>save a movie poster>compress it and size it up>other anons try to guess what movie it is

>save a movie poster>compress it and size it up>other anons try to guess what movie it is

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>>133669753uh... jackie chan?

Ul wuf riplehitoo easy

>>133669753Hammer jogger


>>133669753Tried my hand but this one is too easy.

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Okay second attempt, this one is way better.

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>>133669753Blade Runner, duh


>>133670105a dozen chimps

>>133670128I see it now. I hate that poster.>>133670130Nope.


>>133670105Many monkeys

>>133670105Bunch of Bonobos

>>133669753what resolution did you compress yours to?

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>>133670345Citizen Kane

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>>13367010512 dunstons checks in

>>133669753desaturate, flip it like a mirror, inverse colors

i have the poster on my wall

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>>133670538The dark knight?


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>>13367010512 Putins

not the challenge but still

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>>133671141The Prestige ?>>133671372Amadeus ?>>133671461Gravity lolz

>>133671583>Amadeus ?No.

>>133670928prove it

>>133671461I like this idea

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>>133669753GET IT?!? HE'S LITERALLY RUNNING ON A BLADE! so subtle and genius

>>133670928>>133671951absolute madlad

>>133670105Harambe's Revenge


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>>133671951ring ring, based department

>>133671141The Bourne Supremacy?

>>133671951Kek. Broken wall is what makes it.


>>133672832his mom told him to put the dishes away

>>133671951>I know what I’ll do, I’ll draw the poster real quick on a piece of paper and put it on the wall, that will make user look like a fool >alright done aaaand done. Huh quite nice actually, I should try doing more art. Anyways I’ll just grab a thumbtack here and push it into the wall>breaks Was it worth it?

>>133670345Thanks doc!

>>133673309the wall was already broken

>>133673832Why didn’t you cover the broken part?

>>133669940it's because you didn't do it right, retard.

>>133674088because it was funnier

>>133674178My nigga said he did it for the love of the game. Based

>>133674220based on what?

>>133674402The novel push by Saphire

>>133671827Prince of Darkness

>>133670538rambo 4

>>133671208>>133671583>>133672697NopeI just painted it in Photoshop lel


>>133669753What am I a nerd?


>>133671951what's with the wall?