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ああ 夢中で 愛したひとがいたのよあざやかに立ち昇る七色の虹よこの街には心がある私たちSTAR・TREK

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What is the Star Wars version of this image?

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>>133652427Dukat did something wrong. Dukat did not bang Kira.

>>133652999checked and lustfully gazed-upon

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>>133653045Based Perim poster. Why did she have to drink herself to death, bros?

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Fun fact. Nana Visitor was really pregnant. The whole thing with O'Brien transferring the pregnancy subplot was made up so they wouldn't have to hide the fact that a cast member was pregnant for real.

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>>133653091Wow, your Star Trek™ knowledge is out of this quadrant!

creepy Encounter at Farpoint Data

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>>133653113>tfw never ever

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>>133653113this guy gets it

I think the dangers of protomatter exposure are a clear matter of record.

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>>133653193Best Data.

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>>133653113Luwaxana is an attractive older woman, for some, but, for me, it's Irish Romulan Cougar Elf Detective

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>>133653434I concede. I've warmed up to this memespam. Well done, lieutenant. I'll file a commendation for your efforts.

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>>133653476Imagine Tuvix overthrowing Janeway and turning the Voyager into a pleasure craft full of sin and debauchery. A new Sodom and Gomorrah in space.

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Did /trek/ like Picard more than STD?

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>>133653245They should have eventually used this version of the TMP/TNG theme for something. I cant believe they just abandoned it.youtube.com/watch?v=jzpeulsbv8o

>>133653674That's like comparing shit and vomit.

>>133653679I'm shocked this wasn't used for any TNG movies.

>>133653698Which would you rather eat?

>>133653679>that crescendo which is note for note the one from 2001lelStill, breddy good

what if you had a phaser

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>>133653679super trek, to boldy fly over planets in a single warp.

>>133654225I'd kill myself.

>>133654225I'd patent the technology and sell rights to NASA for $$

>>133654225that's a disrupter tho

>>133654325Even with having access to holodeck sex? Shit, that's the one thing that would keep me alive as long as possible.

Sex with random women is nothing compared to sharing life with a woman you truly love.

wegotthiscovered.com/tv/mandalorian-actor-eyed-play-captain-kirk-star-trek-enterprise/>according to The Cinema Spot, CBS All Access is now developing Star Trek: Enterprise, a new spinoff series centered around Captain Pike.>Star Trek: Enterprisewait what the fuck


>>133653009That dress and hairdo added 10 years to Natalie.

>>133653091God, I hate the pregnant look. I can sense the stretch marks through her tent dress.

>>133654510Will Archer's suffering EVER end?

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>>133653091>fun fact

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>>133654702Perhaps in he mirror universe....

>>133653193But he'd give it all up to be human!

>>133653091damn can't believe she really did surrogacy for Colm and Rosalind


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>>133653091The funny thing about fake pregnancies and real pregnancies on tv shows is that when Pam was first pregnant on the office you could tell it was just a prosthetic. Then when Jenna Fischer got pregnant for real it was obvious that it wasn't fake on the show due to how different Pam's body looked in general.

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>>133653434This will never be "thread culture". She's an old bag with skin too tight for her face.

>>133654862Pam during the second pregnancy on The Office.

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>>133654862>>133654938I recently watched some scenes from this show for the time. It was surprisingly funny.

>>133653674Do you prefer cum or pimple pus?

>>133654938It's like when pregnancy sub plots are done on tv shows they seem to forget that the tits get bigger as well as the stomach.

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>>133655025About half of the population swallows cum, so...

>>133654325Don't talk like that, user. Seriously.

>>133654386Imagine the minecraft castles you could build!

>>133653091>They had a son together, and her pregnancy was incorporated into her character and the series storyline, beginning in the 1996 fourth season episode "Body Parts".[12][13] She gave birth to her son Django on September 16, 1996, What kind of a person names their kid Django? Django is 24 yeas old now. I wonder if he spends his time shit posting in /trek/ threads.

>>133654862Hi, user. Could you do me a kindness? Stop posting pics of pregnant women as it is revolting. Thanks.

/trek/ give me inspiration to not watch TNG for the 3rd time. VOY & DS9's first season feel dull and just more of the same with lesser actors.Should I give enterprise a go? It looks fresh and has a premise that actually sounds interesting.

>>133655146Django isn't that uncommon of a name. They named him after a revered French musician.

>>133655146maybe she was fan of the movie

>>133655023>I recently watched some scenes from this show for the time.Read, then post.


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>>133655210Rewatch TNG with German audio. Learn a new language!

>>133655210>DS9's first seasonDS( has the sape problem with TNG when the first season is far from good compared to the rests of the series. by the middle of season 2 the series really start to shine.

>>133653091>watch the DS9 episode The Darkness and The Light>Kira is clearly very heavily pregnant >she still manages to beat the shit out of two trained security officers in hand-to-hand combatFUCKINGBULLSHIT

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>>133655326It's not gay if it's a FACT.

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>>133655394>DS( has the sape problemLay off the Kanar, buddy.

>>133655485i have no reason to stop

>>133655363>Rewatch TNG with German audioyoutube.com/watch?v=UO5ThFd5qas

>>133655436You're right. Being repulsed by human anatomy isn't gay. Just makes you really squeamish. Do you expect humans to just lay eggs like birds?

>>133654911That's mean and uncultured-pilled

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The Dubsminion has endured for 2,000 /trek/ threads and will continue to endure long after Riker slams vodka with Cochrane.

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>>133655608I know. God, he's lazy.

>>133655546Need the Nazi episodes of TOS, VOY, and ENT redubbed in German.

>>133655631Riker gets laid all the time. he has no reason to drink. Also he only uses the holodeck to do cool stuff with real friends.

>>133655666It's on torrents, Lord Satan.

>>133655631Never send an Iggy to do a Keevan's job

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>>133655666Satan demanding Nazi episodes dubbed in German seems awfully ominous.

>meme-ory alpha

Is the second amendment in effect in the Federation?

>>133655666come on satan, don't tell me you cant pay netflix?

>>133655818Is raising your chin towards the people you are talking to a chad move?

>>133655934Money doesn't exist in Hell. Because that's what the federation is.

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>>133655962No. Chads know you can see their bulge.

>>133655363Are the German dub vo’s notable for any other big roles?

>>133656081Germany literally has 5 vo's doing all the roles in whole of Germanic speaking world

>>133656081One guy does all the men, one chick does all the broads. no joke


>>133655146>Django El Tahir El Siddig>Son of Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abderrahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi

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>>133655146>Django is 24 yeas old now. I wonder if he spends his time shit posting in /trek/ threads.I do not

>I don't even want this hasperat. I was just going to Risa.

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why don't they just teleport their troubles away

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>>133656375>teleport VF plz go

>>133654510>Linked website is we got this covered>Assume it's a fake article like many of their stuff and don't get worried about it>They actually provide a sourcethecinemaspot.com/2020/05/11/exclusive-jake-cannavale-eyed-for-james-t-kirk-in-captain-pike-series-star-trek-enterprise/Fuck. Why not just call it Star Trek: Pike?

>>133656362is it weird that everyone wants to fuck your parents?

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>>133656375There's a few posters here I wouldn't mind airlocking.

Jolan tru, /trek/!

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>>133652427>I can see my house from hereWow this show fucking sucks

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>Geordi:Alright, this will be a "near warp" transport so it may feel a little weird>Troi:Weird how?>Geordi: Energize>Troi: WEIRD HOW?! HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUUUU->*bweaaaaeeeemm*>Troi: -UUUUCK, oh god oh fuck, was I just inside a wall just now?>Worf: Yes.Just behind the way they killed the parasite host, this is easily the most savage thing they do in TNG.

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Imagine being so ignorant and uncultured that you think of a Tarantino movie when you hear the name Django.

>>133656479What? No, I don't. What are you talking about?

>>133656362Has your mother taught you how to tap dance?youtube.com/watch?v=yqbLl-Xpl-Y

>>133656595Good call user, it’s a Star Wars reference

>>133656575aw, you've soured on enterprise since last night?

>>133656540Happy hannucha

>be in my quarters, relaxing and reading Sun Tzu's The Art of War>the ship suddenly starts to shake >leap to my feet and dash out of the door, immediately heading for the armory>pass by Sub-Commander Lovely Bum in the corridor >still can't get the image of Trip riding her and shouting "Yee-haw!" out of my head>wanker>arrive and load the photon torpedoes into the firing chambers>Captain Archer says that we're under attack by Orion raiders>I'll give them something to take home >acquire the targets and fire a full spread of torpedoes at maximum yield >their shields withstand the assault>good, I needed to test the phase cannons as well>fire in a concentrated pattern>their shields collapse>Captain says to stand down from tactical alert>ignore him >he's been a pussy ever since he got laid with Captain Hernandez on that mountain >take a team of MAKO's and board the raiders>fire on any and everything that moves>stun grenades clear the corridors, phase pistols set to kill keep them clear>reach the bridge >leave their commander alive>set the ship to auto-destruct before dragging him to an escape pod >before I shove him inside I tell him "Next time we go after your families" >beam back to Enterprise>Captain tries to reprimand me for use of excessive force>tell him I wasn't even using force this time>head back to my quarters>shit, lost my page

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Should I watch TOS?

>>133656631I haven't posted in like a week

>>133656711Does an Adnorian eel swim in mercury?

>>133656592"WOMEN AREN'T PEOPLE, THEY'RE WOMEN" - the greatest intellect the Star Trek universe has ever known, three minutes before his death

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>>133656575There's so many episodes of ENT that feels like a rip off of older Trek. Like when they had to clone Trip and they name the clone Sim. Near the end of the episode they reveal Sim will have to die so Trip can live and Sim would rather live than die. If only we didn't already see that happen before. Only difference is that actually had some pay off later when Archer volunteers himself for a suicide mission because he doesn't want to sacrifice more crew members and he actually references Sim as one of the dead crew members.

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>>133656711Yes but don't expect to actually enjoy it for what it is. It does have episodes that are legitimately enjoyable to watch but they are in the minority. You are mainly watching it for context and trivia to absorb in relation to the shows you already know.It is the heritage from which all other star trek sprouts from after all. Just keep in mind that they were doing a ton of stuff in weird ways just to get some civil rights stuff across. Such as an incredibly awkward episode involving mind control just to get the first black/white kiss on television to be acceptable without having an army of men with guns kicking down their door. 1966 was a strange time.

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>The Picard is strong!>But the /trek/ is stronger!>The /trek/ thread knows that Picard is not true Star Trek! And that makes it weak!>The shills post but the thread lives on!>Anonymous knows that Kurtzman is a hack! Anonymous knows that Picard has bad writing! And Anonymous knows that no matter how much it is shilled, it cannot defeat the /trek/!

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>>133656966Nichelle Nichols got a shit ton of fan mail back then for her role on Star Trek but she actually had to go to the mail room to get it because it wasn't allowed to be delivered. She really was an icon. Unlike that fucking Michael Burnham piece of shit cunt.

>>133656967>being so obsessed with nuTrek you bring it up when no one else is even talking about itweird

>>133656809>I don't pay attention to politics>I can't believe former Vice President Joe Biden sexually harassed actress Tara Reid>It's crazy out there, guys

>>133656809god i hate this fucking retard so fucking much. what an asshole.

>>133654510Say hello to your new Kirk, /trek/.

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>>133657150No idea who he is, just keep seeing it spammed hereLooks like a queer from youtube

>>133656809Who the fuck is that and why did you reply to me with him


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>>133657479you're such a faggot, i fucking hate you.

>>133657553TUT TUT

>>133656966>Yes but don't expect to actually enjoy it for what it is.I dunno about this. I started watching TOS a few months back, and so far, it's been more hit than miss. I was really surprised by how genuinely great Shatner is, which I think carries a lot of the show. I think if you can get past the very visible budget (something that kept me from getting into it in the past), it's entirely possible to enjoy TOS on it's own legs.

>>133657596This but unironically

Most annoying part of Enterprise was Malcolm getting reeing at the military guy on the ship.youtube.com/watch?v=IWithfuxHqg

>>133655740Umm minuet sweetie. Riker definitely hit that.

>>133657710>2:15>can hear the Amok Time fight music

>watching hoarders>star trek merch buried in the piles of garbage packed floor to ceiling>watching world's most extraordinary homes>no trek merch anywherethey must keep their toys in their offices at work

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>>133657162Looks more like a Captain Sinbad

Why do they point in 2 different directions?

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>>133657710Many anons say this scene has homosexual undertones.

>>133659563Silicon is an evolving artform.

>>133659563Bog magic

>those hips tho

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I missed Malcolmposting


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>Best captain.

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What's you guys' favorite Trek series? For me, it's TNG.

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>>133661297you need fucking banning, you are the worst poster on here by a country mile.

>>133662284it's just tf

Why are you talking to yourself?

>>133662376i know who it is and he's fucking cancer

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>>133653045>>133653078>Stephanie Niznik>retired from acting at 42>died a decade later, just last year.>"unspecified causes"Feels bad. She was apparently in an episode of Enterprise, too. It's a shame she got her start in acting relatively late for a female. I feel like that side-eye could have had a stronger career maybe if she would have gotten her start earlier.

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>>133652902Isn’t it the reverse? Dukat beat up and choked out Sisko in WaltzSisko chokes Quark a couple times though

>>133663784jesus christ what a dog


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>>133662268DS9 but I’m kinda retarded

>>133663986This is laced with lies

>>133664074no it's not

>>133664074nobody cares

>>133663986Is Tilly autistic?

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>>133664783Fat, Autistic and Ginger with shit wavey hair.

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>>133662268DS9 but TNG close behind


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>>133664971Ok, wavy.

Why do they keep having people say weirdly innuendo filled lines to T'Pol>split you in two>I'll enjoy having you... as a prisonerWas this just to stroke the actress' ego?

>it's another illiterate retard episodeagain?

>guest starring jeffrey combsArgh yes!

>So I noticed you created a holodeck program with Troi in it.

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>>133660393>>133663064I see you're a man of culture as well.

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>>133665277Imagine being Connor in that scene and having to be all like "damn, Jolene Blalock, you fuckin' fine, all sexy with your tight body and horrific nipples-pointing-in-different-directions boob job. I would totally have sex with you, both my character and the real me." when all he really wants to do is fuck another 16 year old trekkie in his dressing room. Like seriously imagine having to be Connor and not only sit in that chair while Jolene Blalock flaunts her disgusting body in front of you, the favorable lighting barely concealing her veins and leathery skin, and just sit there, take after take, hour after hour, while she perfected that massage. Not only having to tolerate her monstrous fucking visage but her haughty attitude as everyone on set tells her she's STILL GOT IT and DAMN, JOLENE BLALOCK LOOKS LIKE THAT?? because they're not the ones who have to sit there and watch her botox fucking gremlin face contort into types of grimaces you didn't even know existed before that day. You've been fucking nothing but a healthy diet of blondes and thicc geek girls and later alleged rape victims for your ENTIRE CAREER coming straight out of the boonies in Washington state. You've never even seen anything this fucking disgusting before, and now you swear you can taste the sweat that's breaking out on her emaciated stomach as she sucks it in to writhe it suggestively at you, smugly assured that you are enjoying the opportunity to get paid to sit there and revel in her "statuesque (for that is what she calls herself)" beauty, the beauty she worked so hard for with plastic surgeons in the previous months. And then the director calls for another take, and you know you could kill every single person in this room before the studio security could put you down, but you sit there and endure, because you're fucking Connor. You're not going to lose your future acting career playing Dubya over this. Just bear it. Look down and bear it.

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>>133665773>Trip is from Walla Wallaholy shit he grew up in hick countrywell that's disappointing

>>133656708>reed>hetroWatch the fucking show STDfag.

>>133652999>999BASED RIKER9 POSTER

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>>133666633Wtf quad dubsHoly shit this is getting scary.If digits Riker is a better captain than Picard.


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>>133666489I always got the impression Reed was a gay character who's still in the closet. Did he have any relationships in the series? I don't recall any so they were probably single episode romances, which isn't uncommon in a show like Trek, but brief flings which crash and burn are extremely common amongst men reluctant to admit they want to wrap their lips around a cock. The character's entire personality is built around living up to the expectations of others so of course he'd either hide his homosexuality, maybe even deny it. Even when the entire ship is on space speed the weird project he chooses to focus on is an alarm meant to coordinate behavior, even when he creatively expresses himself it's about control and discipline. Admitting he isn't "normal" is probably so horrific to Reed he buries it with his rigid facade reinforced by his duty to Starfleet. God damn Reed is pathetic. At least Barclay was able to admit he's a filthy pervert.

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>>133667295the actor was gay and it shone through

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>>133662268My favourite trek series is the fever dream I had where there was an Oberth class science vessel being escorted by a Bird of Prey through Klingon space, set just after ST6I wish it was real.

Attached: frakes moment.png (169x269, 88.93K)

>>133667392So was Takei but he didn't play Sulu like an awkward nancyboy. Gotta go with his confusion and frustration being intentional characterization


>>133660393is this the girl who played the girl Roger Sterling married?

>>133667392Never thought I'd ever see a gif from Desmond's on here

post your favourite underrated trek racefor me, it's pakleds


>>133667392He's not gay. It's just brits have a weird ability to seem like a fag when they're not



>>133668243Are Andorians underrated? They certainly never get any play in anything but ENT. I want an Andorian girlfriend to lay her eggs on my chest every estrus cycle.

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>>133668156Pay more attention

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>>133668454>engaged to tam nguyen in 2011>broke it off>hasn't had a relationship sincehmm is he gay or just a broken man

Attached: MV5BY2ZlMjc4NmM[email protected]@._V1_.jpg (468x414, 27.21K)

>>133668454as opposed to American men?

Attached: americans_.jpg (500x486, 53.02K)

>>133668626Didn't see the broken off bit. Probably is a poof then>>133668665I'm english, you tard. Don't cry.

This is my American Man. I hope he's safe from the plague.

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>>133668760nine years is a long time to go without dating anyone, especially a man his age who should already be married with a family

>>133668760>I'm english, you tard. Don't cry.Where do you live

my favourite bit in Star Trek is when kira is in any scene


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>>133668989London three blocks east of Big Ben

>>133668989East Midlands>>133669052No one here uses blocks as a frame of distance

>>133669052by the flats?youtube.com/watch?v=iCIgUSNzSKU

>>133668859Yeah user. Why aren't you married yet

>>133669052Big Ben is the bell, Elizabeth Tower is the building

>>133669107Come by and fight me mate

>>133669107Notts, Derbys or leics?

>>133669176A punch up in a field is always fun


>>133669212I'll be watching trek waiting for you to come get your dick sucked off

>>133669245sheepshagger! What part?

>>133669296That's getting a wee bit too intimate for my liking but there are plenty of sheep here>>133669272Fuck off, mate

>having a queen

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>>133669337typical derbyshire pussy'ole.

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>>133668567That's Haru Okumura from Shin Megami Tensei Persona 5.

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>>133669135I have a mental illness which makes it impossible for me to form lasting relationships.



Attached: haru bounce.webm (716x954, 781.77K)

>>133669530Micropenis is not a mental illness

>>133669462I'm not from here originally so don't care

>>133652999>Intriguing. It describes the Riker9 poster as being highly advanced and powerful, and capable of actually attaining trips.

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>>133669594where you from then

Is Kate Middleton an actual gypsy?

Attached: 1587365823365.jpg (392x367, 95.79K)

>>133669611New York

>>133669646kill yourself, tranny


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>>133669646I thought she was British and rich

>>133669652>I'm english, you tard. Don't cry.what the fuck are you chatting about!

>Is Kate Middleton an actual gypsy?

Attached: batardfaggut.jpg (225x300, 11.9K)

>>133669871Clearly not the same person

>>133666810>If digits Riker is a better captain than Picard.Nice try. 9 out of 10 for effort.

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>>133669646begone faggot

>>133667672That's sounds intriguing. I love Oberths and love that time period.

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/trek/ is a constructive community. All questions are valid.

>>133653045Background characters were the best part of TNG. Easily better looking than any of the female main cast.

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>>133669646Nah. Mostly English with a little bit of Huguenot

more like Kate Kibblebits

>>133670229>Easily better looking than any of the female main cast

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>>133670229This image has some kind of weird filter going on, but she still looks like she has a mustache.

Can we get more Persona and Star Trek images? Thanks.

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>>133670507Do you even know who Data is?

>>133670327She really needs to shave

Konicichi wa. Watashi wa Gene desu. Hajimemashite. Dozo.

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Trekfags, I never watched the series, but I remember watching one episode on television like 13 or so years ago.The ship was stuck in some sort of groundhog day, the day kept repeating and they kept getting destroyed by an enemy ship.In the end they finally managed to send a message trough time or something and escape their destruction.I fucking loved that episode, can anyone direct me to it? I'd love to watch it again. Ever since I catched that I have a thing for time travel stuff in films/series.

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>>133670613> In 1969, while scouting locations in Japan for MGM for Pretty Maids all in a Row, they were married in a Shinto ceremony, as Roddenberry had considered it "sacrilegious" to use an American minister in Japan.dare I say based

>>133670787Could be Time Squaredyoutube.com/watch?v=2izegDfRiYY

>watching TNG for the first time>holy shit, this is a cute waifu>look up her character to see whether she becomes a permanent cast member>she's literally in only these two episodes of season 2Why was this allowed?

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>>133670787>>133670851I think it's Cause and Effectyoutube.com/watch?v=xseGKEBjRjI


>>133670417>>133670327It's set after 4 centuries of gender politics. Women have moustaches in Trek.

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>>133670851Staaar Trek

>>133671016No it's Timescape youtube.com/watch?v=41IZj7GCGYo

>possible second stimulus check in the works>thinking about blowing some bank on all the trek stuff I've ever wanted>major businesses are filing for bankruptcy, economy is in free fall, worse than the great depression and we can't even comprehend how this is going to affect us for the foreseeable futureSo, is it smarter to buy shit now before money becomes worthless and we can't buy the merch we want anymore or should we be saving every penny because we're all about to become homeless nerds who get raped in shantytowns for the next decade?

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>>133671129Just wait and become a Mad Max style Star Trek collector

>>133671078Just how many times have they sent a message into the past in order to avoid annihilation?

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>>133670862the (((ferengi))) were ready for a white male on black female but not the obverseseriously though the early season retards didn't know how to have a budding romance that wasn't shit so they just abandoned itwhen gates gave them shit for that sorta crap they fucked her off

>>133671129>he hasn't already got all his star trek merch ready for the future barter society

>>133671164post rona /trek/ war party?

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>>133671417My Prime Membership renews on Saturday so depending on how this vote on Friday goes I might pull the trigger on a Kelvin trilogy box set and a few uniforms I've had in my cart for a few weeks now. I found a set of scrubs in the style of a TNG medical uniform I want for work


youtube.com/watch?v=3oO3tUVLpIMWhy is TNG so good? Can it ever be topped?

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>>133671129Buy itStimulate the economy

>>133670229That's just John Languizamo

>>133671759It was topped, by DS9, VOY and ENT.

>>133670787I remember first reading this post way back in 2015

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>If you read the sensor readouts in front of you, you will see that the shuttle is carrying forty tons of thalmerite explosives. Enough to destroy your ship. I'm prepared to detonate those explosives in thirty seconds if you do not release our vessel. End transmission.

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>>133671874>I remember the first time I spammed thisyeah but today you got p0w3d hard by real Trekkies >>133670851>>133671078

>>133672038Your post doesn't make any sense.

>>133672095you're just too dumb to realized how hard you got schooled

>>133672128I'm not even the guy who posted it. Go bother someone else and learn to type.


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>>133667295There was a season 3 episode where they reveal that the enterprise was thrown a hundred years into the past and the ship became a generational ship with crew mates eventually paring up and having kids. T'pol and Trip was reveal to have a son that eventually became the captain. But Malcolm never paired up with anyone and he died without leaving behind any kids.

>>133672197there were six species, cock breath.

>>133671298>Just how many times have they sent a message into the past in order to avoid annihilation?If you mean just in "Cause and effect" it appears to be just once, as they also experience déjà vu but setting up the message doesn't feel familiar to them. So it worked first time.If you mean in general then it's debatable by how you define message. Episodes I'd say counted as gaining or sending past info to save themselves:"We'll Always Have Paris""Time Squared""Yesterday's Enterprise""Cause and Effect""Time's Arrow""Timescape""All Good Things..."

>>133671058This mustachioed pixie succubus... I bet she was fun to have around and down for whatever.

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>>133672257Wild idea right? Diffrent humanoid species/races on the same planet. So progressive.

>>133672305>look who finally came out of the holodeck

>>133672256and it haunted him, the first scene after discussing it with plateface and black retard him hitting on some bint.

>>133671298>Just how many times have they sent a message into the past in order to avoid annihilation?TNG over-using time travel / the destruction of the enterprise as a crutch came perilously close to become a cliche trope the series was known for. Once Brannon Braga started writing scripts, every 2-3 episodes had some kind of weird alternate reality or horror angle (sometimes both).

>>133672336what's your point if any?

>>133672404>the first scene after discussing it with plateface and black retard him hitting on some bint.English doc?

>>133667295Malcolm Reed eternally BTFO and canon gay now

>>133670417Not a filter. It's a screencap from Star Trek Generations. That one movie where they couldn't figure out if they wanted them to wear the same uniform from the show or the new uniform from DS9.

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The vibe in here is positively schizophrenic.I'm going to bed.

>>133667295Maybe he was just a volcel

>>133672305Is there any books or comics that explain what happened to her. Last time she was seen was in the background of Insurrection. She wasn't even invited to Riker's wedding and she had plenty of time to work with him on the bridge.

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>>133667295I don't think he was gay. Maybe bisexual. When he was stuck in a shuttle pod with Trip he did have a dream where T'pol confesses her love for him and she makes out with him. However in his dream he wanted her to call him stinky and when he woke up Trip asked him why he was talking about a guy named stinky in his dream. Later on when they almost freeze to death Malcolm does say that he thinks T'pol has an excellent butt. I don't think gay people have dreams where women confess their love for them but maybe Malcolm is just bi.

>>1336731422 dreams don't mean shit when the other 99% are about Archer's throbbing cock

>>133671298Isn't it illegal for Federation citizens to change the timeline?

>>133672305Who's cock was she moustache tickling to keep getting these roles?

>>133673236Well then maybe he's 1% straight and 99% gay. Also when Trip asked him why he was talking about a man named stinky even though in the dream he was clearly talking to T'pol. Maybe Malcolm was actually having a dream from the pov of T'pol where he fucks himself. Wouldn't it be common for bisexual dudes to imagine themselves in the woman's position when they watch porn?

>>133671777Its funny, in a recession everyone is trying to save money and cut down spending which only deepens the recession.

>extremely secretive about his personal life>no close relationships with anyone, including his family>transient, shallow hook ups with slutty women>forced, overly macho personaHe was in the closet.

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>>133673594This sounds like a gay guy forcing his gay inclinations onto a character. Go away, BF.

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>>133672877I vaguely recall some post-Nemesis story for Jae... probably fan fic but might be books. You'll never guess what happens to her: she becomes captain of her own ship.

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>>133673594Delete your first two points and it matches with the character of Mac, who in later seasons was revealed to be gay.

This is obviously the facial hair of a gay man.

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>>133674040He has so much pent up cocklust in his eyes


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>>133674244>I suppose we should call it a /thread

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Reminder that Benkarans make up only 10% of the citizens of Nygean space, but are 80% of the prison population.

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>>133674316Enjoy your ban.

>>133674316That's some serious sinus polyps

>>133674367Call him anything. A Trekkie. A liberal. A homosexual. A radical. A communist.But call him a Stationfag and watch him recoil in horror; "Oh no! I've been found out!"

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>>133653091Pregnant by Bashir no less, based

>>133672197>>133672257Arboreal > Reptilian > Aquatic > Primate > Insectoid > extinct>>133674352Fuck off faggot, post Trek or don't post.

>>133675193Racist piece of shit.

The Xindi if slightly more fleshed and a dialed back a little bit could have been one of the great Trek species.I thought some of their appearances were a little over the top. I did like the aquatics and arboreals though.