youtube.com/watch?v=3xIO18Du5aYhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xIO18Du5aYhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xIO18Du5aYIs Russell Crowe the new poster child for white male rage?

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>>133662070Kill yourself and give your dad some peace of mind

>>133662111Why so mad?


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>>133662070it was kino until the nirvana soundtrack, had to mute

>>133662070a middle aged white guy with road rage? Why whatever happened to that Hollywood diversity we been hearing about?

Literally me!

>>133662070>Mfw I might survive to see a modern day remake of falling downWill to live: restored

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>>133662070This is one of those trailers that shows the whole movie huh

technically he didnt do anything illegal at all

>thinking theaters will be safe to go back to in July

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Is this the movie he became a disgusting fatass for

>>133662070if you hate movies like this so much why post it

>>133663735>movie won't even get a fair chance to go woke and get brokedamn...

>>133662070What kind of white male rage?

>>133663234It would only be pozzed bullshit. Pray it never happens.

>>133663599Hes a genius, the most they could get him for is obstructing traffic.

the mean tweet about him is pretty true now. Why does he do all these shit films , was he just lucky with gladiator and is actually a hack?


Movies about black male rage?

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>>133664016>aint no thang but a chicken wang

>immediately sided with Russell Crowe

at my signal...open the fridge

>>133662070Russell Crowe back in the kinoplex? HOLY FUCKING BASED

>>133663946what mean tweet

>>133662111Joke's on you: I haven't spoken to my dad in almost 20 years.

>>133662070Hollywood jews try to make White Man Bad: The Movie, end up making Roastie Gets What She Deserves: The Movie

>mfw this looks like something The Quartering would furiously masturbate to

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>>133662070The vajewna fears the man-urai>NOOOooooo you can't just hold me responsible for my cuntish behavior!!!

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>>133662070why didn't she just apologize

looks like a garbage duel/falling down remake

is this movie actually red pilled? this is how your average, modern white woman would act

how fat is russell crowe nowadays


>>133662070this is so fucking stupid

>Hey man why don't just chill out bro, go your own way>NOOOOO YOU CANT HIT ME WITH YOUR TRUCKERINO I WAS DEFENDING THE WYMYN

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>>133662070>2.5 seconds in and they show an awful cgi car crashI'm not watching your shitty zoomer cinema

>>133664547They're still using the White Man Bad trope so fuck em.


>>133664876>Ironically it showcases how shit on white men are. Dude was acting calm and rational and explaining himself to the woman, even apologized for not moving fast enough and she was an outright cunt.If anything this movie shows why single mothers ruin men of all ages.

>>133664726>uses the Force

>>133662070so this is essentially a shitty sjw remake of Duel. Got it.

I will only watch it if we get a 20 minute scene of Crowe bashing in her face with his bare fist

>>133665043Nah that's still a man being patronizing and stalking a woman

>>133662070White male rage no, atkins more likely

>>133665175Oh that's how the movie will spin it. The ironic thing is the cunt in the car is 100% the kind of bitch to post on facebook some fucking infopic about "Being kind can save a life!"

>>133662070>he's road raging

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>>13366439250/50 chance this is cuck shit

>>133665545Worse :/

>>133665545>>133665605T. Incels

>>133665605What was it?

husky russell stays winnin

>>133665458>movie not named road ragingNgmi


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>>133662070During the final confrontation she will say "I'm sorry", distract him and kill him after some shitty one liner.

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>>133663386we don't know how it ends though, but russel crowe will probably get killed and karen will have learned nothing

>>133667091They will think he's dead but he will actually survive and keep delivering divine justice to every roastie that dares to disrespect him.

>>133662070trailer shows whole movie. still looks decent

>>133662070Russell Crowe beating roasties?Fuck yeah I'm in.

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>>133662070>roastie is a complete cunt>refuses to apologize like a bitch>everyone who gets fucked up is some innocent guy who has nothing to do with her shit, while she thinks of herself as the victim the whole timeAt least they basically got women realistically depicted here

>>133662070He's road raging n shieet

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>>133667658>some innocent guySimps and cucks get what they fucking deserve

I bet his dog died or something. Like in The Road.

>>133668088Sry meant Rover

>>133663234How is this falling down?

>>133668088or John Wick, the biggest autistic chimpout in movie history

>>133668223You've never had a pet, have you?

I ain't gonna watch it because I'm sure Crowe gets got and they >you go gurlsome stupid bitch who started the whole thing.If this was written by like Zahler maybe I'd check it out, because then Crowe might put the hammer through her head.

>>133667091I think she will blow him up like the shark in JAWS and the audience of simps will clap.

>>133662457He did say "Retribution" in the trailer, did you catch that?

Why can't this guy control his temper?

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He won't win

>>133668875He wins by dying and leaving this evil world

>>133664726>why don't just chill out bro, go your own way>go your own way>mgtowsubtle

>>133665740feet shit, was expecting some black guy assfucking a white girl, it's all porn is these days

>>133668223They stole his car, trashed his house AND killed his dog, who happened to be his late wife's parting gift. 100% justified.Bet your ass if they had given up the kid without a fight, Wick would have beaten him to almost death but everything else would have been prevented

>>133664016The Jogger

Fuck this looks awesome. Just like when I used to self insert as Jason Voorhees. This is what cinema is about

>>133668875t. Hillary supporter

>>133662070John Goodman is looking rough these days

>>133663946He was in a shitload of great movies after Gladiator.

>>133662070Not enough diversity. Main character should be black or latino. Other than that looks good.

>>133666688I don't get why those people are mad.

>>133671743Black fragility

>>133671743They're mad because that's what they do all day: be mad.Whether or not its justified is irrelevant in this case since it's clear the artist did it to get exactly that reaction. They should know better but they don't care - being mad and getting (you)s about being mad is what they want.

>>133668719He's a white male

so its the hitcher

>>133671743They are getting a taste of their own medicine

>>133671608>Main character should be black or latino.that's rayciss

>>133662070>He can happen to anyoneWhite male rage could kill you at any moment...Meanwhile blacks literally kill people every moment... never gonna be a movie about that (((for some reason)))

>>133671743black people have health and mental problems, which is why most coronavirus deaths are black people.

>>133673106Yep, obese and retarded.

>>133662070>Is Russell Crowe the new poster child for white male rage?no, russel crowe is basically the new gerard butler because people think gerard butler is too "low budget" now

>>133662070Can someone translate this post from Amerimutt to English?

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The only satisfying conclusion to this movie is either she never learns anything, acts more and more like a cunt as the movie goes along and he wins at the end. Or she grows, sympathizes, self reflects, drags that part out of herself even apologizes but Crowe is so determined on revenge and bitter about the world he flips from being sympathetic to non sympathetic, then she kills him. Which is the more boring, obvious choice but it’s still better than her just winning because muh evil white guy

fail to believe this isn't a gerard butler movie

>>133662070Great now I have to go listen to some Nirvana.

Propaganda for incoming white male rage and explosion of women empowerment once lockdown is lifted

>>133662070What would you guys do if you were in her situation? If it were me I’d say “it’s all good man sorry for honkin, crazy traffic today huh? Hey you look like you could use a beer, pull over at this bar up the road? On me”

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>>133663946I thought that was Gerald butler?

>>133674456>he has a drivers license and knows how to driveplease return your 4chan pass

>>133675560Most of us can drive you pussy faggot. You afraid of a car? Lol.

>>133675629look at this tough guy, a normie picking on an autist on an autism website. feeling good about yourself?