Holla Forums tricked me again, you said it's better than typical weeb shit

Holla Forums tricked me again, you said it's better than typical weeb shit

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>>133667538/tv/ likes evangelion, not cowboy bebop

>>133667538bebop is good

>>133667538Go back to unironically watching Marvel, you're on /tv not /a.

>>133667538Just admit you don't like anime. You have a deep seated bias and should just avoid the genre if you have no constructive criticisms.

If you go into CB thinking its the greatest anime of all time, you're in for a bad time. If you go into CB with the understanding that its a love letter to 60s/70s action films, you going to have fun. Cowboy Bebop is sort of like weaboos version of french films for indy faggots. Its not to say they aren't good, but half the reason people love it is less to do with the quality of the work and more to do with people thinking it makes them somehow more sophisticated and deep.

>>133667538no bebop is cringe reddit shit.this is the good shit

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Outlaw Star is /ouranime/

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>>133667538Nothing is more Holla Forums than GSG.

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>>133669046>>133669133>>133669163Based>>133669361Get this weeb shit put of here you filthy Otaku

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HunterxHunter and Attack on Titan are the true artistic triumphs of the millenium.

>>133669574tournament arcs are so fucking lazy

>>133668932>Just admit you don't like anime.Correct. I just heard that even people than don't like anime likes Bebop.Also Ghost in the Shell was good, much better than CB.>>133669046>If you go into CB with the understanding that its a love letter to 60s/70s action films, you going to have fun.I was expecting love letter to westerns, noir films and 70s crime movies. And i got it for couple episodes (for example, those about Jet were great). Problem is most of episodes was filler comedies with awfull japan humor and stupid script full of coincidences.It would work much better as 2 hour movie.also edward is propably most irritating character i've ever seen, even Jar Jar was better

>>133669133magnetic rose and cannon fodder are good, but stink bomb isnt

>>133669730youtube.com/watch?v=zKK_n4G5oOUIt has the best song though

>>133669706So are battle episodes, it's just a quirk pf the medium.

>>133667538ALL anime is trash. Hope you learned your lesson, op

>>133669725Same OP, i only really like the episode with andy (the cowboy) and pierre le fous (the crazy fat guy)

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>Trannyme degeneracy Fucking die, you'll never be a fucking woman.

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>>133670368Sounds like his sisters are craving some BWC

>>133667538I liked it, but the finale was god awful. It's always like this in Asian media, I swear. It's like it's a requirement.

>>133668881>/tv>/aHow fucking embarrassing. Please go back and never return you fucking tourist.

>>133670572/TV/ /A/better?

>>133668932I like anything made by Ghibli, and I liked Ghost in the Shell. I don't hate the Anime medium, I just happen to find 99.99% of it unwatchable.

>>133670604No, because you capitalized it, you piece of shit.

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>>133669133This is fucking Kino. Also, pic related.

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>>133669361they made a grand strategy general anime?

>>133667538Bebop is the best anime out there. You must have a shit taste.

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>>133667538I think the problem a lot of people that get into Bebop have is that they think there's going to be a strong narrative and that the story really leads somewhere. Cowboy Bebop is a rare example of themes over story being good. It's a simple show, just enjoy the vibes.

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>>133667538it has a child tranny though tell me it's not based as fuck

>>133670292>that thumbnaillol stupid japs never heard of scope eye

>>133667538not really a high bar

>>133670846lol no

>>133670824I feel like people have completely forgotten that episodic storytelling used to be the norm on television.

>>133667538If you want an anime that isn't typical weeb shit, try ACCA 13 or The Saga of Tanya the Evil

>>133670883thats why theres a rubber relief piece and f you have a good shoulder seat and cheek weld youre good

>>133670979>tanyayea definitely not weeby

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>>133670997you've never shot a gun in your life, stop being a retarded faggot on the internet

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Is Lupin kino?

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>>133670732Probably the better anthology


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>>133671125the absolute irony of your postthe 3 inch rubber piece isnt going to give you scope bite dumbass

>>133670976For the millionth time, get this otaku shit to /a/. only kino anime is Holla Forums approved.

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>>133667538It’s unique. It’s a strongly Westernized anime.

>>133667538No one can tell your taste but you OP, by all accounts it is not typical weeb shit. Do you only see things at surface?

>>133667538here, watch this.it's much better.

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>>133671232>it's ok, nothing wrong with jamming your scope into your anime eye that's bigger than the fucking scope itself, because that's why the rubber's thereShut up moron. Stop reading /k/ threads and thinking you know shit. Speaking of proper cheek weld, absolutely nothing should be flying into your goddamn eye by design.

>>133669133How do people talk like this unironically

>>133671520I blame single mothers.

>>133671456Do not listen to this man OPThis man fucks children

>>133671496She wouldnt get scope bite tho bro bro the metal wouldn’t touch also fuck riceoids

>>133671903>it's ok she'd just be jamming rubber into her eyeYou even sure that is more than just a simple dust boot? Again, japs are unaware that a scope will recoil into your eye, I am correct. You can stop pretending a bit of rubber in the eye is acceptable.

>>133667538watch a kitewatch macross plusbetter than moe shit

Its beautiful to look at, exciting to watch, and the music is great. But that's it. Don't go looking for an amazing plot. It's just a treat for your senses.

>>133672018they are aware it’s a fetish and that’s why it’s so close in the first place


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first mistake was watching chink shit


>>133672103It’s got great animation, the cowboy bebop movie especially

>>133672167I totally agree. That shot of the tram over the ocean was gorgeous. I kind of want to frame it, but I don't want to degrade its magic.

the kino of anime

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>>133671054>incredibly ugly girlWeeb like their kawaii anime girls, this ugly shit isn't the same

>>133672385I feel like I should know this

>>133671231>just got finished watching the episode about the Sharaku paintingsget out of my computer!

True KINO incomingFinished this anime last night and cried at this scene. Why i'm so sad bros?

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this is another weeb shit that´s overhype too

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>>133670695the only good thing about either of them is the music

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>>133673122I watched tengen toppa with 13-14 years, now I am 25. what the fuck


>>133674395it is good if you watch it when you should, when you are 15 and impressionable

>>133670846Eds just a girl thru and thru.