Holy shitJames Corden is cancelledhttps://youtu.be/8ETZX_7vCyM

Holy shitJames Corden is cancelledyoutu.be/8ETZX_7vCyM

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>>133672754Why is it surprising that this fatass is a cunt in real life? He comes across as extremely annoying in all of his videos

>>133672754>when you start the youtube video and a British guy starts talking

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>>133672754Who is James Corden?

>>133672871>ELLO YEWCHUBE

Americans have no talent though which is why bottom of the barrel uk comedians can become political gurus over there

People have been calling this dude an insufferable cunt for ages.

>>133672996>Americans have no talent>conquers Europe


I don't care enough about Corden to consider this juicy or worth hearing about

>>133672871I would rather have my ass raped repeatedly by a massive wooden spike than sit through 16 minutes of that lad talking.

>>133673144You want to be raped by James Corden? Um, that's a major yikes from me, dude.

>>133672996Or perhaps you go to the USA if you want great success especially in show business?

What happened

>>133672937He Is A Hollywood PSYCHO

>>133673189Well, only if he promises to shut up.

>>133672871>when your weight starts with a 2 hundred

>>133672996>Americans have no talent >influences cultures worldwide

>16 minutes of some britfag talkingi think i'll shitpost somewhere else

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>>133672871>ALLO YEW TYEWBdo brits really?

>>133672754I was mildly interested in this topic but the video is horrible

>>133673085>>133673209>>133673339The absolute state

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lmaos remember when Britain ruled the world but lost the empire to some Dutch faggots and Argentinian niggers?

>>133673394Hail Brittania Achmenidenijad.

>>133673415Argentinians are white.

>>133673364Same. I'll wait til an American takes James Corden's fat unfunny fake outrage ass down.


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>>133672871I feel like bashing Brits with a bat whenever they refer to the letter Z as Zed.

>>133672754based Picard sends his regards you fatty

>>133673450>Elected a nigger president >country literally in uproar over the death of one nigger

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>>133673501How dare they speak the language as they invented it.

>>133673339America can be utterly based but being the pioneers of degenerate culture that caters to the world's lowest common denominators isn't one of the reasons.

>>133673570They are wrong you cuck

>>133673458Shut the FUCK up.

>>133672996Nobody but brainless housewives watch this clown I assure you. Most Americans don't enjoy listening to Brits

timestamp the proof or fuck off.Or maybe I should say it in your joke languageEY MATE I RECKON YOU SHOULD WAGGLE ON ABOUT THAT THERE EVDIENCE OR SHUT YE GOB

>>133672754It still kills me that Patrick Stewart talked shit about him while they were both on stage together and dropped the ball. Patrick is better than Fat Corden and deserved to win that exchange.

>>133673562Nobody outside of London gives a shit about this Paki fag

>>133673570The French technically invented it through civil discourse with England, also Americans are historically proven to hold a more "true" english accent than those in the UK

>>133672754Give me the rundown.

>>133673570It's our language now you piece of shit

>>133672754>16 minute video of someone discovering an englishman is a cuntbritbongs can spot a cunt from a mile off. it is clear corden was always one. he was a fatty and has a huge plate of chips on his shoulder because he was a fatty. he fucked(was fucked) some old guy to get his part is the film about schoolboys, but i can't remember the names.

>>133673727Cordon is a cunt and a massive diva. It's going to be fun when Hollywood throws him under the bus

>>133673500So what are they though ?

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>>133673819Ok so you keep a couple token whites around...

>>133672754Oh is that James Corden in the thumbnail of that picture? Oh yeah it is? Thank fuck if not for the arrow, I'd not be able to tell who it is. Fucking youtube algo penny pinchin wackjobs I say. This is in the same tier as the brightly colored thumbs with two blokes looking at right at the camera with one smilin and one grimacing. Fucks sake I hate people

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>>133673584>>133673702>>133673741imagine godimagine his voice in your headhonestly, what does he sound likewhen the antichrist turns up he'll be british

>>133673961Slavery is proud American tradition. I have no problem with this.

>>133673819Jesus Christ is anyone in Argentina white?

haha, what? His name isn't Gordon with a "G"? Haha. Been calling him Gordon every time I saw his fat face on screen.

>>133672871This but unironically. We fucking fought and won a war just so we wouldn’t have to listen to these clowns anymore.


>>133674024>England abandoned her coloniesBe honest.

>>133673805>Cordon is a cunt and a massive divais that really a secret he showed he couldn't take the bants with patrick stewart and wished him to die like a fag

>>133672754The arrows on these YT vids never not make me laugh.

>>133673961Why is number 11 white?

>>133674143That's a very light skinned black man.


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>>133673501>I feel like bashing Brits with a bat whenever they refer to the letter Z as ZedCanadians do that too. Richard Syrett has a great conspiracy podcast but when he says ZED it makes me think.This is one of his better episodes:youtu.be/9EPPw6k3Zk4

>>133672754>best known for being someone on somethingno he's best known for being on panel shows

>>133674233Saying "zee" is a distinctly American thing.

>>133673348>>133672979>pronouncing tube "toob"

>>133674143>WhiteFound the a*glo

>>133673364>>133673459Giving it a go, but it sounds like a poorly structured incoherent rant so far.I was expecting some proofs of especially psychotic behaviour, not "it's well known he's a bellend lmao, lol fuck him"

>>133674185But that makes no sense

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>>133674209I'm gonna say the M word

>>133672754HOOOLY FUCK why do youtubers do this cut bullshit between any possible pause they make? Any time he naturally hits the end of a sentence, the inflection starts up again IMMEDIATELY and the whole thing is just an unending stream of his voice... jesus christ what a terrible fucking sound this is and I don't mean his accent.

>>133672754The only good thing he ever did was take a dump on Patrick Stewart's face.

>>133674295>Saying "zee" is a distinctly American thing.And that's a good thing!

>>133672754Look, I'm too lazy to listen to a 16 min rant. Sum it up

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>>133672754Fuck this Brit.Angry Jamaican guy name of Mag Ugly Truth is kino and funny as hell:youtu.be/tR0xaEglJzI

>>133674209how the FUCK did you get a picture of my mom?

>>133674358>but it sounds like a poorly structured incoherent rant so far.It got a bit better.

>>133672996Please take back John Oliver, holy shit


>>133672754not going to watch this but isn't an open secret that he's a prick? idk why he's popular

>>133672996Extremely pleb tier opinion, both scenes are incredible, yes there many shitty comedians in both but the great ones are geat indeed

>>133673570>ZedebraThat no longer sounds like the African horse. It sounds like some gay shit you'd say before a magic trick

>>133674472>he's a fat prick>he did a reddit ama and got shat on>he's a fat prick >he doesn't talk to his guests on his talk show>he's a fat prick

>>133672754>KavosWhy would anyone watch this whiny little bitch, he literally just goes after famous people for clout and he's not exactly better than the people he attacks.

>>133673987>Slavery>Pay them tens of millions monthlyThere's that Murrican education again

>>133674823Why tho?

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>>133675092So you can execute him for being criminally unfunny. Everyone here is a fucking retard and can't stop fucking his cock

>>133673501You get violent urges over a word? Are you a jogging enthusiast, by any chance?

>>133675065Slaves are slaves. Doesn't matter what you dress them in.

>>133673973do not like

>>133675176Yes I am a nigger

You sure know how to kill a joke.

>>133675092stop sending your problems to us dad we have enough already

>>133675138yesmy main worry about the burgers rumbling him is they'll send him back here, amazed it took so longhis stint on Community probably did him a lotbut in this current year...

>>133675234Meant for >>133675065

>>133673144I like the cut of your jib.

>>133673318Yes we’ve all seen the post faggot.

>>133673348>TYEWBWell, since it rhymes with cube, I'd say that's the correct pronunciation. Do you pronounce cube as coob?

>>133674024Americans had British accents back then, you dumb yank.

Got told this story by friends in the industry >Everybody knows James Corden is a massive asshole>is sitting on a plane with a woman and her baby >baby is crying and going nuts>Dude is actually surprisingly chill just puts on headphones and ignores them the whole flight>When they land he takes off his headphones and talks to her>its his wife

>>133673144It's not rape if you want it to happen.

>>133674089>centuries old cope

>>133675536That sounds like a joke someone would tell.

>>133675536>>Dude is actually surprisingly chill just puts on headphones and ignores them the whole flightHahaha what a cunt

>>133675536notoo goodtoo fucking good

>>133674306FUCK your "choob"