Metropolis (1927)

I just watched this. I liked it, even with no sound the constant dramatic music keeps your attention. Also, I always thought it was some communist propaganda but if I understood the movie well it's the opposite because they say a violent revolution from the workers is not the solution, that the solution is the cooperation between the workers and the owners.

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>>133666629what what?

>>133665920for me, its the 2003 version



>>133665920for me, its Ernest Scared Stupid


For me, the Moroder

>>133665920Congratulations, you shat out a high-school level analysis of a classic film. Even with your pitiful, small-brain interpretation, you've still managed to do more than the majority of the board.

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>>133666851Tell me why I'm wrong then.

>>133665920Depends on which version you saw. Back in the day these kind of movies faced heavy censorship and for like 30 years or so there where like 30 minutes missing from every copy of this particular movie. If i remember correctly Maria, the woman leading the revolution, was actually a robot designed by the upper clases to give the workers the illusion of choice and change but never actually deliver.

>>133666946You're not wrong. Quite the opposite. You took the most obvious reading of the film, the one that it goes great lengths to drill into the viewer's head.

>>133665920for me, it's Aelita

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What are the meaning of all the Moloch and pentagrams, satanists symbols? That the rich people and the scientists are satanists and the workers are the good christian people?

>>133667017>If i remember correctly Maria, the woman leading the revolution, was actually a robot designed by the upper clases to give the workers the illusion of choice and change but never actually deliver.María was a real woman, like christian priest and he was trying to create a peaceful revolution from the workers. Then the owner of the city tells the mad scientist guy to use the robot to replace María and make the workers go violent so he has the pretext to kill them or stop them.

>>133667035I have had that open in a tab in my browser buried beneath dozens of other tabs for half a year now since the last time I saw it get mentioned on Holla Forums and still haven't gotten around to watching it.

there's some masonic shit going on in this movie

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Maria was my first waifu.

>>133665920I need to watch it, I only ever saw the anime.

>Lang's parents were of Moravian descent and practicing Roman Catholics. His parents (his mother, born Jewish, converted to Roman Catholicism before Fritz's birth) took their religion seriously and were dedicated to raising Fritz as a Catholic. Lang frequently had Catholic-influenced themes in his films. Late in life, he described himself as "a born Catholic and very puritan”. Although an atheist, Lang held a belief that religion was important for teaching ethics.Now I understand all the religious messages on this movie.

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>>133667562>I only ever saw the anime.Completely unrelated beyond vague inspiration.

>>133665920Welcome to your first year of filmography

>>133667496I watched the 2010 version and there is a scene where this guy fights with the mad scientists and allows Maria to escape but it is not in the movie. They explain it with text. I suppose that scene was lost or something.

>>133665920Rotwang did nothing wrong.

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>>133665920how is it communist propaganda? It literally is centrist propaganda. The ending is all like "why don't we just get along kek lmao"

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>>133668225You repeated exactly what I said. Congratulations.

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>>133665920Hey, not sure what happened but your post has a bunch of black lines where I assume the text should be. Not sure if you meant to do that or not. I've never seen the movie "Metropolis" btw is it good?

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>>133665920Pol says this movie is globalist kike propaganda.

>>133668297Was Freder just a schizo and the movie was just him having hallucinations in the mental hospital? A lot of strange visions he has.

>>133668396No we don't.


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>>133668389I get the point that even speaking the same language people can't understand each other but wasn't the story of the Tower of Babel that people built the tower because they spoke the same language son then God in retaliation for humanity's arrogance in trying to become like Him destroyed the tower and made people speak in different languages so they weren't able to build such tower again?

>>133668525Do you have the one with the kino dance?

>>133668396/pol/ hereyou're full of shit

>>133666851Is this the art deco version of cyberpunk?

Is Holla Forums the best board on this site ? I mean this unironically

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>>133665920It’s a fascist film.


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>>133665920Its not a logical film, the end.

>>133670193Exactly.Fuck logic.

I just tried finally watching it because of this thread on prime but the film is incomplete apparently and it has quick black frames where parts are missing, so I got to the part where they introduce the rich spoiled sons and they're picking out which whores to fuck except the main guy is autistic and doesn't want one, but then a black frame happens and he's suddenly smitten with his favorite whore then the orphanage lady shows up. I'm too drunk to understand this, it seems kino but it's too confusing bros. what is happening in this scene i'm getting filtered 10 minutes in

>>133665920for me, it was Tuesday


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>>133665920I think it is fascist. It proposes the mediation of class conflict by a führer.

>>133667053That capitalism sacrifice people like ancient religions.

>>133665920This movie bored the shit out of me but that’s probably only because I watched it for the wow cool robot

>>133668779They have too many parallel religious metaphors. The babel tower sos there only to show the need of the mediator

>>133665920Call me a fag but I got a poster of this like 10yrs ago and haven't even watched the movie fully

>>133671358Which version does Prime have? I'm not even sure which version I'd watch given 91min vs 148min is a pretty big discrepancy

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It's occult. The average Joe is not meant to understand it.

>>133665920so dumbthis movie is predictive programmingMade in Germany you know

>>133668297this is the scene where the Satanic CEOs son discovers what goes on beneath. Well, the culmination of his journey to the depths.

>>133667053Like the other user said is about the industry devouring people. With that saidm the satanic symbols like the Whore of Babylon and Moloch imply something greater and evil.


>>133665920>even with no sound the constant dramatic music keeps your attentionHow the fuck?

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>>133673514Looks like they have both the 148min and 118min versions

>>133668140>Judd Nelson