What piece of lost media do you most want to be found, Holla Forums?

What piece of lost media do you most want to be found, Holla Forums?

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>>133667298Grifter tape

Dunno, I haven't found one that interests me yet :^)

>>133667298the columbine basement tapes

Kathleen kinmont’s titty shots in Halloween 4

columbine basement tapeshomolka/bernardo tapes

The last season of Pirates of Dark Water.

The movie Pancho Villa made.

the grizzly man recording. Was that destroyed, or just locked away?

>>133667298The frustrating shit is the stuff that they have locked up, that they refuse to publish. Like the WWE tapes for instance, or really whenever somebody dies on non-live telivision/film

>>133667298Event Horizon

>>133668483we might see the owen hart fall next tuesday

>>133667298Anything from serial killers or sadist rapists would be neat to see

The Phantom Blood movie

any of those silent horror films

>>133667298my great uncle's sex tape with marilyn monroe, it's up in the attic under a bunch of crap and there's been a spider infestation up there for years, would be a real pain in the ass to get it back



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London After Midnight (with Lon Chaney), as well as all the missing Doctor Who episodes.>>133668418Wait what? I thought the whole show was out on dvd.


>>133667298Revenge of the Weedlord 3 by Cboyardee. It was about how aliens who created WEEDthis is the only remaining picture of it. It was set to Nautilus by Bob James youtube.com/watch?v=2XPfkYs6O8I

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the 1968 version of Casting the Runes. there's only this short clip left.youtube.com/watch?v=7v2OpMxYklQ

Not exactly lost media since there's a copy of it in the Library of Congress, but The Day The Clown Cried. They can screen it before 2024, but I want to go to the first one.

dead bart

>>133668378>homolka/bernardo tapesWOULD COOM SO HARD

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>>133667298the full version of von stroheim's greed

>>133667298the remaining bits of the trojan cycle, sophocles' lost plays, library of alexandria, original byzantine art, etc etc

>>133667298Marilyn Manson's short film "Groupie"

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Bittaker_and_Roy_Norrishe also created a tape recording of himself raping her, forcing the girl to pretend she was his cousin[11]:260 and informing Gilliam to feel free to express her pain. (Bittaker later claimed he buried the tape in a cemetery. The tape recording of Gilliam's rape was never found.) Bittaker is also known to have tortured Gilliam by stabbing her breasts with an ice pick and using vise grip pliers to tear off part of one nipple.[27]As Ledford began to cry, she pleaded with Bittaker, saying, "No, don't touch me." In response, Bittaker again ordered her to scream as loud as she wished, then began alternately striking her with a hammer, beating her breasts with his fists[28]:232 and torturing her with pliers both between and throughout instances when he raped and sodomized her. Repeatedly, Ledford can be heard pleading for the abuse to cease and making statements such as, "Oh no! No!"[11]:262 as sounds of Bittaker alternately extracting either the sledgehammer or the pliers from the toolbox can be heard on a tape recorder he had switched on after entering the rear of the van. Norris later described hearing "screams ... constant screams" emanating from the rear of the van as he drove.[3]Norris then reached for the sledgehammer as Shirley Ledford—seeing him do this—screamed, "Oh no!" Norris then struck Ledford once upon the left elbow. In response, she informed Norris he had broken her elbow, before pleading, "Don't hit me again."[11]:262–263 In response, Norris again raised the sledgehammer as Ledford repeatedly screamed, "No!" Norris then proceeded to strike Ledford 25 consecutive times upon the same elbow with the sledgehammer, before asking her, "What are you sniveling about?" as Ledford continuously screamed and wept.[9]:252

>>133667298Evidence of the Holocaust.

pusy pics

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>>133667298Goldeneye 007 remastered Xbox 360 edition. The game was basically ready for release and then it got pulled due to EA being assholes about the Bond license.

That newswoman that killed herself live

>>133667938that exists?

>>133669148>>>Holla Forums

>>133669165You said media...


It's not lost media but The Day the Clown Cried has never been publicly released and I would like to watch it at least once.

>>133667775Its gone m8

Owen Hart death tapeGrizzly Man tape

the rest of the JBVO dbz episode

>>133667298The 12-hour cut of David Lynch's 'Dune'.Alternatively, the definitive list of who each of the characters in Dune was representative of according to Herbert himself. Only a handful are known: Thufir Hawat was Isaac Asimov, Gurney Halleck was Robert Heinlein, and Vladimir Harkonnen was L Ron Hubbard.

>>133667298event horizon

Spartacus panel gets a neck beard talking to Viva Bianca about how much he jerked off to her nude/sex scenes. It was fucking great.

>>133667298The end of the Krusty Krab training video where they tell you the Krabby Patty secret formula.

>>133669362Sadly yes. Some retarded faggot Sheriff had them destroyed.


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Epstein's jail security camera tapes that are "missing"

>>133667298All the lost books in the ancient library of Alexandria

>>133669148kinda freaked out that i keep seeing such relevant posts latelyi'm working on an hd texture pack for GE that will hopefully make up some of the difference, it won't quite be the XBLA version but it'll be pretty damn good when i'm donefyi what you see here isn't final, sky and mountainside need to be redone for example

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>>133667298probably the lost Doctor Who episodes. would be cool to see them

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>>133669867Very based

>>133668787They never found the last treasures of rule to finish the story.

>>133667298All that stuff that the Christians burned down and that the Arabs couldn't save or find before retarded christfags destroyed it.

>>133667298The one where a newscaster kills herself live on television

>>133669955thank you anonymous friend, it will take a while, but it will be completed

>>133667298>That imaget.Reignbot

That Disney cartoon with a wolf or dog that was only broadcast once on the Disney Channel.

>>133669314Jerry Lewis in a concentration camp either played straight or for laughs is kino either way

The Zodiac Killer(s) probably filmed all their shit. I'm sure its long gone now.

>>133667938That and Rachel's shower scene from 5. The one complaint I have about 4 is the lack of the tit shot.

heartbeat of the brain

>>133670100paying thousands of dollars to film that shit?


The missing Boards of Canada albums/EPs.

Apparently the first cut of The Goonies was 4 hours long, wouldn't mind seeing that.

the hawthorne heights demos

The Donald Trump piss tape

>>133670144yes. look it up.

Reposting from /x/>Ghost video on Youtube from around 2007>Some Euro-sounding guys driving in a car at night on a busy highway, guy in the passenger seat is filming>Camera briefly films the driver's side, you can see past driver and out the window to the side of the road, you briefly see a ghost behind the highway railing>Ghost is staring directly at them and its face looks like it's on fireI don't know if it's truly lost but I haven't been able to find it.

Kelsey Grammar's porn films.

>>133667298The R Rated cut of Galaxy Quest

Heartbeat in the Brain

>>133667775>>133668378>Columbine basement tapes?

>>133668378>homolka>serial killer charged with manslaughterwtf

>>133669974They never made the episodes, so it's not "lost", and they finished the story in the Sega Genesis game.

>>133670340The R Rated cut of James Gunn's live action Scooby Doo as well

Doctor WhoThe Feast of Steven since it is a batshit insane standalone vaguely Christmas episode that probably has the least chance of being recovered (It was never transferred to film and never sold abroad). Stranger things have been recovered though. A live on air episode of The Avengers (UK show) was somehow found in the UCLA archives.I'd also like the see the final episode of the Evil of the Daleks since it was supposed to be a send off the the Daleks and would of love to see how cheesy the special effects of them all exploding in the show are.

The alien pic


Christine Chubbuck's suicide

>>133670479Tapes that the Columbine murderers filmed in their basement. The police officer that held on to them apparently denied letting the family members of the victims see them. He has doesn't care about the historical value of them and destroyed them.

All the scenes of Eric Stoltz in Back to the Future before he was replaced.

The 8 hour version of the 1924 film Greed. It was apparently really good (at least for a film made in 1924)Also Fall of a Nation, the sequel to Birth of a Nation. It was about a European confederacy invading the US lead by a German monarch. Imagine making a sequel to one of the most popular films of all time and it bombs so hard that no existing copies even exist of it in the near future.

6 hour version of Once Upon a Time in America

>>133671413This + the 6 hour cut of Django Unchained

>>133667298stanley kubrick's audition tapes of lolita

the snyder cut

>>133667298Nero's suicide livestreamCaesar's assassination gore video

>>133668540There is literally a 0% chance. If it was too sensitive to show during the attitude era, it's definitely too sensitive now. They don't even show chair shots now.

>>133668378I would add the Armin Meiwes tape of him cannibalizing that guy.

>>133669057The non-Plato Socratic dialogues that supposedly existed too.

>>133670144>>133670284They mention that theory in the Zodiac movie. The guy calls Graysmith and tells him his friend is the Zodiac and he films all his murders.

>>133667298Dream Team scrimmage

>>133671067It's probably boring shit anyway

>>133667775>>133670479>>133671067fun fact: the son of the lead fbi investigator for columbine helped dylan and eric shoot those tapes

Prisoners of Gravity

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>Talking about filming the sex scenes, the longest of which was filmed over 10 gruelling days, Seydoux said: ''It was sometimes embarrassing and sometimes illuminating, surrounded by three cameras in a very small room. Sometimes you could spend like five hours on a scene. I felt like a prostitute.''There's literally 50 to 80 hours of nothing but scissoring and ass eating footage

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>>133667298Roscoe arbuckle films

>>133667298The spider pit sequence from King Kong.It won’t though since it was probably destroyed. Also there is no way that film would have survived this long. But man that would be awesome to find.

>>133670637Leafs are kind of terrible when it comes to dealing with serial killers.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yves_Trudeau_(biker)

>>133670170it surely is funny that we have the incomplete works of Socrates etc. only because of Arabs and not the stinking christfags, I agree.

>>133667298after the fappening there was a gif where jlaw pooped her own head out of her but and said "oi stop lookin at me bum" and then it would loop. i loved that thing, but it was on an old harddrive

>>133669034Doesn't Code Red own this and they're refusing to release it for some shit reason?

>>133670328theres a ton of these on jewtube i think its just spooky slavs. coincidentally theres a bunch of these in the ghetto too so any type of spooky homeless person looking for crack and pancakes

All the footage of D-Day that was destroyed.

There was some zombie movie allegedly as gory as Dead Alive/Braindead that was lost. Anyone remember what it was called?

>>133670100Stop looking into the Zodiac case, I never filmed anything.

>>133667298The Paul Latza RLM Audition video

>>133668628just release centipedes up there, they'll eat all the spiders

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The Grifter


>>133667298The Day the Clown Cried

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>>133667298Epstein's cell block security tape.

>>133669065>The audio cassette Bittaker and Norris created of themselves raping and torturing Ledford remains in the possession of the FBI Academy. This recording is now used to train and desensitize FBI agents to the raw reality of torture and murder.jesus

>>133669065jesus christ user

>>133674390nobody fucking knows. some guy says bananaman has an edited print of it and banananaman throws a shit fit any time people mention the movie. the guy from vinegar syndrome said if he released it theyd buy 1000 copies to help out but bananaman still doesnt care.

>>133667298unironically Jodorowsky's Dune

Canzo Empyrean

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>>133669650I don't think they're missing, I'm pretty sure they just blocked the cameras/shut off the system/etc. I also don't think the fucker is dead. I'm pretty sure he was bailed out and he's hiding out on Pedo Island 2.0 somewhere.

>>133667298The Rhona Mitra rape scene from Hollow Man

>>133669065Why are men like this?

>>133670265Why? So you can listen to it while getting fucked in the asshole, faggot?

>>133669867Left: soul.Right: soul too.

>>133675284Wasn’t that never filmed?

>>133675555maybe. got a problem drumpfy???

>>133675532Because women deserve it.

>>133668516>>133668635>>133669465>>133669937You guys do realize that whole story is a meme right? There's no actual evidence that they shot some grifter level shit for the hell scenes

>>133668637JJBA might be getting stale thanks to the pleb normie anime fanbase, but the Phantom Blood movie is legitimately interesting as lost media.>few years before the Studio David TV anime, another studio gets the go-ahead from Araki to make an animated theatrical movie based on the first volume of the manga, Phantom Blood>it releases in theatres in Japan, Araki sees it, realises they've cut his personal favourite character, Speedwagon>he somehow has the film pulled from circulation and it's never been released again in any format, everThe only evidence this film even existed is two trailers, each less than a minute long.youtube.com/watch?v=49d3pZG0lXc

>>133667298The intended ending for Event Horizon