted what i posted because i have read about how netflix gets its value due to its accounting principles it applies, which the hollywood studios are not allowed to apply to thier books. this means that netflix has a much higher value than it would have if it had to be treated like a standard hollywood studio. my assertion, right or wrong, was that the government could change the rule that allows this and have a huge impact on how netflix is viewed by the market. there are many sources for this argument.why you need to imagine a whole persona (none of which is accurate at all) behind the comments here on 4chan is a bit weird.

>>133673549Love this meme.

>>133673534I HATE people who type like this

>>133674533I have a question maybe you can explain to me as if I were a retard: What would be the consequences if we simply said "all current debt no longer exists"? Not accounting for the fact that new debt in the future may accrue. Debt in terms of national debt or corporate finance seems like a nebulous made up concept to me, i.e. it's not "real" money and it doesn't actually affect the real world in a meaningful way.

>>133673534wheres the bloody jokes?

>>133673534>There is absolutely no way people find her funny.It is comedy for fat angry lesbians. Fat angry lesbians watch it and like. hat is how this works. If you are a fat angry lesbian, you watch this. Those of us who are not fat angry lesbians can ignore it. Pretty straight forward. Don't think we need a thread to explain something so obvious.

>>133673641Considering what recently came out about a what an absolute shitheel Ellen is, Hannah might want to distance herself there, if she has morals and actually cares about the "Abuse' thing she ranted about for twenty minutes.Surely she meant that and will tell Ellen to treat her staff better, right?

>>133673534I think they out this out, get shill media to pretend it's good, and hope that young people growing up will believe this is good and adapt to it.

>>133675216The shortest answer is trust collapse. There's no mapping the psychological impact of something like that happening and then affecting future investments, loans, etc. when people fear/expect it might just happen again.Also you'll get a kick out of knowing Hitler did exactly what you're describing, he flat out went "lol Weimar money doesn't exist anymore" and then he started annexing people and building tank factories before anyone could properly complain about it. Also several African regimes have done this, sometimes multiple times, and... Well, you know how that turns out.

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>>133673549I've missed this meme

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>>133675258you're thinking of ellen degeneres dumbass. The tweet is ellen page.it literally says ellen page right there and has a picture of her how do you fuck up this bad?

>>133675258Did you seriously just confuse Ellen Page with Ellen DeGeneres, you fucking mongoloid?

>>133674215it's nuts. she's fat but her belly doesn't stick way out in front of her. she's just three feet wide


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>>133675250how much of netflix consumer base do you think are fat angry lesbians who were raped as kids? do you really think they could sustain an incentive to produce shows like this?on a related note, how much of a lie do you think netflix's "top 10" daily list is? whenever I look at it, it's nearly always all shows about brown people and miscegination, and none of them are shows I hear white people talking about at work ever. would be nice to get real, accurate viewership numbers on all their programs.

>>133675318me too. always a pleasure to meet a fellow cock conoisseur

>>133675216your parents' pension disappears but so does your mortgage. then the economy collapses.

>>133675216Debt is literally just a contract. If contracts can be totally nullified instantly then there would be no reason to ever live in a nonviolent society. Might makes right in the absence of contracts

>>133675349>>133675362>getting baited this easily

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>>133673534>Who is funding this Holla Forums? There is absolutely no way people find her funny.No one finds her funny but there is a segment of people who think she's "powerful" and making statements of truth.

>>133673534>Comedy is toxic and I'm leaving it behind >Watch my new special on Netflix (of course)Isn't everyone already sick of these insufferable leftoids for years now?

>>133673534It’s performance art you simp. Andy Kaufman singing Mighty Mouse wasn’t funny in itself, it was the ridiculousness of it that was funny. Just like a fat depressed lesbian calling her show comedy while telling you horrible stories and shaming anyone that laughs. Why are men so shallow when it comes to comedy? Some of us want something more than fart jokes.

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>>133675216>you're waiting to get paid>suddenly they announce that all debt no longer exists

>>133675418In that sense, debt is something that predominantly affects stupid people. Not just because they're dumb and poor, but because intelligent people realize they can silver-tongue their way out of loans due to it being a contract between humans. My father was a lawyer who could basically talk anyone into anything, and he would do shit all the time like take out a loan to buy a new car, then over the course of a year smooth talk people at the bank into "refinancing" it or some dumb shit and essentially end up paying $5000 for a $30k car.

>>133675570perhaps they even should be user problem is pissing and whining like yours is even worse. make no mistake it's thanks to you personally that this shit's happening at all

>>133675418>>133675216>>133675404>>133675603Rabbinical law actually calls for a total economic reset every 50 yearsen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jubilee_(biblical)All slaves are set free, all debts are erased, all land rights revert to historical family ownership, and then the system starts amassing power all over again.The fact that it was always at a preset, pre-arranged time might have made it MORE sustainable than any current method, although I really gotta wonder what tricks and loopholes started kicking in around year 48 or 49 because I know people had to be at least somewhat unhappy with it.

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>>133675590>Andy Kaufman singing Mighty Mouse wasn’t funnyWise words.

>>133675637Is this post in English? I read it twice and still can't really piece together what this fucking faggot is trying to articulate.

>>133675495yeah i know straight women who liked the first special she done because it was 'sharing the story of being a woman' and all that shining a light sort of shit.

>>133675675>h-hey bros>bros?I'm not with him.

>>133675675I think he was saying something about first world problems

>>133675647>All slaves are set freeimagine being the first person enslaved after the reset. you'd be pretty annoyed

>>133674621lol look at this bitch-ass jew recoil

>>133673642Same.Woo us!

>>133675766hell yeah nigger!