Break the Game - The Movie

Who else is excited for this upcoming kino? Narcissa is a goddess and an inspiration.

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>>133666816unironically cease breathing

>>133666816You will never pass

JOHN watch this instead

Another tranny threadI can feel you faggots salivating even from here

>>133666816it’s such a depressing story, i feel so bad for that kid. what a fall.

Definitely a sane individual like the rest of its ilk

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>>133666816>took the gaming world by storm>after breaking Zelda records

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Imagine harming your body forever because you went through a phase that was egged on by your so-called friends.

>>133666816I'm really glad most people hate trannies, it feels good to be on the right side of history


>>133666816Nah it wasn't really harassment. The fans wanted the old content back. The trolls came after.


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>>133666816>NarcissaAt least he's honest.

>>133666816>Narcissa is a goddess and an will never be a woman and don't deserve special rights and priviledges just because of you have a fetish.

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for a board that hates trannies you guys sure do like talking about them

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>”gender doesn’t exist!!!! it’s a social structure that has nothing to do with one’s biological functions”>”I’m actually a woman on the inside. I must destroy my genitals”which one is it

>>133667795>woah dude you hate spiders bro? you must wanna fuck spiders bro haha


>>133667696Dude spent a year or more killing his career before saying he was trans. Cosmo might have been able to get some help if he hadn't also self-diagnosed himself and started ordering pills online. No one watching that slow death spiral of his career wanted to risk being labeled as "transphobic".

>>133667795>tranny degenerates are becoming more prevalent and obnoxious in society >why are you talking about them???


>>133667404Yeah smoking weed is stupid


>>133666816imagine trying to spin this freak into a transgender hero

>>133666816kys yourself my man (male)

>>133667722How is that honest? Narcissus was actually beautiful.

>>133669129Because medically deforming your body for vainity is narcissim

>>133667795Because ignoring them for so many years worked out


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>>133667707Based /v

>>133669327Ngl I'd have sex with that


>>133667279From the title I thought this was going to end with a suicide.

so it's this guy? guess he just went mad

>>133670566any % glitched

>>133666816>Narcissa Wright

>>133670566look up John Numbers he went crazy after getting publicly humiliated and getting cucked from his long term gf to a jogger. he went silent for a while after that and when he came back he became a tranny

>>133670709thats what hapened to cosmo

>>133666816its pretty insane how much cooler and more charismatic cosmo was compared to literally every other speedrunner including the yoshi nigger

>>133670709What's a jogger, Walt?

>>133670492it will

>>133670761I know, I'm just pretty sure looking up John Numbers makes it easier to find the clip of the moment I mentioned

>>133666816it's ma'am

>>133667707imagine losing yourself and crying like that because of words on a screen

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Leave speedkino to me

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just watch those summoningsalt videos that show up in your youtube recommended like the rest of us

>>133667279Don't watch this

>>133671061shut up cosmo

>>133670992This triggers the Clint


>>133670952if thousands of people knew everything about your personal life and bullied you every day you would probably be upset too

>look mom (dad), i posted it again

>>133667707I miss Cosmo.

>>133670992*blocks your path*

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>>133671200if only he wasn't forced to over expose his life on the internet, poor cosmo...

>>133671061ok I wont

>>133671269yeah I'm not saying it's not his fault in that regard, but it's understandable why he's an emotional wreck too

>>133667707I'm literally shaking rn

>>133670875Recent events have led to Holla Forums pushing it as a synonym for nigger. Basically they're trying to do the same thing to it as they did to the okay hand sign.

>>133671361ok jogger

I'd breed that cute tranny, wouldnt watch its flick tho.

>>133671361this is a blue board you are not allowed to say that word here fyi

>>133670992hes so painfully autistic i can't get through most of his shit

>>133671529ok nigger

John Numbers briefly became John Money


look at this dude

All because the faggot started chugging onions and replaced his entire diet with it. Don't drink onions, kids.


>>133666816good lord I forgot cosmo existed

>>133669412Why are you so gay?

>>133666816>Took the gaming world by storm... never heard of this creature, by 'gaming world' do they mean 'speedrunner freakshows' ?

>>133666816Remember that time he thought he got an unbeatable OOT record?

>>133666816>when you lose at mario so hard you chop off your dick

>>133667707Why is he subjecting himself to it? Does he not know you don't have to interact with everything

>then he put porn up on his twitch stream five times and got permabannedwill this part make it in?

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>>133666816narcissism/ˈnɑːsJsJz(ə)m,nɑːˈsJsJz(ə)m/Learn to pronouncenounexcessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one's physical appearance.

>>133671893>then he put porn up on his twitch streamKek, what kind of porn ?

>>133671679Dunno lol

>>133671867Self sabotaging



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>>133667795>for a board that hates child rapists so much you sure do like talking about themlike hating them thats for sure

Therres a video up on one of the porn tube sites that features a blonde tranny with a tooth gap like narci-chan getting pounded by an older daddy typeWonder if its really her~


They already made a full length feature on this freak.


>>133667795>bruh why are you hating on the obnoxious vocal minority that isn't even 0.05% of the population but are being shoved into every facet of media you consume?fucking kill yourself

>>133666816Looks like a cringe comedy. Probably will watch.

>>133668375Beer and herb are God's way of dealing with moronic shitters like you

>>133666816Played by Neil Breen.

Cosmo kino?

What is wrong with white males? Transgender people seem to skew way more towards white MtF. Why is that? and most woman are cis gender so why are so many trannies "lesbian?"

>>133666816You just know the other speedrunning trannies are fucking furious right now.

>>133672505combination of autism and porn addiction

>>133666816>59% of us live long enough to live in a society Powerful stuff

>>133672560I really don't understand how doctor's allow this shit. It's literally mental illness, but they don't seem to care. Fucking Drag Queen's have been around forever but they don't think they're women.

>>133671867take a guess

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>>133672505Actually the ethnicity with most transsexuals are blacks, ironically it's the ethnicity with the highest rate of violence against transsexuals.

Trannies disgust me

>>133666816>Biological aberrations that force others to accept and fund their mental illness and treat it as normal are hated by most.Shocking news to you liberal retards lol, but it's nature. You will be forgotten by history, I'm sorry to have to break it to you.

>>133673140Really? Just from my perception from online and real life I've seen way more white trans people

>>133667795>People don't talk about things they hateThis is the most fail attempt at an argument I've ever fucking seen. Guaranteed you're a 13 year old absolute fucking retard. People actually talk more about the things they hate, and enjoy talking about them. Welcome to life.

>>133667830>you must wanna fuck spiders bro hahaHaha yeah haha

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>>133672504AGDQ 2012 MST run

>>133667795i LOVE tranniesi love watching them suck dick, getting fucked in the ass, being pissed on, swallowing cumits the best my man, the absolute best

>>133667354What is this absolutely disgusting creature? The ONLY tranny in gaming that deserves a fucking documentary about her is Scarlett, but you complete zoomer faggots are far too big of plebs to play real games like Starcraft. Not even one mention of her in this thread. Completely pathetic.

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>>133666816More proof that men are better at gaming.

>>133673391There’s no way that used to be a lad

>>133673430That's a heavily airbrushed photo, obviously

>>133671361Oh, I thought it was like a casual sex term. Like she cheated on her husband during a one-night, that's a jogger. Cause the guy just passes by.I'm a simple man, so I'll keep calling niggers niggers.

>>133673259It's because white people is a majority, so in absolute numbers there will obviously be more white transsexuals.But the total share of black people being transsexual is larger than any other ethnicity, and again they are also the ethnicity most violent against transsexuals which is why black trans are murdered at a much higher rate than any other trans ethnicity, with the murderers also being black.


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>>133673430Can you not see how airbrushed it is? Not to mention the heavy layers of clothing to hide the frame.And CWC exists in the Sonic universe (Dimension merge any day now) so >she deserves it the most

>>133673430It's true, this is with lots of makeup and flattering lighting though.It was quite hilarious when the (((media))) went crazy about this absolute top player in Starcraft 2 being a woman, and then realizing it's another man pretending to be a woman, and just trying to ignore that part.

>>133666816>let's bash people over the head with something that repulses them until they no longer find it repulsive and actually enjoy it and seek more of it is this actually working or is china payingfor all of it?

>>133673696>and then realizing it's another man pretending to be a woman, and just trying to ignore that part.You're wrong, they knew that it was a man, but they were going all in on the "trans females = real females" narrative. It wasn't that they were trying to ignore it, they were doing the typical lefty nonsense where they're blatantly lying to you but can call you a wrongthinker if you were to say the truth and set the Mannish Inquisition on you.

>> traps have a hardon for other traps?I thought they were just extreme fags, why would they like "women"?next you guys are gonna tell me they like pussy too?

>>133674131Yes, it's one part cope one part compromise.They WANT a real woman, but women don't want them for obvious reasons. And then to validate their own delusions they have to accept other traps as real women too.

>>133667279Didn't know about the Miyamoto thing. that's harsh


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>>133666816>took the gaming world by stormMore like took a tumble in a storm

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>>133674131self insert into whatever is on scream. some of those traps are young and hot. deep down he knew he would never be like them so he went looking for stuff that validated this ie. going on 4chan and getting told to kill himself.its a brutal cycle that is almost always started by some exterior force pushing them to become a tranny.

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>implying people would have shat on him nearly as hard had he not renounced speedrunning completely and embraced soiAt least his fall marked the end of any% and began the eternal reign of ZFG

Somebody list the video of that tranny playing chess alone on twitch and yelling at his drunk dad after he told the pizza guy he was transitioning


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>>133674550There were three parts to that sentence that got incrementally more sad as I read it. I do not wish to see that video.

>>133673259It's almost as if the people who dictate what you see in the media have an agenda.

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>>133667354Why do all of them look like rejects from an Aphex Twin music video?

>>133667279someone i knew for years just came out as identifying as a woman. i don't know anymore. knew people that went by pronouns but this guy decides to dress like a girl and says people around him are probably going to be mean or something. never thought it'd be close to home. adulthood has been strange.

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>>133674903poor apollo just wanted Narcissa's sweet asspussy now he's being sued by Billy Mitchell for lying

>>133675359this girl i knew growing up turned into a man. i even had sex with her a few times back then. she loved anal like nobodies business. she seemed happy as a forward 15 years and she is taking T and now a he. she has a gross teen stash and voice sounds weird. i kind of wanted to fuck her but she had a gf and is now hairy.

>this girl i knew growing up turned into a man>she loved anal like nobodies businesshow does it feel that you fucked her ass so hard that she wanted to be a man.

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