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>>133666317best spoof of all time

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great scene

>>133666317In a most recent rewatch of this movie, this scene combined with the song made me feel super nostalgic for some reason. Nothing else in the movie made me feel that way. Made me pretty sad and I don’t know why


austin powers was never funny, not once, not one scene in any of the 50 shitty movies they made

>>133666898austin powers is funny

>>133666898>what do you do, number 2?>thats my business nah fuck you


>>133666898Anon n'est pas

>>133666898There were three movies and there will be no more without mini-me. They were all funny. youtu.be/SjnWOnJK-zw


>>133667637Nah Goldmember was pretty terrible aside from the celebrity cameo opening and a few of the scenes with Michael Caine.

>>133666317>>133666438This scene gave me my first boner and I wish I could find porn similar to this. Except Austin doesn’t break free and he has to have sex with them forever while high on their boobie mist

>>133667764>>133666317One of the fembots was this chick that was in one of those Guinness Book of World Records for most downloads back in the 90s. So many boners

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>>133666868How could he know about Maggie if he was frozen in the 60s?

>>133667956Holy shit I remember jacking off to this exact picture from Guinness Book of world records

>>133668032There's a scene where he spends like 2 days straight just researching 90s pop culture on the internet


>>133668189Danni Ashe>>133668040It’s hilarious how many kids probably jerked off to this picture because there was never anything like it in those books

>>133667956Cindy Margolis?

>>133667764That sounds shagadelic, yeah

>>133668106He spent It dowloading low res porn pics

>>133668259>>133668189My bad it’s Cindy Margolis

>>133668040>>133668259>>133667956Fucking hell. Same. This imagine is burned into the back of my brain. Amazing what our innocent brains got off to.

>>133667956Thanks user, reminding me of my earliest faps. I'm gonna give the ol' gal a nostalgia wank tonight.

>>133668472I miss fapping to Soul Calibur 2

>>133668610For me it was Rikku and Lulu from FFX

>>133667956Is that Cindy margolis? Did anyone else watch that show she was on with that annoying Asian guy?

>>133667676That's right buddy you show that turd who's boss!

>>133666438it's actually a spoof of a spoof

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>>133667697Goldmember wasn't as good as the first two but it was fun and still had good humor. After seeing The Love Guru though, I don't think Mike Myers could have made another decent Austin Powers movie. It has to end as a trilogy

>>133668610Jesus Christ man this and SC2, are you actually me? That one geisha bitch with the fan.

>>133666438watching this chick as a kid gave me a fetish for blonde bimbos with big knockers that i suffer from to this day

>>133668867Well it's a spoof of sixties spy flicks in general, some were spoofs and some weren't. It also references more obscure flicks like La Decima Vittima

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>>133668497My taste in pornstars was god awful back then so it’s difficult to have nostalgia faps. Basically any blonde with giant fake tits blew my mind

>>133668925>>133668610Had to look it up, apparently that bitch didn't show up til SC3, maybe it's time to give those games a playthrough again.

>>133669217Yeah I haven’t played em in forever so I don’t remember anyone with a fan, but I fapped to Taki’s pokies and Ivy

I bet she shags like a minx

>>133666317>Did you use protection?>Of course! I had my 9mm automatic>You know I meant did you use a condom?>Nooo, only sailors use condoms, baby>Not in the 90s, Austin!>Well they should, those filthy beggers, they go from port to port Gets me every time

>>133669168I was always into skinny model chicks thanks to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions and Victoria Secrets catalogs. My primary source of fap material until I got my first computer at 17

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>>133670647Oof. Nostalgia Fap. I definitely had this issue of SI.

>>133668610>tfw spending hours trying to upskirt and get the best ass angles on Taki and IvyTaki made me COOM for years.

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>>133670647Goddammit this thread is like my childhood sexual development incarnate.

He could totally do another movie spoofing the new Daniel Craig Bond or even spoofing the bad ‘90 Bond with their unrealistic over the top stunts...

>>133671627Spoofs are dead unless you're parodying the horror genre

>>133667764so you got your first boner ever watching this scene? the scene with austin dancing around in his underwear? ok

>>133667956>>133668040>>133668259>>133668497>>133668472Jesus christ bros, I jacked off to the same pic in the 2000 Guinness book too, probably the earliest fap i can recall.

>>133668610>>133668735You're good people.

>>133671967it's funny because I guess she was in it because she held the record for most downloaded image for that year or some shit. Turns out most kids were jerking off to her picture in that book kekI remember they had a copy of it in our library at school too and we'd all just be like "dude page 59 check it out"

movie 3 was ruined by Beyonce

>>133670765For me it was Voldo

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>>133672151she was bad but the jokes just weren't as good either. the first still holds up really well. second still is funny but not as good. third has always been trash desu

>>133671967holy shit me toowe are brothers now

>>133666438That’s not Walk Hard.

>>133671627>>133671737Yeah. Spoof movies seem a product of their time. Plus Bond has a lot less cultural relevance now. Plus Mike Myers ran out of talent after Spy Who Shagged Me.

>>133668867I finally understand why 'In Like Flint' is Austin's favorite movie.

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literally thought of this exact scene a few hours ago.GET OUT OF MY HEAD CHARLES

>>133673703he played Shrek, one of the biggest icons of that generation

>>133672244Exactly. First movie is a classic, second one is funny but stupid, third one is complete shit.

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