Impressively bad posters and covers

Impressively bad posters and covers.

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>>133666915Why do they do this? Surely if they have the rights to sell the movie they can use the poster too?

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>>133668592anyone got the one with cats instead of ninjas?

>>133668707the guy to the left has a smaller dick patch than the other two


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>>133668707wtf were they thinking

>>133668707This one is much better

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>>133668879Love that movie

>>133666996I dont know, i would buy this based on the cover. If the ginger lass was just in her knickers I'd be even more keen

>>133667025Soooo.... He's just like... randomly shooting into the air?Wouldn't that be kind of loud right next to his head like that?

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>>133668949what the fuck

>>133668848anon, you're supposed to post shitty posters, not good posters for shitty movies

>>133669114It was a Negligent Discharge

The bluray of Prince of Egypt. What a massacre.

>>133666915the movie also looked impressively bad. i know it was intentional but its one of the ugliest films i've ever seen

>>133666996what did she mean by the big black flashlight?

>>133669180>Seagal>Van Dam>It's actually Rob Van Dam, the mentally disabled pro wrestler Amazing

>>133668949you had me in the first half

>>133669114guns are cool

>>133666996Phallic symbolism?

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>>133667228lmao is that fucking real

>>133669271Why DO they make flashlights black anyway? That's not a very helpful color of an item you'll normally only looking for when it's dark.


>>133668707the fact that someone approved this is amazing

>>133669341I have a yellow one

>>133668848Without the spaceships this would actually be pretty good.


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>>133669341So the light it shines looks brighter by comparison. Mostly just an optical allusion but it works.

>>133669180>shooting his rifle at the groundthis is amazing

>>133669341That's a good question. Back in the early 90s and late 80s, most of flashlights had aluminum body instead of polymer, so they were silver-ish. I assume that the polymer used in modern black flashlights is just naturally black so they avoid painting it in other colors to save on manufacturing costs.

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>>133669336Sadly yes

>>133669180>poorly shopped katanas Truly Segal is a kino machine


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>>133669508So ultimately it's a marketing tactic, that makes sense.

>>133669589>>133669700it's a shop

>>133669930I think it says a lot of his body of work for people to immediately unquestionably believe it

>>133669715is that the Saw dude?

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>>133669715FUCK YOU

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>>133668707what makes them look so gay? Tom Hanks especially

beautiful physical copies

>>133669138we got a winner

>>133669315fucking reddit minimalism

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>>133667047Posters are designed for large format medium to be seen in theaters or hung on wall, scaling them down to a DVD cover size makes for less eye catching retail product. Remember most consumers are retards and care more about being able to identify the movie their kid asked them for at Wal Mart, not whether or not the cover is the best artistic representation of the movie or whether it is faithful to promo material produced for the movie's theatrical run

>>133666915Seriously? That looks nothing like tom Cruise wtf

>>133669180fuck you, the katanas aren't real, you put those in thereeven seagal isn't that fucking lame

>>133669637Maglights are still aluminum and they are still mostly black.

>>133672551I don't know he's pretty fucking lame

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>>133672243Bruce Willis looking like he's playing Mr. Lahey here.

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>>133666976what the fuck is this, the original is much better

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>>133671442The pursed lips do it.

>>133668949Poor Patrick Muldoon, I bet he thought he was hot shit after Starship Troopers.

>>133667025What's the over/under on this movie actually featuring any helicopters

>>133670441i will do the role but I want a VIP parking pass and the vending machine test code that gets me free chocolate bars.

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>>133672837>that gunThere's no way this one is real

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>>133673247Gotta show the series

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>>133666996Id like to go down her hidden staircase if you know what I mean.

How ... what the fuck. How do these covers get a pass? Million dollar(s) project and the heads give green to a cover a 14 year old indian with photoshop would make? Or they just really don't care, as the movie is shit itself and just a front for money laundering?

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>>133666954>and you can have the second one too whatever

>>133673683no way this is real

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>>133672243was bruce not there that day so they had to use some random bald guy?

>>133672243You've captured their stunt doubles!

>>133669315Is that a vagina?

>>133673865They are all real.

>>133669315what is it with commercial artists and cut dicks?

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>>133673336That’s not too terrible, but my first impression is a psychological-horror drama about a young Colonel Sanders

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>>133669138my fucking sides


>>133668754Mad kek !!!

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>>133669180>sniperassault rifle, 2 pistols, and 2 poorly shopped katanas

>>133669114the stormtroopers on the cover of star wars battlefront does this too and its always bothered me

>>133673683Just remembered I had this poster in my room as a kid. It was on the wall for like a year before I even saw the movie. I don’t think I even had any say in putting it up, I think my mom did it thinking I’d like it. Call your mom guys, she’ll appreciate it


>>133675106Head and shoulders above the rest

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>>133674940fun fact: this was actually spooky to the point critics question if it was aimed for kids

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>>133675411Great film though

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>>133674940Woof, I guess.

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>>133675448Was the exact same film as Non-Stop.

Santa Claus and the Legend Awakened

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>>133669341Should have glow in the dark paint honestly.

>>133675531Which was also kino

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>>133667011>that tag lineHoly shit. Somebody got paid to make this.

>>133675411>he is back at what he does best

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>>133667011>that tiny window>woman two inches from the glass>Chloe staring wildly off in some direction

>>133675411>>133675700I hope it wasn't driving a train.

>>133667179I love when the foreign title of a film is wildly different from the original English