>King literally leads the men into battleI understand the romanticism behind this but in practice he would get killed...

>King literally leads the men into battleI understand the romanticism behind this but in practice he would get killed immediately 100% of the time. Better to let some fodder men lead the charge while you follow up with a squad of men assigned to protect you on the battlefield

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its an inspiring sight to see for the troops tho

>>133665010Oh, cool.What Sega Game Gear game is this?

It's for Frodo. Would you not have done the same

Romans did it.

>>133665010Aragon knew he was gonna die

>>133665010Back in the day you didn't become king unless you were a based warrior anyway

>>133665105>For Bernie

>>133665010Alexander the Great did this too user

>>133665185We are all going to die, it is a fact of life. It is the manner in which you die that matters most.

he's like a demigod, he's killed a thousand orcs by this point

he wanted to die to get out of being king

>>133665010top tier kinoyoutube.com/watch?v=OA8wkz0uGLE

>>133665273Foolish.What matters most is how you lived

>>133665197Being present near the front lines and being literally on the front line of the vanguard are two different things.Look at Wellington at Waterloo for example.

>>133665010Napoleon was in the front lines a few times. Some of the Confederate commanders were on the front lines.It's a book/movie don't take it so seriously.

>>133665430How did the photo album get from Picards quarters to his ready room?

>>133665115i mean they probably only knew each other for a couple months

The Battle of the Black Gate was explicitly a suicide mission designed to buy Frodo the opportunity and time necessary to cross Mordor and destroy the Ring. Survivability in general was not a factor going in to the battle.

>>133665010Depends on the era. If the king was in top-of-the-line armor, with his Castle-tier training and a group of bodyguards looking after him he'd be quite safe on the frontlines.Imagine how badass that must of felt being in full plate and just going around slaughtering starving peasants armed with rusty hoes and already half-dead from dysentery by the time you get to hem.

>>133665226nah he was a gimp homo

>>133665010>get killed immediately 100% of the timeThat isn't how leading a charge works, though.

>>133665610says the gimp homo

>>133665010This was the last stand and staring down near certain death. What better way to instill heroism one last time than to lead the charge?

>>133665550Good thing that giant chasm opened up and killed the enemy army...

>>133665430And that.

>>133665638He explicitly says in his little speech "it is not this day" or w/e

>>133665698gotta stay positive when marching to die.

>>133665579To be fair, most people imagine vidya-tier fights where it's entire armies of armored knights fighting each other in glorious combat instead of peasants stabbing at one another with whatever they could afford

In the book he's standing on a small hill during the battle, surrounded by his men fighting off the orcs swarming around the hills. Leading the charge is just a cinematic change for the films. And as others have pointed out they all think they are going to die anyway as the mouth of sauron has convinced them that Frodo has been captured by showing them his mithril coat.

>It's a book/movie don't take it so seriously.

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>>133665010Happened plenty throughout history. Of course the king had access to training, the best armor, body guards protecting him during battle, had the luxury of being able to move freely without having to wait for an order and if they were ever injured they were taken to safety.

>>133665484napoleon was a colossus, there are no men like that anymore

He is Numenorean. His reflexes and shit are almost elf like.He would easily be able to deal with being at the front of a charge

>>133665010Napoleon did it and it was way more dangerous, he was fighting against people with rifles.

>>133665010The king is a 100+ year old veteran that has seen more combat that the rest of the army combined, elf and wizard excluded.

>>133665461Bows and arrows vs muskets and shot.

>>133665010this literally happened though

>>133666617English Longbows and Late-stage American-Indian Bows and Arrows were at least comparable to early muskets.The Brown Bess was the premier English musket and was highly inaccurate outside 30-40 yards.

>accounts all throughout history of commanders being on the frontlinesBest example I can think of is Alexander who quite literally was an UberChad that lead calvary units all the time and was injured like fifty times.


>>133665549I bet you didn’t “get” Master and Commander.

>>133666848implying anyone on this board has even actually watched Master and Commander.

>>133666329This. People forget that king was basically immune to damage. His armor consistently blocks arrows and he has a lot of professional soldiers around him. Medieval combat was extremely grindy so king was always relatively safe and could fall back if needed.People don't realize that modern weapons are exceptionally lethal. Before gunpowder it was practically impossible to kill people from afar. You can wound them but killing requires extraordinary luck. >>133666758Wrong. Wrong Wrong Wrong. english longbow, harmlessyoutu.be/Ej3qjUzUzQgcrossbow vs shitty armor, harmlessyoutu.be/XMT6hjwY8NQmusket vs same armor, it fucking destroys ityoutu.be/Bjs4-u5lO60pistol vs armoryoutu.be/ygaSMeTh-f0There is also a difference between the lethality. Arrows wound, they slice and cut into you. Musket balls explode into tiny bits of shrapnel and deform when impacting you. They can break bones while arrows cannot. Musket shrapnel infects the wound more readily since it tends to stick in and stay whereas arrows can be removed easier.Muskets, even early ones are infinitely more lethal. Getting cut with an arrow is a fleshwound but getting hit by a musket requires amputation. That is why amputation methods advanced so much after the introduction of gunpowder.

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>/his/ losers raiding us with circumstantial accounts of the one time a retard commander did this and immediately got BTFO>actually citing this as a good reason for the last remaining king of Gondor to charge directly into an army of 10,000 orcs and trollsThere literally should've been a scene where Aragorn's semen is milked and kept in a cool vault deep in Minas Tirith so the line could continue if he died

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>>133665698He meant as in mankind in general not the battle itself

>>133667041>>133667041>There is also a difference between the lethality. Arrows wound, they slice and cut into you.Go deer hunting with a bow and you will find out that arrows are significantly more deadly than you give them credit for. I don't care how many youtube videos you've watched, your knowledge of this subject is incredibly wrong.

>>133667041explain: the effect of english longbows on french knights at agincourt?

>>133665430Based Last Samurai chad

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They weren't trying to win, op. It was a suicide run to try and give Frodo time to get the ring to the volcano without any orcs in the way.

>>133665010No, you moron. This was common in history. The king or general leading the battle and being victorious is supposed to be a good sign from God. I thought everyone had heard of Napoleon and how he famously did this so often.

Attached: napoleon-on-st-bernhard.jpg (1200x1200, 260.78K)

>>133667137>circumstantial accountshundreds upon hundreds of accounts in history my stupid zoomie friend, from English kings, to Roman emperors to Greeks...

>>133667219>Go deer hunting with a bow and you will find out that arrows are significantly more deadly than you give them credit for. Try hunting a deer wearing gambeson. Yeah, they kill you score a good hit into bare flesh but you still didn't address what I said. >Arrows wound, they slice and cut into you. Musket balls explode into tiny bits of shrapnel and deform when impacting you. They can break bones while arrows cannot>>133667221Did the french knights die to arrows or englishmen finishing them off in melee?

>>133667365pro troll

>>133667219Modern bows, weighted arrows and new designs for the arrow tips. And that's against animals who at best can be said to be wearing leather armor.

>>133665010>in practice he would get killed immediately 100% of the timeTo be fair, just by not wearing a helmet he, Legolas and Gandalf increase the chance of BOOM HEADSHOT spectacularly


>>133665010Because it's capeshit.

King's would be surrounded by elite soldiers and mixed it up in the fray once in a while, particularly younger King's.

>>133665010It was the end of the world for them if they didn't. Leave it to a woman to not understand the scene.

>>133667137Alexander didn’t get BTFO. He was wounded once (at the very end of his campaigns). And he always fought on the front

>>133665010You think Lord of the Rings is trying to be grounded in any way? Do you also think that absolute hereditary monarchies are intrinsically good or that any life other than agriculture is bad or that God exists, retard?

>>133665662you mean your anus?

>>133665010Well, who's gonna be fodder?For I surely wont die for some shit you, My Liege, aint willing to die..Also, if they loose, it really doesn't matter if king lives or dies. But,then, it's a movie adaptation of children's book..

Robert the Bruce smashed some English punk's face in with an axe after he challenged him to a duel in front of his men.

>>133665408Jesus Christ, I could never act this with strait face..

>>133665010Aragorn was prepared to die, if not resigned to it. It was their last stand

>>133665010There is a big difference from a king who says charge to one that says follow me into battle.Would you bleed for a king who isn't willing to fight for you?Daily reminder: George VI wanted to lead the men on Normandy landing invasion but Churchill wouldn't let him.

Hannibal created the most lopsided military victory in history at Cannae by putting himself on the frontline to both inspire his lightly armed troops who had to take heavy losses around him and to focus the Romans on the center of his line.It can work

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>>133665226so the story said

>>133666444>He is Numenorean. His reflexes and shit are almost elf like.

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>>133667137So it has a historical precedent... additionally if they lost they were all dead anyways so the inspiration buff was well worth it

>>133669992>Would you bleed for a king who isn't willing to fight for you?>Would you fight for a retard who is risking giving the enemy a HUGE moral advantage 2 seconds into the battle?great question, really got my brain almonds cooking

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>>133665010>I understand the romanticism behind this but in practice he would get killed immediately 100% of the time.it has happened plenty of times.

>>133669570yes, yes, yes and yes. All of these are true statements

>>133670085so said the accounts of people who were there with him, even his enemies

>>133665010There were plenty of warrior kings than lead his men into battle

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>>133665010> waves of skirmishers jump over the front of the phalanx right before the enemy charge hits

>>133665142No they didn’t.


>>133665226No, he didn’t.

*Smacks lips*

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>>133669723That's because you've been brought up in the post-Avengers cultural landscape where everything is constant Whedonesque quipping, bathos rules and sincerity is unheard of. Or because you're a faggot. One of the two.

ITT>DUDE REAL LIFE IS LIKE DYNASTY WARRIORS, EVERY KING IS WELL TRAINED AND ARMORED AND CAN KILL 10000000000000000000000 MEN AT WILLplease leave your fucking basements and put down the video games for a few hours, i beg of you. your brains are literally rotting from the sensory overload

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>>133669570Clearly you know nothing about the Tolkien or Lord of The Rings and that the entire fiction is just alternate European history.

>>133670258Yeah, which killed him in the end. At least he managed to genocide like 50% of Poland's population before kicking the bucket.

>>133665484Also no.

>>133665010>in practice he would get killed immediately 100% of the timeKings, lesser royalty, and landed gentry were worth more alive than dead so they could be ransomed back. He's also a messianic figure that has to drag the brave into the mouth of hell itself to prove that he's worthy to be the king of men. As long as he stays on the straight and narrow eru has his back. As soon as he starts acting like a self serving cunt he'd get fucked like the rest of his bloodline.

Kings literally did fight in battles, though. It was a great morale booster for the other soldiers. If they didn't fight their hardest they would be directly responsible for their king's death or capture. Now keep in mind the attack on the black gate was literally a suicide mission. Aragorn knew he was sending everyone to their death. Would he just sit back at Minas Tireth and let the rest of his army die? Would his army have even marched to the gates without their king? Surely the army knew it was suicide too. So it's not really unrealistic. Aragorn was going all in on a gamble knowing he had a losing hand. What difference does it make if he leads the charge or stood back behind his soldiers? His charge emphases the hopelessness and his sacrifice for Frodo.

Attached: 1441593707125.jpg (2048x1365, 991.88K)

Thoughts work so quickly that even now you can imagine him on Blackheath, where his lords suggest that he should carry his battle-scarred sword and helmet on a procession through the city. He refuses, as he is free of vanity and self-serving pride and ascribes all the glory and responsibility for victory to God.

Attached: pic_mow_henryv06_109.jpg (600x600, 53.39K)

>>133665010>he would get killed immediately 100% of the timeThat's not true at all. The enemies would not kill the king, they would capture him. They used to capture knights with expensive armor instead of killing them, because they could ransom them for a lot of cash. Also, there were rules in war against targeting officers, because neither side wants the battle to turn into an unrestrained mosh pit of violence with no order.

>>133666476>The king is a 100+ year old veteranHe was a merely 87 years old youngling

>>133670388Yeah battles are dangerous. This is why I won't do it. Even if it's for a good cause. The odds of dying are just too great. Joining a systemic murder campaign is not worth it if life is your objective.I am so glad humanity is made up of mental midgets who think dying is not the worst thing ever, it makes for a very entertaining world. A world of risk-averse losers is not very interesting.

>>133670549how can dying be so bad if everyone does it. Even my grandma did it and she wasn't very tough. So I doubt it's that horrible.

>>133666793>At siege>Soldiers are not able to get over the wall>Alexander jumps over it, bodyguards follow him>Javelin impales Alexander and the soldiers outside the wall hear his cries of pain>Soldiers rush over the wall to protect him>City gets takenAnd that's just a regular day for the fucker

>>133670535>Also, there were rules in war against targeting officers, because neither side wants the battle to turn into an unrestrained mosh pit of violence with no order>dude the Orcs were going to follow the Geneva Convention, Aragorn was totally savethis is literally your argument

Are there examples of kings and generals actually getting stuck in with infantry? Every time someone brings up examples of kings fighting in battles they're actually just riding around with the cavalry which is a lot different.

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>>133665461Lol Wellington is a fag

>>133670673No because we aren't talking about LOTR specifically, we are talking about whether a king leading the charge is realistic. Also, the orcs clearly showed their armies had discipline like any other. They had ranks, tactics, siege weapons, commanders, etc. They never acted like mindless savages.

>>133669423He was wounded dozens of times and didn't give a single a fuck. Only his back was free of scarsSource: Anabasis of Alexander, by Arrian of Nicomedia

>>133670399Napoleon at Arcola

>>133670388> genocide like 50% of Poland's population before kicking the bucket.>During the wars the Commonwealth lost approximately one third of its population as well as its status as a great power due to invasions by Sweden and Russia.[8] According to Professor Andrzej Rottermund, manager of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the destruction of Poland in the deluge was more extensive than the destruction of the country in World War II. Rottermund claims that Swedish invaders robbed the Commonwealth of its most important riches, and most of the stolen items never returned to Poland.[9] Warsaw, the capital of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, was completely destroyed by the Swedes, and out of a pre-war population of 20,000, only 2,000 remained in the city after the war.[10] According to the 2012 Polish estimates, financial losses of Poland are estimated at 4 billion złotys. Swedish and Russian invaders completely destroyed 188 cities and towns, 81 castles, and 136 churches in Poland.Sounds pretty based if you ask me

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>>133665010Off the top of my head, you have>Richard I>Richard III>Henry V>Henry VII>Gustavus AdolphusThere's absolutely nothing more inspiring than seeing your King go into battle with you. Besides, in this case, it's do or die. If they lost, there would have been nothing left to live for anyway.

>>133670689In the Game of Thrones books there's a pretty thorough account of the suicide assignment given to Tyrion in the Battle of the Green Fork and several pages about him nearly getting trampled by soldiers and nearly killed by a random no name infantry i know you were asking about real life

>>133670597Well it's inevitable but I subscribe to the belief system that dying is the end of the universe. That sounds shitty so I want to avoid it.

Wasn't King Richard a monster on the field?

>>133670689certainly in ancient armies where cavalry were few/uncommon or the terrain didn't allow it. You can't take a horse into every terrain.You would want to use every advantage availalbe so you wouldn't forgoe a warhorse/chariot if you didn't need to.Also literally Alexander the Great >>133670671

>>133666758>were at least comparable to early muskets.No they weren't. That's why people wore armor until firearms made them largely irrelevant. The one exception being the crossbow which was banned by the pope because hax.

>>133665010>in practice he would get killed immediately 100% of the time.Or become Emperor of Rome.

Attached: Julius Caesar.jpg (1200x1200, 342.1K)

>>133670337didn't he literally have so many fucking injuries including a lot to his head that people thought he was retarded or someshit? like he had severe brain damage and some head diseases because of it. whoever knows what i'm talking about please explain better.

>>133665142>be roman chad general>watch your infantry and theirs slaughter each other >if it looks like you're going to win, go out with your personal cavalry >murder a bunch of winded and wounded infantry guys

>>133665010you're just weak and spineless you would've stayed in the Shire jerking off to hentai, while Frodo and the boys were out saving the world

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>>133665010Alexander the Great did this frequently, even getting hit by an axe during the battle of the granicus river

>>133671657I have heard Julius Caesar made it a habit to pitch a tent and dig trenches like any common soldier, but I am not sure this extended to formation fighting.

>>133665010thats how they got vlad

>>133670337yes, he did

>>133665010its just capeshit bro dont take it too seriously

>>133665010>Who was Alexander the great

>>133671815He spent alesia running from break in the line to break in the line keeping shit together and getting his hands well dirty. It's almost impossible to be more of an alpha chad than Caesar.

Attached: siege of alesia.gif (640x327, 172.56K)

>>133670549>A world of risk-averse losers is not very interesting.Says the risk-averse loser

>>133671998Why did they kill such a Chad?

>>133671750thats what I do in Bannerlord lol

>>133666444He also has Maia blood from Melian, whom even Morgoth was afraid of.

why are there so many greasy italian bootlickers ITT?>dude alexander lmao

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>>133665010Except we know it's a movie. Realistically, they all would've died a dozen times over by that point

>>133672182>alexander>italinwhy are anarchocucks always so undereducated?

>>133672182He's just that great

>>133671804this. nigga was based

Kings on the front line seems to work

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>>133665010He's MYTHIC status. A literal super-human who is a figurehead of destiny. Aragorn radiates that metaphysical shit like a force-field. He'd be fine.

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>>133672182he was a great guy

>>133672182>Macedonians>ItalianRomans were not Italians either

>>133672182>italiananyway, Alexander was based as fuck. look up the Siege of Tyre. it's something so ridiculous that if it happened in Game of Thrones people would chimp and call it unrealistic, but it happened in real life

Attached: seige of tyre.jpg (1764x1111, 373.43K)

>>133665142Nope. Romans sent all the noobs to the front.

>>133671998What's the diference between a trench and a ditch?

>>133667137Kekaroo king, this was under rated.

>>133671657>At Karolinska Institutet, the most prestigious medical university in Northern Europe, a new study was published this Monday. The study examined the genetic profile of 14 Roman patricians of the senator class from their skeletons and remains. They also examined the genetics of the Emperor Augustus, also known as Octavianus before his crowning. They went to the Mausoleum of Augustus.>Bög-Olle Hästskosson and Fjollbjörn Snorström are professors in molecular biology at KI. They studied under the renowned prof Runka Kukalainen who used to give lectures at Helsinki University, Stockholm university and the University of Oslo. He's one of the most well-known professors and scientists in molecular biology of the 21st century.>Out of the 14 Roman senators, 13 of them were classified as "Northern European" in genetic profile. 7 of them carried the Nordic haplogroup I1 and on autosomal tests they were placed closest to a person from modern day western Sweden or eastern Norway. The other subjects carried haplogroup N1c and were a mix of Nordic and Baltic in genetics. Out of 14 senators, only one was Southern European in genetic profile, but he was placed closest to a modern day Austrian.>"We're all quite surprised, we expected significantly less Northern European admixture in these individuals" said Bög-Olle.>Emperor Augustus and Julius Caesar were also proven to carry haplogroup I1.>"Even though the Roman ruling class were not genetically similar to modern day Italian people we must remember that culture is the first and foremost means of identification. It would be odd if, say, Danish people start to identify as Roman Emperors just because the Romans have now been proven to be more Nordic genetically than modern day Italians. If you are Italian and shocked by this study, do not be. What we do in this life is what defines us, and Italians carry on the culture of the Romans even though Nordic people evidently carry their genetics"said Fjollbjörn Snorström.

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>>133672458Trench is something you fight from, ditch is to prevent enemy advance

It's humanity's last stand, if the ring didn't get destroyed, everyone would've died anyway, sooner or later, so he wanted to inspire the men to give it all, because it literally doesn't matter if they lose here but it causes enough distraction for Frodo to have a clear way into mount Doom

>>133671815>but I am not sure this extended to formation fighting.When the situation was truly dire, he would rush to the faltering line and give orders.

>>133672064He was too based.

>>133666848I liked the original better.

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>>133671787I'm getting a knob job from frodo's big hairy footed wife while he risks his life with some fat troll to drop a ring into a volcano.And I am the sucker? Right?

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>>133672127Elrond and Elros were where every important blood line and patronage of the first age converged.

>>133670297Don't have to lead from the front


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>>133672810He didn't brag about her or even mention her casually because she looked like their new Red Haired dwarf friend that they meet. She stays inside mostly and is only mentioned in the first draft of the book (only 3,000 copies sold) as a "stout maiden of below average height even for a Hobbit but with hair that shone like the rising sun and kept the home comfortable". So basically I would be slamming her head against the floorboards while pushing her around like a vacuum while mr Frodo over here is wondering whether he will be eaten by a giant spider or mollested by some bald goblin motherfucker.

>>133673279This niggas over here writing his own NTR hobbit fanfiction

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>>133670365That's a picture of you saying the whole post, right?

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>>133672364for you

>>133673279Why don't you just do it in the bed, weirdo.

>>133665010>I understand the romanticism behind thisok so stop talking

>>133671831So we think. We don't really know if he died in battle for certain. He might have been assassinated. He might have been forced to flee the country again and this time had nowhere to go. Saw some where that it's very well possible he went into exile in Italy, where he had extended family. But if there was any general who fit the ideal "king leads the charge" type of character, it's Vlad 100%.

>>133665010>Muh realismGo away, nobody likes you

>>133673405I don't know what this man is saying or what NTR is. But what I do know is that Frodo had a wife and she was a stoutly character that would almost be mistaken for a Dwarf. The way she insisted on getting a certain gem to be used for her engagement ring, or her "pass to her hobbit hole" as is commonly referred to in the shire (that means vag*na for you normies). It's possible she was also part dragon based on her greed for these gemstones. She did not hesitate to dig up the backyard in search of precious gems anytime Frodo left the house to go hang out at his close friends hobbit hole (that's code for house or possible anus). It became such an issue that he would tie her to the bed and when people asked about her he would pretend he didn't know who she was. She was portly so he needed a lot of rope to tie her to the bed and limit her movement. In reality she couldn't have gone far on her own but it would be enough to embarass Frodo in front of the other low life scum (this is code for Hobbits). Frodo was insistent on going on this journey because he had hoped that he would forget about his portly wife and her short cummings while out on an adventure. He so desperately wanted her to be gone or at least a withered husk of her former self when he finally returned. He would not hesitate to ask his hobbit friends (that's code for faggots) to dig a hole and burry this waste of flesh. But alas. When he returned, there she was. Getting plowed in the anus by me. The man who sent him on his merry journey in the first place.

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>>133665010>I understand the romanticism behind this but in practice he would get killed immediately 100% of the time.He'd get killed because despite his access to resources he has no helmet and no shield. But plenty of kings and other leaders have fought in battles. It was the standard practice in Classical Hellas. Sometimes the leader died but not usually.

>>133670337Alexander would often personally command his companion cavalry on one flank.

William The Conqueror, Alexander The Great and Edward The Confessor all did it, and they got cool titles for it. Meanwhile you're only ever going to be known as "OP The Faggot".Now SEETHE and COPE

>>133670689>Are there examples of kings and generals actually getting stuck in with infantry?Classical Greece. Once the army was formed up and marching toward the enemy all the pieces were in play and the strategos had nothing left to do but see it play out. They fought in the phalanx line, on the right flank, to inspire the men.

>one scene>Aragorn is on his horse giving a speech>next scene he is dismounted>next scene he's back on his horse>next scene he is dismounted and runs offWhere did the horse go?

>>133674078This is why he's the GOAT. Young, ambitious, cunning, built a massive empire out of dust, and led his men right into the heat of battle. Didn't afraid of anything eitheren.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Gaugamela

>>133671998>He spent alesia running from break in the line to break in the line keeping shit together and getting his hands well dirty.>It's almost impossible to be more of an alpha chad than Caesar.That doesn't mean he was actually fighting. Roman leaders had way too much to oversee to draw a sword and get it bloody. They were too busy handling the organization to draw a sword. Caesar would grab the unit's eagle and throw it into the enemy so that legionaries would rush like mad to get it back.

>>133674149Edward got his name from being a guy who spent more time praying that fucking his wife to produce and heir. Gets cucked by Wessex. Alexander The Great was a homosexual and his entire campaigns were largely based on others efforts; not his own. His autism caused his empire to break up. William The Conqueror was Norman so was descended from Vikings and would have been a fag not to do it otherwise. His name only became what it was post 1066.

>>133674440>His name only became what it was post 1066.Well yea, because that's when he conquered England

>>133665010He'd die because he broke formation and sprinted half of the way towards the enemy before the army realized that they were supposed to follow. So he'd plunge into the enemy ranks alone without a helmet and get bashed on the head from the side and die.

>>133665010It was a suicide mission you fucking idiot.

>>133674524He didn't conquer anything. He just beat the only remaining claimant to the throne. It was a three way claim. He didn't enter a nation and beat the armies. He fought a guy who was chosen purely because he wasn't a kid. He killed the King; he was the last guy with a claim to the throne. So he got it.It was propaganda title to get rid of William the Bastard.

>>133665010Right, he should have given orders down the chain of command via radio.

>>133674644Well everything falls apart when you look at it under a microscope like that. He fought a battle and won, so he got to pick a new name. So what? What are the requirements to qualify for the 'Conqueror' title? Do you have to hunt down every person on Earth and make them agree to call you that?

>>133672226>watch this Holla Forumstard's take on history

>>133674440this really is some cope, got to say.>HURRR ALEXANDER IS LE DUM DUM POOPY GAY BOY HAHAAlexander objectively achieved more by the time he reached fucking 25, then your neet autismo ass will ever do a fraction of in a thousand.

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>>133674644>He didn't conquer anythingbased retard "I dropped out of college to avoid learning le correct opinions".

>>133674629It was a distraction. Gandalf and Aragorn are trying to ruse sauron into thinking he had the ring to take any heat off frodo who, if he was still alive, should be balls deep in mordor. The only thing Sauron was legitimately worried about was the heir of isildur returning, so showing up with a token force at his gate was something Aragorn would only do if he had a trick up his sleeve, so he empties mordor of orcs to smash him utterly.Sauron's pride and arrogance can't comprehend that the trick up their sleeve was that they didn't have a trick, it was a hail marry pass.

>>133675381>suicide missions can't also be distractions

>>133670297Caesar did. Read a book.

>>133665010L O N D O N ONDON

>>133675381It was a suicide mission. They had no idea what was going to happen with Frodo and Sam. There was no book that said "if you time your attack at just this time and then the ring falls into Mt. Doom the ground will suddenly collapse around the combatants you're facing." They were planning on dying right there in their attempt to divert Sauron's troops and allow Frodo and Sam a chance to complete the mission. The fact that they survived was a pleasant surprise.

>>133665010The King sets the pace of the charge. Those around him are expected to charge in ever faster.