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Will it ever reopen?

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Just after they change each of those buildings to guardians of the galaxy themed

>>133654456I'm glad that Disneyland Paris still has the Tower Terror and not this Guardians of the Galaxy nonsense.

>>133654456There is a shocking low amount of Marvel shit at Disney World

Probably a limited passholder only opening later this year.

>>133655299Got a big upgrade recently, you now get a randomised ghost story with a bunch of additional effects.

So how are Disney going to react to Mario world and Epic Universe?Marvel Land looks kinda crap. The main attraction is a Midway Mania reskin.

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>>133659429What a waste of land jesus christ

anyone else fucking tired of how much planning is required to go these days? you have to have a round table discussion 60 days in advance with everyone you're going with to discuss fast pass schedules and dining reservations, and when you get there it's still busy as fuck. Went this february during """off season"""" and all walkways in the parks were packed with people like a sardine can. In order to ride all the rides without waiting in 60+ minute lines I spent most of my time in the parks head-down on my phone spamming the refresh button on the MDE app to get more faspasses after I used up the initial 3.I think I'm gonna check out universal studios orlando next time. I hear the premium resorts there let you use the "fast pass" lines as much as you want, whenever you want. No planning there, you "just go"

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>>133659865I'm an Orlando resident with a pass and going to Disney is hell if you don't know what you're doing. Good fucking luck going with a family with 20 different things they want to do lol. I much rather prefer going to Uni because generally short wait times and single rider lines.

>>133659865Sam has his own app now?

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>>133659865Yep, Disney is never quiet any more and it's frustrating as fuck. Their Offpeak is busier than most parks peak.The price is also getting hard to justify. I can fly to Orlando from England, stay at a decent hotel for 2 weeks and that will still be cheaper than buying the theme park tickets.

My mom and sister would be very sad if it never reopens. I've never really been a big fan of the parks. What is the best way to enjoy them? We usually race around the park from ride to ride and then eat at some place with a long line. Maybe the issue is not stopping to smell the roses, so to speak.

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>>133656718That's because of Universal

Who cares? The only good thing to come of this mess is knowing Hollywood and the sports apes took a hit in the wallet.

>>133660110go to epcot during food and wine festival and get drunk while walking around the pavilion

>>133660110Get a breakfast buffet, don't eat at the parks (unless you want to do a themed restaurant). cheaper, more time at the park and you're not forced into a crowded food hall.I'm a big fan of taking it slow, frequent drinks/cooldown stops and timing of sit down shows for when you need to rest. Multiple days instead of cramming everything into a day. Only time to rush is getting to the most popular ride in the park before the queue builds up. Go as offseason as you possibly can, NEVER do Magic Kingdom on a weekend.Suggest the occasional split up with family, especially if someone wants to do a character meet or can't take going on a coaster

I hope the rey actresses aregoing broke do to unemployment and have no choice but to start an onlyfans

>Kong kino almost certainly getting delayedit hurts but I'm still just happy we're getting it in the first place

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This is the ride tech confirmed for the Mario Kart ride. Disney are really going to struggle to beat thisyoutube.com/watch?v=18iAdl-wyEw

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>>133660624>>133660722Holy shit that looks awesome

>>1336606242024 instead of 2023

>>133660590How old are you?

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>>133653976I've never been to Disney World, does it live up to the hype? I looked into it before and it seemed like a nightmare to plan a trip compared to just driving to Hershey, buying a ticket, and being set for the day

Carowinds is better anyways. Way less crowded with a decent spread of different coasters even if none of them are really best in class.

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>>133653976World Showcase is the most kino experience Disney has to offer prove me wrong

>>133659311Yeah, I heard that they also took the updated movements from the Guardians of Galaxy ride as well which is neat.

>>133659865if you plan it perfectly you literally get hours of downtime. the planning does take a while but you get to do it months in advance anyway. the 2 times i went we planned everything out so well we could go back to the hotels to chill at the pool or just nap and comeback. we rode all the rides we wanted.

>>133661463>coaster coomerWhy do you guys even come in these threads?

>>133662144is there a theme park in the world that combines the best of both worlds? i like coaster parks but walking around in them or walking coaster to coaster is depressing. the food always sucks there too and there's no chill place to hangout. going to these parks is 99% trying to pass the time talking to your friends while in line just to ride a coaster that lasts about a minute. eventually you talk about everything possible after a few hours and there's more and more awkward silence lol.

>>133659429This is the definition of soulless, the marvel aesthetic is the most bland themeing premise I can think of. Being a disney parks is suffering lately because of regular disney fans and their shit taste in IPs. It's ironic, I enjoyed diagon alley more than galaxies edge and I've never seen a harry potter movie past the first one.

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>>133653976Literally went in February, right before this Corona shit started.

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>>133662413if universal keeps making shit like diagon alley they're going to be better than disney. looking at the new lands they're making seems like they're getting there slowly.

>>133662413Disney are going to be playing catch up for a while it seems. They don't have anything in the pipeline that's going to compete with Super Nintendo World and Universal are gearing up to launch a whole fucking park with that level of theming.I think the approach Universal took with Harry Potter was far superior to Disney's. Universal's approach seemed to be "what do Harry Potter fans want to see and do?", Disney's seem to be "what will Star Wars fans spend money on". Not making the setting Tatooine was the first of many mistakes.

>>133662687and yet Pandora is kino

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>>133662805Pandora suffers from having one of the rides being pretty terrible and pointless feeling.

>>133662558>>133662687Forgot about the new park, that's going to really put pressure on them. It'll be interesting to see how they respond, they've seemed to put there all into galaxies edge and it wasn't as big of a success critically as it should have been. I found it to be pretty underwhelming even as a star wars fan. Though I will say rise of the resistance is the best theme park ride I've ever been on, it will be hard for universal to beat that scale and complexity. But as far as land theming goes it seems they've matched or even surpassed Disney. To me that's more important

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>>133662687>Not making the setting Tatooine was the first of many mistakes."There are more star wars stories ahead of us than behind us..."Except not

>>133662949The Mario Kart ride is shaping up to be something special, possibly the biggest jump in dark ride tech since Spider-Man.

>>133659576>Creating jobs for peopleHow would you use it?

>>133653976Hopefully not.

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>>133663555Put in an original IP

>>133653976I hope so. Want to ride the new attraction where you date a Disney princess and all of a sudden, a nigger fucks her. Gives a new meaning to dark ride.

Imagineering hates Marvel, and the one guy there who might be able to make a 10/10 Spider-Man ride already did it 20 years ago for IoA.

>>133653976Has anybody been on the barcrawl going from bar to bar on the monorail?

>>133663940I tried once but I ended up just jerking off at the Contemporary

>>133656718thats a good thing

>>133663940I have. It was pretty fun until I got to Trader Sam's where I saw tons of black guys win white women. Made me sick.

The third pic will because the world needs an optimistic future after this pandemic.

>>133663940Overrated, just drink around the world showcase

orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2020/05/11/walt-disney-world-now-accepting-theme-park-reservations-starting-in-july>I spoke to a Disney ticketing agent by phone who was surprised to hear of the May 31 and June hours posted online. The agent confirmed the first available date to reserve tickets is July 1.

>>133663621the fuck is that yellow goober on the right wearing?

>>133664135They essentially have torn down Future World. Hopefully we can all be saved by Rocket Raccoon!

>>133664199>and no refunds will be issued

>>133663772based and blackpilled

>>133660089I don't go anymore specifically because of how brown it's become.

Jesus Christ I don't know how you fuck up a land so badly the way they did Star Wars. The millennium falcon ride is complete garbage, they had better versions of a rail shooter 20+ years ago in fucking Disneyquest. How can you make a land with nothing but junk landspeeders and a couple of ships laying around? Where's all the fucking aliens and droids? How the fuck can you call something a cantina with one fucking alien in it. The original plans with lots of actors and an ongoing war happening in the land was pretty kino but that was absolutely gutted. The Rise of the Resistance is a great ride but even that feels kind of sparse at times, that stretch during the actual ride part just rushing through the base and you see absolutely nothing except for a probe droid is weird, and not having anything in terms of a lightsaber fight visually or interactively is a huge miss for the land. I can come up with 100 ideas in 10 minutes better than any of the shit they did. Two of the shops are pretty neat but even then they're just Harry Potter land rip offs. God Disney is so fucking retarded. Where the fuck is the imagination of people that made Jules Verne World in Tokyo Disney?

>>133660722>That NSMB aestheticI'm not sure of the alternative, but this looks a little bland to me. Maybe early 90s style would be more interesting

>>133663772*dials nine numbers*Uh, hello, based department? I'd like to report THIS POST RIGHT HERE!

>>133662375Disney Sea Japan is the best theme park I've been to, hands down. It's on another level. It's not actually managed by Disney, which explains why it's so kino. A league of its own.

>>133663070I promise you, they will convert it to tatooine one day. Probably within 10 years but I wouldnt surprised if it's 5. Look for them to disguise the change in some way. Maybe in 2027 to coincide with the 50th anniversary to "honor where it all began." And then it will just stay Tatoine forever.

>>133664543Say what you will, Eisner would have never allowed that.

will he be ok?

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>>133661385Depends on what you're looking for. If you just want to ride rides, Hershey, Cedar Point, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, etc. have world class coasters with manageable crowds. But if you're looking for the full experience of atmosphere + rides, yes it lives up to the hype. Granted, I'm only answering based on my experience as a kid 17 years ago, so idk if overcrowding has ruined it, but I'll always treasure memories of my visit there. The attention to detail of the environments, careful planning of the landscape, random character events as you walk around, skillful performances of actors, etc. is all unmatched. From a technical and artistic standpoint it's mindblowing what they accomplished. If you ever have a family (or if that's who you're planning your trip for), you should definitely go at least once. But if you're in your 20s-30s just looking for a fun vacation, there are about a dozen theme parks in the US that will serve that purpose better.

>>133659865M8, I've had the unlimited fast pass thing at Universal. It sucks. Not even a fast pass. The waits were long as fuck. Everyone buys the fast pass options and it makes the lines as long as regular lines.

>>133653976Tree of life is the best park center piece and Animal Kingdom is the most underrated park. probably the best now that MGM is fucked

I REALLY hope she makes it, bros..... It saddens and hurts me to no end knowing that such a lovely woman was a victim of the circumstances and doesn’t have a job. Maybe I should go rescue her.

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>>133665231Epcot is and always will be best park but AK is absolutely most underrated. Dinosaur, Everest, Rapids, Primeval Whirl, Pandora, Safari, Bug's Life, one day we'll be back bros.

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How can you have a Mountain in Space?

>>133653976I wonder what Drake Bell is up to

>>133668710He’s riding out the virus in the Contemporary bathroom.

Shanghai opened yesterday. I imagine they're using them as lab rats to decide how to proceed elsewhere. I just want to go on the Tron ride. I watched a ride through today and they even worked in the soundtrack.

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>>133653976It already has in China.

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>>133668910Do you really think that's him?

>>133664359incident was in toontownThey shooped another incident on top of GE and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse on top of that

>ear keys

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>>133661385Disney is only cool as a little kid or if you've never been to a major regional six flags level theme park. As an adult, it's aesthetically cool but the rides are kinda shitty and built for diabetic boomers and toddlers.

>>133661768Animal kingdom gives it a run for it's money, but other than that, it is the best part of any Disney park.

>>133669432>exposed steel coasters lol gross

>>133669120How else does he go to Disney every day without any money? He hits on the gay guys at the food counter for his daily free churro and chicken nuggets and he’s set.

I'm glad the contemporary bathroom meme took off. I hope to make the pilgrimage one day

>>133670095What meme is this?

>>133653976Who cares, it's not good anymore.

>>133670190Its a dark scary place

>>133670287Which bathroom specifically? Which floor?

>>133659429I'm old. For me Disney will always be about fairytales. Princesses and dragons.None of this bland, hyper consumer and forgettable capeshit.

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>>133670305there's a floor plan image out there too. Last time I tried to go there the door was locked.

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>>133670413Shit I'm gonna go try and find it next when the parks open.

>>133668991Thats because China actually got it under control.Although in fairness the US is basically just accepting 3000 dead per day and not giving a fuck. A scenario other countries are unwilling to accept- but its a valid option.

>>133670708Coronavirus is a hoax

>>133653976I had a family member who was extremely older than the rest of us(we were kids every time we went to Disney world) and would have a bitchfit every time we wanted to go on the tower of terror. But the thing is we went on literally every other ride together, like, that Yeti ride is probably the most extreme Disney World ride there. I did not get it and will probably never get to experience the based Twilight Zone experience. Fuck him.

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>>133665231i agree but that whole dinoland shit needs to go. it would be one of the best theme parks on the planet if they put something else in there. idk what they would put in but if they give it a good budget it would be good regardless. maybe more animal shit or another ride/theme?

>>133671281What a fucking asshole, Tower of Terror is my all time favorite ride, go again if you’re ever in the area. I really want to visit the one overseas.

>>133671281Even if you don't ride it, the Tower is great to go inside and see the preshow and boiler room. Your uncle or whatever (I forgot) is a faggot.

>>133653976None of this is opening up until 2021 at the earliest. Quarantine is extended at least through December.

>>133671710He said Disney World, not Disneyland, which will likely close up and become a traveling museum exhibition.

>>133663772As long as its a jogger midge for Snow White. Don't want to ruin the immersion within her story

>>133664575That's not the actual ride design, the video was uploaded by the ride manufacturer not Universal's creative.

>>133671397I don't care what replaces dinoland, I just want them to keep the zoo aspect of it. Pandora feels really disconnected from the rest of the park without exhibits. There's plenty of alien-looking animals they could display there.

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>>133672974If they replace dinoland with beastly kingdom that would be kino.disney.fandom.com/wiki/Beastly_Kingdom

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>>133673127Dinosaurs > gay dragons

>>133673427you don't like unicorns??? are you a faget or something?

>>133666093she is probably back in her parent's home, she'll be okay.

I'm surprised they haven't made a Black Panther Ride/attraction for Animal Kingdom. Seems like a given considering there hard on for the MCU

I wish there was more to the Muppets at MGM. Their show is kino.

>>133653976They need to reopen that shit Megan needs to pay her fucking rent

>>133675011Apparently there was supposed to be a whole Muppet takeover at MGM at some point.

>>133663958In that one special bathroom, I hope.

Watching Disney vloggers slowly lose their minds during the quarantine has been pretty kino.

>>133675011Disney has misused the muppets license quite a bit. They made two soulful movies and nothing else of value. The muppet show isn't even on Disney+ ffs

>>133665231>>133666660Expedition Everest is fucking fantastic for how quickly you can get on it with the single rider line. Plus I like the zoo trails.

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>>133675549i’m still holding out for Tim and Jenn to start selling sex tapes

>>133675393Megan is doing just fine, I am taking care of her in her time of need. She is very loving and kind and we cuddle and watch Disney+ every night. She is very much looking forward to going back, but swears she is going to call security the next time that weirdo in the frog t-shirt whispers "Sneed" in her ear. I'm gonna marry Megan!

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>>133675630Her landlord is already complaining about the unpaid bills

lol my brother-in-law is a disneycuck. literally 40 years old and salivates over going on kiddie rides.it's fucking pathetic.

>>133675011Anyone with taste agrees, the little show in Liberty Square is decent at least.

>>133675549Seriously, Adamthewoo looks like he just got done crying at the start of his recent home vlogs and has resorted to reacting to his old videos.>>133675614>Post-baby JenNo thank you.

>>133675686how many funko pops do you own?

>>133675708>not wanting to see Tim's palsy eye go twitchy while he plows into her stitched up frankenstein vag

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>>133675549i agree. all those faggots just use their audience to make them buy whatever crap their sponsor is shilling. shameless faggot are only in it for the money. i guess people who just talk about the history of the parks are ok.

>>133675735I'm an adult with a 6 figure salary. My brother-in-law is a mouth gaping marvel loving disney cock sucking soiboi like you

>>133675780>Kevin speaks into a compression mic autistically about things Jim Hill has pontificated on for decades There is no Disney park content on YouTube worth watching