I literally just realized movies are called movies because they moveWhat else have I missed

I literally just realized movies are called movies because they moveWhat else have I missed

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>What else have I missedYou're a faggot because you suck cocks.

Food is called food because you food it

>>133670984Acting is called acting because play and scripts are made up of acts.

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>>133671081holy shit

Coffee is called coffee because when you drink it you cough.

>>133671092Shit is called shitCuz you shit it

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negro is romanized enemy

>>133671128You are shitposting but coffins are called coffins because typically sick people (who cough) go in them.


>>133670984[citation needed]

>>133670984flicks is called that because of projector light flickering

Breakfast is called breakfast because you're breaking the fast of a long Sleep

are frogposters real people?

>>133670984An Archimime which is basically a "chief comedian" or jester, a king of clowns if you will.

Pizza is called pizza because you ask for a piece of (piece a - pizza) the pie

>>133670984Sneed's Feed and Seed (Formely Chuck's) is a subtle joke

Medicine is called medicine because you're letting the medic in.

>>133671289WDYM?4chan was using frogs since forever. Are you saying 4chan isn't real people?Or are you saying now that it's mainstream it's cringe to use it just like coolface used to be?

When you realize the News is called that because it's new at the time

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>>133670984The beatles are called the beatles because they make musical beatsI didn’t actually process this fact until I was 27 years old

>>133670984>sissies are sister fuckers

>>133670984Footage is called footage because they would store movies on long reels of film and the amount recorded would be measured in feet.

>>133670984Movies are called films because they are taped

trannies are called trannies because they're mentally ill

>>133671393I think it's because Paul had a dream of a beetle with an A.

kinos are called kino because they touch your soul

When you book a stay somewhere they used to record it in little books.

>>133671478Does he dream in written form what the fuck does that mean

>>133671190no way

Doors are called doors because of Luboba's toes

Poop is called pee in my butt!!!

>>133671478I would believe that regardless of what it means exactly

>>133671513No I think it was a big beetle on a ball or something and in the dream he knew it's was called a beetle with an a.I don't know might be bullshit just look it up I'm sure I heard this theory somewhere.

>>133671363When I watch TNG/DS9 I like to pretend Miles is my descendant and I'm watching him from heaven.

>>133671146no it's latin for black

>>133670984Squirtle is called squirtle because he is a turtle that squirts water!

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Guys stop you're scaring me


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A triangle is called a triangle because it consists of three angles.

>>133671605You fucking retard, it's squirrel + turtle. The clue is in his little squirrel tail

Mountain Goat is called that because it's a goat that lives on a mountain O_o

4chan sounds like fortune, hence the four leaf clover as the logo

>>133671791>four leaf clover as the logohow 4chan-ate! haha

>>1336717914channel is called 4channel because Hiro is a retard and split the boards into two seperate sites then put NSFW ads on both anyway

>>133671697Lmao, I don't what planet you're on but squirrels where I live don't have any tails. Thus, SQUIRt + turTLE = squirtle

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>>133671081Actually it's called acting because they're acting retarded



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>it's called television because it tells you things through vision


>>133671408Footage is called footage because the movies were about feet

>>133671161Retard. You put dead people in coffins

Janitors are called jannies because they do it for free.

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>>133671697Bad bait

>>1336718444channel is called 4channel because of Zooey Fourchanel

"Politician" comes from the the latin root poly (meaning "many") and the english root tick (meaning "blood-sucking parasite")



>>133672309Possibly the most based schizo on the board

>>133672172Yes I meant that they have to get sick before they can pass on.

>>133670984saying "goodbye" is a reduction of "god be with you"

they call them "Fingers", but i've never seen them fing.

>>133671393oh shit

>>133670984Joggers are called joggers because they jog

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Jew comes from the world devil

>>133671595oh fuck, that's magic


>>133671976No, he’s right. Action > Act > Acting

>>133672453>"devil" has the word "evil" in it

>>133672398what did the post say?

"Trump" means a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage.

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>>133671314Archimemes’s principle states that a meme’s upvoting Force is equal to the weight of the the votes on older memes it is displacing.Archimemes also invented a practical joke know as “The Internet Cup”. Due to fluid memechanics, if a meme became so popular it rose to the “mainstream level” it would automatically pour itself out, ruining its quality by being “forced down” by normalfags, thus punishing the user’s greed for upvotes

All white women fuck dogs

it's called Lolita because it makes you go lol then ew, then ah


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>>133670984/tv/ is truly the loe IQ board

>>133672603Actually the cup was Pythamemes’s invention

>>133671791But that's wrong you fucking retard.It's called 4chan because moot copied the html from 2chan. That's literally it, not some stupid fucking "haha so clever" worldplay, but because a 15 year old was bored.

>>133672542>devil>de vil>the evil

>>133672707It's both

>>133672663>loecheks out

>>133672707There was a 2chan?

>>133672707Brainlet it's called 4chan because Moot was a fan of Jackie Chan movies

>>133672766yeah there was also a 1chan.

>>133672766based zoomer

>>133672707then riddle me this. why is it called a chan?

>>133672707It's both. 2chan is called futaba channel.>This name is used as 双葉 or 二葉, referring to a bud or a sprout, made up of 双 (sou, tagui, narabu, futa(tsu)) meaning "pair" or 二 (ji, ni, futa(. tsu), futata.bi) meaning "two" with 葉 (you, ha) meaning "blade, leaf, needle."

>>133672805>>133672780>>133672707Fucking retards I swear, It's called 4chan because "4" in japanese is Yotsuba, which can also mean "green haired maiden", hence the logo and "chan" basically means "my lady".

>>133670984The Mai Tai cocktail was invented when two drunk Asians got into an argument over some neckwear.


Fool's cap paper is called that because the comic relief in serious plays used to wear them

>>133672755No.>>133672766Yeah, and Hiroshit was the head admin of that site too and stole every users information before fucking off and coming here to steal ours.


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Walkman id called a Walkman because you can listen to music and walk, man.

>>133670984why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food

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>>133672928Suba is japanese dried noodles and yotsu is 4. When moot copy pated this website from niichan he was eating four kinds of noodles in his basement

>>133672928>"chan" basically means "my lady".That's a horrible translation of chan. There is no english equivalent, just say its a Japanese honorific for little kids and be done with it.>>133672902Futaba and 2chan are two different websites.knowyourmeme.com/memes/sites/futaba-channel-2chanhttps://knowyourmeme.com/memes/sites/2channel

>>133673006No Hiro was admin of of 2ch not 2chan. 2chan is ran by a girl and is pure. 2ch=Reddit of japan

>>133670984Yes. And that's why soundies are called soundies and readies are called readies

Space is called space because it's literally empty space.

>>133673067Okay but why does this actually look like something Jon Arbuckle would type


Earphones go in your ears and headphones go on your head.Also computer mouse looks like a mouse with the cable being a tail.Also a computer keyboard uses the "keys" to "unlock" your computer.And they are called stairs because everyone looks at you when you come down the stairs.

Alarms are called alarms because they alarm you

>>133673118No, 2ch and 2chan are two different websites.The answer is in the links you posted stupid.

>>133672780>>133672928I come with the real reason 4chan is called so. Behold, the IRC chatlog as copied from KYM>[moot] regging 4CHAN.net>[moot] FOUR CHAN>[moot] brace for faggotry>[Negi-Sensei] What is the difference between 4chan and 2chan?>[n0] 2>[Lost_Technology] 4chan is twice as good.>[moot] its TWO TIMES THE CHAN MOTHERFUCKSo there you go. It's because moot is Head Retard.

>>133673211>Earphones go in your ears and headphones go on your headThat one was obvious.

>>133673326>KYMkiss your mom?

>>[email protected]


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>>133673271No, the word is quite literally a call to arms.>"all arm!"


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>>133671168no i'm pretty sure it's soundies

>>133673506kek based

>>133673326retard zoomer shut the fuck up you read it on web 2.0 I was there

>>133671593Lmfao as if the spelling changes the pronunciation

>>133673530I love it when my gf gives my pp soundies

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>>133670984A Freezer is called a Freezer because it blows up planets.

>>133673592I love it when frogposters give their neck ropies

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Rewinding literally meant winding the tape back onto the reel.

>>133673518>in case you havent noticed chuck was the previous owner

>>133673682It’s called a hanging because you’re hanging

>>133673211keys on a keyboard are named for the keyboard of an organ, or harpsichord. these were in turn named "keys" after the musical keys (the group of pitches, or scale, that forms the basis of a music composition) they producedmuhahahayiiiiis

You put gas in your car, but it's actually a liquid.

>>133673566>he calls the beatles "the beetles"

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>>133673682>frog bad wojak good

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>>133673748That's why British people call it petrol.

>>133670984we say to rewind something meaning to go back but the source of that word started with wire sound recorders where you would literally rewind the wire spool to go back (predates film and magnetic tape)

They're called sneakers because you can sneak up on people.It's called a microphone because it makes sound smaller and records it. A megaphone makes sound bigger.And it's called a cellphone because it uses a battery cell to make it portable.And they're called battery cells because the energy is trapped inside.


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>>133673845But you don't put petroleum in your car, you put gasoline, which is a different substance altogether, albeit one which is derived in part from petroleum. Brits are retarded as usual.

>>133673326[moot] SneedWhoa, how was he able to predict the future?

>>133673880cells within cells with incels

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>>133673829Frog bad, wojak bad, sneed bad, bane very bad

>>133673903>you don't put petroleum in your carHe didn't say petroleum, he said *petrol*. That's what we called the liquid you called gasoline.

>>133673918The sneed episode aired in 1999.

>>133671263Holy fuck

>>133674008Phoneposting. Meant to put "call", not "called"

>>133671637>>133671637OH SHHHHHHHITi learned more in this thread than grad school


>>133673829Wojaks are worse, sweaty.

>>133673067>when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food

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zoomers are called zoomers because of the z for generation z

>>133674227Coomers are called coomers because "c" comes before "d" and the coomer is the state that naturally precedes that of the doomer.

>>133674057Pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon etc. are all named in the same way. They all mean [number][angle].

It's because they never let you down

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>>133673968>bane very bad

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>>133671393John Lennon BEAT his wife, hence BEATles


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>>133674450absolutely based

>>133673918sneed happened before 9/11 (which is what inspired moot to make 4chan so he'd have a place to joke about it)

>>133673067lol u tk him 2 da bar??

>>133671393The Fresh Beat band is called the Fresh Beat band because they make fresh beats

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>>133674008petrol is short for petroleum


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>>133674540this guy

>>133672411This is good if true. Makes sense in spanish too, "adios" literally meaning "to god", as in "go to/with god". People will also say "vaya con dios" which means the same thing.

>>133673211>And they are called stairs because everyone looks at you when you come down the stairs.This is the kind of information that gets people whacked by the mob

>>133674598He’s called Scooby Doo because he eats scooby snacks and is the color of poop

>>133672172Fuckin a

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>>133672766just wait until you hear about gaia online

>>133672928>"4" in japanese is Yotsubai've had a 4chan account for 30 years and didn't know this

>>133673211>mouse looks like a mouse withna tailThanks for the history lesson, zoomer

>>133674540Petrol is a shortened version of the word petroleum which specifically refers to the stuff you put in your car, not the gunk that comes straight from the ground.

>>133670984There's an arrow in the FedEx logo.Though I did get an actual surprise in looking for an image. I didn't realize that they didn't get that logo until 1994.

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It's called a watch because you look at it to use it.They are called buildings because they are built.And skyscrapers "scrape" "the" "sky".And it's called the subway because the trains are shaped like sandwiches.

Nickelodeon is an old name for a theater that costs a nickel

there were originally ten months in the european calendar, principally the roman imperial calendar at the time, up until the reign of Julius Caesar. if you look at the months and compare them to the number in various european languages, from the latin, you can see the relation, most obviously in SEPTember (7), OCTober (8) NOVember (9) DECember (10)What?Those number are out by two?That's because either he didn't understand their relevance (unlikely) or as a big fuck you (likely) inserted JULY and AUGUST in the middle of the year, named after himself, Julius Augustus Caesarto eternally fuck with your OCD

>>133670984Same sort of thing for the word cinema. "Kinema" is the ancient Greek word for movement.

>>133674917>”I saw that in a nickelodeon once and I always wanted to do it”

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>>133673903>mfw he doesn't put zoomy loomy juice in his rumpy tumpy carriageBloody yanks

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racism is a portmanteau of racial realism

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>>133675110It’s called bloody because blood is red and red is the color of anger


>>133670984Grindhouse was a cheap theater for pulp movies

>>133670984Holy shit

>>133674779>be the first bong with a car>incorrectly call gasoline "petroleum" because inbred bong>generations of pasty inbred homonculi perpetuate the error>"oi Fargus, jus shorten it and no one will notice"Lol bongs. That's almost as bad as weighing people using rocks or stones or whatever as the standard unit. Christ almighty a dumber race never drew breath.

>>133671289Frogposters are called that because they post frogs.

>>133670984They're called films because they're shot on film.They're called cinema because they're shown as a business called a "cinema"They're called kino because that's a corruption of "keen-o", a term used to describe things of high quality.

>>133675385>how hot is it?>bout a hunnerd degrees!>not literally the boiling point of waterLiterally the only retards that do this

>>133670984It’s called a door knob because it looks like a penis nob

>>133672410Actually genes are passed on by fucking.

>>133670984It’s called hot dog because it looks like a dachshund

>>133675605“Pass on” as in pass on to heaven, idiot.

>>133670984Likely a lot, since you are complete fucking retard.

warriors are called warriors because they go to war

>>133670984the chicken wanted to get to the other sideas in, "the other side"that chicken tried to die

>>133675656They call it heaven, because religious people are retards that mispronounce the word haven.

>>133675286Impossible yet subtle redpill. Countless people blown the fuck out across the span of multiple decades. Tell me it isn't so.

>>133675769Big if true