Was AJ the most annoying character in The Sopranos?

Was AJ the most annoying character in The Sopranos?

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*blocks you're path*

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no, he's a deeply human character; he symbolizes the cognitive dissonance of having a main character who does monstrous things while also trying to be a good husband and father

>>133670224literally the reason i stopped watching the show

>>133670082phil leotardo was way worse. i lived through the colombo wars by the skin of my teeth. there aint a bigger cocksucker than phil leotardo

>>133670224She was fine, a little pointless out of her season as she just becomes another contrived source of drama for Tony though.

>>133670224This for sure, for me it's because she reminds me so much of my own mother.


>>133670224It's funny. Tony is completely run by all the women related by blood to him>utterly cucked by his mother>constantly puts up with janice's shit, never took a hard line against her to let her fend for herself>when meadow is caught drinking in the mother's house, she provides her punishment and tony doesn't even blink an eye over it

>>133670423The comments on that video, as if the mere act of commenting on a Youtube video isn't the most pathetic thing a person can do in their spare time (except posting on anime dating boards).

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>>133670490I think the big italian mother culture had a ton to do with it. "You cant hate your mother no matter what" after putting up with his mother he could put up with fucking everything and it would look tame in comparison

>>133670586no posting on 4chan is


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>>133670649>(except posting on anime dating boards).Reading comprehension zero.

>>133670082whats the point of the bag on the head? wouldn't it just float off?

>>133670286Phil was based tho

>>133670684mostly just doubling down on the suffocation. sometimes when i'd feel very depressed i'd think about doing it this same way. I could see myself changing my mind like AJ but not having Tony to come save me

>>133670082The better question is, was AJ ever malicious?

>>133671629>dying by suffocationNot the best way to do it my dude.

>>133671795he tried to kill junior, but bungled that up pretty bad.

So Tony died right?

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>>133671835Tony even remarks that AJ was too stupid to kill himself.

>>133670224Janice was written to be hated and the Turturro did an excellent job playing her. I feel like the writers just didn't know what to do with AJ or Iler by the end of the series. AJ always came off as flat, stupid, and boring. Was this intentional?

>>133672275Jamal Ginsberg knocked his fucking lights out

>>133671795he was at times when he was a young kid with the other from school. tried to kill junior, and then when he was older and they burned that kid's feet with acid.I can't really remember it properly, how did AJ react to the guys burning the kid's feet with acid and then beating up the black college kid? I know that he felt remorse later but wasn't he enjoying it in the moment?

>>133672275>killed by the Russians

>>133672352AJ was written pretty well. He felt out of place because he was out of place. He was a millenial brat with no balls whatsoever, living in the shadow of his father who was for all intents and purposes, larger than life.Too much of a bitch to be a gangster, too dumb to succeed like his sister, too sheltered to handle the real world when it happens in front of him, and too spoiled to outgrow his mother babying him.

>>133670680lol get a load of this faggot

>>133672367This is the the thinking man's theory.

>>133670224She was great for being a leeching cunt. Her and livia are perfect characters.


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Why did no one care that AJ was in college and dating a junior in high school?


>>133670082What do you call this suicide method?

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>>133670082he's only annoying because we are all AJ

carmela's voice was so fucking annoying and her plot lines were boring as shit

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>>133673368to be fair he's like 5'4" and has the strength of a toddler



Ade, pick up the phone and come get me! I'm in some kinda M.C. Hammer shit!

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>>133672367lol which one of you did this?>linkedin.com/in/jamal-ginsberg-482bb9148

>>133673368i dont get it, what is the bag for?


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>>133670224I fucking hate this cunt like you couldn't imagine. I liked AJ though, watching the show makes me want to help him

>>133673368Sleepin with the fishies


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>>133670082the funniest part of this entire thing is his son is drowning in the backyard and Tony's lil smirk when he sees this on the counter

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>>133670082Havent seen this since it was new,whats going on here?


Meadow was the worst. Yes, worse than Janice.

most annoying characters:1. Noah2. Janice3. A.J.4. Jackie Jr.5. Livia

>>133670657even the way he walks is annoying

>>133670333She was brought in to fill the Livia antag spot.

>>133673179madonna that train wreck

>>133673464at least david strathearn blew her the fuck out that one time

>>133674955Janice redeems herself though

>>133675001its marone in the dialect they are using not Madonna

>>133671835I'd go with pills myself

>>133675056How? The only good thing she ever did was kill Ritchie. Her every other waking moment she was a walking cancer cell on her family and their entire social circle

>>133670286lemme tell you a couple a three things-fuck you-you're gay-call dr Iaconis

>>133675131This guy at work told me exhaust from your car is the way to go, said he tried when he was younger and it felt like drifting into a nice sleep

>>133670657love how this pays off later. "i went to school without breakfast. I got dizzy"

>>133673464whats with that cut lol?

>>133675186I don't have a car, and anyway I think cars now are designed to prevent this. So you would need an older car.

>>133674847explain for a non american what a "lincoln log" is

>>133675186thats only for older cars like 2005 and older. Carbon monoxide posoining doesnt sound great. For me its the bullet.

>>133675403You better not fuck up with the aiming, or you could blow your face off and still survive.Chemicals are definitely the way to go, just take a whole bottle of narcotics.

>>133675446Don't fuck up and take tylenol 3s with codeine. That shit is painful way to go

>>133670224She was a great character because she was totally believable. I hate her, but she was great.

>>133672275Most likely is patsy set him up. Carlo and patsy's kids were into drug dealing. Patsy finally had enough of the shit. He dropped a dime on carlos kid, which explains why his kid wasnt bustedCarlo would get busted which mesnt tony was going to get busted. The families killed tony to keep him from talking, its alluded tony was fucked over before the sit down with lil carmine. The idea was to make peace then wipe out tony. Paulie gives a head nod at the sit down to butch after "it didnt have to be this way" is said by lil carmine because tony still doesnt and will never get it. Tony thought he was a boss, the families in nyc knew he was a glorified sergeant at best whose ego went crazy and all his guys ended up dead or destroyed. So it was timeTldr patsy set him up.

>>133673053So is AJ

>>133670082Most annoying cock sucker in the history of television IMO

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>>133675685DR MILFI