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Tara best girl



Gotta go see a man about a dog... and a woman about her pussy

>>133658058>ruins half of the last season

>>133658043American version is so cucked lmao

>>133658013When I fingered her...she shit down my arm

>>133658013>dead hand gang

>>133658058Rachel was best

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>>133662623why did she do it bros?

>>133662623reminds me of sasha grey somewhat

>we will never get shows this comfy again

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>>133662654Do what? Hit the wall?

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This show is far too white for modern Channel 4 and it's not even that old.

>>133661381nah it added to the realism

Thanks Phil

>>133661416>>133658043was bus turds seriously the replacement for bus wankers in the american version lmfao?

>>133662787>Phil?>>Well, I thought since it's after school-hours>You thought wrong, Will. Very Wrong. Say my name.>>...M-mr. Gilbert>Say "Thank you">>T-thank you>Say "Thank you, Mr. Gilbert">>Thank you, Mr. Gilbert

>>133662809It's pathetic. They couldn't at least have gone with "Bus Jerk-Offs?

>>133658013Shit humour for a shit generation.Fucking zoomers

>>133662695I hate time bros

>>133662907if they had balls they would have gone with bus faggots or something


>>133662907Bus faggots would’ve been the realistic choice

>>133662948>2008-2011 high school show>ZoomersRetard, "Zoomer" isn't some catch-all insult, you know, right?

Good day!Oh man I might rewatch the movies.

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>>133662762>too whiteOh, britcucks...

>>133662971>>133663007Obviously. But some homo activists would cry about it and get it #Cancelled although it was awful and deserved cancellation, but that's another story Which is why I'm confused why they didn't even go with the milder, and, more literal equivalent of "Jerk-Off".

>>133663071>movieSSkip the 2nd one, even on a nostalgic rewatch>>133663077That's sadly the world we live in. Have you seen the museum exhibit that shows black "British" Romans, and the BBC cartoon propaganda?


>>133663107Surely the channel that bought the show would just say it’s shock value, eg the whole reason they bought such a shocking show in the first place. Have some goddam balls.

>>133663071The second one is completely pointless and I'm angry that Mr Gilbert got with Will's mum at the end of it. She never liked him ffs

>>133663180Now thats a decent show


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>>133663233Birds always say they dont like you when they do really

>>133663180Stay mad>>133663202>Hollywood>Having balls

Did anyone watch this show from 2008? All of my mates saw it from 2009 onward. I'm 26

>>133663168I suppose youre right. If a meteor were to enter pur atmosphere tomorrow Id probably just get a lawn chair and sunglasses and enjoy the show.

>>133663311y-y-yeah. they always say they don't like me. they must actually, in reality, really like me. ha ha.quad dubs

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>>133663071Guess which one is actually Jewish and which one is not. I was fucking surprised ngl

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>>133663346This is an older image, so there are far more examples. All this for 3% of the UK population. Let it burn.

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>>133663312>Not being Tara-pilledyou'll grow up one day you cunt

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>>133663430Will is one of those Acidic jews, right?

Average Holla Forums poster?

>>133663539I don't dislike Tara. I just prefer Rachel.I see the filename, you Holla Forumstard.

>>133663430Rights a jew, with bird i have no idea, pierre teases will for being an arab which he isn’t in the show and I dont think the actor is in real life


>>133663499I didn't even know there were that many blacks in the UK. Where did they all come from?

>>133663584wow they told me you were good

>>133658058>>133662623For me it's Neil's sister

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>>133663642Caribbean, some more recent are africans. Their over representation is due to imported americanisms


>>133663642Africa, if I'm not mistaken

>>133663674>Would you fuck her, you know, if she wasn’t your sister?Reminds me of posh spice

>>133662695SHE'S WOBBLY JOE

>for me? its wills mom

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>>133663071that skiving episode and the one where Will has an empty house are my favourites.

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What's Will's phenotype?

>>133663539I knew something was wrong with her when she made Simon wear a johnnyCharlotte never made Will wear a johnny


>>133663311nice digits, you bumder!

>>133662907Bus niggers would have been ideal

>>133662695the left one, if you squint your eyes until they're just about closed and she becomes a blur, she looks a bit like sasha grey

>>13366364290+% of them are in London, Birmingham and other shitholes

>>133663829central banker

>>133663688This, you see them EVERYWHERE in media but outside London you never see them.

>>133663539Lucy>>tara>>133663835Will probably should’ve got tested after that

>>133663341I'm 26 as well, watched from the beginning

It’s funny how Johnny Sweet plays the chad who steals Will’s love interest away in the nightclub episode, when he literally only ever plays dorks who are terrible at romance in everything else

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>>133663939He didn't stick it in.

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>I've just had a really nice tug, thinking about your mother.>Arabs, I don't like Arabs

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>>133663943>>133663341My 26 year old brothersTake me back... I want to go back...

>>133663928I like how they took first billing on BAME, which also ignores the far bigger polish contingent alongside other eastern euros. This isn’t america where whites are all friendly, we hate other sorta of whites here too

>>133663674Without the tits, shes really not that attractive. Would unironically prefer a suckjob from Big Kerry

>>133663968Isn't he supposed to be 17 in this, and getting wanked off by a 13 girl?

>>133663968She was meant to be 13 which is messed up in retrospect

>>133663967Should’ve anyway, just to be safe

>>133663993How can one Frog be so based?

>>133663793Based selection

>>133663939tara always seemed a bit dirtier, lucy was boring

>>133664043Not really, these things happen irl. Murder is shown on tv but a cheeky hj at a disco is beyond the pale

>>133664018>>133664043I see this retardation in every thread. The only 13 year olds were the Caravan club younger sister, and the chavs outside during Will's birthday. They say at least twice that Hannah is the year below Simon. So at youngest, 15.



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>>133664043Its not that uncommon for sixth formers to date younger girls.

>>133664043>he didn't have orgies in front of the whole class in middle school

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>>133663202Shock value means nudity and Jesus Christ in a tub of piss. Faggots ARE the intended shock value, even though faggots are actually an enshrined part of establishment now.

>>133663071I....am a man.

>>133663993How is this considered handsome?

>>133658013What ethnicity is that, Welsh? Inworked with a guy from Bath who looked similar, assumed he was basically pure celtic.

>>133664126The accepted limit is one year different or you're a pedo

>>133658058She's married to the guy who played Sy irl

>>133664225Maybe its changed now, but when I was in school, it was pretty common for 16 year olds to date 13/14 year olds.

>>133664225The accepted limit is whatever you can get away with

>>133663993french people are pretty based

>>133664126>>133664225>>133664319>>133664332All irrelevant. Because she was not 13.>>133664114At this point, I think it's a meme. Because it happens in literally every thread and derails things for awhile.

>>133664117Cringe kino

>>133664114>The only 13 year olds wereAnd before you faggots want to contradict me and reference Suzie--she was 12. You literally cannot debate me on Inbetweeners. My knowledge and opinion are law.

Oh, were you serious?*fucks your gf*

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So, is White Gold any good?

>series ends with big plot point about Simon moving to Swansea in Wales>movie has a single throwaway line to say “glad I didn’t have to move to wales” to “explain” him still being thereLazy as fuck

>>133664634Mostly. It's like an 80s British flavor Mad Men with Inbetweeners humor.

>>133664685Its a comedy. No one cares about the plot.

>>133664602Rachel had barely breathed in Will's direction; she wasn't his gf and it's not that shameful.Simon on the other hand...

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>>133664777Carli was such a worst girl


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>>133664858she really was>>133665092kek, he probably was. Jim seemed pretty based though.

>>133664008there was seriously nothing wrong with kerry other than the fact she was tall, she was cute and eager, will is a faggot.

Not really relevant is it?

>>133664296cute tbqhf

>>133665092>looking young

>>133665340Kek. He was completely in the right tho.

>>133665325She was fat though

>>133662865Phil had such a commanding presence whenever he was on screen.


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>>133666032I wonder what he was like back when he actually was a teacher

>>133666084Probably really fun until someone actually crossed the line then he'd make everyone shit themselves

>>133663995from 2008 though? None of my friend group discovered it till 2009

>>133665986not really, a little maybe but she had a cute face cmon she was alright will was being a tit

>>133666288Will was a pussy. He should have cum in her mouth. Neil was the only one tall enough and with high Test to pleasure Big Kerry.


so what is this for exactly?

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>>133666606checking your kids shit

>>133666606For washing your ass. Finns took it to the next level though.

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>>133666606brushing your teeth, which Brits never do

I don't think there's another show that captures the feel of being at secondary better than the inbetweeners, even if it is exaggerated

>>133667141Better than the godawful Skins.

>>133667159Pretty sure Skins was just a psy-op designed to demoralise kids by making them think that their lives weren't 'cool' or 'glamourous' enough

>>133667159There’s the old meme that Skins is what you want school to be like, Inbetweeners is what it actually ends up being like.

>>133667159but we britbongs realy do that much mdma lol, there shoulde have been 1 more episode for each inbetweener season 1 episode when they go to france or somthing, 1 when they go to rave and take mdma and 1 where they actualy get laid or somthing lol

>>133667253i remember watching skins the whole way through during a particularly depressed time in my life, made me feel a whole lot worse, was a strange time

>>133667296>the lads gangbang a slag off her face on mandy

>>133667253Instead of asking you to take your meds, I'm going to ask you why tf would anyone do that? Who the hell will profit from demoralizing the youth instead of empowering them, which seems like the better senario for literally everyone?


>>133667485reality tv shows lol, sooo many brit tv shows about crappy mongos haha they need some retards for that m8

>>133667290I know. But even the meme is retarded. Who wants to have school like Skins? I agree here:>>133667253

>ywn be a deano in the 2010-20sI just want to fuck sloppy tan anglo pussy

damn the irish girl look like that now

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Jay couldt even fuck this ugly frigid pig lol, he realy was an incel haha

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>>133666606To clean your twat

fuuuuuuuck i miss being 16 and get high after i went home from gf to watch this, take me back senpai

>>133667760t. jay's dad

Which one were you?

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>>133667710dodged the Wall fairly well...for now>>133667978>needing to get high to enjoy Inbetweeners

>>133668081Witty like Will, Simping like Simon

>>133668081100000% simon and its tragic, i had my own carly that rejected me til i was 18 but got my own tara in the end. Goood times

>>133668081A mix of Neil, Jay and Simon, no Will at least

>>133668081was in special ed so Neil :/


>>133668081Simon all the way. Never again will I be waiting on a girls message with baited breath only to find out she was getting fucked by a guy 5 years older than her.

>>133668081Jay, but without the making stuff up part. I just don’t bother trying to get any because I’m a frigid pussy.

>>133668081Big John

>>133668081 This one

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>>133668390Even Big John was invited to Louise Graham's birthday party AND had his hand on some girl's tit.

>>133664018not every country is cucked by Jews like America with an 18 year old consent

i miss this qt so much lads, perfect girl

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>>133668463>>133668523>completely unrelated

>>133668081donovan, i was kind of a bully becouse of adhd

>>133668081Ashamed to say I was full on will if will was a homo.


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What a prick

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what was his problemo?

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>>133668081all of them in their own way, pretty sure i have a personality disorder desu

>>133668653i remember my primary school had a dick in a wheel chair that looked JUST like him, he traded me a pikachu then demanded it back fucking spaz

>>133668723>he traded me a pikachuwtf they exist?

>>133668463Age of consent varies by state retard, it ranges from 16-18 (generally speaking)

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was he a zoomer?

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i foooking do u, northwood in the house now

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For me, it's Jane.

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>>133668653>that assDios mio...


>>133668894based i would have 100%

>>133668894Lucy was fucking fine

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>>133668390He looks like Glinner

>>133668675That scene was weird, Donovan had always spoke really rough "I'll fok ur mum m8" but when he gave Jay the tea, he was actually really well spoken

All he does is roll cigarettes and sigh.


>>133668946Jay was a such little faggot for pussying out because a couple of council estate wife beaters had their little dig at her. I would have ploughed that plump ass for the entire holiday. Would've probably done it right there and then and stared right into the eyes.


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>>133668675His family hasn’t discovered fire yet

>>133669030In real life he's got a soft voice and posh accent

The Inbetweeners is Deano core and whenever he rewatches it always takes him back to his sixth form memories.

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>>133668973Until she went insane in the sequel

>>133669044je n'aime pas les arabes

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>>133669130I want to lick every centimetre of her

>>133668081Will, right down to hanging out with someone in the hopes that a friendship would result.

>>133669228I think you'll fit in well here..

>>133658013Remember when mutts tried to make a carbon copy of this comedy? Haha what an embarrassment.

>>133669228>hates arab>is an arabbased?

American Jay has got to be one of the ugliest actors I've ever seen. Like one of those people with Down Syndrome but you know he doesn't have it.

>>133662809>>133662907Please tell me this isn't true

>>133669198What sequel?

>>133663013ok zoomer

Nailed it

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>>133664117Question: do zoomers even get this reference?

>>133669728>two of them are turbo chads>two are fucking horrifically uglyWhy can't Americans just cast average joes?


>>133668081Between Jay and Simon


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>>133669856jesus christ

>>133669728>A manlet>A Yale man >A DUUUUUUUUUDE>A Down syndrome


I like American shows but things like The Inbetweeners and Peep Show just do not work as cultural remakes.

>>133669856>who's the bus turd?>am I the bus turd am I?

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>>133668723You didn't do the trick where you turn the Gameboy off to clone it?

>>133669856Yes tyhe writing is shit, but the actors in the American are not very good either. The Brits have great deliveries and timing, whereas the Americans seem like they are reading their scripts word-for-word during the shot

>>133664225(age+7)/2 is the true limit

>>133670126I thought it was age/2+7?

Why are mutts so sterile and basic when it comes to humour? Does the race mixing nullify the brains capability to understand irony or dry wit.

I was 17 in sixth form when this show was on and its perfectfwiw a slag (named Rebecca aka Becky aka Bex) touched my dick during class under the table and I came instantly and told the the teacher I had a nose bleed and ran out the class and everyone kept asking where the blood was and I said it was a high up nosebleedthats my closest inbetweeners moment

>>133670168let me contact my lawyer one second

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>>133670374>a high up nosebleed

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>>133670374A high up nosebleed, that's some Inbetweeners dialogue there.

>>133670449Thank you, Phil.

>>133670374Our sixth form was right at the back of the high school site, I fell off my moped and did like a 30 foot skid down the road when it was icy one day.We went camping and I proper burnt my hand and some old bloke gave me codeine and shit, good times.


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>>133670625Fucking Mrs. Springet

Thoughts on Friday Night Dinner? I like it, comfy series but not something I would go out of the way to watch.

>>133668081Simon. Always wanted the one girl for years and years. Never happened though. It shouldn't have happened for Simon, it ruined the arc.

>>133668584>becouse of adhd

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>>133671348“The date” from season 1 is the best episode. PERIOD. Apart from that the rest of the show is 5/10

>>133672001Simon should've realized she was just being a cunt and stringing him along all these years and told her to fuck off and move onto better women, what Jay said during their argument in the movie was 100% true>>133672169Mark Heap is awesome in it but every character is pretty one note, there's not really many episodes that stand out and if you miss one you know what to expect since it is pretty formulaic. Comfy TV but runs into a pattern at times

We finally got to see Charlotte Big Jugs Big Jugs

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>>133673027Hit the wall hard

>>133673176Still would though

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Absolute Chad

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>try not to rape anyone on your way out

>>133668000checked and kek'd

>>133664634Its fucking hilarious

>>133669783yeah it's crazy frog I remember when the censored his dick

>>133663993used to play COD with a frog, he was pretty based

>NEIL IT’S YOUR SPUNK>some of it’s her juice

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>>133668081Basically all of em at one point except neil, up until I was 11 I was Jay, then I turned into to simon throughout middle school and will now basically. I'm a spineless turd but things have tended to work out even though I'm a catastrophic failure as a person.


>>133668723had friends do this shit all the time, lol one time buds mom got butthurt i fixed the broken psp he gave me, disc tray close sensor was just blocked

>>133666180Sounds like my old science teacher, he was a former prison officer and could turn it on in a second. Only ever got into trouble once in his class, shame some helicopter mom on the school board reeeee'd until he was fired for shouting at her daughter.