>constantly hear millennials take the piss on old scifi films/shows for being to camp and unrealistic>decide to pick up...

>constantly hear millennials take the piss on old scifi films/shows for being to camp and unrealistic>decide to pick up lost in space anyways>Is actually a tonne of fun, has thoughtful dialogue, only relies on action if needed>find out theres a reboot>It's a fucking bore, relies to much on action and has little to no thoughtful or long lasting dialogueFor all the piss people put on old sci-fi, why? Its oozing with creativity, it has smart dialogue and just from watching season 1 of pic related its still backed by that eras scientific findings. Everyone told me most scifi media back then in general had no idea no clue what it was doing and it was only watched because it was the only thing on television. How did that come to be? I've had a blast watching comfy dialogue and high concept scifi then current scifi shows berating me with and saying im just not smart enough to get it. I refuse to watch shows that actively try to talk down to the audience>oh you just don't get it, its science.Whats happened to scifi? Theres more of it then ever but every single one of them strikes me as being almost like a parent talking down at there kid. What core themes are needed to bring back scifi? Brutalism isnt the problem as alien exists. Is the problem down to characters having no chemistry on screen or dialogue and themes hammed in because the writer had a deep thought one time in there life?

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>>133663365hey guys OP here. I've changed my mind, also I'm a huge fucking faggot and old scifi is fucking gay

>>133663365Millenials grew up on MST3K or learned about it later on, and they reveled in the idea that they could exude some weird sense of confidence when they state that the suits in a 60s TV show doesnt look as good as a modern day blockbuster. Theres also the problem that people tend to conflate that the presentation or setting of a show equels the quality of its story telling or its world building. People genuinely think shows like thunderbirds, land of the lost, space:1999 are "so bad its good" territory not on its narrative but on the fact how much of the costumes look silly. I actually got into an argument with a friend while watching the guyver (not a good movie) when he was laughing at how bad the monster suits were. I asked him to objectively tell me why these suits looked worse then the predator and all he could tell me was "because they do!" Ultraman and the ultra series are some of the best television ever made but most people would either only watch it for the camp value or not watch it at all, but they'll continue to watch shitty seasons of the arrow or supernatural.

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>>133663365I grew up on re-runs of all the old Irwin Allen shows on TBS. Shit was comfy, I liked the land of the giants.

>>133663878Been a massive gfan since I was a kid, I've tried to get into Ultraman multiple times in the past to no avail. I'd try and start with a showa series like Seven and then I'd try a Heisei one, neither. That having been said any recs aside from the obvious Ultraseven?

>>133663878its just hilarious to think people, more than ever claim they see things objectively and not superficially. And yet the media they consume is all style and no substance

>>133663878>not a good movieYou shut your whore mouth. Stan winston also did the monster effects. The giant bitch beetle that luke skywalker turns into was great.

>>133663365yeah I like Irwin Allens 60s shows like Voyage to the bottom of the sea and land of the giants and of course Lost in Space.

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Zoomers are idiots

>>133663980Which heisei ultra did you watch? If Seven doesn't cut it for you then try Return of Ultraman, for heisei try the trilogy (tiga, dyna and gaia) or nexus. If none of them tickle your fancy, might just not be for ya.

>>133663878pretty sure MST3K is a Gen X thing and maybe older millennials like myself. But if you ask any millennial who's just now 30 or still in their 20s they don't know jack shit about it. I think the disdain for old movies has more to do with them just being bored than anything else.

>>133664656The production value and camp of old tv turns a lot of people off from the get go. Also anything that's not dark and edgy or gritty and realistic is written off as baby shit.

There's also the argument alot have with old shows or films using corridors and running sequences to extend the run time. But from what I've seen the writers still attempt to fill it with dialogue and something for the mind to process. I could go all day on how fucked and warped media consumers are these days. >I hate old shows and films, so simple and only has plot AAnd yet by only focusing on one cast of characters it has much more time to set up interactions and suspense. I mean it could be said the more tv tries to push intersecting plot thread shows people almost subconsciously process that and in effect it kill their sense of holding conversation or thought on a singular thing?

>>133663596my GOD!

>>133663365The effects are extremely dated in most cases. But more importantly, old sci-fi has the unfortunate distinction of being old, made at a time when scientific understanding was less comprehensive than it is today. The further back you go the more this becomes apparent.It is deeply unsatisfying to open some old sci-fi and read about people walking on Venus without suits, because I belong to an era where we know Venus is a shithole.

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young people don't know shit, this isn't new. generations define themselves in opposition to each other, so young and old people alike tend to instinctively disagree. if a young person recognises something as old they are far less likely to take it seriously.

>>133663878Land of the Lost is pretty bad. Thunderbirds and Space 1999 are pretty good

for years Holla Forums told me Columbo was shit tier boomer fodderi'm halfway through the episodes now, they're fucking bosseach episode you know who the murderer is and how they did it from the start, and Columbo solves the murder by, get thisbeing cleverit's shot well and the acting is class all round, but the real hook, the real special effect, is in the writing.some of the episode, the admissions and proofs he traps the villains in have had me screaming at the screen>Yes! oh you're FUCKED. You're SO FUCKED. And you did it to yourself, hahahaaaaaaa fuck youwatched a thousand cw-esque shows and never felt that ceiling punchingly elatedit's been so long since i've watched clever writing i'd forgotten what it was

>>133665414You should never trust Holla Forums's opinion on anything.But logic and the human condition are eternal, not bound my empiricism which is the special quality of sci-fi and it so lacking in modern sci-fi.

>>133665025This is only half true. You'll never see anyone bitching about spaceships having artificial gravity or mars having the same gravitational pull as earth. You never see people complaining about physics in something like man of steel or any marvel movie, but put on pacific rim and they all become Carl Sagan and start screeching about square cube law. When you confront them about it they say its a suspension of disbelief but I think its more to do with social foopahs and bullshit like that.

>>133665414the few Holla Forums threads ive seen about columbo all seem rather positive...calling it Comfy

>>133665653i get ya, but if other aspects are good i can forgive a lot. Metropolis is still a cracking sci fi, and Forbidden Planet was damn fine, only got a couple of social things a bit off on the predictive front. In some ways i don't care so much about the science being dated, as long as they tried, pretty much all hard sci fi becomes ill-informed over time.but i like 2001 and Solaris, so whet the fuck do i know anyway

>>133665661>You'll never see anyone bitching about spaceships having artificial gravity or mars having the same gravitational pull as earth. You never see people complaining about physics in something like man of steel or any marvel movieWell, I complain about that shit frequently actually. But I am the exception to the rule. I enjoy correcting falsehoods, so these movies give me plenty of shit to talk about.I am glad though that we are finally getting sci-fi shows/movies that are not only popular but get small scientific details right. The Expanse is the most obvious example of a show that, while not perfect, spends considerable energy on what life in space might be like, and what the considerations would be when gravity and atmosphere are not free. It has taken far too long; genre fiction has been doing this for years (pic related).However we also get stuff like Ad Astra, which looks very good but is filled with very very bad science. Interstellar is a less extreme example of something that is very good and popular but contains very bad science, and that movie had Kip Thorne advising (the worst parts are not the Kip Thorne parts, afaik).

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>>133664764>using corridors and running sequences to extend the run timeTo be fair, they still do shit like this. Especially on a tv show where you've only got a couple of dedicated sets so your 10 feet of hallway ends up carrying a lot of weight.

>>133665823if they're recent threads, that'll be me squirebut i'm glad if i'm wrong

>>133664743it's because adults today have terrible taste. I remember talking to a friend at a county fair once about ice cream flavors for some reason. he said that childhood was liking cookies and cream or cookie dough, but true adulthood was realizing that flavors like rum raisin weren't just for your grandparents they were genuinely good. to make the analogy, I guess a lot of adults are still stuck on cookie dough ice cream and having graduated to the more eclectic tastes. A lot of my friends would watch a Marvel movie or a brand new blumhouse horror with me no questions asked, and maybe they could go back and watch stuff like Jurassic Park or The Matrix and enjoy it and honestly we could watch campy stuff from our childhood like Santa with Muscles and they would find it absolutely hilarious. But if I popped in something in black and white, a Mel Brooks movie, an art house film, anything silent... they would shut it immediately off or lose interest pretty fast. admittedly even while I love all that shit, as I have gotten older and started raising a family I just don't have time for it and it's much easier to shut my brain off in front of a shitty modern movie. maybe that's the problem with the general public. they just don't want to take the time to think. we're all so tired. so just give us the cookie dough ice cream and put on Thor and shut the fuck up so I can look at my phone

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>>133665661>You'll never see anyone bitching about spaceships having artificial gravity or mars having the same gravitational pull as earthPlenty of people complain about this, but also realize that it's a practical thing. Since you can't lower gravity to shoot a tv show you're either using wires, which are just an all around pain in the ass for everyone, or some expensive CGI that would blow all your budget.

>>133666018easily Stephenson's worst book. What a bunch of boring garbage

>>133666054space ship shows live for that budget crushing shitif it's done well, like in tng or early red dwarf, you don't notice so much

>>133666018I should note that Fall is a sci-fi story about artificial intelligence and virtual reality; if you want to read Stephenson on space I highly recommend Seveneves, a story about the moon's sudden destruction and the calamitous effects of the debris field.

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Old sci fi relies heavily on the implications of science on humanity.If you read Aasimov (which I love) it's 90% dialogue.Today's scifi is a lot more for the application of science.So there's a million less "what if" and a lot more "what else"

>>133666195I enjoyed it; it is essentially a fantasy work. Not strictly sci-fi.

>>133663365Lost in Space turns to shit when the switch to color

>>133666264Is Ron Howard still making this a movie?

>>133666205Farscape is my go to example of how to properly set 75% of your show in one 10 ft corridor.

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old sci-fi had ambition and didn't shy away from doing out there desings. NuSci-Fi is rippingoff established franchises

>>133666435I generally loathe any adaptation, especially of Stephenson. But maybe Howard could do it justice.

>>133663596holy fucking based

>>133666521damn right O'SBthey farmed their sets hardgood lighting techs and good DoP's can carry a ten foot budget a thousand miles

>>133666748There is so much wrong with Farscape, Star Trek etc. that I have never been able to enjoy those.I did enjoy old Star Wars, not because of the sci-fi aspects but because it is a fantasy adventure story set in space. It's trash as "science" fiction. indeed, Star Wars manages to never say anything about technology despite every movie being packed with all sorts of whiz-bang tech.

>>133666912weeeell, most sci fi is really sci fantasyeven when they were trying, like with Star Trek, pulling future reasons out of your ass to make plot devices, or literal devices for the plot, will always datewe could discover something next week that would make The Expanse or Three Body Problem immediately redundant. Would i still enjoy them as much as old star treks? i don't know. Maybe my grandkids will find them enjoyably kitchy in that scenario, as long as the characters and writing hold up i guess

>>133666912>the second time they have a shrink-ray episode where a character sits there and cries about how its scientifically impossible and everyone rolls their eyes because they see weirder shit on a daily basis Farscape is pure space opera. They really didn't give a shit about the science at any point and were more interested in telling an adventure story about a rag tag group of half retarded and half crazy fugitives as they jump out of the frying pan into even bigger frying pans. Besides that it's got muppets, strayan cuties, and an elder god tier antagonist.

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>>133666912Farscape is about the characters, easily the most well developed and interesting group of characters in genre fiction. If you're focusing on the "science" or the "lore" you're simply autistic. Those elements were never what mattered

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>>133666158Had an old housemate who couldn't understand WHY they made blurays of old movies/TV. He wasn't be snarky or coy, he literally didn't understand that anyone might be interested in 'old crap'For the record it was my Prisoner blu ray set

>>133666158It's not just adults today. Most people never grow out of their childhood/teen tastes. My baby boomer father was born in 1958 and yet won't watch anything made before the sixties. He overwhelmingly prefers the films and TV shows that came out when he was between 8 and 30 years old. I've met plenty of boomers and GenXers that are the same

>>133669010forewarned is forearmed

>>133666158It's just so weird to me. My dad was a cinemaphile who also adored practical special effects so my childhood was filled with an eclectic affair of various films and movies. I remember watching stuff like seven samurai and the grand illusion when I was a little tyke but I was also watching stuff like the showa godzilla films and italian schlock like bronx warriors and suspiria alongside it. I was introduced to Rififi and mechanical violator Hakaider at the same time and watched both of them back to back, which some people might find jarring but its perfectly normal to me. I guess you could say I liked Rum Raisin even as a little kid. I just don't get it and it boggles my mind. When I talk to friends who like sci fi stuff, they can't understand why I like "pretentious arthouse films" and when I talk to the arthouse people they can't understand why I'd like "those corny kiddie movies" or normies who are baffled that I could somehow like both at the same time. I've never cared about the absolute hatred for capeshit. Half of marvel is pretty solid while the other half is absolute trash, but a films a film, a movies a movie. Theres so much farting in the air when it simply comes to enjoying a movie and so many people have so many stupid objections to it that it just makes me sad. People seriously need to stop thinking that the films they watch somehow dictates their personality.

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>>133669733yeah, people are weird

>>133669733based digits and post, if only the rest of the world thought like you

>>133669733I don't feel that the media I consume dictates my personality entirely, but it nonetheless has had a profound effect on who I am. If you spend hours and hours days and days years and years doing one activity, like watching flicks, then no shit it will influence who you are

>>133663365Pretty much all modern sci-fi is either dumbed down action stuff with generic everything, or stupid "psychological" drama about relationships, both of which I fucking hate. I'd love to see some golden age stories on the big screen, lord knows that is never happening.

Reboot is trash. Big surprise.

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>>133670756>browns and womenoh no!

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>>133665227i think the world is ready for a grimdark reboot of Space:1999, focusing on the base falling apart the further from Earth they get. hanging out for when they're forced into cannibalism to survive, after they mocked the Darians for having to do the same thing.

>>133670756top right girl is hot tho

>>133666264still hanging out for the sequel, which continues what was obviously part one of the story.

>>133663878my friends laughed at the shin godzilla godzilla, one of them even tried to school me on special effects and how he could make a better movie in cinema 4d, never showed a movie to them ever again

>>133672626I remember people making fun of it, saying that shin goji was a guy on a rubberbsuit. When they were told it was CGI, they deflected and said it was bad CGI. Here's the issue though: if you genuinely confused it with a tangible real thing (a rubber suit) then that means the CGI was good right? The worst part was seeing people mocking the film for allegedly using practical effects when these same people bemoan the overuse of CGI. Like I said about the Guyver, the one thing you can't make fun of the Guyver for is it's practical effects but people always make fun of the Guyver unit and the zoanoids. When you press them to explain they just basically tell you they just are.

>>133670756It had its moments but for being lost in space there sure were a lot of fucking people around. Always happy to see posey parker getting work too.

>>133663365>>constantly hear millennials take the piss on old scifi films/shows for being to camp and unrealisticdude blame gen Xers. they were the first on the irony train mystery science theater oooh lets talk over the fucking movie we're so smart and funny shit.

>>133673532You haven't even been born yet have you zoomer?

>>133674342go easy on himhe's barely two decades in

>>133674342go jerk off to your faggot muppet show with your unfunny fucking boomers yelling over a movie

>>133674680but i can sit here and laugh at your life for free

>>133672559It would be interesting but there's nowhere you can take the story. Mostly I'm just mad at the idea that humans could survive on the planet with the surface conditions what they are. I know what the explanations provided are but there is no way the cave people or the fish people would have made it. It's a miracle the space people made it. Psychological depair and claustrophobia def would have killed the people on Earth, much like it almost killed off the space group