Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema.

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Fellini>Antonioni.don't @ me.

>>133657576Go back to /fag/

>>133657664I Vitelloni is the only film better better than any Antonioni film

>>133657664La cringe

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>>133657788Funny email,

>>133657788Funny email,

>>133657788Funny email,


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>>[email protected]

Doesn't Gallo live in LA? I hope he's handling quarantine well. Maybe I'll write him an email too.

>>133657576Has anyone ever been to r/movies?

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Any filmmakers out there that use recurring characters throughout there oeuvre like Ming-Liang in films that are not particularly sequels or trilogies?

>>133658090TruffautChaplinLindsay Anderson

>>133658076Yeah, it's very normie-like. Not even full-on soi like TrueFilm, just normies

Pick the next movie I watch from my list:>L'avventura>Sansho the Bailiff>Harakiri>Marketa Lazarová>World on a Wire>Stalker>A Brighter Summer Day>Jeanne Dielman

>>133658196Marketa Lazarová

>>133658090Joao Cesar Monteiro

>>133657816>Walking to ParisHas it concluded production? I read an interview with an actor, maybe Franz Rogowski (one of my new favs) where he said it was being shot seasonally with monthlong breaks between shooting days and they still had a large chunk of the script to film.

>>133658196A Brighter Summer Day

>>133658196Marketa Lazarova


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>>133658090Pedro Costa

>>133658183>Lindsay Andersonbeen meaning to get into his stuff. thinking of starting with If...

>>133658076I finally watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople. And wow. What a film. Going through a horrible break up at the moment and it both completely transported me into a different world for a while and had me belly laughing. The story was touching and slightly magic without being cutesy and sentimental. The actor who played Ricky was just fantastic. I'm going to watch Jojo Rabbit this week and I've already watched What We Do In The Shadows but if anyone has any other Taika Waititi recommendations (or anything else which is similar), let me know! Fast becoming a favourite.

>>133658359Wow! Just wow!

>>133658196Jeanne Dielman

>>133658387What a film.

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>>133658359>>133658387Fuck you, Hunt for the Wilderpeople was comfy

>>133658257I think so. youtube.com/watch?v=511-k5YgH1I here Greenaway talks about the process. Last time i read an interview with him he said there was some problem with producers. >>133658299Haha funny poster. I like how you are never able to criticize the film because your limited is only capable of reddit speak.


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>>133658508Limited brain *

>>133658508and yet I'm able to trigger you with just the poster. I'm so epic

Seven Chadurai vs Marketa Redditova

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I did not care for Rashomon.

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>>133658508man, does he have some bad luck with financing and producers. he never finished the Dutch masters series. the Bosch one would have been spectacular. and wasn't he speaking about an Eisenstein trilogy for a while? not to mention the Death in Venice sequelish film.

>>133658803>people lie to make themselves look betterWas this considered insightful in the 50s?

>>133658769Yojimbo is the only Kurosawa I've ever seen. Thought it was pretty dull so I never bothered with him again

>>133658865If that's your takeaway from it you might be slow

>>133658870You're objectively wrong

>>133658895What is the correct takeaway?

>>133657788I love him

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>>133659003It's a metaphor along the lines of Plato's Cave. It's an allegory about exiting the world of illusion and finding truth

>>133659007This thread is the only place where I hear about Gallo


>>133658825Yes. He was supposed to do 150 minute film in Russia about Dumas too, also 4 Storms and 2 Babies, that Bosch film, Food for Love (DiV sequel, there is a video on youtube of him pitching the film to Russian investors). That Eisenstein trilogy he wanted to do, the second one would be in Hollywood. He really has had a bad luck this decade.


>>133659119He's also gotten fat

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Reminder that, regardless of how bad this movie is, winning the Golden Lion makes it appropriate to discuss in these threads.

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>>133659096It's a safe place where I can bust my nut

>>133659290Yeah and he's got Alamy logos and lowercase "a"s flying around him

>>133659290He is almost 80. It's natural.

>>133657576WTF is wrong with that site?

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tfw Promises Written In Water never

>>133659414Imagine being this guy and having this constant Talmud-induced guilt complex while watching films. Oh no, there's a non-ugly female character, what a tragedy


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What's your opinion on Wojciech Has and how would you rank his films?

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>>133659337And there's some other guy in the background

>>133659318The setting and motifs are on point in this movie, unironically would be great on film it's a shame that big jewllywood doesn't want to make more movies on film

>>133659800Based Jew

>>133659318It's Jewish propaganda

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>>133660006Imagine living in the mind of someone who thinks this way

>>133659318Todd Philips is a titan

>>133660094It most definitely is political propaganda though.

>>133659119>4 Storms and 2 Babiesweird that film hasn't been done. looks like it was a work for hire for him. or more that he was pitched a premise and would write and direct it.>film in Russia about Dumasthat one sounds far more interesting. really disappointed this one, the Bosch one, and Food for Love weren't made.

>>133657788Funny, email

>>133658076Just super normie "cinephiles" who think Denis Villeneuve and Christopher Nolanare high art.


>>133660006I wish I were Jewish so I could live in retards heads rent free.

>>133660202Seems like a pure Greenaway comedy to me. I think any of the films that were mentioned would be better than Eisenstein one.

>>133660360Okay rabbi

>>133657576can /fag/ give me noirs set in la, pretty please

Anyone else following the Lynch weather channel?youtube.com/watch?v=WkrIybnnb24&feature=emb_logo

>>133658769It is a glorified Marvel movie.

>>133659414Redditors legit have brain damage.

>>133660415LA Confidential

>>133660415La noire de... (1966)

>>133657788Fun, NYE mail


>mfw funny email,

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has anyone tried to learn a language to watch more kino or understand them in their native language?

>>133661255I had to learn cinematic language to understand Bresson


>>133659414>nooooo how can someone write a character that doesn't align with my political and moral beliefs NOOOO IMAGINARY WOMEN SHOULD BE RESPECTED AND TEACH US HOW TO DO SOSame tirade all over letterboxd

>>133660372eh, I see it as an easily coopted premise. not that it would have the same Greenaway flourishes, but one that can translate to mainstream audiences much more than his other pitches. I wonder if his daughter will take the mantle and film some of his discarded ideas (or those that he published) when she comes more of age as a filmmaker.

>>133661255I speak three languages and watch films in those languages without subtitles. films in languages foreign to me, I don't mind subtitles. much better than overdubbing.

Any more kinos like this where the apparent genre is actually just a backdrop for a different genre?

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>>133661543Which three languages


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For me, it's the dance scenes in Soider-Man 3

>>133661572eng, spa, ita. I get the basic gist of Portuguese, too, if spoken slowly. had a Brazilian gf and port is basically a spa dialect with pretense.

Maybe Gallo doesn't want to release his movie because he thinks it's bad.I mean hell after two great films (one acclaimed by the masses and the other acclaimed by the patricians) I think he would feel more comfortable calling that a career.

>>133661655This guy is pretty bluepilled. He doesn't even realize that the film is globoschlomo agitprop and therefore thinks Phillips doesn't stand for anything

>>133661719>had a Brazilian gfDid she have a big bunda

>>133658076I remember back in like 2013 the mods of that sub allowed memes for like a week. It went about as you’d expect

>>133661784He should do a fans-only screening, instead of showing it at some festival to the very critics that derided The Brown Bunny

>>133661975Funny bunny,

>>133661853Is there any other reason to date a Brazilian woman? She was of Ita descent, too.

>>133662101Fuck I'm jealous. I've only known one Italian girl but she had a perfect ass and face

>>133658196Harakiri then Swords of Doom

>>133662186Honestly, her face wasn't all that but she had a body to kill for, man. She also had a bipolar sister that was batshit crazy and probably amazing in bed. They both had amazing asses.



>>133661784Supposedly he doesn't like to make movies, haven't you heard that hilarious interview?>i don't enjoy making movies>i'm a multimillionaire>hard work hard work it's all it takes hard work >but is it matter learning how to invest your money?>hard work hard work>i imagine your collections worth a lot of money>uuuh yeahlmao

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>>133657576>watching Il SorpassoFucking amazing movie. What happened to italian comedies?

I recently saw Veronika Voss and Lola and while they were entertaining enough did not really blow me away. Dare I say Fassbinder is, ahem, overrated or is my general knowledge about Weimer- and WWII-era Germany too limited to truly appreciate what he was going for in those films?

>>133662866Those two films are decent but he has much better ones.

>>133663041Yeah, I hear Berlin Alexanderplatz and Ali are the ones to look out for.

>>133659800>Wojciech HasIn a league of his own when it comes to intertwining stories. A master of the surreal and fantastical. My favourite of his is probably Hourglass Sanatorium, resonates a lot. The Noose another one I really really like, absolute honesty when it comes to depicting the inner turmoil of alcoholism. Saragossa Manuscript probably his most known, also very good. Absolutely worth a watch. The Tribulations of Balthazar Kober, a must watch, like listening to a masterful storyteller, the film waxes a world exactly like you would imagine it when hearing it first hand. Like seeing the pictures conjured from your mind reflected on the screen. If you're thinking about trying Has, go with these four films as an introduction.

Vitti is the best muse

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>>133660415Just watched Double Indemnity. It was pretty good.

Does /film/ have any borders as to whether a film gets too experimental, or artsy or whatever the fuck. In my book you don't get points for being original, you get points for being good.

>>133659414It's r*dditYou literally can't have a conversation there about anything without cries of >muh racism>muh homophobia>muh bigotry>muh feminismI unironically think 4chan is better for actual serious discussion than anything on reddit, despite all the retardation here you can still have good discussion if you try.

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>>133657664That’s a fact.

Reddit countries:>United States>Italy>South Korea>Iran>Denmark>India/film/ countries:>France>Japan>USSR>Czechoslovakia>Hungary>Greece

>>133660415The Asphalt Jungle is my favorite noir.Not set in LA, but it's still very much worth a watch. Huston doesn't get the credit he deserves by /film/fags.

>>133663963>The Asphalt Junglethanks for the rec.

>>133657576What is your guy's favorite transformers movie? For me, it's Age of Extinction.

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Is this any good? It has based Shishido in it but idk if I can watch him in something not made by Suzuki.

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>>133658769Me neither. High and Low is where it's at

>>133664109The first one is the only one worth

Buster bros check in

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>The film begins with a narrator explaining German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's infamous mental breakdown in Turin, Italy in 1889 after seeing a man continually whip his horse, which yet refused to move. After uttering his final words, "Mutter, ich bin dumm" ("mother, I am stupid"), Nietzsche becomes mute and demented, cared for by his family until his death a decade later.Kek, Nietzsche was fag.Imma watch this.

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>>133660259why does villeneuve get put in the same bag as nolan? sure they make big convulted movies but nolan has the sublety of a jackhammer, he's sloppy and can't even see the color red.

youtube.com/watch?v=Bu_pqP7_IUESo it's basically about communism and kikes.I'm gonna love this kino.

Why are so many /film/s on this list basically unknown in the West? I've never even heard of numbers 4 and 5, for example.letterboxd.com/mongoosecmr/list/kinema-junpos-greatest-japanese-films/

>>133664341The dude should have died or been grievously injured in in a lot of his stunts. How did he keep getting away with it?

>>133663667Yes, you get points for being original because we are living in the 21st century and there is so little room to be original. But if a film's only redeeming quality is being original and doesn't make an overall good job, you don't consider it as a good film. Simple.

Where do I start with Naruse Mikio?

>>133665346Watch these chronologically.1951 Repast 1952 Mother 1952 Lightning 1954 Sound of the Mountain 1954 Late Chrysanthemums 1955 Floating Clouds 1956 Flowing 1960 When a Woman Ascends the Stairs 1964 Yearning 1967 Scattered Clouds

>>133664820he answered it in the description. the west's perception of Japanese cinema was based on what home video companies could get a hold of. With all the torrents and blogs available now our generation is playing catch-up.The letterboxd teens will probably have more knowledge on film history than any other generation.


One Wonderful Sunday is the best Kurosawa film and nobody ever talks about it. I still vividly remember several shots in that film, despite only seeing it once.

>>133664265The ending gunfight is sublime, give it a go


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>>133666078>One Wonderful Sundaythanks for the rec. from the description, I'd say the film isn't as flashy or poignant as Rashomon, Seven Samurai, Ikiru, Yojimbo, Throne of Blood, or Ran. and with those in your pocket, anything can be overlooked.

where should I continue with Ozu? I've watched the flavor of green tea over rice and thought it was good, however I have no clue to where to jump from there.

>>133666789Possibly the best gun fight in all of cinema, really elevates a rather standard noir.

>>133658196Stalker or Jeanne Dielman. Essential stuff

>>133667248when in doubt, chronologic it out.

Anybody else shell out for this?

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>>133663944Replace Japan with Italy and this is based

>>133667501I want to but trying to save up for the fellini box.Fuck criterion for putting out so much good shit this year.>Fellini Box>WKW Box>Varda Box>Come and See>Husbands>Memories of Murder (probably)

>>133667501Going to hold off for now, WKW and Fellini boxset are still coming this year.

>>133666997pretty sure only redditfag comic book fans defend this brain dead film

Going to watch On The Silver Globe tonight, how does it compare to Possession?

>>133667583Is the Fellini box actually coming? I have a coke habit, I need to know if i need to put money aside

>>133667583>>133667612well, goddamn.

>>133667725stop drinking. I quit drinking and my coke habit miraculously went away.

>>133667725Pretty much confirmed. There are new restorations of Fellini's works that were touring earlier this year. Plus criterion's final newsletter of 2019 pretty clearly hinted at the boxset happening this year.

>>133667725Top left. "Fallen E box"Also the bruce lee and varda boxsets were rumored from this image, and they are now confirmed to be coming out.

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>>133667636Only reddit and letterboxd tranny pseuds think joker is overrated while normies love it for the wrong reasons. Joker is a great character study about active nihilism and misanthropy.

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>>133668274this nigga likes a movie by the hangover guythat isn't the hangover

>>133668394everyones gotta start somewhere, man

>>133658330good start. Malcolm McDowell is good in it.

>>133661655>13 likeslol


What did /film/ think of this?

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>>133667583no news about Fellini boxI did buy Come and See

>>133657788Funny email,


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>>133668690>guys I don't buy films I only torrent because I'm a 40 year old wagecuck with no future

>>133661655this guy attempts critic pseud wankery a la armond white but fails quite badly


>>133668690Back to your cape shit threads you fucking incel!

>>133668739says the twelve year old spending mommy and daddy's hard-earned cash?

Red pill me on Bunuel

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>>133657664Antonioni was a hack, doesn't take much to be better than him. Even Visconti and de Sica are superior.

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>>133667583>WKW BoxGoddamn, now I'll have two copies of Fallen Angels, IMFL, and Chungking.Sucks that the other Cassevetes are stuck in a box because I can't Justify 120 when all I want is Opening Night and Woman Under the InfluenceAlso, thanks for reminding me to pre-order Come and See.

>>133669690>watched this in film class>girl freaked out>she left the class while screaming and I never saw her again.

>>133670123>all I want is Opening Night and Woman Under the Influencemore of a Gena fan than Cassavetes?

>>133664732>watching random scenes from a film before watching it in fullgood lord, just leave these fucking threads and dont come back

>>133670245teasers and trailers for a thousand, Mr. Trebek.

>>133657788funny email,

>>133667501No, I hate Agnes Varda.

>>133670451why? she's basically unhateable.

>>133670288>actually watching teasers and trailershow about you leave too and kill yourself while you're at it

>>133670690how about having half an original thought and contributing to the thread, child?

>>133670544I always get her confused with Chantal Akerman. They're both boring.

>>133670196Eh, maybe. Shadows did nothing for me, I'm only slightly interested in Faces, and need to get around to watching Bookie. I've only seen her in Opening Night and holy shit she perfectly hits mania and distress.

>>133661975no he should show it at Cannes and re-edit it as a better movie before a wider release like he did that one, again

>>133662186Beware of the Italians, they have a fucked up society with really moronic morons and really separated-from-the-mass intellectuals. Aim for the ones who want to get away and live in another country, these ones are clear-headed. Hopefully, your country.

>>133668524It’s good !

trent reznor

Anyone have a suggestion for a film about modern urban rootlessness/ennui? Like Tsai/Wong/Iwai. Bonus points if the lead is young>>133670790She's in Faces too if you haven't seen it

>>133671279Permanent Vacation


>>133671302>>133671323Thanks. I forgot about Jarmusch

Just watched Drive (2011). All the dialogue was cringe, not just the driver's. Action was nice though.

>>133667501no, it's on the channel though

>>133672284lol. I've been shilling Jarmusch for two days straight here and not a peep from fellow anons. Jarmusch is by far my favorite American director.

>>133663667>Does /film/ have any borders as to whether a film gets too experimental, or artsy or whatever the fuck.i don´t know you tell me

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>>133670763>Varda>boringnah, son. watch Daguerrotypes and Faces/Places. if you still think she's boring, then adios, amigo.

>>133673920visitor q >>>>>>>> teorema

>>133668394Yeah, and he made the greatest film of the decade. What are you going to do about it cinephile?

>>133674464>Yeah, and he made the greatest film of the decade

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>>133674464>he made the greatest film of the decadelolzhe didn't even make the best film of the year. probably not even the month.hell, probably not even the week it was released.

>>133674561Can you try to be funny?

>>133674601sorry, my funny bone isn't my strongest.dis dik is.

>>133674464The Lighthouse was released in the same month and Atlantics the same week. Both films are better than Joker.

arthouse cinema is a pyramid scheme


>>133674984They aren't and you know im right

>>133675067It's a scheme to sell pyramids. Look up (((who))) is behind it.

>>133675117The only thing Joker has going for it is one hell of a performance. Absolutely nothing else. And that performance does not elevate it to a higher degree than Atlantics or The Lighthouse. So, no. you're not right.

>>133675183>performance I was right in my assignment of you. Come back when you have an IQ high enough to appreciate Joker

>>133660259hes pic related approved when he dont work with hollywood

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>>133675298>I was right in my assignment of youlollerskatez