What’s the best Jackie Chan Movie?

What’s the best Jackie Chan Movie?

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>>133668729Police Story: youtube.com/watch?v=kAecXI0wJDYAlthough there's an argument for nearly any one of his Hong Kong made movies

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Chinese: Police StoryAmerican: Shanghai Knights

Police Story 3: Supercop

>>133668729Who Am I

Drunken Master because watching it makes me less sad about being an alcoholic

>>133669771This.>"Ahhh! Hooemai!"

"First Strike" just because of the fight scene where he kicks people's asses with pic related

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>>133669166Yea Police story feels the most like kino since he plays a more serious character rather than some generic wacky dude who's going around doing stunts and fights.

He (and most anons) would disagree, but I think his best movie was Half A Loaf Of Kung Fu.

Nobody likes the Project A movies? I never see them mentioned

>seriousPolice story or first drunken master>funnyRush hour 1 easily

Who Am I?Drunken Master 2City Hunter Top 3 right there, easy.

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>>133668729for me?Rush Hour then Rumble in the Bronx

>>133668729I think his OVERALL best movies are Rush Hour/2 and Shanghai Noon. They're the perfect mix between action and comedy and Jackie has great chemistry with Tucker and Wilson. His Hong Kong movies have better stunts and fights, but they're not really great movies otherwise. The non-slapstick humor just doesn't translate well for a Western audience, not to mention the plots are pretty incoherent

rumble in the bronx

are any of his hong kong films on any streaming service?

>>133668729Also, Operation Condor for this scene.

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>>133671121Looks like Netflix got wiped clean, but Amazon Video has Wheels on Meals, The Young Master, and some others

>>133671790Amazon Video only has English dubbing.

>>133672021What else would you want it in? Cantonese?

>>133672057Yes, 100%.

>>133668729Dragons Foreveryoutube.com/watch?v=DsUclzcY8HE

>>133669771>>133670200>>133670497>opens the aperture of a camera>THIS IS A GUN. WHY DO YOU HAVE THIS? WHO ARE YOU?>female lead blinks slowly>I'm CIAdare I say, dangerously based movie, filled with unimaginably kino scenes and one of the best blooper reals paired with some killer african tribal songyoutube.com/watch?v=29nd5P_KqKg

does anyone else like shinjuku incident?

>>133672057Yes.It's like they always hire the shittiest voice actors possible for every fucking dub. Subbed is almost always better

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>>133669919drunken master is pretty rad, though I watched it two decades ago as a wee ladwhat was he drinking at the end? like oil or some shit? I was always confused by that part

>>133672114>>133672202Well I don't speak fucking Cantonese

Wheels on Meals is the best one in my opinion but Drunken Master II has some of the best fights/stunts.Dragon's Forever, Police Story 1+2 (viewed together, they're halves of the same story like Rocky 1+2), Armor of God 2, and Drunken Master 1 are all decent as well. He's not the start but the ensemble films (Winners and Sinners and the Lucky Stars series) are also fun.Rumble in the Bronx is the best American film in that it actually tries to tell an emotional and somewhat engaging story. If you're just looking for fun action comedies Shanghai Noon and Rush Hour 2 are probably the best (but both Knights and Rush Hour 1 are great as well). Rush Hour 2 has the best bloopers of any film ever made. youtube.com/watch?v=JPSBWlIqxbI

>>133672202>not enjoying the absurdity of the American voice actors dubbing all the Chinese actors with perfect English and then Jackie Chan dubbing himself with his trademark fucked up Jackie accent that sticks out completely

>>133672396Jackie doesn't voice himself in most of the English dubs I've watched. I assume that during his HK stuff he didn't speak English well enough.

>>133672465I've seen a couple where he did. Always makes me laugh

>>133672202That's part of the charm of it, though.The actors' lips are moving continuously, but every sentence is only 2 words long:>Master Chong>Please, haha!>Come in>Sit down>Some tea?Chong: *grunts affirmatively*

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>>133669166>Police StoryTHIS.

>>133671121>streamingI'm glad you paypigs can't watch it. Thats what you get for paying the jews.


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>>133672202I watched the 36th Chamber of Shaolin on Netflix and it had the absolute worst English dub I've ever heard. I vowed to never watch a dubbed movie again.

>>133672202>not watching Rumble in the Bronx in english where even the canadian actors are dubbed its perfect you literally can't watch it subbed

>>133672360>Jackie, kick the door down!>Okay, CHRIS TUCKER!>We would love to see that, wouldn't we, Jackie?>His name is Lee, god damn it

Why did he become a China shill?


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>>133672939>Why did the Chinese guy become a China shill?

>>133672727Tony Danza?

>>133673050He was from Hong Kong, not China.>still chineseDebatable when Mainland China abuses and slights anyone vaguely outside their influence whenever they can.

>>133671073There it is.

>>133671073he takaru my cushionu!

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>>133668729Everything non-Hong Kong is cringe. If you mentioned it, you should be ashamed of yourself.As for the best movie, it's Police Story 3. Sure, he's a bit older but the combination of spectacle, plot, and pacing are unmatched. It's the whole package.

>>133673301shanghai noon is cringe?

>>133672939>>133673139because he lives in the mainland, which means at any point the government decides he isn't doing a good enough job as a chinese shill they'll take away all his social goodboy points, prevent him from buying plane tickets and leaving the country and then throw him in jail until he's dead

>>133673301>not watching the tuxedobesdies he brought his own crew with him post-HK he just you know got older

>>133673377Why not move out then? What could possibly compel a man to live in mainland China voluntarily?

Wheels on Meals is the patrician answer fellas

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>>133670797This . Literally me

>>133673466he don wan trabbu

>>133673139Where's Hong Kong?


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>>133673536Isn't it an island?

Rumble in the fucking Bronx

>>133673466my completely ignorant guess would be that if you have a decent amount of wealth and just decide to throw in your lot with the chinese government it can actually be pretty comfy. he's said things like "the United States is the most corrupt country in the world" to appease his mainland overlords and then is allowed to go to Hollywood and work with Pierce Brosnan and John Cena

>>133673602>Hawaii's not part of the USA, it's an island

>>133673638>>133671073this one had so many different story elements packed into it that it almost feels like watching 2 or 3 movies in one

>>133673481this and pretty much an of the Lucky Stars movies

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>>133671121Police story is on kanopy

>>133671121as much as I hate to admit I watch martial art movies way to much that I sub to this. Some movies are remastered there when its hard to find else where

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>>133673738Are they better with subs? Because I watched the Japanese one and shit's painful outside of the Jackie Chan scenes which are far too few.

>>133672298What are subtitles and how can they harm your family?


>>133668729the one where he disowned his daughter because she's a lesbian or that he's a shill for the Xi Jinping

>>133671121I caught the first 2 police story films on Criterion.

>>133671048I think a lot of that is just the dub.

>>133672211Pretty sure he's drinking denatured alcohol

>>133674004>he disowned his daughter because she's a lesbianbased jackie

>>133672211>>133674079iirc the original ending had a scene where he was permanently retarded after drinking that stuff, but they cut it in some versions

>>133674004>disowned homosexual leech daughter complains her parents won't fund her degenerate lifestyle before slinking back to the bridge she lives under because she never made anything of herselfyeah I'm thinking Jackie is pretty based

>>133668729Jackie Chan.

>>133673985I can't read while I'm also trying to see things

>>133674268do you not drive?

>>133668729The Tuxedo

>>133674374*cracks knuckles*You wanna find out?

>>133669166Clicked this just to listen to the corny theme song.

>>133674403I see there are other jackie chan completionists in this threadI personally preferred No More Mr. Nice Guy

>tfw didnt grow up in an era where you could see shaw bros films in cinemafug

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>>133674408*knucks crackles* Maybe I do.

>>133673301Police Story 1 > Drunken Master Reboot > Project A > every other HK filmThe Police Story sequels are at least coherent films which makes them better than his typical hot garbage like Meels on Wheels or the Condor movies.

>>133671283she was really cute

>>133674534kek that shit is so goofy


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>>133674925wouldn't you break your fingers if you hit someone like that?

>>133675168if i remember the point to the style was using a mantis grip to not only grab an opponent in a type of vice but also to eviscerate. movie had a weird ending because the mc essentially fucked his family and freeze frams to him fighting like 20 guys. Shaolin Mantis if you're up for a watch.

>>133670797>City HunterIs that the one where Jackie does a cosplay as Chun-Li from Streetfighter?