Will Nick Mullen be able to pivot his commercial acting career into television & film?

Will Nick Mullen be able to pivot his commercial acting career into television & film?

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>>133672886offtopic threadsee you later shill

>offtopic thread>see you later shill

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Not if he keeps refusing to take to his pills

>>133672886Literally who?

>>133673001If he keeps refusing to take his pills we'll see an unhinged comic genius more powerful than you could possibly imagine

>>133672886Workin' 9 to 5!

>>133672936It's not off-topic, it's directly related to television & film

>>133673001>>133673078What is he taking them for?

>>133672936the problem is you don't dream to imagine

it's literally one guy making nick mullen threads over and over again

>>133672886Very funny guy. Going to need to see him act before I support him becoming a regular actor.

>>133673101More like 5 gay men

I wish I could make $400k/yr to make gay penis jokes

>>133673143It keeps him from saying it

He's relentlessly talentless.

>>133673143He said anti psychotic.

Do you guys think his political beliefs are real? Sometimes I think he's totally sociopathic and the woke twitter thing is just a costume used to float around criticism

>>133673143Bipolar disorder, I believe. That's what other anons have said.

How about the "Oh Long Johnson" cat but it's reacting to a penis

I was laughing earlier thinking about it's Holla Forums-Television and Film but instead it's /thiv/-Trannies and HIV. That'll be 400k a year plus tip

>>133673354This is kinda hot tbqh. Imagine him loving you and then mercilessly beating you the next second.

>>133673359How about instead of a cat it’s just a talking penis reacting to another penis

>>133673519Hopefully he would just beat you and not do anything else with you

>>133673548Meant to quote >>133673486

>>133673548I wouldnt mind getting beat by a penis

>>133673622Coomer and a faggot. The dynamic duo of a Holla Forums poster

>>133673675What if instead of “poster” it was...uh...uhhh...homo-ster

>>133673708heheheheheheh hell yeah dude.*coughs*any of you been fucking lately? I know this covid shit is on but we can still get our dick wet, right?*sings a tune* "I have a little ass penis"Adam? You been fucking in Vegas? They got bitches out there right?

>>133673803Stav only talks about “top” and “dome”. When I listen to cumville at work I always think about getting alcohol poisoning from a drinking game where I drink every time Stav says “dude I’m tryina get sum top yo”/“dude I’m tryina get sum DOME yo”I’d be dead from Steel Reserve poisoning less than halfway into the episode


dying podcastbastard radio is the future fat man and kike are the past

>>133673345He's a complete sociopath for sure. Literally every story about jobs he had before being a podcaster in new york is horrifying

>>133674085How do I become a sociopath? I’m sick of making less than 400 a week

>>133674022>bastard radio is the futurewhy'd they stop after two episodes?

>>133674022Bastard Radio is kino.Tim Dillon is pretty based

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I've never laughed at a thing this guy has said, and I went in wanting to like him. He always seems like he's in a mood and wants everyone to know like a little bitch.

>>133673250one based guy

>>133674022>Uhh uhh yeah dude like my son can't watch this movie that has the word faggot in it uhh uhh

>>133674022They haven’t even come out with more than two episodes yet. They’re too busy raking in the patreonbux

>>133673957He's 5'8"

>>133674200>I went in wanting to like himwhy?

>>133672886>>133672936>>133672965>>133672998>>133673001>>133673024>>133673143>>133673133>>133673101>>133674022>cucks adam with a pajeet for a moviecdn2.aznude.com/dashanekrasova/wobblepalace/WobblePalace-DashaNekrasova-HD-08_hd.mp4absolute state

>>133674200Don't try to like him...don't go in wanting to like anything in life you fuming simpleton

>>133674173the podcast's two weeks old

go find a photo of him standing next to adam and it's hilarious because nick gets mogged

I'm surprised Nick hasn't offed himself yet.

>>133674200The point of podcasts is that you hate listen to them and talk about how stupid they are on 4chan

>>133674365Wait until the podcast money dries up

>>133674022Whats the point anymore? They can barely fill an hour and the can hardly even pretend to like each other at this point. Should have ended on a high note, but seems like it will just slowly run into the ground.

>>133674252That’s not how you spell 5’5”

>>133674330last episode was the 29th of last month. seems like they already got tired of it.

>>133674276For me, it’s Fat Titty Amber

>>133673486thats not how bipolar works user

>>133674219I thought part of the joke was they're fucking with him the whole pod

so basically stav is like the friend that i eat food and like play video games and stuff with. nick is a friend that i could get autistic with and talk details about dumb shit.adam is like the sensitive friend that i can have deep emotional conversations with.

>>133674173Because they are bastards

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>>133674365he's off his meds, so that's not far away

>>133674486i really want to know what her dad looks like

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Tim Dillon is fat gay Adam Carolla. He's good at radio in the sense that he can just fill air with words for hours.Luis J Gomez is a force for good in comedy because he's been radicalized against the left. But I still don't like hearing him dominate conversations with his personal drama.I haven't bothered listening to Bastard Radio. Is Nick able to get two words in between the other guys' constant yapping?

>>133674643I really want to know what her spread braphole looks and tastes like

>>133674661He dominates the conversation because he can actually say his racist bits without the fat retard going OHHHH NOOOOOOOO


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>>133674584none of them are your friends google parasocial relationship

>>133674685Stick a finger in your ass and taste it, should give you an idea.

nick mullen is cool guy

>>133674819Nah it’s not the same bro I wanna give her b-hole some top

>>133674661Its pretty funny user. The three of them work well together

>>133674799nah dude, we're boys

>>133672886why do the mods allow this nick guy to make threads about himself every day?

>>133675051he cute

>>133675051Because he’s just as short as they are (5’2”)

>>133674507what disorder is that then?

I'm Steve-O, and this is having gay sex while saying the n-word

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>>133675267C’mon Steve-O saaaaay it maaaan

>>133674284you're so fucking deep tell me what friend simulators made you so wise

>>133672998reddit memesneeds to die

>>133674276it's not like adam was good looking or a chad. this guy is around the same attractiveness as him

>>133673345he's clearly not right-wing or far right like a lot of people on 4chan want to believe. probably apolitical and only cares about when politics effects his freedom of speech

>>133675625he's basically just a left liberal. stav and adam are more socialist.