Why do i find this attractive?

Why do i find this attractive?

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>>133663222Because it's subjective, beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

>>133663222because she is good looking you retard.

>>133663286For the most part its not, most of what we find attractive in a woman is based around her ability to carry a healthy child.

>>133663222because she's gorgeous

>>133663222>Why do i find this attractive?

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>>133663222you're a brainwashed weeaboo like tarantula

>>133663406quit larping incel. we're all dying virgins

Now check her in Luck Number Slevin. Prime waifu material.

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>>133663222Because she's hot lol.

>>133663222Because you have patrician taste in womenAlso Nice Trips, Checked


>>133663222She could take my fucking head, down her throat.Am I right guys?

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I never watched Ally McBeal but was there a red pilled line from one of the lawyer guys about how gay sex was bad for the species because it disgusted men but lesbian sex was good because it turned everyone on.

>>133663798do straight women not find lesbian sex disgusting?

>>133664457For the joke to make sense you have to remember in the 90s men were supposed to take the active role in seeking sex

>>133664457lesbian porn is supposedly the number one porn category for straight women

How many times did you fap to that snake sex scene user? be honest

>>133665075after Interracial and BBC

>>133663222bitch is cross eyed more than goose wtf

>>133663222O-REN ISHIIIIIII!

>>133665230I think it's cute.

>>133663222if you saw her irl she's actually very smol and her face is not elongated as seen in pics. she's actually quite attractive

>>133663222shes pretty hot, theres that one picture where you can see through her panties and she's got a cute innie

>>133663222cuz you got some shit taste bro

>>133663222because she is

for me it's Grace Park

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>>133663736She could grab my head and grind her fucking pussylips into my mouth

For me? It's Vina Sky, Lil Rae Black, Cindy Starfall, Polly Pons, Alina Li, London Keyes, Ember Snow, Kaylani Lei, Marica Hase, FA Mayli, Sharon Lee, May Thai, Evelyn Lin, Krissie Dee, Saya Song, Priva, Kalina Ryu, Jade Kush, Lana Violet, Kendra Spade, Rina Ellis, Charmane Star, Morgan Lee, Mika Tan, Lily Thai, Lucy Thai, Kobe Tai, Nyomi Marcela, Katsuni, Bamboo, Mia Li, Kim XXX, Tia Ling, Mei Yu, Mia Rider, Asia, Asia Carrera, SukiSukiGirl, AsianStreetMeat, TukTukPatrol and GDP 419, 110, 397, 432, 268, 270, 313, 308, 306, 361, 374, 406.

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>>133666355Good taste user

>>133666355just imagine the line of white cock his daughter went thru

>>133663222why is it that mild asymmetry is WAY hotter than a 100% perfect face?

>>133666355>a bunch of americanized jungle monkeyslol

>>133666355I dated a Chinese doctorate student for a year after bumping into her in a shopping district in my city around Christmastime, it was a total chance thing and we hit it off. she was basically a weeaboo but for cowboy country western stuff, took her to Branson once and she almost cried when she saw buffalo for the first time. I miss herbut anyway, fucking imagine you hit it off with a girl and a month in you find out her dad is fucking pooh bear, Jesus Christ

>>133663222because it fucking is?

>>133663222She’s not unattractive, but she’s be so much better looking if her right eye matched her left

>>133667458kek, pooh bear is shit outside of china. what can chinks do to you anyway?

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i thought her hollow cheeks were hotthen i noticed her eye asymmetry, pretty egregious case

because you're a loser

>>133667458>her dad is fucking pooh bear?Her dad is Xi Jinping?

>>133667995girl I dated wasn't Mingzhi, the girl I dated was WAY cuterthe pic >>133666355 posted is Jinping's daughter


>>133667458>>133668099I'm confused did you fucking date xi xinpings daughter or not you motherfucker answer me

>>133668099>that's Xi Jinping's daughterwtf I love the CCP now

>>133668198he didnt

>>133665970based. wish there were more attractive American Korean actresses

>>133663222>Why do i find this attractive?

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>>133666355No kita zen?

>>133668360>10cm is hugewas he talking about height or dick?


>>133667458>>133667995>>133668099>>133668198>>133668205hi, asian fucker hereno, she wasn't Jinping's daughter. I was just referencing the pic >>133666355 postedgirl I dated was getting her doctorate at a college close to where I lived at the time. There's a historic shopping district that's one of the most beautiful places on earth at Christmastime and we happened to bump into each other there in early December a few years back. We hit it off and I invited her to see our local art museum (it was a ten minute walk and I was a member) and we spent the entire day on an impromptu datewe ended up dating for the duration of her visa while she was writing her thesis. I'm a lifter and part of why I think she shacked up with me initially was because right before we met a visiting scholar (that's what the Chinese call exchange students) was kidnapped and murdered in another city - I think she thought I could protect her. she would bite my chest and arms while we were fucking, she loved my muscles. Pic related is from the Branson trip when I got called up to do the quiz on the Branson Belle.she was the first girl I dated where the relationship didn't feel one-sided. I'd do things for her but she'd reciprocate and surprise me with things she knew I'd enjoy, like when she bought me the entire Elric series on ebook once.there's not a word for the opposite of a weeaboo but she absolutely was one - she was OBSESSED with cowboys and the first movie we ever watched was Good the Bad & The Uglywhen her visa was up she tried to get it extended but the head of the program knew it was for a boy and denied it. she briefly mentioned getting married (had never once brought it up in the year we dated) 3 days before her flight home but I couldn't do it. As much as I loved her (and still love her, if we're being honest) I didn't want to end up like this faggot >>133668360 with a mutant-looking kid.I'll never meet another girl like her bros. thanks for reading my gay shit

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>>133663222There's nothing wrong in being attracted to a woman, stop shaming people who are.

>>133669255You probably should have married her dude.

>>133663222because she's hot

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>>133669364yeah right, that's a quick way to end up suicided by double tap to the back of the dome or the coof-coofit may be my time to shine, but not because of Uranium-238

>>133663222Why did they get a clearly chinese looking woman to play a jap?

>>133663439What's wrong with ugly people having opinions?

>>133663798>red pilledThat's one of the most blue pilled things I've ever heard.

>>133669364I know. I was a dumb scared kid at the time worried I was making the wrong choice. during the summer while we were dating the fifth element was back in theaters (because Valerian was about to come out) and since it was our favorite movie I took her to see it. Took my dad to see it a few days later and we grabbed a drink afterward to catch up about man shit. he was drunk and basically said not to marry her because our kids would be mutants that wouldn't look like me. he's probably right, but that was one of the things that colored my decision to put her on a plane and send her home that fall. I really do think about it all the time, hadn't in a while but this brought it back.I actually met her mother and aunt, they flew in coincidentally the week of 4th of July. she told them I was just her friend (it's a trashy stereotype back in china of visiting scholars hooking up with Americans and electing to not come home, so she didn't want them to think that) but because of our body language they figured it out within an hour of landing. I took them out on the 4th and smoked ribs and had them drink American beer and we watched fireworks at the river market.goddamn I wasn't trying to go down memory lane, looks like I'm drinking bourbon tonight

>>133666355add Elle Voneva to your list

>>133667794i feel like that imperfection actually makes her more attractive

>>133663222sideways pussy

>>133669788you let pol shitposting get in the way of happiness. good job taking this website seriously you absolute retard

>>133669255to be fair you could have a good looking kid if it ends up being a girl but it's 50/50 i guess. been dating an asian girl with a fat ass for 6 years now and i wouldn't doubt it if we have kids soon. my plan is to hope i get a girl and won't be having any other kids after that. i don't want a son incase he turns mongrel looking lol.

>>133663222don't worry, the waifutech will be here soon

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>>133669788you did the right thing don't listen to bitter asian fetishists who could never get a girl let alone a hot asian chick. don't marry below your status.




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>>133666355No Kamiko? Faggot.

>>133665970is this a boy

>>133665970do some koreans have streaks of red hair or something? i cant tell if its the lighting or what, but it almost looks red. maybe just a light shade of brunette or something. i noticed it in SG-1 as well.

>>133669364>>133670139>>133670216well thanks faggots I got the pictures out for the first time in two years, now I'm sitting here thinking that I had something good and let it slip awayfuck all of you

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>>133663222I think Lucy Liu was/is as hot as any Asian woman ever gets. She makes me turgid to imagine her to drag her unbound hair over my naked body.

>>133670795how long has it been? you can still find her dont fucking give up

>>133670795if you really want her you could get her. it wouldn't be hard to do it especially in this day and age. i've found people as far back as 2 decades ago just out of curiosity to see what they're up to. and they're in different countries so. the only thing stopping you is you. it's also possible she found someone but you won't know until you find her someway

Beautiful culture

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>>133669613because their preferences and beliefs are inexorably the product of their circumstances, ie, they like what they like because its what's left for them when the attractive people have taken their share.

>>1336707951. Watch Finding Frances2. Get of your ass and go find her now, or you're just gonna end up doing it in 50 years

>>133663222This scene in Charlie's Angels gave me a fetish for Asians, armpits and feet. You know this is why QT cast her in KB. m.youtube.com/watch?v=VHLbzTO3uwo

>>133670935>>133670953>>133671022nah guys, I'm about 90% certain she's married now. last time I talked to her on WeChat another big reason I sent her home was because I was working at a shitty start-up making absolute dick money and I knew I couldn't give her the life she deserved at that salarywe had a unspoken understanding that I would try to land something better while she finished her doctorate back in Suzhou and we could see how things would work out after that, but I fucked around too long and she understandably didn't want to wait any moreI put her on a plane in Fall 2017 and it took me until two months ago to land a better job making way more money. I could have done it way earlier but I fucked around too longeverything that happened I brought on myself and I have to live with that

>>133664587lol, crazy right?

>>133663222Only Asian woman I've found attractive, maybe because she doesn't have the standard puffy round white face

>>133671383>marrying a chinkyou saved yourself by not doing that.

>>133667216Because asymmetry is symmetrical


>>133671383It hasn't even been three years, you could at least try. You can never step in the same river twice, but you might still find joy together.

>>133668501Penis, which is why the other dude was saying he'd give his son insecurity issues. The classic HAPA's dilemma

>>133670795atleast show us what she looks like you faggot

>>133664457No, most women are faggots

TWP( tiny yellow pusy)

>>133666355Based post. Dubs confirmed.

>>133665970>Yes I only fuck robot chicks, and only the asian ones, how could you tell?

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Imagine being this bloke

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>>133673381I thought his Gadriel was pretty good in Supernatural

>>133673381Helo did nothing wrong

>>133673745he was the biggest chad in the series

>>133670795Happas can look pretty good sometimes, manThey probably wouldn't look very white but that doesn't mean they'd look bad

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>>133672084I just reached out. We'll see how it goes.>>133672888Honestly I know I fucking shouldn't but this thread is about to die anyway and I'm bourbon drunk so who fucking caresthis is my favorite picture I ever took of her, with my DSLR during this weird boat race on the plaza that summer. it encapsulates a moment in time in a way that no picture I've ever taken since has

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>>133670304Soon brothers, soon.

>>133663222is that asa akira?

>>133671383>>133670139pretty sure you let a bunch of bitter racist clowns take away your chance at happiness

Colonizing Asian women is all fun and games until you have a faggot chink for a son

>>133669788LOL you actually let a bunch of schizos and perpetually angry and depressed losers ruin your life. Hahahahahahaha. I would never let anything I see on these boards influence me in any way.

>>133666355C U T E

>>133666355Don't forget Astro Domina, my nig

>>133674715Honestly wasn’t expecting her to actually be cute anonI’m sorry you let homos on a Malaysian airline traffic control forum rob you of a happy life. You should hit her back up, what do you have to lose?

>>133663222High cheeks, good jaw. Her eyes a bit messed up. But she has a great facial structure

>>133674715Not really good looking you'll get someone better.

>>133675244i wouldn't say they ruined his life. the dude did it himself. that's the real joke of it.if user has any sense, he will get back in contact with her, try to make amends at any means necessary, then love her and any mutants he spawns for the rest of his life. in 30, 50, or 70 years he'll realize what a fucking retard he was to consider that shit important at the time, the only question is whether he will be alone when he does.and if she's already married then whatever, scream into the void and enjoy closure. at least it'll things can only get better after such an absolute 100 megaton fuck up