Why did Gen Xers love this show so much?

Why did Gen Xers love this show so much?

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the cartoon was just okthe music videos were the best part of the show

>>133656774it was one of the first cartoons that was crude humor. for a while it snuck under the radar as a means to watch adult humor as a kid.also Mike judge. anything he touches is gold.

>>133656774I'm born in 1986 and I fucking love it. It's just the opposite of everything society tries to mold you into. Stupidity and incompetence to the max.

>>133656774shut up, you're gonna be here for the rest of your life, you're stupid, you don't have any money and you're never gonna score

>>133656774It's just simple, dumb humour done right. Literally all the gags are about how stupid both characters are, and it works so well.

It's only good with the music videos included, otherwise the episodes on their own are weak.

>>133656774Beavis and Butt-head was a boomer take on Gen X before millennials became the new punching bag.

>>133656774They took stoners and got rid of the weed.

>>133657340So was the Homerpalooza episode of The Simpsons. Funny, because that episode portrays Gen Xers as politically correct, easily outraged children.


>>133656774Because the show is actually funny, unlike the Rick and Morty spergy shit you autismos keep promoting here.

>>133656774Gen Xers were retards

>>133657282This, I was born in 79 but it still didn't age well. I even saw the movie in the theater, but went back and saw an episode on an old vhs tape in around 00 and it was stupid shit I can't believe I liked.

The episode where they play Robocop and one of them runs headfirst into the trailer wall had me in stitches for minutes.

>>133656774Cuz we weren’t bungholes

>>133656774The episode where they sell candy bars is literally how the economy works.


The smug, detached Gen X ethos isn't just a meme on Holla Forums

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>>133656774My zoomer friends like it too

>>133656845>the cartoon was just okcringe>the music videos were the best part of the showbased?

>>133658229>I even saw the movie in the theaterThe movie had no actual music videos and was kino, I think you just got old.


Harry Sack.

Fun fact: Beavis and Butthead are in the same cinematic universe as King of the Hill

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>>133656774It was literally how Gen X grew up. Sat around their parents' living rooms laughing at MTV, usually while baked.

>>133658684fuck your friends

>>133658292>rest of the episode is Butthead trying to bury Beavis>I am here today not to bury Beavis but to uh... uhuhuh later dude

>>133659034But that's Tom Anderson, the protoHank

my favorite character was their principal who was always in the middle of a nervous breakdown and could hardly even speak coherently due to Beavis and Butthead driving him insane

>>133659165ThisTheres an episode where he has a mental breakdown..and beavis and butthead visit him in the asylum and drive him deeper into madness

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>>133659228>the episode where everyone thinks Beavis and Butthead are dead because of an explosion or something>the principal is celebrating openly while everyone else is pretending to mourn their untimely demise>principal doesnt give a shit, fuck those two morons>turns out theyre alive, they were watching tv and didnt explode or something>they show up back at the highschool>the principal has a massive heart attack when he sees themabsolutely fucking hilarious

>>133659165>You two are the worst students this school has ever had. And now because of that No Child Left Behind law, we may lose our funding! Teachers will get laid off, I could lose my job!>"Uh... did you say something about a child's behind?">"Yeah, he definitely said something about a child's left behind! I heard him!"

>that episode where they forget how to shit

>>133656774>Why did Gen Xers love this show so much?Because it came out around the time Nirvana/grunge happened and in between all those story segments, they made fun of a lot of shitty music videos from the 80's and early 90's which everybody all the sudden thought were super lame over night. It was almost like MST3K for music videos. Most of those videos are no longer part of the show if you see it now as they were removed due to licensing issues (but you can still pirate them).

>I have a question, is this a god dam?

>>133661265or just watch them on YouTubeyoutube.com/watch?v=jjswv7x6eSc

>>133661376My personal favorite youtube.com/watch?v=Cwd7E_tvIbM

>>133656774HEY EVERYONE!OP was crying

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>>133656774It was a handy method of filtering out the sheltered kids with helicopter parents.



>>133656774its funny

>The episode where they get Stuart to download porn for them on the school library computerKekworthy kino

>>133656774You cant see why we love it so much because you are underage.

youtube.com/watch?v=KWoNKxC-JREWatch this and tell me you didn't laugh

>>133656774Don't worry about it you retarded cultureless zoomer.

The show was good because beavis and butthead was the manifestation of how dumb society can be. Like the mr buzzcut and van driessen. Buzzcut gets stupidly angry when they say dumb things or dont understand something. Failing to teach them anything. While the liberal weak spined van driessen uses touchy feely hippi nonsense and results in being ineffective.

the halloween episodes and the ones where it's raining are real comfy

>>133659469HAH i just remembered that! Fucking hilarious. Gonna go binge some beavis and butthead now

>>133658229Ok boomer

>>133657282I always prefer the episodes a lot of the time. Go watch Spanish Fly.

You would not understand it if you didnt grow up in the 90s.

>>133662659zoomers are gen xers bros, it's the boomers and millennials we hate

>>133663959I was born in '96 and Beavis and Butthead is one of my favorite shows completely unironically. My dad showed me a bunch of tapes he recorded episodes on so I got to see the videos. Recently downloaded the King Turd collection and have been watching them. The show is ungodly hilarious. You just need to get it's sense of humor. It's entirely unique once you grasp it.

>>133656774had good music videos and they reminded people of all the weird dudes that went to their high school. I guess if you didn't grow up in the '90s you really wouldn't understand it now. The show did not age well

It's alright, I was more of a Celebrity Deathmatch kinda guy.

>>133657159>Stupidity and incompetence to the max.No wonder you gen X retards are such burnouts if you worship being a failure

>>133656774Because it was great you idiot.

>>133664042Gen X are your fucking parents, retard.

>>133664042what the fuck are you talking about.

>>133659165He's an alcoholic. Those are the shakes.>>133665007Gen Xers are the Breakfast Club crowd, you dumbass. They were in their teens to early adult years in the '80s. Someone born in '86 is a Generation Y or millennial.

>>133656774I'm not Gen X, but I liked this show because I thought it was cool when I was a kid. Just like I thought "pro" wrestling was cool. It was edgy and they were fucking stupid just like myself and my friend.

>the one where Beavis gets food poisoning from eating nachos all night and thinks he's pregnant

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>>133658710>>133656845Too bad they had to cut those out of the DVDs.

>>133666558They didn't, not completely anyway. They're just on separate bonus discs. Which is fucking gay.

>>133656774The bloody nose episode was lit

>>133659034This was Mike's wish, I believe he wanted this guy to be Hank's father, but MTV wouldn't let him have Beavis and Butthead characters in King of the Hill so Cotton was invented instead.

>tfw watching the entire series and finding treasure troves of excellent musicyoutube.com/watch?v=lQYTNNHc1cQ

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>that episode where they are working at the burger place and beavis has too much soda, turns into cornholio, and gets deported by an immigration officer because they think he's speaking spanish

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>"I think I got it, Beavis! ... ... ... Huh-huh-huh-huh-huh... number 2 pencil.">"Oh, yeah yeah. Heh... number 2... heh heh... poop pencil!"

>>133656845I was the opposite. I hated when they cut to music videos.

>>133659055If you want me to

>>133667371Based MTV

>>133661265>which everybody all the sudden thought were super lame over nightwhy do retards say this?a lot of people didn't like hair metal but mtv played it safe by playing it the most

>>133658551>smug, detached Gen X ethosdo you think that was related to how the '70s turned out?

>>133658551Where's Jay?

>>133666133>>133666214my post makes perfect sense, I just forgot a possessive apostrophe on "gen xer's"

>>133666222>a generation lasts 5 years

>>133665007At least Gen X isn't obsessed with conformity like late millennials and all of gen Z is.

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>>133669592>why do retards say this?>a lot of people didn't like hair metalI'm not talking about people who were 30 in 1989, grandpa.


>>133670329>30 in 1989Hair metal then was like what hip hop is now, pop with attitude. Not everyone liked then.

>>133670206I was like 21 on 9/11 and I dont even think actual faggots were acting like that on that day. Everybody either dgaf or just made crass jokes. This sort of maudlin, emotional displays by people who are otherwise completely detached is a thoroughly modern phenomenon and mostly social media driven, which was practically non existent back then. Beavis and Butthead wouldn't act like that.

>>133670619Nah there was some corny fucking shit back then

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>>133670827In some aspects of the media, sure. But a lot of creators avoided it. There was still some old school ethos where people felt like the right thing to do is to distract from bad shit until it's safe to laugh at, not wallow in it when it's actually going down. That ethos is all but gone now. Everybody has to narcissistically virtue signal.

it's not trying way to hard to be smart or have some intelligent humour, it's just what's funny.

>>133656774All of them- cavity searches- NOW!

>>133656774it wasn't really funny. If you're watching it without the videos you're not seeing the actual show. that's like watching MST3k without the movies. The video watching was the core of the show

>>133670206fucking KEK i forgot this existed

>>133658551Clerks characters aren't smug though tehy're just sarcastic or frustrated. Richard Dreyfus is smug.

>>133658229>>133657282the first season is really crude technically and doesn't age well but if you skip that it's pretty kino


>>133667719it's how i discovered ween. It's also how white zombie blew up. lots of forgotten bands got a second chance at career from beavis and butthead. ACDC had a huge resurgence.

>>133671682so much dan hwackin

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>>133670206COOL COOL build is on FIREYEAH FIRE FIRE PLANECRASH FIREYeah this RULES!IT ROCKS! FIRE FIRE FIRE(second plane hits)WHOA!YEAH OMG! EXPLOSION FIRE MORE FIRE OMG!Beavis.....huhuhuh, this is the coolest day of our livesYEAH YEAH FURE OMG hrhhhrhhrhrhhrhr YES! (the two then embrace in a hug)

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Todd's cool. Huh-huh.

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youtube.com/watch?v=BpFARJ5lDNU>it is in these hills where Juan Valdez and his trusty goat gather coffee beans every morning

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>>133656774what's with the classic mtv nostalgia on Holla Forums tonight?



>>133671990Better than 15 Better Call Saul threads

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>>133671896I said "a lot", not all. And practically nobody said what he said. Gibert Godfried's remarks were a pretty big controversy at the time.

The greatest dumb joke ever madeyoutube.com/watch?v=MEg6wjcwZMQ

>>133671991youtube.com/watch?v=A1pRZauWIAo>you better treat your stepmother with respect Pantera>DAMMIT PANTERA THIS BEER IS WARM! GET ME ANOTHER ONE!

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>>133672193This was my favorite part.youtube.com/watch?v=wx_ZNn-_klk>We travelled a... a... hundred miles!

>>133672193>this saw that exact video over a decade ago

>>133672193Based 30 year old boomer joke

>>133657282>It's only good with the music videos includedThem taking the piss out of self-serious music videos is what made Beavis and Butthead so awesome. And ad-libbing made up lyrics was even more hilarious.I remember a funny one of Judas Priest and "Breaking the Law"


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I was literally born on the day this show premiered on television and it's a top 5 show for me

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>>133666558>he doesn't have the king turd collection

>>133661479It's OK to cry, Crying takes the sad out of you.

>>133662243TACO SUPREME


Best episodes were when Beavis was a pyro. One kid burns his house down and suddenly it's taboo. I think they also banned Frog Baseball.

im not sure so can someone tell me if the complete collection is missing any episodes, i swear i saw some on TV that were absent from the collection

>>133673551the king turd collection is only missing 1 i think. its been uploaded separately.

The very short revival MTV gave Mike is the most faithful cartoon resurrection that has ever been done. For being off the air that long and culture being so different it was damn good.

>>133656774One thing people haven't mentioned is the incredibly low production valueComing right on the tail end of the 80's hairspray and neon era this was a real culture shockOne thing people consistently miss about Gen X is our aversion to being marketed toGen X'ers frequently roll their eyes and tune out any prepackaged sales pitch, other generations immediately lock in on this stuff and start droolingBeavis and Butthead was ideal for us because it completely lacked polishYou should also check out The Young Ones, another beloved Gen X icon for that same reason

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>>133671991>This guy's dad must of kicked his ass as a kid.

>Zip him back up. He sucks.youtu.be/nN7OqGJd7g4

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